Phaedra Parks Under Federal Racketeering Investigation?


Confidential sources tell exclusively that the U.S. Attorney will grant “someone” immunity from prosecution for their testimony against local attorney and reality TV star Phaedra Parks. The source also said that Parks “will likely be prosecuted” on racketeering and conspiracy charges.

According to Sandra Rose’s source,

“Parks will likely be prosecuted for crimes that were alleged by author Angela Stanton in her best-selling book, Lies of a Real Housewife. Additionally, my source says prosecutors have a list of witnesses who are currently doing time in prisons who will possibly testify against Parks in return for a reduction of their sentences.”

read the full story here: SR


    • Don’t stick your tongue out. You know Fakedra loves to cackle at other people’s misfortunes. Let’s see how funny shit is now.

      Maybe Sheree will stand in front of Fakedra’s soon-to-be prison home like Fakedra and Fat Kandi stood on an undeveloped Chateau Sheree.

      • LOL! Right!

        I may be the only one, but I would like to see Sheree come back for a few episodes right now…and you know she’d do it for the paycheck!

        • You aren’t the only one. I’d love to see the triumphant return of Sheree Whitfield to RHOA, too!

    • Investigations mean nothing without concrete evidence. a gang of criminals can lie on you but, All you need is one decent person to refute their mess to clear that up.

      when the smoke is cleared, the dirty jealous peter will be the creep that ends up in jail.

      • What’s done in dark often comes to on that note..Phaedra chose to do a reality TV show knowing that she had some sh*t in her past that could come back to haunt her. Her hands are not totally clean..

    • @Philly You again fool.Well I hate saying I told you so on the other post but….well I told you she was next.Now instead of telling everyone to eat a dick maybe you should go sit on one and spin around for a minute lol.

    • @Philly just to refresh your memory here it is again…….@Silly Philly #wronganswer #stopkissingass #areyouonherpayroll .….you said I’m jealous…but you did’nt say it wasn’t true ……and between me and you……let’s be honest……at the end of the day that’s all that matters isn’t it. I guess my name does speak for itself lol….thank you for the kudos (takes bow)…..for the record I’ve never hated on anyone ever my life….Life is good when you don’t have to worry about who’s going to take care of you two babies if you and your “man” get convicted of white collar crimes and sent to prison #notjail by the feds of course..…yeah not too much to be jealous of right now lol…I’m good believe that…..besides my pride would never allow me to me trade my soul or spirit for dyck, money, or fame #inthatorder… is a one time chance….sometimes bad things happen to us by accident, but most times it happens to us on purpose cause we do it to ourselves. She’s an intelligent black woman…. college graduate, lawyer,…..raised in an upper middle class family….was raised in the church as the child of pastors…….and Apollo…he….uh he…..he is …ummm…..he….he is a….good looking…….he has a nice body…errr…he likes to make it rain on strippers…..umm….and……he…. is a convicted felon…I mean ex-con…..I mean shady business owner….well you get my point…..he’s a great catch. How can I hate on her when it’s obvious she hates herself enough…..a gutterbird hood rat can’t fall far cause she’a already on the bottom, but a classy woman who is a “southern belle” falls from the top that’s a death plunge…So she basically bungee jumped without the cord when she got caught up with this #lookingassnigga…..Anything else?….no….nothing?…..ok then please have many seats (drops mic and walks of stage)

      • This is what you call a run on sentence and paragraph. A paragraph is 3 to 5 sentences. That’s too long, I’m.not reading this shit. Make your insults short and sweet. I got things to do besides read this shit. Lol

        • @syPHILLYs shut yo lying ass up.You ain’t got shit to do…cause if you did you wouldn’t be here going back and forth wth any and everybody who has a negative comment about Phaedra ass.SO take your time and read my post and learn what it is to write comments that make sense.

          • See this is better. Short and corny, but short nonetheless. Your learning, and listening I see. Lol

            • Please find another adjective. We know your vocab is limited, but your abuse of the word ‘corny’ is just that. American Heritage Dictionary can help.

    • @SYPHILLIS….and don’t forget this one tooo…
      MizTellaTruth | February 26th, 2014 at 12:18
      Apollo only has his freedom at stake, but Shayydraa on the other hand invested almost 10 years in becoming a lawyer just to throw away doing white collar crimes and being a ring leader in a prostitution ring.I guess throwing all those over the top baby parties had this chick strapped for cash.Next time get a bouncehouse and hire a clown Shaydra!Tick Tock! Time’s almost up Shaydra, you hear that…that’s your past and present running to catch up with you.You are a pastor’s daughter with the heart of a happy hooker…yeah…no that doesn’t work for very long even if you fool the masses with your words you can’t fool them with your actions. Forget getting disbarred…booboo… you’re about to end up behind bars, and the whole world will be watching.I wonder when they final arrest you will you represent yourself lol.Now that’s good tv!


