Jay & Bey’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Going Bust!

On the Run Tour going Bust

It looks like Bonnie and Clyde’s ‘On The Run’ hustle has gone bust… and the tour hasn’t even started yet!

A Ticketmaster review found tens of thousands of tickets have are yet to be sold, which kicks off in just one-week, in Miami on June 25th. Same deal goes for Jay and Bey’s concert date in Atlanta and New Jersey on July 15th and July 12th.

This news is a far cry from Billboard’s previous claim, “the On The Run’ tour is already one of the summer concert season’s hottest engagement.” A report stating “multiple venues sold-out in minutes.” On the contrary, insiders blame the Carters “negative exposure” — particularly the elevator incident — as what’s to blame for the bust.

Here’s what a source had to say about it:

“If you’re launching a stadium tour, you have to have airplay, and she’s had no hits lately on the radio.”


  1. Maybe tickets would of sold out if you both did not just get off a tour its ok to go take a break let people miss you then come back you don’t have to tour all year to make it and you need to reduce the tickets price good luck

  2. Don’t they realize regular people are living on a budget. They should do a free show just to pay their fans back for all their support.

  3. It’s seems odd now that kanye and Kim are now this big it couple and Beyonce and Jay z are falling off people would not be caught talking about Beyonce are Jay z now a week don’t go by without something bad are talking a lot of crap about them what happened.

    • They aren’t untouchable anymore. You know its bad when you have irrelevant people like Keke Wyatt talking about your child’s head PUBLICLY.

      • kanye wanted to have a relationship like jayz and beyonce then he married the “black man’s whore” yes it s odd
        and strange the kanye and kim are the it couple. maybe pimp mama but something on beyonce and jayz for not attending
        the wedding

      • They were never untouchable. ( no shade) the reality is they are starting to be unreachable. In the sense that the Bonny and Clyde theme is old. Jay z’s persona as the young drug dealer is played out. In reality he is a middle aged businessman. Beyonce is trying to hard to appear on that level. You hear more rumblings now of her lying and stealing music. The target audience that used to support them ages 13 to 24. By music standards have grown up and are now budgeting for school or families etc. keep putting out music if your an entertainer but stop trying to make it more than what it is. Bey is not a queen jay is not a god. Last one I checked if you were you wouldn’t have to sing for your supper. Just my thought.

  4. Product life cycle at work here. People are just over the whole thing. It’s time for these two to take a break.

  5. People are OVER them and been over them for years. They need a BREAK. Bey needs rehab and some alone time. Let Jay do this tour on his own since he needs the money so bad to pay back Live Nation.

  6. is karma point blank period. when you do shyt you get shyt!!!

    let’s faces it beyonce and jayz haven’t been nice their disloyal they steal etc etc is karma they got away with it
    but the man upstairs is is giving them the taste of their own medicine!!!

    beyonce with the whole destiny child’s thing she hogged the limelight. her parents pushed her up to front
    how would beyonce like if her daughter was in band the lead singer’s parents treated her like shyt??? bet she wouldn’t like it

    as for joe camel he’s a snake coon. throws black people under the bus just to please white people
    if biggie/2pac was around do you honestly think jayz would be where he is today???? .same for beyonce if aaliyah was around
    do you honestly think beyonce would be where she is today???? she’d probably be with her band???

    • I agree with you on the Tupac and Biggie thang….most rappers out now would be non existent. However if Aaliyah was alive there would be room for Beyonce…haters can hate but that woman knows how to entertain, she is quite an act.

      • I agree. I like Aaliyah, but Beyonce has/had the IT star factor in spades. She would have blown up big regardless of who her competition was.

        • I diagree beyonce only blew up cause of her countless backstabbing and blacklisting it was amerie ashanti Aaliyah and beyonce. She stole from all them plus old school acts and her team paid for media and damage control to any other female artist. I dont wanna say they killed Aaliyah but it sure was convient her passing. They had Toya and Tavia(La) looking like haters when they where indeed mistreated and Farrah so when you have to use undermining tactics to make it are you truly a real talent or gimmic. Like someone posted earlier shes been doing the same practiced routine for years nothing new.

