Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 24, 2014


Today’s blind item was turned out at a young age by producer Mr. Collipark.

Our 23-year-old blind item may now just be entering early manhood, but thanks to an ATL walk through Colli-Park, his rainbow swag has been turned on! “Dude was just a kid,” a tipster tells us. The vibrant colors of the rainbow would be the true shades backing **no pun intended** this soldier. Just take a closer look into his modern day “urban” version of the Village People — complete with ‘Superman’ steps. Don’t believe me.. Just ask dude’s hag, skiing-slopes to get to Molly buddy, Katt Stacks.

His Atlanta Wonderland turned to Malice, after some of his so-called homeys pulled heists at the rapper’s home. That’s what led the lyricist to bounce to L.A. Pronto! Ask former SODMG artist, John Boy.

Dig the Drop:

“Dude is like Bow Wow, both them cats been passed around the industry. Why do think Fiddy bought him a tour bus?”

Thoughts of pickin’ up the soap running through his mind could be why word points to Pretty Boy as contemplating suicide. That’s NOT Swag! Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Soulja Boy Tell’em….. not shock, they grabbing them one by one he was young going in n wanted the fame n fortune bad so it was probably easy to snatch him up real fast … smh

    • Yes, and it’s so sad. Being thirsty will leave you both wet and dry in the industry. Demons everywhere looking to take advantage of those desperate enough to believe that fame and fortune don’t come at a price. And sadly, no one is there to protect these young people.

  2. I have nothing but sympathy for these poor boys – and girls too – who enter the industry at a young age. Raped and abused, manipulated and used.

    • Yes sympathy for the kids and disdain for their parents for letting this mess happen. They need to be in jail right beside the attackers.

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      • Agreed. At least 80% in the entertainment industry are certified cock-gobblers.

        • You’re missing the point. It’s all Satanism, these people, most of them, aren’t choosing to be gay, it’s what you have to do to make it in the industry. Why do you think people like Phil Hoffman hurt so bad, they shove a needle in their arms to dead the pain.

          I mean think about it, what’s so f*cking hard about pretending on camera and earning millions. Do you think that shit is really sooo damn stressful that actor after actor after actor has gotta snort this, shoot that or drink 24/7 to dull the pain. But if some dirty producer made you suck him off at age 7 for a toy commercial, it just might. Ask yourself why child stars show the same behavior traits as children who’ve been sexually abused.

          John Travolta came out and said he wasn’t gay when he started, but the people who run Hollywood are all gay and they force you to perform these acts if you want to make it.

          • And yeah, I know i’m going in on Hollywood, but the music biz is the same. The stories about Puffy messing around with Usher when he was a kid, (along with that video of Puffy sloppy drunk and damn near admitting it his own self) Jermaine Dupri and the stories about Kris Kross and Bow Wow, Baby and Lil Wayne, Raz B came out and told everybody what Chris Stokes did to him and B2K and it seemed like people were more interested in attacking him. SMDH. Shit ain’t all coincidences, mane.

  3. Jacky, i know you’re talking about that homosexual Soulja Boy but you missed another pun there when you said he was “entering manhood”

  4. Jacky, someone just told me they read online that Soula Toy got the charges dropped. Can you confirm this? and who’s booty do you think he pounded to pull this off?

    • And the sad part is the industry is filled with these molesters. A lot of them have the money and the power to not be charged with this crime and if by chance someone reports them, they also make these crimes disappear. And if they have to make certain people disappear they are willing and able. There’s so many levels to this sick shit with many people involved, some of whom most of us would never suspect.

      • PREACH! If the public really knew how many of their favorite stars were into this their heads would spin.

  5. I weep for these young men. This is sickening, just to think that these young boys were sexually brutalized sexually they probably were too young to even know what sex really was.

    Despicable!! I grieve for these young men. No matter the degree of fame and fortune they achieve the long term affects of what happened to them will be with them for the rest of their lives.

    I know there are some out there that don’t believe this is happening in the Entertainment industry. But, I am thankful to Jacky for bringing this to the forefront. Parents and children should be made aware of this.

    I do blame the parents of these young men and women who have been sexually violated by the industry. I see why the bible says be anxious for nothing.

    • Love your post. I’m disgusted by the people who find humor in anyone being sexually violated, especially a child. Some of the posts on this thread are disgusting.

    • I see your point but let’s not forget that they went along with it for fame and fortune.

      • Kids don’t go along with anything. Legally they cannot consent. Their parents sell them out for a Buck andbyou can’t be all blade about the reality if that. It simplybisnt their fault but the entertainment. Industry is rife with predators.

  6. Same thing with Birdman and Wayne. But Wayne likes it now. That’s why these people use heavy drugs. That mediatakeout still shot of bow wow taking backshots was real. Probably baby, that’s why he was rocking young money shit

      • They always photograph or video record people for evidence. I’m surprises that David Banner mentioned such practices on “Sex, Drugs and Videogames.”

    • I saw one on there a photo of what looked to be chris brown giving backshots when raz b outted him. The levels of sickness in the industry is insane. There is no moral code no right from wrong. The sad reality is that after the initial shock of the abuse the victims become compartmentalized mentally and soon take to abusing others.

      • You nailed it. They go from being physically abused to becoming abusers. They get screwed financially via contracts then they end up starting their own companies and screwing their artists.

  7. I Agree @Philly. Baby been molesting Wayne. They all get molested to groom them to b fags. It’s part of the agenda. It’s real people. Smh

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  9. Soooo true. That is why there is such a push these days to control the internet. So much info and knowledge Gets passed along this way andbthe powers that be don’t like that. They just can’t shut it down themselves because they still need it for their own evil purposes.

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  11. No more responses? You must be in the school for all those “special” kids ha ha ha!!!

  12. The heads of entertainment studios are sexual deviants. It is actually well documented online. I will Google and see what links I can share.

  13. I blame their parents…this explains why most of them have a strained relationship with their parents smh this is just sad

  14. Shame everyone is gay just about what is a straight female like myself to do? I won’t be doing the (if u can’t beat’em join’em) thing I don’t find females attractive I don’t care who they are sorry these people in the industry is just nasty

  15. Come to think of it i remember i saw Soulja Boy and 50 on the cover of a magazine 50 had on a ski mask and Soulja Boy standing there wit no shirt on and his jewelry necklaces and 50 had his arm around him i knew then he had been captured by 50 it was round the time katt stacks dimed Soulja Boy out about the cocaine thing 50 came to his rescue this is sad I guess ima have to hit the toy store up lol make me a man lol the industry is just nasty everyone doing each other it’s a evil cesspool filled with nasty people i don’t have any problems with homosexuals that’s their life it’s just I’m not sad

  16. Yessss! I was surprised at the time that nobody expressed how suspect that cover looked.

    • 50 and those older rappers need to be ashamed of themselves. Really, you have to have sex with these men just to get a record deal?

  17. Soulja Boy….

    That’s old news… I see him all the time in Downtown LA with his gay lover…

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