Jigga Joins MiMi & Kevin Liles In Pushing Booze To Black People!


Jay Z is keeping consistent with playing peon for his corporate masters! Reports reveal… Hovi now can add acting as the newest Ronald McDonald to push booze, with Black people being the target demographic. Just ask Kevin Liles. Know why? Liles’ Go N’Slyde brand is distributing Jigga’s “40/40” drink… along with its “Butterfly” booze-beverage that has Mariah as its face.

“I call it disrupting the consumer packaged goods industry…” -Kevin Liles

Here’s what Liles told Forbes:

“Launched in late May, the beverages are currently moving at a pace of 1,000 bottles a week. Each bottle retails for $1.99.”


  1. Money must really be tight when artists of both Jay Z and Mimi’s caliber start pushing alcohol. Diddy did the same thing when his money started running low.

    • stop it please …tight money or low money still is money that you will NEVER EVER see so it is safe to say they are doing okay

      • No you need to stop. You look stupid sitting up in here bragging about someone else’s money.

  2. Mariah drinks like a fish. This is no secret. Her albums are now selling wood, so being the money grubber that she is, she is attaching herself to anything that nets a dollar.

    Niggas don’t care about anyone but themselves and their pocketbooks. It is sad, because I remember when Nas said he would never endorse alcohol. Now all you see is Hennessy associated with his name. Pharrell didn’t drink. Next thing you know, he is doing Heineken commercials and promoting a pink bismuth looking liqueur. I don’t support any of their brands. I never have and I never will.

  3. Look at those pants. Sigh….I didn’t want to believe it but Mariah is MK Ultra. So sad. Because I’m a fan from way back….but the way she acts, the tired tacky Texas pageant dresses, the obsession with butterflies and Marilyn Monroe,her sex kitten programming is pretty obvious. Makes me sad because I’m a fan from way back. Oh well.

    • She is absolutely programmed. That’s why she kirked out during her Glitter promotion. Someone has audio of her and Eminem, a la V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling, begging for cocaine and really behaving off of her rocker. I know she has done all she can to suppress it, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will soon be released.

      I feel bad for her, because Eminem is a c*nt. I know she had no clue when she was dealing with his downlow ass. Maybe he’ll OD and the evidence will be destroyed. There are some bad batches of H rolling through Ohio right now.

      • B Stiviano:

        Who is the consumer base of heroin out there?

        Here in the tri-State area it is mostly the white kids. Same out there?

        • In Jersey its said to be 92% pure. People overdosing left and right. 22 in 3 day span.

        • Same here. I mentioned H in the event someone was looking to set Marshall up. I heard that was his vice, once upon a time.

          • I wouldn’t doubt if he did ride the horse occasionally, but his real addiction was to Oxy’s and Xanax. The main reason folks switch from Oxy to H is that H is so much more affordable and easy to get. But, since money and availability would have been no object to him, tend to believe him. Everyone I know who got hooked on H did so after the DEA closed down all the internet pharmacies in 2004 where you could obtain them easily if you had the bucks. Half of the people who OD and die nowadays, especially the kids, would have never touched heroin if the regulations hadn’t been so strict on the pill mills. I concur the the vast majority of people using opiates are white, but there sure are some family using as well.
            Pretty much the same story with Em’s best frenemy Kid Rock. He’s stopped using the hard stuff as well. I guess even the hard core folks grow up eventually.

      • Eminem has been sober for 3 years. He really has, not just PR. He has completely changed and no longer bad mouths women, even his mother. It doesn’t undo all the past, but writers who have been interviewing him prior to his album release say that they don’t even recognize him. So the chances of him ODing are slim.

        • He never changed. He was always a phony motherf*cker who used shock value to gain publicity. He might still OD on Dre’s dick though.

        • They are saying allededly the real Eminen have been dead 4 years and thats a clone we are seeing
          Thats the rumor

    • you have a point, she is so talented that it makes no sense that she’s not selling albums. I think get your act together girl point blank. And you have a point with all the butterflies and that glitter period, when her mine went wonky. I always thought she was battling with her Irish side and black side because I can relate, its old being called a high yellow ,ol yeller and the like .I always thought MK ULTRA you have to be programed from a very young age, very interesting, it seems like mariah’s mind is never coming back.

      • Mariah is the quintessential tragic mulatto. If a bitch is holding onto wounds from 1st grade and she is 46-years-old, there’s a problem. Rather than buying penthouse apartments and having a million dollar shoe collection, invest in a therapist who can help you sort out your issues. I am pretty sure her white side would coerce her into going into therapy.

        I know Mimi has been exposed to the most. Her sister was an HIV+ prostitute and (I think) drug addict. I suspect there is physical and/or sexual abuse there. I just wish she sorted her shit out before she had Marigold and Moccasin.

        • LMAO…This sounds like Paul Mooney Wrote this. I believe it was Mooney who coined Mariah the “Tragic Mulatto”….STR8 DEAD ON THE FLOOR! Sad but all you said above is “CHURCH TRUTH”!

