Babysitters Blow The Whistle On Kim K & Beyonce


“She brags that Nori is cuter than Blue Ivy”

Kimye and Bey Carter have both been put on blast by a set of former nannies to their baby daughters. The unnamed women are calling Kim out as a control freak, who “loves” to bash on all Blue errything — and Bey as a mom who’s likely never changed a diaper!

“Kim Kardashian and Beyonce’s dislike for each other gets even uglier behind closed doors.”

Dig the drop on Kim K:

“Kim demands her daughter only be dresses neutral colors. She also gives orders for her posse to walk behind her, and instructs her employees on how she wants them to behave in public.

She enjoys taking digs at Blue Ivy. She loves it… brags that Nori is cuter than Blue.”

Peep what was said about Bey:

“She doesn’t have to do any of the dirty work and can just be loving and doting. She’s a good mommy, but it seems easy when you have six nannies!”

Should Kanye take a paternity test? I think so. Know why? Because Nori looks NOTHING like Kanye, let alone appears to be fathered by a full blooded Black man. Just ask Kris Humphries.



  1. if kanyes not North’s dad hes a fool.

    yeezus ego is too big for him to accept another mans child.

    kim’s ego is treating her kid like shes the chosen one.

    we just live in this world of immortals.

    • 18 years..18 years .. and on the 18th birthday he found out it aint his…………

      life imitating art

  2. I know a black dude his wife is white and brunette and their firstborn is a blonde and that boy can pass for white and has none of his dads features.

    • I think that can happen because kids can pull genes from generations back. My nephew has bone straight hair . Everyone else has kinky/curly , coarse , or deep waves. Who knows where he got it from?

    • Remember Sydney Simpson was a blonde child at the time of Nicole’s murder. And OJ was certainly a full blood black man.

      Speaking of which, on E! the other night, they were showing some old KKK family photos. There was a pic of Khloe at age 11 and the host said, very sarcastically, “don’t you think she could be Sydney Simpson’s long lost sister?” And then she showed a pic of Sydney to day, working her new job, and she then said. “wow, Sydney still looks just like Khloe!”

      There is a split opinion here that Khloe is the biological child of Kris’s old hairdresser/ Khloe is OJ’s bio daughter. Those photos spoke loudly as did the host. I am in the OJ camp, but it could go either way I guess. However I a sure that bobby Kardashian was not the bio dad. That much is certain.

      • Oj is absolutely Khloes dad! And that SOB 20years ago on 6/17 forever ruined my life! somebody please kill him so I can get a decent birthday! I will not go into the tragedy after tragedy that is my birthday after birthday all I can say, is if you if prison…. go to and set it free. my husband cannot work because he has to take care of me, my gm has properties and she will not let us stay in one and on my birthday she didn’t remember, and thought I was 25 and does not care that I am dying and have a daughter. Today she served us with this three day notice to move out of the place, will not go into how she bought another family member house, who was in the exact same position as me oh well. Do not want a pity party it is not her problem to take care of family. At the same time when Simpson’s going down the freeway ina Bronco and my moms friend comes busting in the living room and those candles were lit on my birthday cake, and everyone ran to watch tv for HOURS! I’m just sayin a kind of set something and in motion in my life. Somebody please take OJ Simpson out! Thank you!

        And in case you’re wondering what kind of people would stop in the middle of singing happy birthday at a kids birthday party to watch some maniac with a gun to his head who just killed his wife, crackheads! I’m also looking at you people with the freeway signs!

        • OJ is NOT Khloe’s dad. Look at pics of her mother’s stylist. He and Khloe are the spitting image of one another!!!

  3. North looks like Kanye to me! Kanye is her father. Both are cute girls but are no cuter than the babies I see on the regular.

    Its no secret that Kim is overly jealous of Beyonce. She is delusional…time is ticking for the bomb to explode!

    • Yezzy is Nori’s dad..they need to stop reaching..that is the only way he would wife up the slore KK…

      As for Kim giving Bey the bizness..I am sure *Queen* Bey is no stranger to treating other women like chit..just ask member of Destiny’s child

      I say #Karma…now comb that little girls hair…

  4. I believe that North is Kanye’s child. My question is why do North West and Amber Rose’s son have identical noses?

  5. Both kids are adorable. I just feel bad for them because they have narcissists and evil parents who only care about the limelight.

  6. kim honey you got famous from a sex tape one is gonna take you serious!!!
    beyonce got famous by tossing her band mates away like a heap of rubbish!!!

    • @CB

      Yes, both are flawed women, but Kim is the biggest loser by far. Hollywood does not like her because she’s a no-talent opportunist wjo is famous because she sexed a d-list blackman…Not Star Material!!!

      • kim is a “black man’s whore” she’s poison she ruins her boyfriend’s careers. as beyonce she just a attention whore is funny how
        she didn’t like the camera etc etc now she likes them wonder why???

        • She ruins her boyfriend’s careers? Reggie is doing great, Kris is doing well, and Ray J that no talent slut is getting his third TV show gig.
          And I’m only mentioning three of them. I don’t see how she ruined any of them.

