The Woman Behind Cassie & Diddy’s Breakup Exposed!

cassie diddy breakup

Even though we assumed Cassie and Diddy broke up because he was out shopping at an adult store with his ex, Kim Porter, the truth and the real woman behind the breakup has been exposed!

According to Love B Scott, Diddy has been spending a little too much time with one of his old side chicks, Gina Huynh, who looks A LOT like Cassie!

Diddy broke things off with Gina last year, but the two reconnected in October when Diddy met up with her in Miami. They met up again in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards, and that’s when Cassie decided she had enough of Diddy and his community d*ck!

Her name is Gina Huynh and she’s been around for awhile. Last year, Diddy took Gina and her friends to the All-Star game in New Orleans. Word reportedly got back to one of Cassie’s homegirls and sh*t hit the fan, but they were able to move past it.

Anyway, after Cassie found out that the two rekindled back in October she shut things down with Diddy and skipped away to South Africa to film ‘Honey 3.’ Since she’s been out of the country, she’s refused to take his calls, answer his texts, and she even went as far as to block her management so that they wouldn’t contact her on his behalf!


  1. Cassie spent her whole young years with Diddy. No ring, kids, house, etc. She probably gets money to spend but she was always a number. Until Diddy says it's over its over because Cassie ain't going nowhere.

  2. Cassie will never be respected as a woman. She is talented and have a lovely voice but the destroyed her image being Diddy's extra. No amout of money would keep a real woman connected to a dog like Diddy. Cassie should leave before she's dried up. Numerous of women have left wealthy men…ask Kimora "how to pack up and leave" from millionaire to Billionaire IJS

  3. Hmm? He left her for the lighter woman. Cassie will never be respected cause she is dealing with colorstruck Black men who are always searching for "lighter" pastures.

    • Cassie is wasting her time. Diddy is living a double life like many blackmen in hollyweird. The obsession with women that look nothing like us is not fooling anybody. I see thru their bs. Real blackwomen they run from. meaning, they have something to hide. Folk can come to their own conclusions. To me, the red flags speak for themselves. No sane man is afraid of Black Beauty???

      • Tyrone @18:45
        #ThankYou… I just learned a lot from your comment. Keeping a look out ?

  4. Looks like she has a bit of a beard going on… "2 O'clock shadow" thing going on in that picture. Sure she ain't a Baklâ?

  5. Who would blame puffy ? He knows his money is talking . Off course if puffy was poor would cassie follow puffy absolutely not. He knows it is the money . I would not fall in love either . I will play like crazy till I am tired.

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