Tameka Raymond Remains On Board ‘Atlanta Exes’

Atlanta Exes Play for Press

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word disputing recent reports that “Tameka Raymond quit” her gig on ‘Atlanta Exes’. According to our insider, “that was news to Tameka” — adding “there’s major tension between Tameka and Torrei Hart.”

Here’s the drop:

“They’re saying Tameka quit the show to give Atlanta Exes press and it worked.”


  1. I have never watched BBW, RHOA, etc but all of these women just look off to me. I don’t know, maybe it is just me but I would not want to watch all of the fighting that I hear about every week. Is this really reality over there?

  2. Tameka is the only reason I was gonna tune in. the Hollywood Exes LA version hasn’t been too violent, the one with R. Kelly ex, Will Smith ex and Nicole Murphy, etc. so I am gonna tune in.

    • Preach! No one is knocking on Tameka’s door to pay her or to lay her. Reality tv is her last ditch effort. If this fails, her life is essentially over.

      • Her life has been over for a long time. Tameka is a psycho. Most people run in the opposite direction when they see her coming.

  3. Bodycon dresses, Louboutins (real or fake) and Rapunzel weaves are a THOT uniform. That combo is dead. They just didn’t get the memo.

    • LOL @ GUF!

      It seems anymore that they are alllllll using the same stylist(s) & they all dress the same.

      Very few have a truly unique, individual look.

    • Wendy wears them well because she is proportionate. I’m referring to the Emily B.(lob) and Chrissy Lampkin types. They look like sausage casings, not women.

  4. I stopped watching these shows a while ago. The idea of being on a show solely based on who you were married/dated to is so desperate. If they would have gotten a degree while they were being taken care of by their exes maybe they would be able to get a real job instead of resorting to this.

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