Did Kris Jenner Force Kim To Turn Tricks In Vienna?


Billionaire Pays Kim K $500,000 For Escort Services…

Kris Jenner seems to be trying to mask her Madame, behind door number one … leading to TMZ’s report claiming Kim K stormed out of Thursday’s Vienna Annual Opera Ball after “some white dude came up to her in blackface… acting like Kanye… [saying] he would dance with her if the orchestra played N*ggas in Vienna.”

Insiders suspect Jenner is using that report to cover her azz. Know why? Not only is there NO picture proving the “some white dude” exists (despite the building being packed with photographers), sources say the real story is the man behind the event, 81-year-old Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner, paid Kim Kardashian “$500,000 for her escort services.”

“Kris Jenner seemed to be thrilled… seen laughing and smiling while her daughter fulfilled her obligations.”

A daytime impromptu press conference — with a reported 50 European media outlets in attendance — revealed obvious tension between Kris and Kim, who displayed great displeasure with the situation. It became obvious Kim’s displeasure was with her momager.. after a reporter ask Kim if she “would be doing a lot of ‘dancing.'”


Here’s how Kim replied:

“My mom will be doing a lot of the dancing. I don’t love to dance, but I’m fascinated by it. So I’m excited to see everybody else dance. And I’ll dance a little bit but…”

Sources suspect Kim nearly bombed the half-a-mill gig, looked uncomfortable and ‘would not get close to Lunger during the ball.’ Lunger — reported to have struck a deal ‘to be alone with Kim’ — told media members, “Kim is annoying me because she’s not sticking to the program… The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon.”

“Paris Hilton has done it, as has Carmen Electra and Dita Von Teese.”

Here’s what the Daily Mail reports:

“Celebrities who have attended the opera with Lugner in the past have reportedly been paid for their appearances. Numbers as low as $150,000 and as high as $1m have been whispered about. There has also been reports that the women get to borrow expensive jewelry for the Ball. Lindsay Lohan was memorably a no show at the event in 2010 after promising to appear. Paris seemed to enjoy her time with the older businessman in 2007.”

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  1. Kim, just like back and think of the money honey! It would probably only take about one minute for him to release anyway.

  2. Kanye gonna fix this. Kris be prepared for the full court press out of the manager position. I gice it a week a month tops.

  3. I swear.. Her right eye looks higher than the left. And her cheeks are looking crazy! She was so pretty when she was younger.

    • Kim effed up her face and her body looks horrible, too. She was fat before she was pregnant and all pregnancy did was make her balloon.

      Pimpin’ Kris is a damn mess. Kris better really brace herself, because when the universe sends her shit back to her next day air, she won’t be able to stand it.

  4. Kim is a high profile, high paid mk ultra prostitute. This is not her first call nor her last. Does anyone ever wonder why she makes so much money for appearances? It’s because after the public appearance the real show begins behind closed doors. The reason her billionaire “john” was complaining that he doesn’t get alone time with her is because he most likely has the triggers to get her to disassociate into one of her other “personas”. One that is ready, willing and trained to fulfill the contractual obligations that she was REALLY paid to perform.

    Mk ultra slaves are traumatized physically and mentally. This is why there are so many “stars” with droopy left eyes, most have been traumatized with electro shock or other means which can create a droopy eye. Next time you are looking at pics of your favorite entertainer take a look at the eyes and see for yourself.

    Kim knew what she was there for and I believe the “black face” story was planted by her team as a way to get out of having to have “alone” time with this old mf.

    Kim, you are a nasty whore with absolutely no morals. You RARELY are seen with your daughter but you choose to bring her along to your “call” with your pimp mom in tow ready to collect the cash. Then you and Kangay wonder why the world considers you a whore. A paid escort is still a prostitute no matter how “upscale” the date is.

    Kanye you must be so proud to wife the biggest tramp on the planet. Can’t wait for this “relationship” to implode because the break up CD is gonna be epic

    • That is funny because I really thought that I was the only one who noticed that wonky left eye that every celebrity seems to have. I’m not big on the whole MK Ultra or Illuminati stuff. I still think that its ludicrous but you may be on to something.

