Nasir Jones’ Daughter Picks a Side!


If Carmen Bryan had her way, her daughter’s dad would be just another incarcerated statistic. Reports reveal Bryan recently filed suit against Nasir Jones, claiming he owes her “more than $11K in back child support.”

This, about nine-months after the pair’s daughter, Destiny Jones, turned 19-years-old. Now.. it appears Destiny Jones, a teen who praises iconic feminist Angela Davis, is a true ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ … and Carmen Bryan will soon be forced to face her own karmic destiny.

You’ll recall… back in September 2013 — not long after Nas reportedly fulfilled his end their child support deal — Carmen announced her gearing up for the release of a ‘remix’ to her infamous 2007 tell-all, “It’s No Secret: From Nas To Jay Z.” That’s when she took to Twitter, to land some shine.. while adding even more insult to injury…to herself! “I’ll always be the girl her [Beyonce] husband started a war over #facts,” Carmen tweeted. “There’s no doubt that Jay Z excited the world, however I’m the girl that excited Jay Z.” [Where did Nas find this heaux???] Anyway… Days before Christmas 2013, Carmen did release a read, but it turned out to be a ‘How To’ on shedding pounds — “Hailed as the Holy Grail of Weight Loss.”


“I don’t respect Nas … even as Destiny’s father.” ~Carmen Bryan

Here’s the word on Carmen Bryan’s latest shameless paper play:

“Bryan labels Nas a “repeat criminal non supporter” and says he’s intentionally screwing over his daughter by refusing to pay her college tuition and her medical bills. Bryan wants Nas cited for contempt.”

Did Carmen Bryan give a special shout out to another New York rapper, crediting him for the “encouragement” to make her tell-all possible? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Fiddy!



  1. It depends on what the judge ordered but he may not be in contempt of anything. Child Support doesn’t automatically end at age 18,but maybe he’s paying for college bills even if not full tuition. One thing is certain, his daughter isn’t mad. I think some mothers just have a hard time letting go of that money because they have been getting it for almost twenty years but it isn’t alimony. Its for kids that’s why its child support not baby mama support

    • Carmen knows that Kelis receives $55k month in child support and alimony. I’m guessing that’s why she wants more for Destiny. Its evident that Carmen didn’t drag Nas back into court for more CS when his star rose, so the least he can do is help with his daughter’s college expenses. Its what any good parent would do.

  2. Nas or not, a real man doesn’t have to be forced to take care of his children.If a child has a medical bill then both parents should take care of it. If there are other expenses, both parents should take care of it. It’s just that simple! If Camren wanted alimony she should’ve married him. There are plenty of bitter chicks who try to take their baby fathers to the cleaners. So it’s hard to even take sides on this one.Our people really need to improve our family unit. Shit is getting sadder by the second!

  3. To say you don’t respect him even as your child’s father says alot about this person. She is bitter and hateful, I don’t blam the child for choosing her father can you imagine the things she probably tried to put in that girls head.

    • You wud be bitter an hurt also if that nigga did u foul also after you had his child! Stop it bitch! Are you not a female? Nas sexy ass is not innocent at alk. Carmen shud have got that nigga high an f*cked an sucked his dick raw an got pregnant again on that ass! Team carmen all day lol But, i seen nas upclose in person an that nigga is ‘Delicious’ .

      • Wood guess you wrote the manual on How to be a goldigging opportunistic skank.. Can’t cosign with this bullsh*t.How about get off your azz go to school earn a degree and /or get a f*cking job instead of being a glorified and proud h*e o some man?Now that’s a come up! This is the poblem with the mentality of some women..always looking at quick pregnancy and baby as a plan to come up..instead of really trying to work and come up! Pathetic! DO BETTER!

        • The problem is, Carmen was with Nas when he was no one and he had nothing. He dropped out of school in the 9th grade. Nas is the one who should’ve gone back to school. Maybe he could’ve avoided some of the financial and personal problems he has faced and still faces.

          • Lol. Thanks, Monique. No need to clarify. People have really hit HSK hard with antagonistic attitudes over posts about complete strangers. Not sure why, but its starting to suck. I’m just going to post my comments and steer clear of the bullsheet. Lol

            I hope you have a great weekend.

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        • @Brittany

          Real Blackmen Don’t Exist In Entertainment…Please Believe! I don’t see these cats as representatives of black manhood. As you stated, they have no loyalty to blackwomen, but, they want your dollars at the same time…F**k Them! Enuf of this crap. Sistas, stop supporting blackmen that give our race the middle finger.

    • I agree 100%. Who wouldn’t choose the other parent if those were the options. It’s no telling what their daughter had to endure living in her home.

  4. To say you don’t respect him even as your child’s father says alot about this person. She is bitter and hateful, I don’t blame the child for choosing her father can you imagine the things she probably tried to put in that girls head.

    • Like many males claim their penises control them. We could do this dance all day, everyday, but it resolves nothing. Let’s not take it there, because Carmen didn’t impregnate herself.

  5. An that lil ugly daughter of his need to stop! You must always honor yo moms even if she a crack ho! She could of aborted her ass. Be thankful for moms.Always!

