Michael Jace Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Charges of Murdering His Wife


Michael Jace has plead not guilty in the May 19th shooting death of his wife, April. This latest development in the murder case comes after the actor’s initial court appearance ended without any pleas made. The next step in the case is set to happen on August 1, 2014 — when the Court is expected to hear testimony from investigators, and what led them to arrest Jace on the night of April Jace’s murder.

“April Jace, 40, died from “multiple gunshot wounds,” according to preliminary autopsy results. The Los Angeles County coroner ruled the death a homicide, Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter said.”

Just weeks ago, the Los Angeles Fire Department released the 9-1-1 audio of April’s father telling an emergency dispatcher: “My son-in-law called me and text me and said ‘come get the kids’ because he shot April, our daughter.” But the actor’s father-in-law may not have been the only person hipped to that shocking statement. Several sources have Michael Jace calling 911 at approximately 8:30 p.m. PT telling police, “I shot my wife,” in audio that’s not yet been released to the public.


“Jace had defaulted on the $411,000 mortgage on the south Los Angeles home where his wife died, according to the documents.”

April Jace’s colleagues had this to say:

We are obviously shocked and saddened by this terrible news, to lose a wonderful colleague, mother and friend.

April’s radiant personality brought great energy to the financial aid office. Her love for helping students and families and her great work ethic earned the respect and love of her coworkers. Her smiling face and helpful spirit will be missed by all.”

Jace’s bond is set at $2 million. He’s also ordered to have no contact with his two children. If convicted, he faces 50 years to life in prison.


  1. A lawyer convinced him to do this. that way if the lawyer puts up,a half hearted fight in the case, he can pile up enough lawyer fees to break Jace before he gets his life sentence, leaving the kids with nothing. He ain’t getting off of this shit, he might as well invest in Reynolds cause its a wrap for him.

  2. When you’re beautiful you don’t marry no black azz ugly nigga like that, period, they are NOT to be trusted. Their ugly asses are insecure and will kill you if you try to shake their asses. He also kept her looking basic, cause he was controlling. May they lock him away forever. And may she rest in peace and her children get therapy and become stable after this tragedy.

      • snap snap snap snap snap!I believe the unfortunate saying pasted down by black people goes, dark likes light and light likes dark. the same thing with human beings and the number 10 because number 11 will cause a fire 😉

      • his ex wife is nothing but a gold digger asking for all that alimony, and that goes for the rest of them too,, with all the ex wives and bad stories about him these women know what they are doing

    • A friend of mine jokingly said the judge should give lethal injection for harming #TeamLightskin

  3. She was never basic- even when she didn’t have make up on. She was one of those women that was just naturally pretty. She didn’t need or wear much make up. Beautiful, sweet spirit. Dude came across as insanely jealous of her or insecure. The above quote was taken from Biola (a Christian university in SoCal) where she worked in Financial Aid. I know she’s surrounded by Angels now. RIP April.

    • if you don’t help Jackie’s causes they delete you. This site is run by moron’s. LOL

      • As is yours.

        “He also kept her looking basic, cause he was controlling.”

        If you actually KNEW her- like I did, you would know that she was NEVER basic. He may have tried to under emphasize her beauty- but even bare faced, it could not be done.

        Please don’t forget that there are actually people on this board who know/are personally involved with the people mentioned on this site.

        • “He may have tried to under emphasize her beuaty” That’s what I said in my own way when I said she was beautiful BUT he kept her looking basic. IDIOT!!! LMMOTHAFUCKINAO!!! You’re an imbecile, I’m sure your significant other have told you that on numerous occassions, or your exes. Get off line and take an adult day class, or get off of whatever you’re taking.

        • PLUS who gives a f*ck you knew her. Did you take a cake to the grieving family, or something? Bitch please, I’m blood related to 2 well known celebrities, and one well known gangsta who is deceased, do you see me bragging or anyone else dropping what they do? She will be the closest thing to Hollywood you’ll ever reach. Pathetic.

          • I see you insist in making the comment section a smorgasbord of self-congratulation.

            Obviously you are young and ignorant. This post was about April- not your random rants. I’ll be sure to let the family know when I see them your heartfelt sentiments.

            This web conversation has ended. Enjoy arguing with yourself.

            *Best Comment Ever*

  4. All men are capable of harming women, all of us. Emotions can trigger the worse behavior in men at any time…Time Bombs! Michael Jace allegedly abused his first wife as well. But, women won’t know unless they’re told…Awareness Sistas!!!

  5. You heard? For real? And he had no ability to say “no, we cannot afford that?”. Y’all got some nerve.

  6. Not Guilty? Delusional man. I advise to slather cocoa/shea butter for intake photos and nude cavity search, not drop the soap, no spicy food 2 hrs before lights out and Fleet before you beat. 🙂

  7. Something is very fishy about this story! How do we know that it was really him that made the call..or texted her father!!! Something just seems off about this story

  8. Some men are really sick.My kids father was one of them. I put his ass in jail,got a restraining order,and bought a nine legally. He don’t bother me no more in a harmful manner. So sad she had to die because of this sick man. Pay attention ladies.

    • Sorry that you had to go through that. seems like men are more crazier and emotional than females. A scorned woman may experience a breakdown slit a tire at best, less jodi arias, but a man will slit your throat. Must be in the water.

        • her husband was beating her azz and she wanted to hurt him. She didnt kill him out of rage or jealousy (which she should have).. Dudes mentality nowadays is more like you fuq me youre stuck with me. At least hurt yourself and not the other person ala tony dungys son (rip). You are comparing apples to insanity.

  9. The over-whelming majority of people plead not guilty in order to try and get a lighter sentence. Very few and I do mean very few people plead guilty no matter how much evidence there is that you did it. he’s just doing status quo to try and get a lighter sentence but will end up serving a long sentence with lighter pockets.


  11. Crazychris Lorena bobbit husband is still alive. I’m not saying women aren’t capable I’m talking from what I know how a man can be and this man killed his wife in front of his kids for what reason?

  12. I wasn’t there. Don’t know if she was f*cking the next door neighbor or not. If so she got what was coming to her.

  13. Somebody mentioned complexion which has nothing to do with somebody’s temperant. This guy was a controlling jerk. Lets not forget about the money problems they were having. Praying for her kids. She’s in a better place now where nobody can hurt her.

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