Kobe Bryant’s Got Some Serious Hate For Tim Duncan!

Kobe vs Tim Duncan

Kobe Bryant has revealed bang’in on Tim Duncan as one of his ‘Things To Do in Brasil While Watching The World Cup.’ Apparently… five-time NBA champ Bryant is fuming over five-time NBA champ Duncan for joining him on the winner’s court. Kobe’s said to now be “begging” the Buss family, from Brasil, to get LeBron to sign with the Lakers.

Here’s what Kobe told ESPN:

“If you ask me if I’m okay with Tim winning his sixth championship, I’m not. I’m not okay with that.”


    • This site know it can run with half truths. I watched the interview, Kobe was just being honest that he would like to get to 6 rings before Duncan. He and Duncan are tied at 5 rings now, Duncan doesn’t half 6, despite this site reporting that he does.

        • Lol, yea I couldn’t correct it after I hit send, move around English teacher! U know what I was trying to say, (have)

    • This was worded wrong. They asked Kobe was he ok with Tim possibly getting a sixth ring because the Spurs will pretty much be the same team next year.

    • You beat me to it but Knowledge1911 cleared it up for me.
      Kobe’s always got something to say.

  1. Next time you open your Trap to Claptrap Kobe why don’t you tell everyone about how you up and dumped Joselyn Ebron to marry Vanessa without giving the bronze skinned beauty any type of heads up.Talk about that instead of making incendiary comments about Trayvon Martin or irrelevant comments about NBA Titles.

  2. Jacky were do you get these photos man?This photo is Textbook and it compliments the headline spot on.

  3. The King isn’t taking his talents to join KoMe’s team. KoMe is a big time ball hog and the Lakers don’t have a supporting cast to get a third (or fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh) ring for the King.

  4. There ain’t no way in hell, Toby, I mean Kobe Bryant asked the management to sign anybody who can take away from his star power. Kobe was the happiest person in the world when the Lakers traded Shaq. That bitch would rather lose every game from now to the end of time rather that have Lebron Jaes on hat team. If they sign Ebron James, the lakers better by stock in Maxi pads, cause his period would constantly be on.

  5. If you wanna see real hatred between two black men – it is always the ones who are married to white women who hate each other. I guess they thought that they were unique.

  6. Kobe is so irrelevant to the masses, he’s a sneaky mofo more than anything. These cats contribute little or nothing to the cause…Blowin’ Money Fast!

  7. The NBA is fixed. If Adam Silver and the owners want Tim Duncan to win a sixth ring, it will happen. My second point is that Lebron will never come to the Lakers. The Lakers can’t afford Lebron! Plus Lebron will never play on the same team as Kobe; too many egos. Kobe is just jealous because Timmy is damn near forty and still ballin while he is injured and can’t play. FUCK KOBE!

  8. One more thing, I live in Los Angeles, and nobody wears Kobe’s shoes. Everybody either wears Jordans or Lebrons.

  9. The NBA is fixed, if Adam Silver and the Jewish Mafia want Tim Duncan to win a sixth championship they will.
    Billions of dollars in online betting contributes to who wins, plain and simple. The players know it, they gave up control of the game to make more money and these newer players are more like those music industry demons now. Get some money and and a little fame, shut the f*** up and keep it moving! There are no more Muhammad Ali’s
    Warning, Warning, “Dont sell your soul for that mean, mean, mean, mean green!”

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