Who’s Jacky Talking About? – April 7, 2015


Before becoming one of today’s blind items, this home-wrecker didn’t think twice to boogie out those elevator doors. Just ask Solange!

Back to our THOT … even though dem doors landed her the perfect spot to make a clean break away from most cameras … her dashing days on the run could soon be done!

Recent months of calm after the storm may have her believing she’s weathered the worst of it, sources say if she doesn’t grant her former Fella full custody of their kids, he’s set to Roc her rep!

Dig the Drop:

“She was slimy during their marriage … threesomes with __________ (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and _____________ (former NFL player turned nightclub owner).”


Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. What kind of woman sleeps with the ex business partner/friend of her ex husband? Same goes for Jay Z. These people have no qualms about sharing fluids do they.

    • Damon was screwing everyone’s wife and/or gf at Rocafella. That was no secret inside of the camp. He is a pig. His financial troubles are over a decade old. These are things people would know if they were around an of the Roc guys.

  2. all of this drama is about aaliyah jay z has never gotten over her her death still affects him to this day he doesn’t want beyonce. dame “stole” aaliyah from him he was seeing rachel as well. jay z wants to hook up with rachel to get back at dame. that’s why aaliyah death is questionable she dies and he marries rachel and jay z goes behind dame back have talks about getting rid of dame. “TIN HAT” signing off

    • You must have a direct link to my mind. I said the exact same thing. Jay is still pissed about Aaliyah’s death.

    • Preach. I will add one thing, though. Quincy Jones is the one orchestrating these “hits” on these dead, young Black people. Tupac was fine until he got with Kidada. Then he was dead. She befriended Aaliyah. Next thing you know, Aaliyah was dead. I’m sure he was gunning for LL, but LL dumped Kidada, returned to Simone, married her and got down with the get down.

      • I can’t stand Claudia. This whore talks slick behind their backs. Last night she mumbled under her breath, they are not about to ef up their weaves. This whore has a superiority complex to black people. She always talking slick. Just look her up, or check her out on tv.

            • No it’s me Phaedra now settle down ,lord chile us southern women don’t have time for games now go on with that foolishness.

              • No its me Porsha can someone direct me to the underground railroad i need to ride the train to go get my booty shots

        • Anon 14:47

          I am sure I look better than you and your funny faced mammy, slore!

          • My mother is beautiful and so am I:) I know you don’t look better than me. Stop living in the fantasy world and face that fact that you look like the Elephant man John Merrick. You have a face that children and horses run from….Sad for you. At least John Merrick had intelligence which you lack as well. I pity you, loser. Seek professional help, Slut- Whore.

          • My mother is beautiful and so am I:) I know you don’t look better than me. Stop living in the fantasy world and face that fact that you look like the Elephant man John Merrick. You have a face that children and horses run from….Sad for you. At least John Merrick had intelligence which you lack as well. I pity you, loser. Seek professional help, Slore

        • Claudia told Nene the hell off and i dont think she has anything against black women, or weaves, she wears weaves herself, kenya makes the same comments about her not having weave like the others, sorry but kandi and Nenes weave look a hot mess….its not about being black white girls wear weave too so stop projecting your own insecurities

          • i love claudia and kenya. Its just a bunch of insecure jealous ugly women on that show.. kenya and claudia did not show anyhing about being a whore in my eyes. thats what ugly women do they call pretty girls whores because they may get attetion from their men and others. nene looked like the bride of frankenstein with that wig about 2 weeks ago all she needed was a white stripe on each side.. hell yeah claudia wears a weave and it looks good on her..

            • That wig NENE was wearing was atrocious and a joke.How can she even get on camera and seriously not see how ridiculous she looked lol.I know she will be playing in the Cinderella Broadway play so I thought that wig was a prop from one of her costumes .After a few minutes of watching her sit down to talk with Phaedra I was convinced Ne Ne really was wearing that wig as if she was styling and looking good lol.Her stylist or the producers of the show must have been back stage laughing their asses off .That bride of frankenstein wig had to be a bet she lost or someone dared her to wear it LMAO.

            • exactly NeNe is one of those low class rachet females that think they are “classy” but in reality they are tacky

        • I love Kenya and Claudia

          NeNe and Porsha I absolutley cannot stand
          They seem like the dumbest/illiterate ones on the show
          No matter how many endorsements they get they are No bueno

          • i like kenya and claudia too they are attractive, NeNe makes the black race look bad on tv with those awful wigs looking like steve harveys sister, big ugly stank bully, and porsha is just dumb i cant stand her either, i think they need to kick cynthia off she is boring AF!!!!

            • How about all black women wearing weave make the race look bad. Buying other womens hair to make oneself feel better.