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          • If this was the Apollo, the sandman would be tap dancing on stage and the audience would be like boooooooooooo. Lol

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              f*ck is wrong with them?” You get the gist…

    • Ha! Looks like the ‘Southern Bell’ will soon be slumming in jail! Thats what her monkey ass get! Gotdamn thief lol She just like apollo a sneaky crook!

      • Damn. Phrases must have really took your bike as a kid and you didn’t get over it yet O_o

        • Obviously you either know her or are her. You spend waaaaay too much time on here on her behalf. Face it, if she /you did wrong, its time to pay the piper. Shit always catches up, that’s why I walk a straight line and make my money by legal means

  1. If the Feds come after you they got their ducks in a row and you will be going away. If, by some miracle, you beat that, the IRS will come calling.

    Then again……I don’t think Phaedra is that stupid to leave herself open like this. I’m thinking she has some kind of back up play to keep her out of jail.

    Then again…..why the hell would you go on a national TV show knowing you dirty?

    LOL….I’m going to stop commenting on this and wait until everything is out in the open.

    • She didn’t think Angela had the smarts,resourses or fortitude to take things this far.Trust in believe,Phaedra was totally blindsided by these actions.I’m certain she’s had plenty of sleepless nights.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. If this is true, Phaedra should have stopped her nefarious activities a long time ago. She ain’t coated with Teflon.

    Them people behind bars are going to be singing like like a canary. Heck they might even get nominated for a Grammy. LOL

  3. Phardra is too damn smart to be on a damn message board with y’all rodents praying and wishing for her down fall. I do this for black professional women who other bitches try to bring down.

    • People are discussing a relevant topic revolving around a reality show star and her alleged law practice.

      Professional Black women know how to conduct our business without pimping, pandering, lying, cheating or stealing. You can earn a good living with integrity. No one is praying for anyone’s downfall. Phaedra’s victims are praying for justice, which they rightfully deserve. The predator is becoming the prey. That’s the circle of life.

      • Despite the fact we don’t always see eye to eye on hsk I’m 1000% in agreement with this statement.I’m also extending a Olive Branch.

        • No need to extend an olive branch because there was no grudge being held on my end and no animosity, either. I dislike BM who constantly criticize BW. There are ways to bring things to someone’s attention subtly and tactfully without ripping them to shreds. More people can stand to learn such an art so they can practice it.

          • My rhetoric can be Cavalier at times because I’m provoked alot here on HSK but to me,its more like friendly fire from my perspective.Just know,I love black women and my people as a whole and in reality,I Don’t Tear Down,I Build Up.Take Care.

            • I don’t take things personally that are posted here or anywhere, because I know my truth and they don’t apply to me. But I acknowledge the fact that there are often impressionable people, regardless of age, clinging to the wrong words and sentiments as fact. My apologies for any offensive things I’ve stated to you or about you. I know better than to conduct myself in such a manner. Peace and blessings.

          • You two are both some of my fave peeps on here. So whatever it was, I’m glad Yall worked it out!

  4. Matter of fact I’m off here. Y’all might snitch on me and have the feds at my door. I’m ghost. Lol. Peeeeeeeace(like Pam say)

    • Philly you are probably on Phakedra’s payroll. You are just a bit too animated on this subject.

      • I think its actually her. Or her personal assistant. Someone close. Philly on here defending Phakedra like a rabid dog

  5. Ok. Obivously I’ve seen enough and definitely know FEDERAL things to know that Phaedra can only go so long without her not getting her ass caught up with crimes like this. Now reality tv only pay you so much per episode because its scripted and how much of an ass U make of yourself. Also, as a lawyer, in order for you to eat, live, and shit, you have to win cases. If you don’t, you’ll starve. Phaedra didn’t get notice as a lawyer when she represented Bobby Brown. And when she started on RHOA, she made an ass of herself by coming off as she is this good ole wholesome housewife who couldn’t tell Kandi her due date was when she was pregnant with Ayden. Kim Zociak busted Phaedra and showed her that she was a Licensed LPN! I truly believe Phaedra was or better yet is dumb ass hell when Kim told her it takes 10 months to cook a baby in your womb. In other words, 10 months = 40 weeks. All that education Phaedra has gotten, she still is dumb as a box of rocks trying to be sold a cereal in a grocery store. Damn dummy!