          • yeah!!!! kanye’s rep has gone down hill since he date kim. so take your coony bufoony as somewhere else you wet dog

          • @Anonymous

            She used them to boost her status within urban culture, Kris Humphries was a fakeout. Reggie came to his senses, and Ray J is still d-list despite hittin’ it first…Clap For Him Ya’ll?

  7. Well in all honesty both kids are funny looking – which is not a bad thing to say bc they are under age 18. Doesn’t make them any less children of God since everyone cant be cute. Bey needs to take lessons from Christina Milian on how to style children with delicate hair textures and Kim needs her advice on how to dress a baby.(does Nori ever wear socks or shoes)

    Sometimes feel bad for Kim, she has everything and shouldnt compare herself to Beyonce or anyone. In all honesty she stays winning since she gets the most for doing less. She cant sing, dance, write or act nor has an outstanding personality but has managed to make herself a household name, a millionaire and married well 3x. She is glamorous, travels, dates jocks/rappers living the fantasy of a shallow rich gay man.

    Nori resembles Kanye with that same sad face and fat chipmunk cheeks but a smile that can light up a room. Then again one of my great auntie said “feed ’em til dey start to resemble yuh”.

    • All of this.

      Why would bey respect kim? She’s dancing around in 6 inch heels and kim is laying on her back!

      • Don’t know and don’t care why since I didn’t ask. Seems sad that Kim is jealous when she has obtained all she wanted in less time and putting in less work.

        • I’m just taking a wild guess here, but perhaps Kim is envious because she WISHES she had a talent and was admired for more than being a rich do nothing tabloid star? Beyonce, for all her faults, is a STAR because of her entertainment abilities. She is the show.

  8. SEE! I been telling yall THE WW GET THE MONEY. This WHORE thinks all Blacks are COONS who will embrace her passive COLORISM/RACISM. The BM’s swirl hags and their bastards are RACIST.

    Kanye is a COON and his whore is RACIST GOLD DIGGER

  9. She looking like….oh, is that you Blue….I thought you were Jay. Lemme go put some clothes on
    Wtf kinda outfit is that to be hanging out w your baby in? Close that robe, Bey

    • I think that is her backstage in the dressing room after a performance. She is in full stage makeup.

  10. lol they are showing u kim & kanye are giving their daughter to satan…look at Norths picture, they have her doing the “M” on her right hand…she couldnt have positioned her fingers like that w/out help

    • You are really reaching. I know it’s your thing, but I don’t believe for a minute that they presented their baby to Satan, or that lil Nori is throwing up Demonic hand signs.

      Ease up a bit.

  11. Y’all i got a little semi-warm tea on Bey and Jay from a PA who worked for them for 7 months last year. Take it as you wish:

    Beyonce is well aware of Jigga’s sexual relationship with Rhianna which is long term and ongoing. She is not permitted to complain about it or interfere. As a couple they are heavily into threesomes and their most frequent thirds are Rita Ora and Kelly Rowland.
    He said that Kelly, regardless of the up and down relationship she has with Bey, is always around and sleeps with them nearly every night she’s in town.

    Bey has stepped out once or twice on Jay, and he hates it and beats her ass when she does.

    He also says that her breath is no worse than anyone else’s. lol

      • nas’s ex carmen bryant said in her book in 2005!!
        that beyonce wanted to date nas but nas wasn’t having it because beyonce had smelly breathe!!!!! ironicaily jayz has smelly breathe also!!

    • So then, her and Kelly aren’t really sisters then, right? Because if they are…*shudders*

      • That is exactly what I took from the bit of tea he spilled 18:20. This pretty much closes the blood sisters theory.

  12. only thing kim should be jealous of is beyonce’s dyke ass followers in the atl who started a church in her name.

  13. These stupid hoe’s get publicity from being pregnant then as soon as the kid is born they have the f*cking nanny do everything Lol

  14. Snitching cause they lost the biggest gig of their career watching wealthy well known ppl kids. I don’t believe nothing those bitches have to say about what was said from Kim K. or what Bey do or don’t do. Cause a dog that will bring a bone will carry one. Remember that shit.

    • “Cause a dog that will bring a bone will carry one.” I Only heard that saying in my family! All through my teen years…lol

    • What the f*ck does that mean? Seriously I would like to know what a dog that carries and bring a bone home means. No shade…jus wanna know

      • If someone came to me talking about you (bring a bone aka gossip) they will go behind my back and talk about me too (carry what I said or telling my business aka gossip) So if they’ll tell your business they’ll sho’ nuff will tell mines.

        😉 glad I could help.

  15. First of all when addresses B, she should always put queen in front of it, as the rest of the world does (she wishes the same) and second just because she is Ms. Kanyes thot does not make Beys equal, second we can have as many nannys as we want/can afford since our grandmothers had no choice in during the Jim Crow days, now its our damn turn! So her and her girl Kanye can drink several bottles of bleach and continue to bow down!

  16. me too. Blue is VERY cute some might even say pretty ! she just cant seem to keep her hair done. and she is not dressed frilly like Kim does Nori. none the less both are cute babies.

  17. “Cause a dog that will bring a bone will carry one.” I thought my mom made that shit up…lol heard it all my teen years!!! Still true as an adult.





  19. Now, I see y kim is so obsessed with her looks, just look @ the pic of her as a baby…WHOA…

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