      • Vigilant Citizen did a whole article on the wonky eye thing. An amazing number of them suffer from it. I actually feel sorry forKm. Her eyes look dead inside in the first pic. And a half milly would not be enough to make me allow that blue lipped old corpse to touch me. Vomit. Look at his hand in the last pic…ugh. he probably smells like moth balls and ass

    • “Kim is a high profile, high paid mk ultra prostitute. This is not her first call nor her last.”…..I don’t know much about the mk part but I totally agree with what you said about her being a high profile, high paid prostitute NelleoftheBall. I think she’s always been a high paid hooker. Couldn’t understand, apart from their reality show, how Kim could make that much money without any talent.

      I remember when her and Kris would go to Dubai for her “appearances” and the thought crossed my mind she was probably prostituting herself there but nothing was even hinted about it in any blog so I thought nothing more about it.

      And, if Kim feels so annoyed by people using the N word around her then she need to stop her man from using it, then she can voice her feelings about it to others. Until then, STFU.

      The idea of slobbing down that old man was probably the REAL reason she bolted. NO WOMAN is going to get paid $500,000 to take pictures, sign autographs, attend a ball then go home. NO WOMAN.

      What is wrong with her face? Her and her mother’s face look crazy in that 3rd picture. I can go so far as to say Kim eyes look like alien eyes.
      I Like Kris’s dress.

    • This whole comment is on point! Kim looks completely devoid of all expression and dead behind the eyes in all the pictures because her programming has been switched ON at this point.

      For all the non-belivers, MK Ultra was the subject of a Congressional Hearing in 1975 and is therefore publically acknowledged by the Government as REAL!!!

      All those nasty politicians in the UN get to f*ck the likes of other MK Ultra Slaves like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba and probably even George Clooney by making them ‘UN Ambassadors.

      This stuff goes on all the time and in plain site!!

      Someone else mentioned it but just look up Brice Taylor!!

    • She LOOKS MISERABLE!! … HER FACE is “A HOT MESS”, & (HER EYES look EMPTY)!!, …”DEVOID of A SOUL”, TO BOOT!! …”FOR the LOVE (of MONEY)!” 😉 “TSK, TSK, TSK!” …

    • I was wondering why so many stars appear to have a dead eye and I thought maybe MKUltra had something to do with.

  5. Oh and by the way, nice iron cross on your see thru top Kim. I’m sure that wasn’t missed by most Austrians

  6. Well of course Kris is pimping Kim out. Kris has to keep her Pimp hand strong. She has to keep her Hoe dynasty in tack seeing that she was and still is a Hoe. Kris is taking keeping it in the family to a whole nother level.

    Eww Dang! If that billionaire is that wrinkly on the outside, I shutter to think of what he looks like without clothes.

    I tell you Kris has so many tricks up her sleeve/dress; she needs to take it on the road as a magic act. She should call the act a Hoe in One. Now you see it/cheddar, now you don’t. LOL



    • Bitch plz you better knock it. That is her child, you phaedra fan, .u need to stop glorifying hoes, that shit ain’t cute

    • Is Kris daughter broke? Is she leaving rat droppings all over the place? No and No. Lol. If your ugly ass could sit with an old muthf*cka for half a mill you would. You ain’t fooling nobody. Lol

      • Who said thats all she had to do was sit with that old piece of shit. Damn – Kim’s facial expression says it all, that she will probably have to endure some nasty painful sick shit. Believe me facial expressions say it all and her speaks alot. If all she had to do was stand by him and be eye candy she would be grinning and smiling and posing like there is no tomorrow. Old sick as men like that are probably very evil and sadistic!

    • You have a moral compass and were clearly raised properly. When people were born with a shaky, cracked or no foundation, they condone a grown woman who is by no means a dummy, selling her soul and her vagina for fleeting material gain. That is a huge problem adversely affecting young Black women. Too many pole models being touted as role models when we need these young girls and women to be surrounded by women who’ve worked hard, educated themselves and made an honest living.