          • I read where she stole “Crazy in Love” from Amerie. The label had that son picked out for Amerie and Jay heard it and gave it to Bey. DMX often speaks of how when Jay became President of Def Jam they had his album printed and video shot and everything. Single picked out and Jay never released it.

            • @scorpiogirl

              beyonce is a jealous type i remember hearing her say “i don’t like it when other people peform on awards”
              beyonce is a attention whore she’s getting older. rihanna is sleeping with jayz that’s why beyonce steals rihanna’s looks

      • Janet maybe but not Michael, Bey is good but she isn’t great. She has been doing the same dance moves and the same hair for 10 years.
        People tend to forget Beyonce stole Amerie’s entire image. She stole her music, her dance moves and her style of dress. So really Beyonce might not have made it as a solo artist if there was no Amerie for her to steal from.

  7. Things will never be the same again after that Elevator fiasco and it matter how many baphomet rings Beyonce wears that squeaky clean superficial image has been shattered a and will never be restored.

    • beyonce and jayz are getting what they deserved they ruined people’s music career because their jealous and greedy

  8. People bought into the perfect everything BEFORE the elevator incident. Since then almost daily you’re hearing about infidelity. Many now realize, perhaps it’s not as perfect as they thought, air out of the balloon

    • Their fans refuse to even acknowledge any of those infidelty rumors but they lap up any and everything they read about the Kanydashians and Rihanna.

  9. Does this mean that these two will finally go away? I must thank Solange for being the one that broke the camel’s back.

  10. I wish they would both “poof be gone” never been a Beyonce fan but I loved me some Destinys Child. I guess when you become “GROWN” your taste in music changes. I live for some K.Michelle!

  11. I read they were buying a mansion in England and they want u commoners to pay for it.

  12. What goes up must come down. It’s true for everyone. Beyonce and Jay Z are not exempt. Clearly, they are touring so much and charging so much money because they are in some serious debt. I don’t care how much a performer enjoys performing, touring all the time is not fun. It really is time for the two of them to take a couple of seats and concentrate on raising their daughter, maybe even combing her hair, and just let people miss them before they get to a point where no one will want to see them again.

    • Due to pop culture and trends. They are probally afraid if they take a break someone will take their place. I like bey’s music or made to like it cause it’s so overplayed. But their are way better singers than her. They just don’t get the financial backing they need to get out their like her. Entertain she can.she is a good entertainer though.

    • some old school artists like martgha reeves is p[erforming cause she’s broke.

      before mary wells, david ruffin and edduie kendricks died they was broke still douing drugs and touring constantly because they are broke.

      Otis willims who announced he has cancer is touring.

    • Yeah something ain’t right. The two of them working like plantation slaves when they are suppose to be so wealthy already. Just doesn’t add up.

  13. These two satanists aren’t supporting us so why shoud we support them? Don’t buy tickets to this bullshit! Do something else with your money.

  14. They just both came off tours, people do not have endless resources to go to their concerts twice in a year. They just too much. I know the lifestyle they lead is very expensive, so they should go find other business interest instead of trying to con people into their tired concerts.

  15. Honestly I don’t believe this tour was ever gonna happen, it was all hype to distract people from their sham of a life being exposed! Its over for these two the jigga is up

  16. Well Outkast didn’t have that problem in Atlanta lol! They sold out in under an hour then decided to add another date and sold out in under an hour…they should’ve picked a bigger venue lol! Maybe Jay and Bey should’ve performed at Centennial Park instead lol!




  18. I am just tired of these two. Enough is enough as far as concerts go. They both just finish one each and now again. Greed is a funny thing. I am so sick of these two people. They will not get my money for a concert and I get nothing in return after the concert while they Jet off to their exciting paradise.

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