  6. Dang! These Hoes, Hoe and throw shade.

    This Carmen person makes streetwalkers look like angels.

  7. What I do not understand is this…Nas had to pay the moms a grip every month until the child turned 18 (at least). How is it that the mother has no money for her daughters tuition? Child Support is ultimately suppose to be for the support of the child. A responsible parent getting that type of money would put something aside for your child’s future. What would’ve happened if something bad happened to Nas where he could not work or support himself? Lastly, what is/has the mother done to help their daughter with her future? ijs

  8. I love how carmen thinks! She is my inspiration lol Fuck you if u dont fancy! Bitch! If i ever get close to that nigga Nas? Im f*ckin the shit out of him! An ghostface too.

    • You need to watch Couples Therapy if you find Ghostface worthy of your time and attention. If your opinion of GFK doesn’t change after 2 episodes, then you deserve whatever comes your way if you ever meet him and have sex with him. He is a dick.

      • He is a dick but he is Sexy an he was upfront with kelsey but not with latrice. You dont fall in love with a dude like that, You creep with him an have Fun.

        • He lied. And he lied to the one he claims to love!!! That’s the sick, sad part about it. Kelsey should’ve known better, but part of me feels sorry for her because he is dogging her out on national tv. I had no idea GFK was like that. None whatsoever.

    • You can’t be this much of a dickhead. You HAVE TO work for the blog, to.stir up dumb shit. And stop saying “yo mama” you know that’s my shit dick head.Lol

  9. I hate when kids are put in a position to even feel that they have to chose one parent over another. Children should always be able to have a relationship with both parents that’s loving and supportive. I hope that Nas , being the successful rapper that he is is helping his daughter with her college expenses.She sounds like a good girl, on the path to making something great of herself. Her mother is trifling for trying to come up off some tell all sh*t ..spilling old reheated tea that we already knew about.We get it chick.You f8cked Jay Z, and think that rubbing fact that you did before her got with Beyonce will sell your book! Nice try..I guess when getting a child support is your main source of income.. and you daughter is almost 21 you have to resort to this foolishness ..shame..

  10. On a side note, Nas’s daughter looks JUST like him. And that side by side pic is too cute. She is adorable.

  11. Nas…Another Fake Revolutionary Blackman. Love To Talk Bout Black Queens, But Won’t Provide For His Black Queen…Foul Ish!

    • And he is Mr. Black and Conscious, promoting Hennessy to our people. Not to mention he is uneducated and has a penchant for loose females. “I go by N now, just one syllable.” NAS is a one syllable word, too, ding-a-ling. He meant one consonant. I can’t with him. Lol

      • @Bella

        Full Disclosure…I Hate Militant Negros. Back in the day, I fell into the trap like many brothas. Over time, the contradictions didn’t add up. Bowing down to men that enslaved us, defending thuggish blackberry, pushing another man’s worldview on our people. I’m a Malcolm X Disciple. I was on the other side for many years. Free blackmen champion black womanhood…The Truth! Stay Strong!!!

        • Thanks, brotha. I’m glad you found your own way, sans anyone’s influence. More brothas need to know that they are and can be their own leader. They should be their own leader. They don’t need Farrakhan, Sharpton or anyone else to “lead” them. Just get to know who you are and listen to your divine instructions from God.

  12. Forget Carmen, look at how the child sees her dad! Enough said. Destiny loves and adores her father Nas, so thats what matters.

  13. Ok, Destiny is grown correct? Now if my calculations are correct, the expanded time for Child Support is 18. Now at the beginng of each of these CS cases, if you don’t stipulate and argue an order in the beginning to make sure your is taken care of after the age of 22. Meaning the final stage of CS, then these mothers might as well get a job and go back to work. Even after the child turns 18, that mother’s name is remove from the CS check and that child’s name is put on that check. Now this is where Carmen f*cked up or she is dumb as hell! Now I want everyone to paid attention to this part. When the judge orders the support for that child, THE JUDGE AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDES IN THAT ORDER THAT THE FATHER OR MOTHER MUST MAINTAIN INSURANCE FOR THAT CHILD. YES, IT’S THE LAW WHEN IF THE NON COSTODIAL PARENT HAS TO MAKE SURE THAT CHILD HAS MEDICAL INSURANCE UNTIL THE AGE OF 18 OR COLLEGE AGE OF 22. THE JUDGE HAS DONE PUT A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE THAT NON COSTODIAL PARENT HAS TO PAY FOR INSURANCE. Now just because Nas dropped out of High School, it seems to me that Carmen should have taken the time to read that support order a lil bit carefully. Oh that is right, SHE DIDN’T! Know why? She was to busy worrying about the money instead of the welfare and the health of the child! Agreed?

  14. Nas is Hawt though. That man is beautiful in person. Real pretty skin an he built too. Bad pickins tho when it comes to woman lol

  15. Jacky save your site before it’s too late (it might be already). Don’t even post here any more, no intelligent dialogue!

  16. Carmen is trash and a jump off,she can’t call him anything that she herself is not,this broad is a joke to me and so was her little “tales of a hihop slut” book

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