        • I loved the old Mariah. I still want to see her succeed but ole girl needs therapy, rehab and a personal trainer.

  4. What ever happened to St Ides crooked eye drinks? I remember seeing the commercials as a kid.

  5. You mean two DL black guys and AFUM (another f*cked up mulatto) are doin’ sumthin’ bad to the black community???


  6. Alcohol kills more black people than guns ever could, Why? Destroys the brain cells. Go to any hood in this country, cheap booze sells more than food…Real Talk!!!

    • they had episode on girlfriends about a soda company putting in vending machines in every black community
      it was loaded with too sugar and joan and william the only black lawyers in the firm was fighting to stop it

      • @CB

        No sane black person promotes liver and kidney disease to their people…It’s Dead Wrong! The sellouts are showin’ their asses nowadays because they think it’s acceptable to make blood money…The One World Gangstas!!!

    • Knee grows get the majority of their alcohol from WHITE owned companies so IF you want a battle to engage into then START at that point

  7. O my mimi is reaching her c.d. flopped and she’s reaching for whatever to stay relevant sad it’s desperation what I don’t understand is u have money your a mom open a business to keep your self occupied seeing about the kids and being a mother Mariah u starting to look out of your mind get a grip mam everything changes u not hot anymore as u were well everyone knows you stop it girl stop it

  8. these money grubber!!!!! they got their money from doing dirty and disgusting stuff just hope they live with themselves afterwards
    mariah needs help biracial women are weak. jayz is getting his n1gga moment with all this buffooning and cooning around white people
    won’t look at him in the same light so joe camel toe is bufooning and cooning for nothing

  9. Not surprised! Jay-Z has been pushing Cristal to black people ever since he became popular. I keep telling you guys these rich black people are modern day house slaves. Massa says endorse alcohol and I will pay you millions, these bourgeoisie blacks say “Yes sir massa!” If they refuse they will lose their money and status. These boule blacks will do anything for money and they will do anything massa tells them. That’s why they’re house slaves.

    • hollywood is like modern day slavery!! august alsina ain’t down with that he spoke out about it. he even got a video with lynching himself. Charlemagne was complaining about it
      he’s a coon

      • Charlemagne is a coon! He went from being a jailbird to Wendy Williams’ shadow to being the background to Lala’s foreground. Now dude is trying desperately to appear “deep” and philosophical on Twitter, likely because he has corporate sponsors. What I fail to understand is how niggas think they can overhaul their piss poor images of decades in 10 minutes because whitey gave them a wink and a damn nod. Same goes for Draya. She will always be a semen receptacle, no more no less.

        • ita Charmalegne is an ignorant bum. So low class and uncouth. 1 of those kneegrows who ‘rejoice’ in their ignorance and folly. Smh

  10. Fact: Alcohol is just as addictive as cocaine, heroin and crack! I’m not making this up. Why do you think there are so many Alcoholics Anonymous facilities all over the world.

    • Those A.A. meetings aren’t helping people deal with their addictions. If anything, they put the bottle down temporarily and move on to other vices. A recovering alcoholic is not the person to counsel people about drugs or alcohol. They will always be fighting their addiction their damn selves.

      • how can someone who hasn’t been through that struggle tell someone else how to overcome?

    • Watch the movie scanner darkly about how the rehab companies were the ones pushing the drugs to get more buisness, and they set you up for failure when they tell you “once an addict always an addict”

  11. Im pretty sure if Mariah or Sean Carter disappeared tomorrow, somewhere in households across the U.S., someone’s child will tote liquor bottles and cold beer cans to their parents and house guests per their mama, daddy, uncle or mother’s current boyfriend’s request and take a swig of the leftovers as the adults lie passed out on the floor. Children live what they learn. (which is why I was not allowed to visit and play with everyone and still am forbidden as a tax paying adult)

    Did people shun Billy Dee Williams in the 80s?

    • Yet and still if it were the organic sweat from the Lord’s balls many will complain that elusive chanteuse and camel are pushing sugar filled addiction and commercial to the kommunity.

  12. Its all about the money. Broke mothaf*ckas wouldn’t know anything about that because they are pressed when they see someone making moves. Don’t drink it, don’t buy it from them–buy it from non-Blacks. Most of yall are nothing but Fake hating ass ppl I swear!!!

    • That’s what I’m saying. Sometimes we don’t give our sensible brothers and sisters enough credit. Believe it or not there is a considerable population of black people who drink responsibly (socially? sparingly?). There are also those that don’t. Should black people abstain from entering the industry because of those in our community who abuse alcohol? Think about that.

      • You’re logical, rational, and obviously educated. These morons are pathetic.

        • They are sellouts who dont give a dam abouth no one and nothing else but their ego and dollars
          Like Harry Belefonte said, none of them are consistently standing up and being socially conscience towards the youth and the community

  13. stop supporting these self hating coons… who sell yall out! POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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