      • thank you what? Y’all broads are nutty. Lol I stopped y’all from saying #boom #pow after every corny post. Lol yay

          • Lol…betcha 5 dollars she don’t know what that is. Tell her to watch old episodes of Batsman, the one from the 60s, haha

            • Lol. I legit thought about Batman when I read her post to me. You see she didn’t reply.

    • This could be pizza face Kenya. Pepperoni, sausage face. Stop stalking phaedra and see a dermatologist girl. Lol

      • Sorry Philly, I am retired Veteran of The United States Navy. I started my retirement at 26. My Federal code is still ACTIVE! Now watch your tongue when you say things are me. Nine times out ten things you say can get your ass “Freshly f*cked, Well stuck!” Now I’m being nice and real as we speak. But those who already know me from posting can tell you that when you wanna know something like what Phaedra shady dealings or some other criminal matter, I know what I know and let’s keep it at that!

  6. @SyPHILLYs yes hurry up and da f*ck out of here for I get the dea,atf,fbi,and cia on yo funky ass. Fuck snitching I’d bring them g-men to yo door, yo job, and yo mama’s house…maybe Phaedra snitch on yo ass to cut a deal Lmao!.Now scram kid ya bothering me!

    • First your a cop, now your thuggin? your a tough tattle tale? From the chi?
      **shrugs ** see I told you I wouldn’t come back in, just like your daddy used to.

    • @MzTellaTruth Hi Kenya! 🙂 If you’re not Kenya it’s amazing how your cadence of speech, pattern & sarcasm is sooooo much like hers, no judgment, just my opinion. But if I’m right, blink twice! 😀

  7. Like grandma and ‘nem used to say: You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Phaekdra has had a hell of a run. But sooner or later the truth was bound to come out.

    Angela Stanton served her time. Apollo served his and is about to do some more. The chick he called his “bottom bitch” is about to do hers. And it is only fair that the QueenPin behind it all does her time.

    • Now you know you didn’t know your grandma. Especially if this is Kenya, you didn’t know your mom, dad, grandma and nem, nobody…Lol. mommy issues, daddy issues, uncle issues, aunt issues, etc. Lol

      • And if this is Phaedra Ayden and Co are going to wish they didn’t know your broke down hooker running ass

  8. @Mztella oneverybody

    Stop copying and pasting long ass raps. “Get off my dick kick it bitch” was short, sweet, and relevant.


    Angela is still up to her old ways. If she was truly repentant she’d do her time and move on. No need telling on the others who did not get caught. That’s not owning up to your mistakes, that’s blaming others. Had Angela not got caught, she’d still be right up under Phaedra singing her praises and trying to get a check. I’m not saying I condone their illegal behavior. I’m saying that its bull that Angela is exposing secrets only because she got caught and she’s broke!

  10. Phaedra In Jail…Sad In Every Aspect! This Is Not A Trivial Matter. Sista Got 2 Babies At Home…They’re Scarred If Mommy Goes Away!

  11. Hey Ty, I can’t find that info online – where’d you see it? I’d like to read the scoop!

    I don’t envy Ms. Parks, she really has her plate full at the moment.

  12. Phaedra is innocent till proven guilty but for the FEDS to allow a bunch of snitches to come in and testify against Phaedra that is sad

  13. I hope Phakedra doesn’t get prison time because her two baby boys need their mama while Apollo serves HIS time. I do hope she gets exposed and disbarred for her underhanded illegal actions. Professional/public humiliation, a monetary fine/restitution and possibly house arrest are in order, but no jail time I hope.

    • When Angela Stanton was convicted of her crimes, she had to serve significant jail time. Angela has 5 children. May I ask why you think Phaedra should be under house arrest rather than going to jail if she is convicted of her alleged crimes. (I’m trying to be diplomatic.)

  14. She will get away with it as usual!!! For whatever reason her BS has not caught up to her. I doubt it ever will.

    • Those Atlanta judges are corrupt. If Phaedra is exposed, there will likely be a domino effect in those courts.

      Someone really needs to do some in-depth research on certain judges and attorneys there. Start with Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane. See how many high profile cases she has presided over. Check the verdicts. Check who her campaign contributors are. She should’ve been disbarred and removed from the bench ages ago.

      Tameka Raymond, Sheree Whitfield and any other BW in their positions need to have Tipton-Lane recused if they see her as the presiding judge in their cases. I honestly believe a similar fate will befall upon Tameka Fuller. Don’t believe me? Ask Nene Leakes’ bff, Diana Goins.

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