Hip Hop Heads Outraged Over “Unethical” Aaliyah Biopic

Aaliyah Lifetime Biopic Uproar

“Get behind her mother and brother and only be okay if THEY are okay with it.” -Monie Love

Monie Love, Missy Elliott and many members of the Hip Hop community are boycotting Lifetime’s biopic based on Aaliyah — calling the biopic “unethical”, noting “some legacies should remain as is.” Word from the industry reveals both Missy and Timberland have refused to take part in a soundtrack to the TV movie — while Monie Love has drawn attention to Aaliyah’s mother and brother, who she says were not consulted for any part of the project, “based on Christopher Farley’s best-selling biography Aaliyah: More Than a Woman.”

Here’s what Monie Love took to Twitter to say:

Aaliyah-lifetime Aaliyah Lifetime Biopic Uproar

This news comes after producers of the project announced the Disney actress chosen to play Aaliyah, 17-year-old Zendaya Coleman. The news has rocked the Hip Hop world — especially since it appears Keshia Chanté was kicked to the curb for Coleman. Aside from Aaliyah’s story likely being nothing more than a ‘legends have it’ thing to the teen, Coleman bears NO similarities to Aaliyah’s appearance.

“According to her bio on IMDB.com Coleman’s father is African-American, and her mother is of German, Irish and English ancestry.”

Here’s what the film’s casting director, Twinkie Byrd had to say:

“Zendaya embodies everything you want in a actress to play Aaliyah. She is a poised, professional, strong actress. A triple threat actor, singer dancer. She loves Aaliyah and will do a wonderful job! She is of mixed ethnicity. Her name is Bantu (Zimbabwe) meaning ‘To Give Thanks.’ Let’s not hate on it but congratulate! She is a great choice!”

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  1. “Zendaya embodies everything you want in a actress to play Aaliyah. She is a poised, professional, strong actress. A triple threat actor, singer dancer”

    Translation, she was a good f*ck on the casting couch. This Disney chick can’t act! This chick is not black. If you think she is black, sho0w me because I can’t see it.

    • Wait…u ppl are mad bc she is mixed playing aaliyah?….(-_-) how old are we ?

    • Exactly… That;s how these so called talented people get parts… “THE COUCH”

    • Lifetime Networks are properties of Disney/ABC. This is why Zendaya was “Chosen.” Twinkie Byrd is full of s**t, as if all of us are stupid.

    • but i thought the father carries the seed? wheres black Anastasia? according to the Bible thumping white Jesus loving coons shes black because her father is black, apparently the Bible says kids get all thier genes,from the father (rolls eyes)

    • Well, Lindsy Lohan doesn’t look anything like Elizabeth Taylor either. Biopics are not that true to their subject. This casting decision is all about who will put 13 to 21 year old butts in the seats because that is the market demographic of this project.

      • you do’t have to look like the same person your playing a movie role as

        if your the same race and coloring as them then is ok!!!!

      • I liked Aaliyah & thought she was talented, but respectfully speaking 13-21 year olds are not checking for Aaliyah. So lets not use this as a excuse. White businessman love to make money off of blacks but not with blacks. Look at hip hop R&B sports. Over some decades millions might trickle down here and there, maybe a few billion, but they have reaped trillions. For every dollar blacks make white businessman at least make 100X that.

        • I meant that 13-21 year olds ARE checking for this Disney chick, and they may watch it because of her. She has her fans. But I agree with you, my niece doesn’t know who Aaliyah is.

          • I agree with you I think that this biopic is more for Ms. Colemans benefit than for
            Uplifting & benefiting Aaliyah’s benefit.
            Honestly we as blacks need to stop complaining about what exploiters do to us. We grant them that power. By us not owning
            Controling and nourishing us we make this possible. The outrage should not be with them it should be with us. We should truly prosper off of our own sweat equity. Sorry about the rant. This biopic will be a sucess for someone, & fail at the same time for others.

      • Are u serious? This chick looks to white to play a aliyah. From yo logic Angela basset should of played Selena!Asshole.

        • Angela Bassett looked nothing like Tina Turner and rocked that role… Zendaya father is black…dark man…saw him on a show with her..she’s a good fit.

