Mathew Knowles Blocks Bey & Destiny’s Child Co.

    Matthew Knowles Blocks DC Reunion

    Say MY Name!

    So you say Beyonce and company are planning a Destiny’s Child 10-year reunion? Hold Up! Say Whose Name? Because according to Matthew Knowles, he owns one-fourth of the group’s name … so, ain’t no Destiny’s dropping … no Child to be expected … until he gets paid!

    So what does Bey, Kelly and Michelle have to say about Matthew’s play? Though we can’t list specifics … or tell you if they’ll meet Matthew’s tax … they’re reported to be in agreement over NOT wanting anything to do with Papa Knowles!!!

    Check the Drop:

    “Mathew’s been waiting for this. He knew Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle would get back together and need the name Destiny’s Child. Fans for years have been seeing the solo Beyonce on stage and they’re getting bored. Fans want to see groups again. That’s why One Direction is the biggest act out there. Beyonce figured it out so, she wants to work with Kelly and Michelle again. If they use the name Destiny’s Child? They gonna have to pay Mathew.”

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    1. Or they can buy him out and take the brand with them. Knowing Mathew I’m thinking he is going to keep the name and make money off of it.

      • Even if they change the name to Beyonce and the minions, Maty will still get paid for the simple fact that he gets a share whenever their oldies but goodies are performed, streamed or played on the radio.
        The Carter era of music is nowhere near as good as DC’s was back in the day so anything new they put out will have a bunch of hype but nowhere near the same kind of success as before. They’ll need that old music, Maty wins either way.

    2. ha matthew got his hand in pyramid “TIN HAT” signing off beyonce parents sold her out

      • Exactly. Poor Beyoncé don’t have a standing chance. Instead of her blaming her father for those outside kids, she needed to blame both of her parents for selling her out.

      • They sure did and Ms. Tina, being her mother, is disgraceful! What is really scary is that Beyoncé is veru much her mother – hope she doesn’t sell Blue out. My heart weeps for that child …..

        • i hate to break it to you chances they will sell her out like will and jada kids willow is dude and jaden is a bitch. r kelly daughter is transgender these families are twisted because the father is twisted everything starts with the father when the father goes down the family goes down.

          • It’s supposedly already starting. Someone on RWS mentioned an upcoming Blue fan club and her making “exclusive” appearances on enTidaled. It sounds realistic but I hope it isn’t true because Blue is the only one I like in that family.

          • That is what fame hungry people don’t realize…when you sell yourself to the game, you are selling any children you have or may give birth to.

            Take a long hard look at the children of celebrities. There is always something off about their demeanor.

            Jaden Smith
            Willow Smith
            Jessica Simpson’s little baby
            Blue Ivy
            Have all appeared one time or another in leopard print which symbolizes beta slave training.

            Daniel Staub of RHONY. let the cat out of the bag at the reunion. She said when her girls were Theresa’s age they wore crinoline petticoats, but Theresa’s daughters are wearing leopard print. Then she said those of us in the industry know what that means. Daniel Staub shaded Teresa so tough about that, Theresa was ready to kick her tail then and there.

            • i mostly agree with you but some of the celebrities kids stay out of the lime light and we never really hear about them

    3. They need to stop playing and let Mathew have his share. Sure he’s a poor excuse for a husband and father but the fact remains none of those women would be where they are without him.

    4. Yassssss! I’m HERE for this! If there is one person on the planet more cut throat and back stabbing than Matthew Know-less its Sean Carter! Is about to be like Clash of The Titans, the Prince Hall/ Boule edition. I honestly think Bey was better when managed by her, father than when managed by her huzzzban , but she’s too stupid to figure that out, she just calls herself refusing to let her dad use her to feed his break babies….which I do understand. But…come on isn’t she addicted to the spotlight, money and fame? I say just do the DC reunion and let Matty No Condoms get his cut, no different than all the various managers, producers , executives, who will . Why not?

      • Dead @ this comment!! LolLOL LOL LOL LOL.
        The truth the comedy it’s just to much! LOL LOL

      • All true, lol. It’s too bad because if one person can bring the real Beyonce back it’s Maty. I honestly don’t see that happening until she leaves Jay.