  7. The guy does exist and apologizes on radaronline exclusively. Why your tea always be so cold, jacky?

    • The real story is where the f&$k is yeezy while his baby mama wifey to be is out trickin. Them beard rumors starting to seem plausible.

      • Kanye is in a deep financial hole. They need the extra cash!

        Hell they pimpin’ Nori’s play dates. You gotta pay to play with baby North!

        • If I want to play with a Mexican looking baby, I’ll call my neighbor and ask her to bring her grandchild to my house. Free 99.



      • He was in Europe. Complete scumbag allowing her to hook and taking their baby was well.

      • you mean Kim’s hubby of 7 weeks? lol he’s breathing a perpetual sigh of relief at his narrow escape from these she demons.

        these succubi think people are fooled but most of us are NOT, and btw what husband-to-be cosigns such fuquery in plain sight? Kangay is no better he’s all about the money too, so here we go again, another fake Hollyweird marriage comin up…..

  8. I see pmk is repositioning kimmycakes on the billionaire call girl scene. Kanyeezy is no longer of use to them. Its time for kimmy to get real husband material. Everybody knows this old rich dude is a john he practically bragged about the hollywood hoes he had in the past.

  9. I just looked at the picture of pmk grinning like a killer at a frat party. What kind of crazy person is happy to whore out her own daughter????

    • Yes she really is awful. She must have played a role in abusing kim kourtney rob and khloe. She acts just like a madam. Omg. Terrible.

  10. Think she is feeling out of place. Kanye and motherhood weighing HEAVILY on her mind. Shook. Lol. …. Real talk Kanye seems like the type to f*ck a b*tch up!! Just for GP. Ego. #clown

  11. The apple don’t fall far from the tree… With a mom who’s reputation precedes her what can you expect? Kris probably would have happily tuned a trick or two for a half million if they didn’t specify that they wanted her daughter.. much younger Kim!If it wasn’t beneath her to get around why would she see it as being beneath her daughter.That Cruella Deville is all about the money. She is an opportunist of the highest kind.

  12. Kanye ain’t sh*t. You are set to marry and bringing in money so why do your fiancé need to be an escort for another man.

  13. For a half a million dollars i wouldnt be suprised what they had to do. Well at least it was good Kris accompanied her. I guess
    *shrug shoulders*

  14. Here’s a reasonable question… What happens to Kendall and Kylie?? Wouldn’t they follow Kim’s lead?

    • Unfortunately they already are. PMK had Kendall modeling showing off her bare breasts within days of her turning 18. And that fast ass little Kylie run around in short tight dresses and stilleto looking like she’s 25, not 16

      • Kendall was talking about doing porn prior to her 18th birthday. Vivid was waiting to scoop her up. I’m so glad she decided otherwise.

  15. I can believe this. Kim looks super unhappy in these pics. And she looks very uncomfortable too.

  16. Of course she did. If he had threw a Big Mac in the deal, he would have been able to hit it.

  17. Chris Jenner is a fame thirsty whore any mother that train her daughters to be whores needs to investigated.i see the other younger sisters are ready to be put on the stroll. Poor Bruce been in that din of evil and now he slowly but surely turning Into a woman he just hasn’t came out yet.

    • what do you mean hasn’t come out seen him lately growing tits doesn’t mean COMIN G OUT.


  18. Kris Jenner…Pimp Of The Decade…Her Own Seeds! Forcing Kim To Sex An Ugly Whiteman…Strange Fruit!

    • the ugly whiteman has money.

      that’s all any whpre care aboiut anyway the money.

      • @CrazyChris

        Absolutely…This is the fundamental problem. Kris has enough pesos in the bank. Why is she still pimping Kim to the highest bidder?

  19. This is why you can’t blame Kim’s who’re ass,for being the the who’re associated that she is, Blame the whore she came from

    • Are you a black male simp? Cause they are the only ones who plead this woman’s cause. I disagree. Kim is a grown ass woman. She is also apparently very wealthy. Why exactly is she still turning tricks? Why did she take her baby with her on her escort jaunt? That’s all on KIM.