          • angela bassest and tin turner are the same race

            you do’t have to look like the charactor your playing if your the same race and the same coloring is ok

            zendaya doesn’t fit A, she from disney they won’t allow her to do it!! B, she doesn’t even have the same coloring as aaliyah

            what are they gonna do tan her skin??? that will be a waste of money!! there are hundards of women who look like aaliyah

    • I’ve been saying this from day one. Aaliyah’s mother and brother are NOT putting out a film about Aaliyah because certain truths will get revealed. And they want to keep her “good girl” image alive.

  2. Why are they doing a biopic on Aaliyah anyway. They aren’t going to give us the true story so what’s the point?

    • This ^^^^. I don’t see it for Zendaya. Nothing about her is reminiscent of Aaliyah. If studios and networks aren’t going to cast properly and adequately represent the people depicted in biopics, then don’t make the damn films!

  3. there’s a lot of people in Hollywood who want to say and do crap now. Look at their actions, who they hung out with, and related tea! I don’t know about Monie, but Missy and Timberland are not clean and need to shhhh!

  4. Queen of the damned Aaliyah sold her soul so her life story belongs to Illuminati anyway…the disney chick got the part b/c her soul is valuable to them so they offering her movie deals so she can sell her soul…ask Keke Palmer

  5. zendaya???? no thanks just because your mixed doesn’t mean your pretty there are lots of mixed women who are ugly

    • Yeh ugly girls. Stupid hey cb. Stupid ugly girls. Cb your the prettiest smartest everything.

      • @Anonymous stop it your making a big show of your declaring your love for a fat white bytch wow
        and she sat on your knee and broke it. sex is like exerise sex her on a daily base she will be slim

          • @Anonymous BIG HIPS MARCUS who wears a panty girdle to hide his big hips!!!! can women feel your bumbling hips on them???
            do women complain about your big hips??? does it get in the way when your doing it!!!

  6. Im confused Aaliyah was a brown skin girl so why not find someone that fits her complexion. Why are mixed girls and latina girls playing black girls? Aaliyah had two black parents.

    • i agree with, white people do’t know shyt about black people they need a black person helping them find a person who’s
      suitable to play the role. zendaya isn’t it she’s not pretty enough just because their mixed white doesn’t mean their prett

  7. First off no one watches lifetime! Vh1 did a good job with the tlc biopic. Lil mama, Drew Sidora, and Keke Palmer did their thing.

  8. If anyone should play Aaliyah it should be Lolita Price. She looks exactly like baby girl.

  9. This is all just hype like someone said. These biopics are allowed because neither Aaliyah nor Whitney actually OWNED themselves or their names. As long as it brings in money, it can happen.

  10. Stupid dogs. Guess that they’re willing to eat the loss just to avoid casting an African-American actress in the role. Then again, what else do you expect from a company founded by an anti-Semitic?

  11. But on the real that girl is not mixed she is white! That’s sad they don’t even want a black woman to play her not races at all I can’t be I am going to leave it at that but get a black woman to play her don’t do that to her.

  12. They will definitely lose on this piece of crap. And Twinkie Byrd is getting paid and is really drinking the Kool-Aid.

  13. white people will be doing black movies roles these white people are dumb as shyt zendays doesn’t even look like big girl
    she doesn’t even have the same coloring as her. beside zendaya doesn’t know nothing about aailyah besides her music

    2 pac will be played by a white guy
    lisa lopez will be played by a latino women
    aailyah is being played by a disney white/black girl

  14. They will never tell Aaliyah true story…too many monsters envolved that don’t want to be exposed…this biopic will be watered down and fake as hell…

  15. Her immediate family doesn’t approve it shouldn’t be in the works at all how can people retell her life story when they weren’t in her life from beginning to end her mother father and brother know her best her father has since passed away but if rashad and Diane aren’t apart of the making of the movie no one should be pushing the issue. This is gonna be the hollywood version of what they thought aaliyah was not who she really was personally I think it’s all about money and boosting zendayas career so they could care less if it’s a true story they’re telling as long as she imitates her well and looks good doing so it’s so unfortunate her uncle Barry is only worried about the $$$ signs her brother and mother don’t approve of it and last I heard Diane was Ill with cancer now she has to relive her daughters passing through hollywoods smokes and mirrors

  16. This foolishness is a prime example of why biracial women are not respected anymore, they aid and abet racism against real blackwomen…Zoe Saldana Ish! They’ve shown their true colors…Not Our People!