      • Mathew is what he is and Jay Z is no better! The difference is that Mathew is way more intelligent than Jay Z and has more respectability within the industry, in terms of business.

        Beyoncé is a puppet for Jay Z, she had her chance to leave him and for some ungodly reason decided to stay. I don’t have an ounce of pity for her as she put herself before the welfare of her daughter.

    5. Agree @cheese. Pay him & move it along. There is enough monies for everyone. Matthew is garbage but that doesn’t mean that he is not entitled to his $.

    6. I agree..give Matthew his cut and let’s keep it moving. He needs to pay his bills and child support. They are going to make a lot of money. They should take it all the way back to bugaboo. You can still jam to those sings. Dang I need to consider getting a ticket. It is going to be good.

    7. That pic! Remember when they forced Kelly to keep that short hair!? I don’t know for fact, if they forced her to have that short hair, but knowing what I know now about DC and Matthew Knowles, yeah I can see that way. You guys remember when Beyonce always had her stomach covered?! Those were the days!

    8. I say they should continue to use the name Destiny’s Child and pay Matty. Even though he had a couple of moral failures, none of them would be where they are today if it wasn’t for him.

    9. If they are worried about all he stole from them, do the tour and take out the portion of what was stolen as his pay back and he gets the balance of what is left from his fee if any thing is left. Now if that can’t work, so the tour as invited guests and move on or just name the tour as BKM(Beyoncé Kelly Michelle)

      • Good artist borrow great artist steeeeeal……lol. Bay bay an nem said that!!! I think back to that line in that movie and it just became appearant that they were talking about Beyonce and Gay Z, among others but for the sake of the thread I will leave it at them two

    10. If they could Reconfigure the Destiny Childs name and tour under just”Destiny”or even “Destiny Fullfilled”old Chip Of Thee Old Block Mattie Knowles could possibly have a problem on his hands

        • Either way, Mathew will get paid. He made that stipulation very clear. But in that the case, it was Tina who came up with the name. Remembered that special of Beyoncé came on TV and she said she was reading the Bible and came across the words Destiny’s Child. So technically, Tina would also get paid as well. So Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle get your check books out, cause Mathew and Tina are going to want their cut.

    11. This is the main reasons why most fathers of successful women Dred the idea of their daughter getting married because the new husband in most cases sieges full control and that leaves the dad powerless.JayZ forced Matthew out from behind the scenes, but Matthew didn’t help himself by stealing Beyoncé Tour money so now homegirls has very little if anything to do with him.

      • I’ll do you one better BA. As long as Beyonce was with Matthew she stayed glammed out. And when candid shots of her were taken of her out and about, Beyonce stayed snatched.

        The minute she married Jay Z her dress game plummeted to the bottom of the sea. Also they started giving Beyonce third class make up, and plaining her down. Also when candids were snapped, she was always looking tacky.

        All of that happened after Jay Z married her.

        • she was always tacky to me, those outfits her mother used to make were cheesy and tacky just like thier clothing line

    12. Would be something if they managed to shut papa Knowles out of this reunion and bring back LeToya and Latavia just to rub it in. If Bey could have gotten rid of those girls 15 years ago then she could surely weasel her way out of her father’s reach. They could even use their alternate alias “DC3” instead of “Destiny’s Child”.

    13. If they tour again, they’ll be a big hit. Good move for the girls. I hope everyone gets paid.

    14. I think the group could make wonderful music still, good music has no end. Just change the groups name, and STOP STEALING (Beyonce). Then Ole Matty gets nothing. Don’t sing any old DC songs, start a new girl group era, with a new name, & new songs, and go from there. It’s always a way! Matty did that interview following that garage sale for a reason. He made sure he mentioned that he still owned a big part of DC for a reason, so I’m assuming a DC comeback had been in talks for a while, he just came out first to shut it dwn, letting people know that it’s still pretty much his group. I say do several tours under a different name with new music! They are talented, they can’t miss. Ratty Matty would get nothing, he can keep ALL his old stuff,they don’t hv to sing it ever again. It’s always a way! Check out history, or make a new history for any current or up and comming bands. It’s simple, unless I’m missing some legal aspects of it all. I am tired of oldonce, but I’d listen to any new re-named DC for sure!!

