Ludacris Fighting for Full Custody + Child Support Payments

Ludacris Wants Child Support Payments From Baby Mama

Messy Atlanta Queens…

In 2011, Ludacris was noted as a 70 Million dollar rapper, today he is demanding child support be paid to him by his latest baby mama, Tamika Fuller. Oh, and he will be raising that daughter (who he hasn’t even seen) on his own, thank you very much.

Here is what’s been reported:

“Luda-Juice and baby mama Tamika Fuller are fighting it out in an Atlanta court over custody and child support. They had a baby girl 2 months ago and Tamika’s been taking care of the kid.

The rapper now says in legal docs he’s a “fit and capable parent” and should get full physical custody. He offers up his parental resume, saying he’s always been “an active father” to his 12-year-old girl.

Luda has also asked the judge to force Tamika to pay him child support. Tamika was asking for $15K a month in child support while Luda pleaded poverty, saying Paul Walker’s death derailed “Fast & Furious 7″ and his cash flow dried up. The judge awarded her $7K a month.”


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  5. This half a fag is willing to snatch a kid from its mother to pay nannies to care for it. Smh. Like dwayne wade and his greasy lips. You even have to wait before you take kittens away from its mother.

    • Like Usher, too. I feel bad for Usher and Tameka Foster’s kids because everyone takes care of the kids but their parents. Only because Ush has money did he win custody. Tameka F. is a bad parent as Ush is.

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  8. Courts could give a damn about what’s right or integrity because if you can get the proper representation you can and will win any case.Ask OJ.

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  22. Jacky: Hoping you saw Inside Edition yesterday. Speaking of child support, Mathew Knowles is in arrears for $32k. Alexsandra Wright mentioned Bey and Jay wanting to raise Nixon as their own prior to Blue’s birthday. I posted that tea here long ago. Remember who ♥s you.

    • I wanna know how Mack daddy Matthew keeps getting away with this with his shady ass? I’m sure he has some money somewhere.. why won’t he see his son?Not to mention why he would he want Beyonce to take her brother and raise it as her chid, hmmmmmm?

      • You would have to ask Bey and Jay about the proposed custody of Nixon. Its no secret Jay’s body was STD ridden. Its also been speculation that La Creole Loca had an abortion as a teen. My guess is infertility. Those who know were informed about their surrogates, plural, vying for a chance to produce one BIC. But I’m schleeeep!

  23. this thread has been railroaded back to the nature @ hand luda is in a good position to win/ if he is the best parent good for him

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