Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 28, 2014


He’s gone from ball’in out of control.. to posting up in front of his ex-wifey’s L.A. crib, “waiting for her to get home so he can get inside.” Sources say that’s all a part of his reality when he’s on the west coast.

Dig the drop:

“If you think I’m lying, Ask Cam’ron. Rachel Roy locks him out and he gotta wait for her to get home to get inside.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Rachel Roy would be an unknown without Damon. She has two daughters with him, so since she shared her body with him for years and she used him as a stepping stone, she may as well make a key just for him. I know he lost his L.A. house years ago to foreclosure when everyone’s shit was under water. No harm. No foul.

      • Seriously. She has to give him a key just because they used to be together? He’s lucky she let him sleep on the couch in the guest room

        • Damon is the father of Rachel’s two children. Perhaps they should have each other’s house keys in case of emergency.

  1. That’s what he get Dame dash was a 100% pure ass hole he thought he was all that so now jigga drop them like hot potatoes he standing outside waiting to get in awwww to bad what goes around comes around

    • Jay-Z sold Rocafella Records for a paltry $10 million split 3 ways — between Jay, Biggs and Dame. That was like a fire sale. Total intention to break his other 2 partners who didn’t know the sale was going down.

    • They were white t-shirts. How many times can you wear white tees without throwing them away. Hell, 9-5 niggas change their tees and kicks constantly when they’re conscientious about their attire. Stay mad.

      • Bish when I saw him on MTV many years ago, this nigga was bragging (as usual) and pointing to his colorful polo type shirt and his new shoes on his feet, talking ’bout he’s “popping new tags” everyday. Either you’re young or you just don’t remember, but this nigga wasn’t wearing only white t-shirts all the time. Let goggle be your friend.

        • Honey boo boo the fool: Maybe YOU should Goggle (sic) and see that Dame was referring to his white tees that he only wore once. As for his sneakers, we wore all white Uptowns. Anyone who wore them and had the least bit of coin kept spares because all white kicks get dirty quickly. That’s some 80’s drug dealer shit. Goodbye.

  2. Sorry to hear this about Dame. We don’t know what is going on behind closed doors to cause his financial collapse. People do get blackballed in the industry.

    • Dame Dash is Partner with Jim Jones on the Vamp Life collection
      so at least he has a day job

        • What exactly is he doing? Vamp Life? lol Jim Jones barely holding on his damn self..If it wasn’t for that reality show what would ehe be doing, because his azz ain;t had a hit song since BALLIN..lmao

          • People worship Jim Jones and Dipset. Whether or not you buy Jim’s music or his clothes, he is still paid. Jim stays doing shows, recording and Vamp Life sells out. Look no further than his Twitter account. People buy VL just to get him to retweet them.

            • No, I’m not. VL is very popular. And JJ is selling out of product. He continues to expand the line. Cam’ron just announced a Dipset clothing line with Karma Loop, too. If folks would simply read, they can verify what I’m posting is factual, since people always want to question what I post.

    • @PHILLY–I wouldn’t. Dame is a businessman, and businessmen and women have setbacks all the time. Hell, everytime a story comes out about Dame being ‘broke,’ another one comes out about him starting and/or running another business, so he can’t be THAT broke.

    • He sure did. It may take years, but Shawn Carter will get his. I see his fall happening now — slowly but surely.

  3. And Dame is real tight with Camron and Camron and his girl JuJu are making big moves now

    • What types of big moves? Power moves. They must be very savvy businessmen? And you must know them personally?

      I wish I could get in on their business accumen.

  4. A trashy reality show & a wack clothing line with a lame rapper is not bog moves. He did not invest wisely while he was wealthy. Humble yourselves.

    • YES EXACTLY!lmao He was so damn arrogant and full of himself when he had some status and money!That’s why you have to be careful how you treat people.The same ones you meet going up you meet when your coming down! My how the tables turn!

  5. I agree people get blackballed in the music industry. Dont believe me ask Suge Knight!

  6. He didn’t take the oath because Dame had the field highs mentality and he always challenged the powers that be.Those type of actions usually gets you blacklisted.

      • Damn sure did. You would see him just going against the grain when they taped him doing business. But Niall fairness, it seemed lie he was doing it for Rocafella, but you can also tell that sometimes it was because he thought he was powerful and enjoyed sowing his ass to those that had more power than. But I did see def jam trying to pull shady shit and he called them out when no oe else would.

        • Dame was blacklisted because he tried to start a distribution company with Suge and J. Prince. The Jews didn’t like that. Jay-Z ratted Dame, J. and Suge out like a good slave. This is old news.

        • Dame was blacklisted because he tried to start a distribution company with Suge and J. Prince. The Jhews didn’t like that. Jay-Z ratted Dame, J. and Suge out like a good slave.

          [reposted because my comment is being moderated]

          • everybody associated with suge gets bad luck.

            suge lost deathrow
            irv is struggling to reclaim his spot all h wants ios another hit.

            j prince is low key all hes doing is living off his old acts and putting out unreleased pimp c records last time any new act came out of rap a lot funny how when pimp c died yukmouth and devin the dude did’nt wanna resign with rap a lot even scarface jumped ship.