      • I agree with everything except not doing their old songs. They used to be getting it! Their old songs made everybody get on the floor. Remember Bugaboo, Can You Pay My Bills, Say My Name, independent women, and Bootylicious? I hope they do the tour, and I hope. Beyonce puts Queen Fee Fee, Lady Bug, Newby Jay, and Kay Kay with her as her backup dancers. That would be a show to see! Beyonce and those Chicago girls would give me my life doing a dance routine.

        • Don’t forget about No, No, No…I still listen to those old DC songs. DC was the shit back in the day, I couldn’t even stay mad at them for firing LaToya and Latavia.
          It wouldn’t be worth going on tour if they didn’t perform the good songs.

      • Yes Goodness yes !

        I am ready for the show! I am soooo ready! They really worked good together and their enthusiasm spilled into the audience. Their voices have improved with age and life experience. They can dance. If they work it right this show will be everything.
        They do a couple of dope costume changes, and have Momma T to put the stank on the costumes like she used to do. Do some dope vocal arrangements and dash of accapella to show off their range and style. This thang could be super good.
        Get the Chi Town Girls from the hood as their backup dancers. This show could be on fire if they do it right. I never go to concerts, but I bet I will have my face in the place that night.

    15. Ya’ll know what? I have so many ideas for this tour. I should put it together. I would have her show trump tight, like a hand full of aces.

    16. Beyoncé needs to leave Jay Z and save the lives of her and her daughter! Mathew always protected her in the Industry and Jay came and destroyed her and her career.

      • Mathew worked overtime to protect Beyonce’s image that’s why I will never believe he stole from her. He probably stole from the rest of the girls in the group but a man as business savvy as Maty knew not to bite the hand that feeds him.
        If you ask me, that was a setup.

        • i think the fallout was over mathew cheating on tina, i dont think he stole from beyonce but i do think he stole from the other members in an indirect way by not paying them all of thier money and gave beyonce the largest cut because on the documentary the other girls were complaining about driving hondas while bey was driving a lexus

          • @9:25 I didn’t know about the car thing.
            Do you remember when DC did MTV cribs? Beyonce’s room was decked out in some Moroccan them while Kelly and Solange basically had a bed and a chair. I knew right then and there what was up, lol.
            I had to go find it for ya’ll entertainment:

            I loved old Beyonce so much I didn’t even notice how shady she was but the clues were there the whole time.

            IMO Beyonce fell out with her father because SOMEONE had her thinking her father stole from her. Her mother was pissed, the DC girls were pissed and Jay Z wanted his spot. It wouldn’t have been very difficult for the people around Beyonce to convince her the man was robbing her. One of them could’ve even hired an accountant to fudge the numbers to make it look like something shady was happening. I don’t put anything past those people.

            • When she got married it was a business venture based on control and abuse. Beyonce is passive it seems and could easily have been fooled by you know who to believe her dad stole from her.

        • I don’t know….something made her fall out with him. And that was before all those mistresses and kids were common knowledge. I think she thought he stole from her. I honestly don’t think she would care if he stole from the other girls, but stealing from her would be crossing a line.

    17. I knew he was a freak mason that pimped his daughter out to the inlustry. Look at his hand symbol gesture in the picture.

    18. His thronging down the inverted pyramid many of those like common,oprah,donald trump,hillary clinton etc have to throw up the symbols and let u know their freak masons.

    19. Beyonce ruined Her got damn career, when She was messing With Jayz, remember She stole Him for His ex

    20. Kelly and michelle really need the money only time they gewt paid is when their lord and savior beyonce reunites with them.

    21. The IRS has seized Matthew Knowles interest in DC including the Ttadename. He owes more than $1 million in back taxes. The property in Houston that launched DC is being foreclosed by the bank (Cadence).

      Knowles is out of business. Finally.

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