Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 9, 2015


Today’s blind item can’t seem to shake the obvious kurse that kontinues keeping up with him. Know why? Because merely weeks have passed since he was discharged from rehab … and sadly, word is he’s already taken up drinking his problems away again.

We’re told dude was triggered by none other than his femme fatale baby momma, after she recently banned him from their family home.

Now, can you guess the relapsing one I’m talking about?


  1. Who is Scott Disick Alex, I mean Jacky. Poor critter is locked in for life, what else can he do but self destruct like all the rest of them.

  2. Why is he trying to go back to that (those) vindictive witches. They were smarting after he paraded those girls at his place. It's not surprising they would lure him back to complete his destruction. He needs to get a good lawyer and fight for shared custody of his children and move on with his life.

    • Scott need to leave the kids and leave the family behond dont know why i couldnt stay with avwoman im not even having sex with glad he creeped.

    • No judge will give him custody, shared or otherwise. All they have to do is show video of Scott all liquored up and clowning and the case will be closed. Sorry, Scott is in between a rock and a hard place and he knows it. He has no family, Im sure that they were sacrificed and now the witches have him by the balls.

    • "Witches" is the correct description. Indeed.(And they SHO love some black men, don't they? How is it the whole family, minus Kourtney, is into the black swang? They make me CRINGE. Never watched an entire episode. And never will. They have never interested me; quite the opposite. What I see in headlines is it. No sense these broads are so popular for nothingness.

  3. Scott going to end up dead. Those witches put a hex on Scott's parents and they died months apart .

  4. Scott was just a sperm bank. He's going to drink himself to death. I just don't know why these men sell their souls to the devil.

    • this x2

      for a while now, it seems like the kartrashians have bought this website. smh

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