Jhonni Blaze Still Broke, Sleeping in Bathtubs!

Jhonni Blaze Bathtub

HSK already dropped the bomb this summer that former Love & Hip Hop star Jhonni Blaze is dead broke, but we see that nothing has changed for this homeless bum!

A woman (stripper?) posted a photo on her Twitter of Jhonni snuggled up with a blanket inside of a damn bathtub. Now, you know times must be rough if Jhonni can’t even afford an air mattress!


Jhonni has tried to get her music career popping…and failed. Then she tried to get wifed by Drake…and failed. Then she tried to get put on by Fetty Wap…and failed. Smh, pathetic.


  1. Just goes to show that these women don't have anything going on for themselves, all that fake life on instagram and this is the REALITY!!!.

  2. Damn this bitch is just as broke as Traci Bingham! Anyway this stupid bitch is still young and pretty enough to do porn. She could easily make fifty thousand dollars if she did about 100 porn scenes. It's alot better than what she is doing now.

  3. Man I know how it feels to be homeless. This is no joke! I wonder can she call her mom so she can go home to her.

  4. I liked Jhonni. I wonder if maybe she got drunk somewhere and just passed out and someone is just reaching. I hope things get better for her, she actually does have musical talent..

  5. Ugly broke fat black bitch she stinks like hot garbage and shit mixed with used tampons. I would never help those things gross.

  6. Sadly, this will be the fate of most reality-show women once the public turns against it and they start cancelling these shows for good. Spent so much time and "younger years" chasing ballers/celebrities and hustlers and never gave a good-hard working normal man (someone working at UPS, etc) a chance. I always tell a friend of mine who has a hard time meeting women to just wait another 5-10 years. When their kids turn 18 and the CS payments stop, their reaching their 30's-40's and never learned a skill other than to look pretty, these THOTS will be a dime a dozen (especially in the A). I have empathy for them, but not sympathy. "You made your tub. Now lie in it."

  7. You are all gullible ass holes this picture is straight photoshop. Ha ha ha you need to check yourselves . I hope baby girl bounce back from whatever shes going through. The only people that hate on someone that is trying to make it. Is people that usual have no talent themselves that's a FACT . I'm Yahmel get at me …..

  8. Looks like she got drunk and high and blacked out in a bathtub. I've had too many once and woke up on the floor in the morning wondering what happened. Even if she was homeless staying at someone's house I doubt she would be sleeping in the tub. She is most likely drunk and got in a tub and fell asleep. Black people love to put down other black people STOO REACHING!

  9. seems weird who the f*ck sleeps in the tub???? we sleep on pallets by fireplaces when being romantic, nostalgic, and cuddly so i find it hard to believe the photo is real lol

  10. How the f*ck do you sell all that p*ssy and be broke and homeless. How you p*ssy pop nightly and be homeless? Aint no way on green earth.

    • Bulk p*ssy hires for 2 for a dolla in hellywood Satan got blk p*ssy cheap on the dolla , unless you cookie from empire , you ain't shit no more … Sorry to say but it is reality!

  11. Can't she go to a shelter for women I seen folks sleep in abandoned houses and buildings and trash bins

  12. That is definitely a drunken blackout. I just remembered I drunk so much and called myself trying to soak myself in a tub of water, BIG MISTAKE!! I almost drowned my fool self! Not to mention puked in the water and try falling asleep too! Won't do that mess again!

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