        • Same thing I always say… but like to play victim. F*ck Claudia whoring ass. Like Nene said. Aint nobocy checkin for her type anymore… Girl bye

          • And nobody was EVER checking for NENE’s type, ugly bishes love to talk about pretty bishes

        • And that bish needs to be drug for her “stand up comedy act”…calling us monkeys and -ish. So I guess the bish is a mutt or half-monkey whichever you prefer

      • I dont think @Jacky still writes for this site
        I may be wrong but it has been more then a year where i have actually seen him interact with any of the posters
        I see @Hsk Mod staff interact but not actually @Jacky
        I still love me some Hsk though
        With or without Jacky, lol 🙂

          • Probably not until whoever is writing starts to post more than one story daily at like 5pm Paris France time . Like seriously, do better, and Jacky wouldn’t be so missed still. Damn.

            • Funny how people complain about where’s Jacky at but make it a point to get here and look for more stories .I understand this site has changed and the stories are slow but we must admit regardless this is a interesting site and has good stories.Yeah we can go to other sites with the same exact story but it’;s something addictive about this site and the people on here seem to have good feedback and input despite the trolls .

            • @13:22,I can speak for myself but I come here dutifully for the comments. The posts themselves are pretty dull and uninformative, nothing like the tea that used to get served when JJ was at the helm. Ibsuspect that if one of the regular posters on here started their own blog, people would leave HSK in droves and follow that instead…just my honest opinion.

          • Dum dum, I wasnt speaking to you but to the above poster who said that Jacky do no like Claudia or Kenya
            I was just letting him know that this article may not have anything to do with Jacky
            I have been coming to this site since 2010
            So it really doesnt matter to me if Jacky is here or not
            Especially if Im still coming

            • Which Dum dum were you talking too because theres so many of us here your highness.

            • Claudia Jordan once called one of her fans a gorilla! I’m not making this up! She thinks she is better than most black women just because she has f*cked dozens of black male celebrities. That 42 year old bitch should be glad she is still alive, unlike her friend Cathy White!

  3. Stephen!!! Not many people KNOW that truth or will admit it. All of Jay & Dame’s friendly rivalry turned sour after AALIYAH. That’s facts. Dame tried to play “widowed” boyfriend to the media crying about Aaliyah in interviews but was with Rachel the whole time.

    • Aaliyah slept with quite a few people in the industry, which is not a secrect, as have JayZ. There are tons of photos of JAyZ with numerous industry women. Aailyah was just one OF the million

      • Uh no matter who she slept with, Jay is still grieving to,this day about Aaliyah.
        She seems to have been very easy to,get along with. Everything is not about the bedroom. If it was just that Jay would not give her second thought. Sex is sex, and that is all it is to men..Aaliyah must have been bringing something to the table.

        • She did 11:11. Just look at Aaliyah. That young lady oozes out sex appeal without trying! Her personality is so easy going. You see how R.Kelly linked up to her. Even so much to marry her and get her pregnant. Trade In My Life was dedicated to Aaliyah. I can see why these guys wanted Aaliyah. Just imagine if she was still alive. Beyonce doesn’t have a chance.

        • How do we know Jay cared about Aaliyah? He has never struck me as the type of man who really knows how to love and care for a woman. I get the feeling he sees women as property and assets to be used at will. Just look at the way he treats his wife.
          Jay may had been upset when they stopped seeing each other but it wasn’t because of love. Like Starr so aptly wrote, she was one of a million.

          • Say Cheese your analysis is on point.Jay seems to care only about himself and not women.I wonder how he truly feels about his mother. Jay doesn’t seem as if he’s attentive to women’s feelings IMO .

            • She probably is the reason he is the way he is. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but is his mom a lesbian?

            • I kind if agree with both if you, but I do think Jay cared more for Foxy and Alliyah than just a bout anybodybelse. If you look at pictures when he’s young and all hugged up on either of them he looks so happy it actually transforms his face into something tolerable. Jay actually has a very sweet smile, we just so seldom see it, especially when he is, around his valid barbie doll of a wife. And I think he adores his mother and takes, care if her financially. Blue Ivy rules his heart tho.

            • Yes it’s been said his mom is a lesbian and that may have a little factor in it but not much.Men like Jay just seem cold hearted and occupied by being in power positions .Even in his younger days he says he was motivated to be the best drug dealer whatever that means.Anyhow @8:48 you are right there are times I see a genuine ,sincere smile on Jays face when he’s around certain people.Then there are times it’s a forced smile for the camera when he’s around others.

      • Aaliyah slept with”Hill Harper”as well.Many acted as if RKelly was the bad guy but Aaliyah had been seen by a few in the early morning hours R KELLY’S dogs and behind the scenes her people promoted the relationship.Aaliyah told bold face lies by denying her and dude were ever married
        Which we all know is far from the truth.

