Breezy’s Got 99 Problems & Tina Davis Is Number 1…


We’re re-hatching this troubling news of Breezy being victimized as a teen for one reason, and one reason only: To expose his abuser, ex-manager/ex-pimp Tina Davis. Know why? Because while many have no problem with calling Chris “crazy” — often citing his beef with RiRi that’s got 2009 grey hairs on it — those same people are the ones who conveniently forget Tina Davis, who is more than 20–years older than the singer, sexually abused him, “since she met him at Chris tender age of 16!” And that news broke more than two-years after Chris’ clash with Rihanna!


Devil Davis is now lettin’ all her wretched hang out. “In 2007 she’d hit up Club Cheetah’s in Atalanta on the regular with Tim Dog,” a sources reveals. “Buying strippers drinks and trying to lure them home with her.”

Today, the teen sex offender can add “attempted sabotage” on Breezy’s career to her track record — a history of of winning over teenage Chris with gifts, before turning him out as her 16-year-old boy-toy. “She would buy us fresh things every week, new sneakers,” Breezy said, who was in the 10th grade at the time.

Now that he’s a man, it looks like Devil Davis has switched up her game of abuse.


Here’s how Tina ‘Devil’ Davis responded:

“Trace it! Find out where it originated from…RCA can do that for you. Then send a defaming tweet out on who really did it.”

Did Tina Davis get fired from Def Jam after execs discovered she moved Chris Brown into her compound, while he was still in high school? Of course. Just ask Lyor Cohen.



  1. This bitch has a problem. I wouldn’t want any grown woman messing around with my 16 year old son. It’s very sad and his mother should have beat her ass. It’s just as wrong for a woman to be an abuser. And for those of you who think a 16 year old is lucky to have an older woman you can GTFOH.

    • I’m glad Chris’ mom didn’t attack Tina. What Chris and his mother should do is file formal charges against her. I bet she has victimized other teens. Pay her back by making her register as a sex offender for life, which will ruin her. That will also halt other victimizations.

      • That will NEVER happen. Because Tina will likely start dropping tea on all the things Chris has done. All the industry men he sold his ass to keep his career, who he bent over for to secure those grammy’s 2 years ago, any other females he may have raised his hand to and who likely got paid off to keep mouth closed. Cause y’all should know the way he did Rihanna is not regular behavior of a dude who made a one off mistake. I mean Chris assaulted his mama 5 years ago, and it was swept under the carpet. You better believe Tina knows it ALL. He won’t be putting no charges against her, when she could speak out and get even more charges on his head.

        There are no winners here. Shady ass people, in a shady ass business.

    • I think so. I believe he sleeps with men of his own accord. I’ve long suspected he is a closet gay/bi.

    • Bullshit. That snake knew what he was getting into. He sacrificed his morals and sold his soul for fame. And with all the dumb shit you write on here i’m pretty sure that your mind hasn’t fully developed either LOL

      • And hell yeah i’d say the same thing if a man did that to a 16 year old girl. You play with fire, you get burned. Simple.

        • Who asked you numb-skull? Go back to fisting your ass. This is grown-folks talk.

        • On some level, I hear where your coming from. These teenagers act grown as hell these days. But the key word is “act”. It takes a certain amount of experiences and maturity to be considered an adult. But lets say for instance I did agree with you and were to say that being a 16 yr old wasn’t the problem. Lets say he was 18. He still was vulnerable because he was poor and fatherless (and most likely) with the weight of the world on his shoulders. So she would still be wrong because she used his situation to bait him. If he were older/mature, he probably wouldn’t have been so desperate. It makes it even worse that he was just 16 and she was old enough to be his mother yet still didn’t protect him.

        • On no level do I agree with you. You’re a simple minded bitch who needs to take your ass back to MTO. Why don’t you go find your parents, you obviously weren’t raised with any.

      • Not only that – nine months that she’ll never get back – she also has to endure a stretched out cervix too. Damn shame!

    • He was a child. And this grown woman took advantage of him. Him being a boy makes this situation no different.

    • None of that is justification for the animal he became. He never accepts responsibility for anything that he does. He has been managed by Bu Thiam for 3/4 years. Tina was demoted after Chris beat Rihanna. Why exactly would a demoted member of his team have the hard drive containing all his music? Sounds like lies to me. Brown making excuses as per usual.

  2. She is the Devil incarnate. Look at that smile. That smile looks like Jack Nicholson’s “Joker’s” acid smile. I wonder how she would act if someone molested her 16 year old son/daughter.

    She couldn’t take it because people like her can dish out dirt but, they can’t take it. KARMA!!

  3. Dag! Smh. And his mama didn’t do nuthin’? I would’ve beazt the brakes of this trick is she abused my son. A lot of people in the industry are a mess!!

    • The mother probably ‘gave her son’ to Tina. I mean if Tina was promising the world – great career/big money. Momma likely turned a blind eye to it. From Chris’s angle, he likely thought it was hot an older woman wanted him. Being 16 is young indeed, but it is hardly the same as being groomed/turned out at 8 years old or 12 years old. 16 year old boys have sex. Breezy clearly wasn’t raised right, so he was likely sexually active from super young. Sadly.

  4. Sad but yet another hollyweird pay to play story. We’ve seen it with Jay Sleaze and Foxy Clown, Alliyah and R. Kelly and so many more. Keep your kids out of entertainment.

    • People here may not care but Amanda Bynes is the poster child for keeping kids out of Hollywood. Dan Schneider is a living abomination. He brutalized her. I pray she gets justice against him.

  5. I would’ve beaten her nasty bucket p*ssy shut!
    Fucc court, there is no justice in this Satanic world.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that, Randy. So few men are strong enough to admit that they were sexually abused…especially by another man due to the backlash. I appreciate you sharing.

  7. And his mother hasn’t beat this bitch to a bloody pulp, her head would have been OFF! Sick hoe

  8. Plain and simple. These days to be in the music business u gota give up the p*ssy or suck on some dick. Theres no talent in mainstream music absolutely none.

    • you’ve always had to give up something you should want to cherish to make it in the entertainment business…the only reason music has declined is because they are furthering their dumbing down agenda and the degradation of the quality of society.

  9. Did you really call Grammy night 2009 ‘a clash’. He savagely beat her and left her battered body on a side walk at night. Doesn’t matter one iota what ‘set that off’. Any one, man or woman should be able to have a disagreement or whatever with their partner and not be physically assaulted.

  10. I read somewhere that it is better to enter the entertainment industry at an ‘advanced’ age. I think that is probably true.


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