      • She is rich. She isn’t wealthy. Her net worth is grossly overestimated. She spends money like it grows on trees, too, so that is also a huge problem.

        • Cosign.Ivanka Trump isn’t out selling her tail. Neither is Bin Fernandez. Kim is relatively well off that’s all. If she was less greedy and could enjoy a simple life, I’m sire she would give up on sex work, but her mother eggs her on

  20. “Kim K’s on a world tour with Krissy, her pimp. Going bordello to bordello with a dick her her hand.”

  21. I would pay Kim $150 for 8 hours solid work of cleaning my bathroom and kitchen , from ceiling to floor. If she wanted to give her mom a cut off the top, that would be their business.

    • That’s why I would put her to work as a house cleaner. It would give a p*ssy, tonsils and anus a much needed vacation. Kris works those girls too hard.

  22. Lmaooo that’s too funny. It just really disturbs me that people like them exist and that the Kardashians as a whole act like nothing strange goes on in their world…..*shivers*

  23. uptil I looked at the receipt which had said $9859 , I did not believe that…my… sister had been actualie receiving money in there spare time at their computer. . there aunts neighbour had bean doing this for only about fifteen months and just now took care of the morgage on there appartment and purchased a great Porsche 911 . over at this website W­ o­ r­ k­ s­ 7­ 7­ .­ C­ O­ M­

  24. Call Kim what you want but you can’t call her broke. That’s why kanye gay ass stalked her (in between stalking Ricardo tisci)

    • If?

      Do you really think Kim and her momager got $500,000 in Dubai just to appear at an ice cream shop?…Kim is a hooker and her mom is her pimp. Deal with that. Kangay is all in too.

  25. Lots of C-list and D-list actresses are prostitutes. All of the actresses on Baywatch were 6 figure hookers. Kim K is a hoe! That is all she will ever be. Hoeing is the only thing Kim K knows how to do. It’s sad when a woman has to f*ck a bunch of people to make money. Ladies do you still think Kim K is living a luxurious life? would you want to f*ck a old billionaire for half a mil? For Kim’s sake, she better save her money. When she turns 40, she will have a new set of problems.

  26. Whenever you hear about a celebrity getting paid a million to make an overseas appearance, they’re getting paid to f*ck. Wheter it’s Mariah Carey, Kim K, Whitney Houston or Jennifer Lopez, those bitches are f*cking for big bucks. No man is going to pay a hoe 6 or 7 figures and not get some p*ssy! All bitches in hollywod are prostitutes, including the ones at the Oscar awards!

  27. In some of those Arab countries , the wealthy sheikhs even have a catalog of escort pricing for certain actresses and singers. (some male actors and singers too)

  28. STANK…That is all I can say about this. WTF was Kanye? Was he busy with is BFF (Best F-ck Friend) Ricardo Tisci? This all seems stink at best. WTH would you allow your BM/Fiancee to go and be pimped like this. Kayne has no respect for Kim, yet alone himself to let her money grabbing Momma to pimp her out like that? Ain’t enough money in the world. She got what she deserved. European’s are blatantly racist unlike sneaky ass Americans. I am not even mad at the dude for only telling the obvious that your man is Coon in Paris with his faux whore baby momma….SMDH!

  29. That sleazy man looks like a dead plastic type cryptic puppet, Damn your mind, body and soul destroyed for 500,000 what a price to pay! Shit you can keep that chump change, I’d rather have my mind, body and soul.

  30. Kim has to understand once an escort, always an escort, and when she gets used up to the point that there is nothing left, they will toss her aside like yesterday’s garbage. She better start saving that money because there is nothing worse that an old used up hag trying to sell her coochie. Its nasty!!!

  31. I hate to be the first one to say this but I think if the price was right Kris Kardashian would engage in sex acts with Kim or any other of her daughters.
    I think that’s part of the reason why she escorts Kim to her tricks. She leaves that option on the table for the johns for a few extra racks.

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