        • yeah i agree but the thing is her parents knew the whole time what was going on people say aaliyah was “mature” for her age. but truthfully aaliyah was just trained lier. her parents knew the industry was evil and chances that people wanted to have sex with her. the thing you had so many grown men lusting after this young girl and aaliyah father as man didn’t stand up. karma must be hurting her mother for allowing her in the industry. “TIN HAT” signing off

        • she was a young girl when she died and these people took advantage of her she was naive she did not make those men sex her. I heard she was passed around like a piece of meat and I heard missy elliot had some of that.. I heard aaliyah was not the only female missy messed aound with

  4. Honeygrip I agree with you. We’ve all seen the pics of Jay with Aaliyah and those weren’t just “we’re cool” type pics. Then next thing you know Dame is SOOOO In LOVE with her. How long after her death was it that he married Rachael? I really want him to go be quiet for a while.

  5. I love it when the rich Black male’s wife up these exotical thots and then they turn on them. LOL. Newsflash if an exotical can’t use her beauty get wifed up by a billionaire White dude then that means she’s damaged goods, i.e. a whore. Wealthy White men always vet their women properly before they wife them up. Black males only care about how good she looks. SMH. Luda your next.

    • Really? Ask that white billionaire dude from Texas who had to cut a check for 998 million dollars to his ex wife how good he vetted. #ducktales

      • She been with her husband for decades along with children, she deserved it. Whatever he did, the misses bounced, he must’ve really done something, she just couldn’t dismiss.

    • Excuse me are you saying wealthy white males determine who is and who is not worthy?

      Are you saying they are the sole determining factor of all that is good and pure and righteous and beautiful in the female universe? Are you saying when a female child is born into the world her parents should look her value up in the wealthy white male female value handbook? Should all of the people of the earth bow down and submit to their standard of beauty and value? Is that what you are saying? After all wealthy white men are the only attractive, valuable, worthwhile beings on the face of the earth right? Of we should bow to their standards. Right?

      • You black women need to take it higher. Go read up on yourselves. Explore who you are. Quit buying into everybody else’s BS.

        Don’t you know that black people hold the DNA of every people on this planet ?
        We are not inferior. We are very valuable. Quit looking to other’s standards to determine you value. How can the parent race be inferior to everyone else ?

        • In order to Oppress a group thats Chosen By God you have to plant a Seed of Doubt in the people’s mind and tell them a Multitude of lies to confuse them.There’s not a group of people on this earth that can do what we can do and those Translucent Skinned Devils already know this.

        • i tried to argue that point on a message board and the white people told me that since blacks are the original people they are also primitive and unevolved, thats thier stance on that

      • No, my point is that wealthy men of other races and cultures will vet a woman properly before he marries hers. He may have a few Thots on standby but he will most likely never marry a Thot and parading her around at important and dignified events. See Ne-Yo latest antics at the Governor’s office. Quite a few of wealthy Black males in entertainment and sports stay wifing up undercover Thots and then try to clean them up and present them to the world as socialites, more like sodomites. LOL.

        Again my point is that wealthy Black males love marrying slutty women that most wealthy men of other races and cultures would not touch with a 10 foot pole. Black males love the bottom of the barrel as long as she’s an exotical. Rachel Roy is attractive, refined and a talented fashion designer (I like her clothes) and I never got why she couldn’t pulled a better choice of mate than Damon Dash. Not necessarily a White man but someone better than Dame. Ugh. They seemed on the surface to be polar opposites. Well if these rumors are true then I get it. She’s just an undercover Thot but I still like her clothes. LOL.

    • I must have read the O P comment wrong? Because to me it just seems like they are saying these silly black men that disrespect black women by disregarding them as wife material, but then marry blended putanas with loosened curl patterns get their just desserts when those same exotIcals take them to the cleaners. I don’t think they are saying a woman only has worth if affluent descendants of Northern european neanderthals offer her to put a rag on it? I mean, what did I miss???

  6. i put some of the blame on aaliyah parents and uncle barry hankerson because they sold her out to the industry and r kelly the people in the industry was passing her around and they turned a blind eye for wealth. “TIN HAT” signing off

    • They sure did Stephen, they even signed paperwork for her to marry RKelly. That’s why I have a hard time feeling sorry for her parents now after they pimped their daughter out to the highest bidder.
      @11:21 are you referring to Gladys Knight? I didn’t know she was her aunt.