      • @Anonymous

        Be mad all you want, the truth will be spoken. The divide and conquer tactics are transparent, check yourself. Biracial females are allies of white supremacy, you need to read a book and study the hypocrisy of Mulattos/Mixies/Exoticals, etc.

        • Then no respect for you. Divide and conquer pushing ya damn self. When people gunna figure out it’s about people uniting. Till then YOU, ME, and everybody not on top of this hot mess of a planet are gunna loose.

          • @Killa Callan

            Don’t defend this foolishness blackman, you know better. Whites use mulatto females as a proxy to hurt blackwomen. This bs needs to stop. Mulattos are not black, don’t talk ish to me abput unity!!!

            • Tyronetta you are slowly revealing yourself to be an embittered female who lost her man to a biracial woman. No one else would be so mad about it. Biracials identify as black. And as Killa said, divide and conquer is a sure fire way to reduce the power of us as a group since more and more biracial people are being born every year. They say within 25 years biracials will outnumber the rest of us. You need to retire your outmoded way of thinking boo.

          • @Killa callan

            really??? your telling a black man “Then no respect for you. Divide and conquer pushing ya damn self”????
            you do’t know about how hard it is for a black person so you can’t talk about black issues!!!

            this is the same reason why white people need to but out of black people’s business this is same reason why black people have self hate issue

            because white people poisoned the water and black people drank it believing what white man touched was gold in fact it was shyt!!!!!

            • I come from a family of many colours. So my nose has every right. My grandmother was aboriginal. You don’t love your own race buy hating others. If u think that’s the answer, me and you are different wave lengths.

            • @Killa callan

              what is your race???? thought someone here said you are white?

              Australia do’t like black people point blank period!!

            • I hear you bout Australia. I’ve talked about it before. Yes I have white skin. A lot of relatives are aboriginal.

        • Agreed 100%. Don’t pay attention to those who deny the obvious. Marcus Garvey also told us about these mulattoes, and quadroons. They need to go back to the pale faces who don’t even want them. Slavery is over we don’t have to accept them either.

    • @tyrone biracial women are fake imitation of black women they ain’t the real thing. sadly most black men in uk date them
      because they think biracial women are weak which is true. white women are weak we all know that these white women ain’t teaching their
      biracial daughters how to be real black women. that’s why biracial women treat black women like shyt!

      • Biracial women… technically, all black “American” women are multiracial. You are not the “real” thing. Quit discriminating against biracial women. Halle Berry is just as black as you.

        • Queen:

          Glad to see you back on the forum. I’m glad the ignorant nigga express didn’t run you off.

        • @African Queen

          Stop pushing the myth that mixed is the same as black…It’s Not! You know better blackwoman, get your head out the paper bag. Blackwomen are degrading themselves by placing these women on par with themselves…A Lie!!!

        • @”African Queen”, your mentality does not match your name. Take a dozen with all that bullshit you’re spitting. You’re just here appease the white dick you worship. A disgrace you are.

        • halle berry doesn’t act like black women!!! why do biracial women treat black women like shyt?????

        • Oh f*ck no. Not you again with your multiple alias fake ass. I was hoping u were gone forever but this is why I don’t play lotto….just ain’t lucky

      • @CB

        Real Sistas need to draw a line in the sand with this nonsense. Mulatto women are not superior to the real thing…Betta Believe It! Blackmen stay silent because they obsess over so-called white chocolate. They got issues, better them address the bs now. Sista, they’ve been lied to from the start. All are not stupid, but many are clueless as to the agenda at hand.

          • @African Queen can you explain why biracial people talk bad about black people explain why biracial women/children stare at black women???

        • My good brotha Ty:

          Women don’t dictate what is beautiful/attractive to men. Men decide what they find attractive. As a woman, I can’t tell another woman she is I am in a man’s eyes. I agree with your statement but Black men need to be the ones who stand up to other races of women and for Black women and proclaim the greatness of the Black woman. We need to do the same for Black men.