          • Are you sure Bella, I understand that Dash was not one the three involved in that, It was Irv Gotti Suge Knight and J Prince. And that was the reason that they were all being harassed by the FEDS. But Damn Dash knew about it and told Jay z, who in turn snitched. Dame knew about it first hand because at the time Rocafella was one of the biggest black labels so they were asked to be a Pratt, but dame had to clear it with the e two execs at Rocafella, Jay z and kareem burkes.

          • ELTHP: I do believe you are correct re: Irv’s inclusion in the distribution company. Trust when I say it probably wouldn’t be mentioned to Dame unless he had some sort of involvement. Those brothas were planning to change the game, which could’ve been epic.

            It can still be executed, but it needs to be done by unknowns. Unknown females would be better. 🙂

    • He damn sure questioned about Aaliyah’s death. Even Mary J. said she believes Aaliyah was murdered. Industries sellouts. I don’t blame Dame.

      • Uhm she was killed in a plane crash..How much more to it can it be? Other people were in that same plane that crashed, and they too died.. HERE WE GO AGAIN.. May she rip….



          • That plane crash situation was rigged. Someone in her camp had to know about it. I’d love to know if Fatimah Robinson knew? She conveniently took another plane. It could be coincidental, but I doubt it.

            I lost two friends, one of whom was my former hairstylist, in that crash. It is still unbelievable.

      • Quincy Jones is responsible for Aaliyah’s death. She refused to take the oath. She died broke. No car. No money. She had a sweetheart deal with her uncle, Barry Hankerson. She was on the radio just prior to her death. She said she wanted a Lincoln Navigator, but she said she didn’t own a car.

          • Since you love conspiracies, track Kidada Jones’ moves. She was Aaliyah’s supposed bff, but nowhere near the Bahamas at the time of the crash. Kidada was “engaged” to Tupac and in Vegas when he was shot and killed, but not in the car with him and Suge.

  7. Same wealth has shrinked due to multiple investments and failed businesses after the Rocafella split.Dude has the wavy,but he no longer has the draw which is Shawn Carter.

  8. The visual..waiting outside of his exs house to get in? No keys..wow.. Well he is an ex.why should he have a key if she’s paying the cost to be the boss! Sh*t her clothing line is doing well…last I heard..what she need with a Dame Dash?

  9. I just saw dame in 2013 hop in a Drophead Phantom with a driver, he still owns multiple businesses, and he lives front row at the hottest fashion shows. Smoke and mirrors to evade the tax man people. Our broke and his broke aren’t near the same.

  10. jay z said it best i will not lose.

    dame broke
    biggs in prison
    suge mad lost everything
    irv mad at the world

    aaliyah gone
    nas sold out to jigga
    beanie found gay love in prison he keeps going back
    camron shot by rocafella goons then disgraced further by 50.

    2paqc and big both dead both turning pover in their graves at all the sucess jigga and puffy had since they deceased.

    one song called all out 2pac dissed jigga by saying he had big ass dick sucking lips.

    • Irv was lobbying hard awhile back for the DefJam Perez job but to my understanding the feds pushed Murda inc to the edge then 50 pushed them over the cliff.

      • When 50 gets everything back that he has propelled into the universe… Man!!! He HAS to be an agent or informant of some kind. 50 is being protected by someone powerful. After being shot 9 times, no one decided to fire a 10th shot and finish him off?

        Time will tell. I sense he is separating himself from the clutches of Jimmy Iovine. Hope 50 doesn’t end up like Chris Lighty.

        • That Chris Lighty,Skakir Steward situation leaves myself and many others scratching their heads to this very day.Something is not right with this.

        • yeah 50 got too much too fast.

          how he get a mansion off his first album sales unless he was fronting like it was his mansion.

          50 has a poor record when it comes to fightimng he got stabbed.

          game said in his flick stop snitchinmg that please do not run up on 50 he has bodyguards that will rush you and come out of nowhere like the matrix.

          which is why I don’t understand why 50 aND GAme never fought their beef out.

          chris lighty, shakir, 50, puff all sleep in the same demon infested bed.

          cult members sometimes obey orders even if it means suicide.

          whitney tired of her life gave hints she wanted to die like saying she was ready to go home to jesus.

          so whit drowned herself in a suicide ritual.

          chris lighty, and shakir could hjave did the same we don’t know their personal demons but lots of these cult members are selected to die or select a certain few souls and kill.

  11. @crazychris, Exactly it is a game that they were all apart of and Jay Z is on the winning end for now. People should not feel bad for dame because he crossed a lot of people also.

  12. Jay z is winning because he is a good “boy” and knows his place with the jhews. The jhews run the feds, the irs, the us monetary system, the federal reserve. That’s why suge, Irv, and j-prince is no more.

  13. Jay-Z old song “you must love me” tells of how he sold his mother and brother crack for a dollar, how he shot his own brother…so who the f*ck are YOU that he won’t get paid to sell the black consumers a dream or diversion?

  14. Dame won’t have to worry about a key because Rachel will be looking to get another place too after they booted her from the clothing line. So much for that so called talent in designer clothes.

  15. Rachel Roy was married to Yinka Dare and NBA player who died some years ago. I met him in a club in the late 90s early 2000s and he we hung out. Never had sex with him cause when he brought his penis out he had a huge lump on it. I asked him what it was and he said he didnt know. I left shortly after.

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