Arsenio Punks Tyrese… Packin’ Prince March 5th!

Arsenio Hall & Prince 2014

Arsenio’s getting the last laugh on Tyrese Gibson. Know why? The OG Dawg Pounder is going Purple… Just ask Prince! The ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ brother arranged for his “letter-bearing clone” to deliver his message to Arsenio, letting the OG late night talk show host know he’s got Prince on his side.

“Take that, TGT!” ~Arsenio Hall

That’s why — exactly two-weeks after Baby Boy’s Three Kings group pulled a no-show on Arsenio — Prince and his Three Purple Queens, 3rdEyeGirl will be Raining all over Arsenio’s TV stage.


Here’s what Prince penned to Arsenio:

“So here’s why I’m writing you… The Arsenio Hall Show has always been so welcoming to us in the past and we wanted to return that favor. Just say the word and we will bring our whole crew over to your place, and do a performance you will never forget.

Just in case you haven’t heard, I’ve been practicing and I’ve gotten pretty good now. If that’s cool, we’d like to come on the show next week — perhaps Wednesday.

Have your people contact my people, and we’ll invite some more people… like all of America.”


Arsenio responded saying this:

“This is very cool. Hey, Prince… dawg, I don’t have people. The answer’s ‘Yes!’ I’m my people, brother. Thank you… and we’ll see him Wednesday. Prince. Prince, Wednesday. Take that, TGT!”–pHx45w


  1. I’m so there

    When prince performed in 1991 let’s go Cray and kiss (one of my favorite songs EVER) it TOEthat stage UP!! If u aiain’t seen that performance u ain’t seen NANN

    SPLITS,FLIPS ,DIPS not missing a beat#classicprince

  2. And if someone finds that here pls, pls provide the link. I came across it months ago and ain’t seen it sense. Fuckin AWESOMENESS. AND I DON’T GRADE ON A CURB.

    Prince is the best performer in this lifetime and the next 3

  3. I am going to do my best to see him this summer! I think he’s still preforming @ the Essence festival.

  4. Love it..The show must go on! Why was TGT a no show? I have heard rumors in past of the members not getting along behind the scenes..don’t know how true that is. Why didn’t they show or at loeast call to say they couldn’t make it. Do they really want to burn bridges like that? Arsenio was King of Night Talk many yrs ago with all the hottest guests, and he’s back to reclaim his throne..and doing a pretty damn good job at it ..if I might say so myself! RENEWED FOR SEASON2..I’ll be tuning in to see THE PURPLE ONE FOR SURE.. believe that..

    • I don’t see TGT on any other late night talk shows or shows period. And I’m sure their rep for being “no show” will precede them. Their wack ass album isn’t selling. Screw them and their insignificant asses. Arsenio don’t need them. Prince is in the house.

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