          • @B. Stiviano

            This is some #SwirlyBrothaIsh going down. You know me B, i have low patience for this crap. As blackmen, we gotta tighten up. It’s not about hating other women, half-black women, etc. Hating blackwomen is unaccrptable to me, It Is! I spazzed on African Queen because her comments fan the flames. Mixing is not pro-black, the race is diluted or destroyed…Tragic! Our tent is big enuf for all the Mixies, but not at the expense of blackwomen. We Are The Planet…Black & Brown Forever! Be Good B…Always!

    • never gonna happen!!! they did a black cartoon show called “proud family” in the early 2000’s didn’t really take off
      and another cartoon called “filmore” it’s about a black boy who was thug turned detective

      • It could happen have you heard of “The Princess and The Frog” Disney’s first black princess. Princess Tiana and also Doc McStuffins is a disney production.

        • “The Princess and The Frog” caused a big uproar notice how her prince wasn’t black????
          disney should of made the movie ages go it was long over due!!

          “Doc McStuffins” is a good show teaching little black girls that they can be a doctor or anything they want to be

          • I love Doc McStuffins! I stumbled upon it while channel surfing. You are so right, CB. It is excellent family programming. I would allow my child(ren) to watch Doc if I was a parent.

          • it wasn’t gonna be made in walt’s lifetime he was racist.

            very few black cartoon oriented shows most black toons are tokens there are too many to name.

        • Exactly. Proud Family was an excellent cartoon and it was profitable for Disney. The merchandise sold like hot cakes because at that time, there was no black princess/fairy tale being sold by Disney.

          • he was a racist he even fired a black person because of the color of their skin!!!

            that’s why black people shouldn’t watch his movie their actually giving their money to a racist!!!!!

        • I loved the Proud Family, they just took it off. Maybe it was getting too much attention. You know they can never have a positive images of Blacks.

    • Who is going to play Kellz? Jaime Foxx, Ben Vereen, Donald Sterling, Jacky Jasper, Uncle Phil’s ghost, take your pick!

  17. Who in the blue hell is going to view this shit? Everybody and their mom knows that Lifetime is a channel known for producing crappy grade F movies. I would rather watch Ja Rule take a shit in a public bathroom than watch this crappy movie!

  18. I tried watching the Fantasia Barrino story on lifetime a few years ago but couldnt. The network is just horrible!

  19. Just dont watch the bio-pic if you disagree. I don’t watch Lifetime anyway. They dog the shit out of women. We get raped, murdered and left for dead in every movie they make. That ish is depressing since I or women I know can’t relate.

    • THIS!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      So glad to hear someone finally speak the truth about Lifetime. My mom loves that channel and I’ve told her I don’t know how many times all that you just said for years. I just don’t understand as a woman myself how another woman can get off on watching stories (true or not) about other women being victimized.

  20. Go to You Tube and pull up Lolita Price 24. That girl looks EXACTLY LIKE AALIYAH!!A CARBON COPY!!

  21. i’m going to say it: aaliyah was talentless. she didn’t write her own songs, she married r. kelly and she couldn’t sing. the family should be happy anyone would want to do a biopic about her. the greatness of aaliyah was her writing and production team: timbaland and missy.

      • OMG! I finally get it. You’re Dark as midnight and UGLY and on top of all of that you can’t dance. Your messy hating azz can’t afford cheap ass Bebe, your name should be Rainbow or Dollar Tree–that’s more of your speed.

          • That’s a lie everyone loves Dark Skin, which is why the pale face is so damn jealous of it. They sure work overtime trying to push your stupid statement. But the reality is even the Sun don’t like that pale skin, why doesn’t it tan and attract Cancer if the Sun has to look at it for too long.

    • not an Aaliyah groupie but if you want to be honest about it you just described 85% of the music industry. There have been
      Very few strong voices to come out in the last 15 to 20 years. I personally think that Justin Timberlake has the voice of a
      16 year old girl but has been given some good songs, whereas I think jaheem has a
      beautiful voice, but has some wack songwriters. So she is as deserving as anyone else… hell madonna career after her late 20’s was garbage and made her seem talentless and she is a major diva….

      • Madonna was whack period.

        these weak singers had good songwriters and producers who was popular at the time.

        aaluiyah had it made she had Kelly, and went to missy and timbaland she couldn’t help but sell records.

