Nicki Minaj Diverts Attention From Brother’s 1st Degree Felony Rape Of Stepdaughter

Nicki Minaj Sexual Predator Brother

As the felony rape case against Nicki Minaj’s brother begins to unfold, Barbie’s reportedly scrambling to divert attention from the now-shook sibling and alleged sexual predator, Jelani Maraj. This news comes one day after the 37-year-old made his first court appearance — a preliminary hearing — since being arrested and charge with first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against a preteen, back on Dec. 3rd. It’s a situation that’s reportedly sent Nicki Minaj on a mission to make headlines by putting word out that she and Meek Mill are supposedly engaged, among other diversion-based claims made to feed the press.

“Minaj has not commented on her brother’s arrest or the charges, but the pair are close, with Minaj paying a reported $30,000 for his wedding earlier this year to longtime girlfriend Jacqueline Robinson.”

Since Jelani’s arrest, the 12-year rape victim at the center of the case has been identified as his stepdaughter by his marriage to Jacqueline Robinson. As the case is navigated through the legal process and towards trial, time is the really the only telling factor that will reveal if Nicki Minaj stands as an enabler to her alleged rapist-brother, apparently like her mother who accompanied Jelani to court yesterday. But one thing is certain … Onika Anaconda can’t continue the cover-up for long. Don’t you agree?

Maraj Rape of Stepdaughter

‘I love my brother so much man. I do anything to see my brothers smile.’ ~Nicki Minaj

The drop:

“Nicki’s team are the ones who came up with the rumor of her and Meek thinking about marriage … they did that to throw the people off from talking about her brother being a rapist. The truth is Meek could buy Nicki the biggest diamond and she’ll take it, but she won’t marry him.”

What’s out there:

“Prosecutor’s accuse Maraj of raping the child on multiple occasions including the evening before his arrest. Maraj and the child’s mother, Jaqueline Maraj, were married in August. Nicki posted photos of her brother’s wedding on social media. Maraj was accompanied to court by his mother, Carol, and his attorney, Andrea Zellan. He faces life in prison if convicted on all of the charges.”


  1. let's see how much nicki does to make her brother smile if nicki ever has a child who her brother begs to babysit since she will do anything. mattafact, when they lived together as siblings how much exactly was required for nicki to make him smile when she herself was a little girl??

    nicki gon be like precious mama. let's hope this bitch never has kids. as many niggas nicki like hanging around and making "happy."

  2. Incest family! We already know she's a f*cking freak!! How you not gonna know your beloved brother isn't a pedo?!! Disgusting perverted family he and his new wife had no passion it was pretty obvious. Now lets see what stories come out of the day care he runs. Nikki's right hand must be tired from writing "fixer" checks!!

  3. ——-
    If this is real and he did the black version of a "Jared",
    he may find that the white courts will throw the book
    at him not for the rape of 12-year old black girl (because
    we all know that whites do not give a fcuk about blacks),
    but because they want Nikki's money$ and the attention
    she would bring to the case. So it will most likely
    be a long drawn out process of thotism.

    Now a 12-year old white blonde, from Westchester County,
    New York, or from Murray Hile-Heathcote, Scarsdale, NY,
    Greenhaven-Rage, NY or Purchase-Harrison, NY, Nikki's
    brother would have met with an "unfortunate accident",
    like being lynched in New York because someone needed
    to prove that whites are more important then blacks.

    And the sensationalism by the media would be in
    full force for the white blonde kid. Black men, kids
    and women, WTFU!

  4. Incest and pedophillia run rampant in the black community just like in the ytes and other communities

  5. Yes nicki was molested by her dad and brothers which explains why she has mpd she probaly had to pretend she was barbie to get through the sex abuse i mean one of her altetegos is a gay boy named roman after a pedophile

    • Interesting, you might be on to something. It all makes sense now, I mean why would someone create multiple personalities just for the fun of it, it's either she's masking something in her past or just plain weird.

  6. No neck, perverted, pee wee dick sawed off runt . I can see him molesting a poor defenseless child. If he is guilty, I hope he rots in jail. I can't stand a creep.

  7. Comment: If I was accused of some shit like that and didn't do it, I'd be so pissed off I'd be screaming none stop that "this is some BS and I didn't do it, give me a lie detector test". When you walk look over to the cameras and don't say shit except a quiet "I didn't rape nobody" you guilty MF'er".

  8. I knew it. I knew it. Now dowse this f*cker in gas and set him a blaze. As a mother of 2 girls, the court, the jail nor the police would have stopped what I would have done.

  9. Is soo interesting, how none of you brought up the fact that these little girls are wearing skimpy outfits because of Nicki's poisonous music. She's rapping about sex, wearing skimpy clothes teaching young girls about sex at a very early age. Now her brother is being accused of sexual assaulting a 12 year old girl! Who is he gonna blame "it's not my fault, she was wearing a skimpy outfits my dick just slipped".

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