Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 11, 2015


Today’s blind item might’ve started as a bottom before making it to the top, but it’s lookin’ like dude has since taken it back to the bottom! That’s because — as part of his aimless attempt to fill the void of loneliness, our mystery MC is said to be secretly trolling Eros.com, using the escort site as his “go to” place to to find hookers!

Now, what was once something done on the low that has been revealed to members of his very own inner circle — each of whom are left “bickering behind his back” over the “mean spirit” that’s apparently taken over this mystery MC … It’s a sad situation for any man, let alone a 29-year-old.

“He’s finally come to realize that he’s really a lonely rich guy who pays his friends and his girlfriends.”

The drop:

“He pays the escorts well. So, I don’t think they’ll give him up and expose him. He’s addicted to buying hoes.”

I guess you can take the John off the track, but you can’t take the square outta L-7’s.

Now, can you guess the former after school actor that I’m talking about?


    • Singing to them hookers on his cell phone !
      Drake aka PayPal!

  1. I think its drake, I mean he's a very well known trick in the industry so its prob him. Drake is 29 years old and he is known to pay all them instathot models you see him hanging with.. hmm I think he has a sexual addition to hookers, would of said Wayne but he's not 29, Wayne is 33 so its the other trick Drake.

  2. Isn't this how Charlie Sheen got started. Hopefully this guy won't get marry and have kids only to doom them to this habit of his, like Sheen. Good luck avoiding the monster.

  3. Most of Wall Street, Hollyweird and the White House buy hookers
    So I dont see the big deal *shrug shoulders*
    Im sure he can get some clingy, nagging, starry eyed gal to get with him for free if thats what he wanted

  4. "started as a bottom before making it to the top" Translation, Drake is gay. He may buy female hookers, but Drake has had a dick in his mouth. how else does a Nickolodeon, half Jewish dork become one of the most successful rappers in the game!

  5. Like what MTO be doing trying to trash and ruin what this man trying to build. STOP IT. ˋˍˊ

    • You're one of those LSA chicks trying to join his harem. Nice screen name, was that assigned, too? It's not worth it, dummy. It's crazy how women f*ck men who get f*cked by other men…and who real niggas don't respect. That nigga doesn't know you…and he don't want you. He might want your dude, tho…Son also like the rabbit toy in the ass.

      • Toronto Jungle you sound like you know what you're talking about. More, More, More!

  6. Hi Toronto Jungle "You're one of those LSA chicks trying to join his harem". I Have no idea of what your saying. Are You saying that I am a "Groupie" nope I am not a Groupie.. so calling me outta my name was not called for. I don't know of him as a person but calling me a dummy wasn't right. Oh Thanks for liking my screen name.. I thought that it was catchy.

  7. I knew that there would be a change in old Drake after that nasty witch Madonna put something down his throat.. yuck!

  8. I guess when you ain't got no dick game working for you, you gotta buy hookers to tell you how good you are in bed to satisfy the void/need in you.

    • But still that doesn't mean that Drake has to.. If someone told Drake to jump off a cliff would YOU think that Drake would jump?? Think about it. Everyone buying SEX. So pathetic.

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