      • Gladys knight married Barry Hankerson(Aaliyah’s uncle).Here’s what I don’t understand if her parents signed the paperwork for her to marry R Kelly then why did they want it to be eventually annulled ? Why even go BACK AND FORTH? Did they find A RESOLUTION? or her parents figured AGE AINT NOTHING BUT A NUMBER? R Kelly didn’t seem to care probably asked Aaliyah ARE YOU THAT SOMEBODY? then he proposed.It’s still a damn shame she did not TRY AGAIN with someone else more decent and marry them.It would have been ONE IN A MILLION had she found the right man not wanting to use her for only sex.Well Dame Dash IF YOUR GIRL ONLY KNEW that you will doing the same shit to her .So I hope Rachel Roy takes you AT YOUR BEST because Dame Dash seems to be falling apart.Bet he crying to Hova,Rachel and Aaliyah talking bout I MISS YOU.

        • listen to aaliyah last album she has certain songs that she is trying to you something i think she knew dame was cheating on her and would be abusive verbal and physical with her the song is called “what if” “TIN HAT” signing off

      • No Cheese, they didn’t consent for her to marry R. Kelly. According to Demetris Smith, the were in Florida on tour. R. Kelly came up to Demetris in panic mode. So he and R. Kelly flew Aaliyah on a red eye flight to O’Hare. Went to a girl they knew at Kinkos or The UPS store to make Aaliyah an ID to male it seem she was 18. Went to the Justice of the Peace and got married. R.Kelly put Aaliyah in a hotel, flew back to Florida to finished the tour. All this happen within hours of folks didn’t know they were gone. They did that because he thought he had gotten her pregnant but ended giving her VD. That’s what really went down. I had downloaded the book The Man Behind The Music and Demetris told it all. I tried to copy an insert of it. If U download the book from Google Play, the chapter that says it is under the chapter that says Trippin!

        • Thanks Da! Is this the title of the book?
          The Man Behind The Music: The Life and Times of David William O.G. One Jackson Jr.
          It’s 5 bucks for Kindle so I’m just going to buy it.

          • No that’s not the title Cheese. This is the title:The Man Behind The Man: Looking from the Inside Out by Demetris Smith Jr.

            • Oh okay thanks. I’m glad I didn’t buy that other title, lol. The Kindle edition is only 3.99 too, I’m getting it.

            • Now Cheese, when U start reading it, U gonna start putting two and two together. What got me was when Kels ex wife Drew was one of the Honey Bees, she had to know that Kels and Aaliyah was messing around before she married him. But still she married him despite what he was doing. And for her to say she didn’t know what he was doing was a damn lie! She seen Aaliyah come that studio and she pretend she didn’t know? That’s a lie! But it is a good read.

      • thats not true. aaliyah lied about her age to get married. remember her school pricipal came forward after the marraige became public knowledge and dispeled the lie that she was 18. if her parents really signed anything she would have never lied about her age. The marriage was null and void after it was found she lied.

        • No, the principal didn’t tell the parents. The were married for six months. She kept denying it until Vibe magazine cold busted them. Anytime U get married, get arrested, or have a baby, nine times outta ten the newspaper is going to published it if U didn’t consent to it. They didn’t so it got published. The Chicago Sun Times published it and that’s how her parents found out. Yes, they were married for six while months without telling nobody now. Six months! Wouldn’t U would think her parents would have done something in the beginning? I would think so.

  7. Claudia doesn’t’ have kids. The blind item is about Rachel Roy. Damon Dash says she won’t let him used kids.

  8. Damon Dash will do anything so he doesn’t have to pay that back pay in child support

    • Yes exactly! Porscha just admitted on the Phillipines trip she had an encounter with another woman.

  9. Rachel Roy is a E Indian Elamite who’s the descendants of a group that enslaved us.Why would a knowledgeable blackman wanna marry a heathen?Damon Dash is a idiot! Rachel after the money dried up was the one that Dashed.

  10. Rachel Roy
    threesomes with Porsha and Kordell (former nfl player turned nightclub owner) (Peter’s partner 😉
    Thats why Porsha sip from her glass while playing never ever letting us now she’s been with a woman before ..

    • Thx a bunch. I was thinking Claudia, but Porsha and Kordell makes more since. This is probably why Porsha didn’t get anything in the divorce but her clothes and a car. I hear Peter Thomas is going to spill all the tea on her escort exploits at the RHOA reunion. I’m sure he got the tea from Kordell. LOL. I heard her girls Nene, Phaedra and Kandi keep their mouths shut and didn’t even try to defend their friend. LOL. Oh well.

  11. JayZ….2 deceases exes….Bey better watche herself…..even coincidentally his exes aint batting 1000…Cathy, A, Blu, Free…ijs

    • what do you mean aint batting 1000 ?Complete your sentence dammit and spill the tea lol.

    • Blu Cantrell is lucky to still be alive. Someone tried to kill her. Check Jacky’s archives for more information.






  13. Damn didn’t know this about Rachel Roy but I never truly focused on her or Lame Dame just thought they had cute kids.

  14. Kathy white died of mysterious causes after telling some media people of her relationship with jay z she was taken to hospital with minor issues and died

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