    • I agree but i think she was very pretty, but she couldnt dance that well and didnt have a strong voice but i liked her edgy style and image and ill.admitt i was a fan despite her lack of talent, she was like the black Britney spears imo

  22. So, basically Disney has no offered the family any coins. Pay them off and they’ll shut up and start saying what an honor it is. That individual looks nothing like Aaliyah.

    • the thing is what about the sex scene this could ruin zendaya’s diseny career??? vanessa hudgens posed nude. there was a big uproar
      she was nearly booted off “high school musical” luckily she kept her job not still

  23. this is the year for dead celebrities to be making money.

    james brown, pac, Hendrix, whitney, aaliyah who’s next.

  24. This film will be one of the most FAKEST films to go down in history if it does go through. A lot of people know damn well Aaliyah had some skeletons in the closet along with her parents. But since they were so hell-bent on keeping her “saint-like” image alive, they managed to fool enough of ya’ll. But the truth will always come to light sooner or later. It’s been over a decade and ya’ll still can’t see the bullshit they had going on.

  25. No disrespect to anyone but I believe it’s time for an Aaliyah biopic…hell everybody else has had one; but only if it’s done but her family and people who knew her.

  26. I believe that lifetime is just trying to keep up ratings by desecrating black entertainers images and memories. Zendaya is a beautiful girl but she doesn’t look a thing like Aaliyah. If some was going to play Aaliyah it should be KEISHA CHANTE.

  27. Keisha Cchange who was originally cast to play Aaliyah embodies Aaliyah perfectly without even trying and from what I’ve seen of the Canadian show SOUL. She can act and she sing.

  28. I heard a rumor that Aaliyah was in a threesome with Jay-Z and Stacey Dash. I also heard Aaliyah was f*cking Missy Elliot. Is that true?

  29. Next thing you know hollywood will make a movie about Eartha Kitt and cast Zoe Saldana for the lead role. Oh shit, it’s already going to happen! FUCK HOLLYWOOD!

    • ..and isn’t Zoe supposed to be playing Nina Simone?? Like this Aaliyah film, I plan on boycotting that as well.


  30. Love Aaliyah&wish she were still here in the flesh.. This young girl (Zendaya)is very talented(although) she looks nothing like babygirl. I was hoping her family had FINALLY given consent for the biopic but it seems not. HOPEFULLY if the production precedes,”some truth” will be touched on. Aaliyah was an enigma, that’s what made her so appealing! If casting had done more vetting,LISA TUCKER shoulda been considered! RIP Aaliyah

    • She is talented and hope that she can pull it off. Cute girl and I like her style. Hopefully the scenes with R Kelly won’t be brushed over and total 5 minutes. Also want to touch more on her uncle Barry.

  31. This is a publicly stunt and I’ve seen better pictures of This chick she does favorite aalyah and so what she’s a little whore so was aaliyah.

  32. we wanna a bio on red foxx, esther rolle, and grgory hines.

    we wanna see a Curtis Mayfield biopic and a biopic on jam master jay, and heavy d.

    do 1 on nate dogg too.

  33. All the comments suck and ppl are WAY too serious. Its too early for this shit. Chill.

      • Far from dumb and bitch it was too early for all that bullshit. I bet you’re black as tar, built like a refrigerator eating snacks from the liquor store off your EBT card. Dumb boogawolf bitch!

        • So what if she is? Do you dislike black women. What is it about the color of tar that offends you so?

  34. My gawd there are so many ignorant comments, here. Black people, find something more important to be “outraged” about. I couldn’t give two sh*ts whether Elmer P. Fudd plays Aaliyah and you nuts shouldn’t either. Get a grip. The girl is 17 years old. Give this sh*t a rest.

  35. pulling tragic mulatta card to get special treatment will not convince me you have the real talent to protray a brownskin black gurl life in a movie . so this style jacker need to go jack sombodys seat and have one looks nothing like aliyah sloppy unflattering dresser aliyah was never a sloppy frumpy dresser.

  36. if aaliyah family is against this movie they shouldnt be still doing it .just disrespectful i have nothing against aaliyah is figured of black beauty.
    Z is figure of mixed biaracial beauty.theres a difference and as for her acting skills there not impressive or good enough to convince aliyah real down to earth personality.

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