Da Brat Ordered to Pay $6.4 Million to Assault Victim Shayla Stevens

Da Brat Loses Big

A jury ruled on Thursday in favor of the victim Shayla Stevens ordering Da Brat to pay her $3.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $2.7 million in punitive damages for a total of $6.4 million.

Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, was said to be stunned and her lawyer called the ruling excessive.

The former cheerleader was left with a permanent scar on her face and a brain injury after Da Brat hit her with a bottle of rum at a Halloween party at Jermaine Dupri’s now defunct Club 72.

Harris previously served three years in prison for the attack.


  1. LOL how the f*ck is she gonna pay that? Does she even have that kinda loot? Has she had a hit since that “funkdafied” song? I’d be amazed if she has that kinda money and if she has had any hits cause I cant think of one.

    • That album she put out in 2000 was Bangin…..hold that that 1, 2, ….. 14 years ago, shit….damn it’s kids in high school that’s been born since then…shit…..f*ck. Wooooooh, weeeee!!!! Well Nick been trippin, im sure she can go out to LA, find Mariah, lick on her like a blow pop and 6.5 mil will pop right out that coochie…. Weren’t they together at one point….lol

      • Brat was the first female rapper to go platinum, but I doubt she made $6.5 million her entire career. Her best bet is to file bankruptcy and list her victim as a creditor. Have that judgment discharged.

          • Why not. Only thing you can’t discharge are student loans. Medical bills and judgements are the main reason people file for bankruptcy.

            • You can’t discharge child support, taxes or student loans. People file for BK all the time after having judgments entered against them that they cannot afford to pay. Just because the judgment was entered, it doesn’t mean the plaintiff will ever see a dime. Brat really should appeal the ruling.

  2. Wow!!! 6.4 Million gone because she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Lesson learned and rightfully so! I think other celebs need to take note.

  3. What dabrat did was when keeping it real went horribly wrong. She did the time now she has to pay a fine. I sure hope she has learned from this.

  4. She’ll just file Bankruptcy and claim this chic as one of her debtors..The chic probably will never see a dime of that cash!

  5. I don’t think brat has that kind of money she hasn’t had a c.d. out in years how’s she gonna pay it? Does she even have a record deal? Good luck brat.

    • No record deal,but she still collects publishing and royalties from past songs and albums.

      • brat never wrote no lyrics on funkdafied.

        now her other albums gotta check the credits.

        brat have’nt put out an album in years she did guest appearanvces and did she even write her raps then jd was around her constantlt and they usually popped up on remixes togther.

        • I think she wrote for BowWow if i’m not mistaken.I’m sure theirs some royalties somewhere.

  6. Da Brat need to ask her sister Lisaraye to help her out and go back to her players club days. Lol.

    • Who is LisaRaye going to get that money from, her ex-husband? Lol. Single Ladies was just cancelled. L. Raye will be on the prowl for a new sponsor very soon.

  7. and why hit a skinny chic like that with a bottle.. u don’t need no weapon for her little behind.. she coulda just knuckled up.. i could see if it was some big 7 ft Shaq lookin dude comin for u.. just don’t understaaaannddddd

  8. The girl prolly rejected her advances. You know how these f*ckin’ dykes are. DaBrat is a big dyke who just needs to get the gender change surger. Y’all sure you for gay rights now?

  9. I didn’t think Da Brat had a Million ..let alone 6 + million… She ain’t had a hot song in years so good luck on collecting on that! She should have voluntarily worked out a settlement with the young lady she hit yrs ago..if she had any money to work anything out with that is! That does seem excessive , but hey next time keep your damn hands to yourself.

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  11. Ewwwww….Brat f*cked her up pretty good! Yeah, especially those shoestring stitches in the top of her her head! Yeah she is going to the neurologist for the rest of her life! Neurotin, any seizure meds and any other pain meds she is DEFINITELY IS GOING TO NEED IT! Well Shayla ..Welcome to My World! Head injuries are no joke! Last weekend, I back to back seizures and here it is a week and I am getting myself again.

    • Be strong and I wish you healing for the rest of your life.Return to the god of Israel Yah and he will heal you.

    • Hii DaRadiant1!i been seeing u post on here for a long time and I just wanted to tell u that I hope ur feelin better! I have epilepsy and seizures all the time but mine seems to def be more controlled by meds than yours is. I was on neurontin from time I was 12-22. It made me feel slow like all these damn meds!! It’s weird I don’t know u at all but when I’ve had a rough day and I see I post I know u r one of the only ppl who gets wat I’m goin thru. Stay strong girl u r very inspiring!

      • Hi Mkar. It’s so glad to see somebody besides me goes thru and understands my ordeal. I feel ok today. Just cook me some pancakes and burnt Rogerwoods! LOL! Yes these meds are a rollercoaster. I also pray U get healed as well.

        • DaRadiant1,

          Bless your heart. I am so sorry to hear of your health issue. I have a cousin who suffered with seizures his most of his life.

          If I’m not mistaken you are a retired marine? Oohrah!! My brother is a 20 year marine veteran.

          I know that you can handle this. I will say a prayer for you. I really enjoy your comments.

  12. whether the lady sees any of that 6mil or not, Brat won’t be cashing any checks in her name anytime soon.

  13. If the Brat agrees to marry me and bear my sons, I will show her how earn enough money to pay off her debts.

  14. Shawny is hit!! Cause she hasn’t had commercial success in many years, Lisa Ray better clean off her nasty ass Diamond pole and help her sister out,cause its a wrap

  15. Yea! She better throw those booty short back on and join the groupie game cause dressing and acting like a thug ass nigga hasent payed off for her.

    • LaLa smartened up and started femming up when in public and not only is she no longer perceived as a thug dyke, she even copped a beard gig with a wealthy NBA player. All that and she still gets to eat as much p*ssy as she wants.

      Da Brat Tat Tat….You heard dat?
      Ask La La for tips and stop wearing those boxer shorts with shit stains so you can look like a tough guy.

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