Did DMX Rob A Fan At Jersey Gas Station?


Police say they’re in the “early stages” an investigation on whether the rapper DMX, robbed a city man early this morning.

Newark police spokesman Sgt. Ronald Glover said the 21-year-old victim reported that he encountered DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, along with his entourage at a gas station on the 600 block of Route 21 around 12:30 a.m.

Here’s what has been reported:

The victim reports he recognized the Yonkers rapper, and approached him outside.

“The two had a brief conversation about rap music and during the conversation a male in DMX’s entourage, showed the victim a gun and demanded the victim’s money,” Glover said in a statement.

The victim said he pulled $3,200 in cash from his pocket, and DMX “snatched the money out of his hand” before jumping into one of four black Cadillac Escalades that left the scene, Glover said.

As they traveled south on McCarter Highway, the victim was able to follow them closely enough to make out one of the SUVs’ license plate, which he provided to police.

An investigation into the incident remains ongoing. No arrests have been made and no criminal charges have been filed.

Glover didn’t specify in an initial statement whether the license plate has been traced to DMX or any associates, or if police have yet tried to contact DMX.

The 44-year-old rapper was scheduled to headline an old-school hip-hop concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark Saturday night, according to the venue’s website.


  1. Do ordinary citizens walk around with $3,200 in their pockets? Doesn’t make the alleged robbery right, Just asking.

  2. Did this really happen? I’m asking because it just seems…..unlikely. You know, the thing to do when a celeb speaks out against the industry is to destroy their rep, or tarnish their image. Than again Earl has been a f*ckup for a while now so… ionno. But I know that area well and find it hard to believe anyone would be carrying around that amount of cash ….and walking up to strangers….just seems very suspicious.

    • yes dmx has issues and does drugs but the “conspriacy theory’ in says set up who walks around with 3,000 in cash come on man that doesn’t make sense. remember this when you get out of line “they” have people everywhere to watch you.the best thing him to do is to lay low like katt williams did when he talked about those parties (man at those parties you see transs, people with masks, orgies, men on men, women on women in july the black celebs, the boule will have theirs in ATL underground sex parties nasty) “TIN HAT” signing off

      • Stephen you all ready know what it is. DMX did not do this and they know it.
        Why do people enter the Industry anymore? Just say no to the industry.

      • You know what a more believable story would be. If DMX was buying some dope off of the dude and DMX felt lik the dude was trying to beat him with a puny sack, X gets mad and say f*ck it give it all here nigga. That would explain the 3 grand. Or the muafuggah just cashed his lil income tax and he was flossin. Either way, dude need to just charge it to the game. But yeah, they messin with X, with his record, if the convict him on this bull, he could get 25 years behind them walls.

        • Hello ELTH

          How are you sir? I agree with you. Besides DMX just wants to be left alone. He is not hardly about to do anything to bring attention to himself. A lot of people know they are picking on him because he wants out of the game. That is all it is.

          • I’m well, thank you for asking. It would be rude if I didn’t return the sentiment. I pray that you are in th best of health and spirits. But yeah, X just wants to be left alone. I say let’s find X and ask him. He always told the truth when asked about incidents. He even admitted the airport parking lot incident. I think we can trust X………..to tell the truth, anything else I’m not sure about….lol

  3. No sane person walks around with that amount of money on them. But, that’s a side issue. Doesn’t give anyone the right to rob him. DMX doing grimy things is not unexpected, let’s not kid ourselves. Just another sad case of ignorance and bad choices destroying human potential. I was a fan of his music, so, disappointed is an understatement.

    • Oh, so to have a lot of money on you makes you crazy? I have $1800 on me right not, how is that unusual?

      • It’s not unusual at all Tony but most people use credit cards or some form of electronic payment.

        • Electronic payment is not really good for the common man. Paper money can not be locked and it can’t be traced.

      • Its not unusual…but its also not midnight in the bricks and you aren’t running up on complete strangers,with pockets full if cash. I J S.

  4. I dont believe this shit for one f*ckin minute. Dmx was down bad and never robbed anybody. Now he got his visa back from paying his court ordered child support he’s been doing shows world wide so he’s financially straight. If anything he probably was talkn shit to X and got showed I dont jus rap this shit I lived this shit and called the cops if this even happened. Hip hop police follow X everywhere along with many others rappers. Public Enemy said it best CANT TRUSTS IT!!!

  5. The industry keeps messing with this man.He will overcome I tell you he will show those of little faith how a man can overcome this beastly realm.I don’t believe this story not for one minute.

  6. No DMX did not rob anyone. You all know they have been riding his tail forever.
    What sense does it make to have entourage in Escalades ribbing people.
    DMX has robbed p, drugged, and abused by the industry but he did not do anything.

  7. That dude is lying somebody pulled out a gun on him and he followed 4 cars on the highway illuminati leave x alone!!

  8. guess who else is going through the same thing dame dash think about he’s being sued from everyone something bad is going to happen to him. dame dash souled out too he used aaliyah as a sacrifice for him and rachel. now rachel won’t let him see the kids. dame is having a mental breakdown remember he said he doesn’t have a boss i guess the T.P.T.B think different but i don’t feel sorry him it’s a long time coming.”TIN HAT” signing off

    • I was thinking the same thing when I,saw his interview on the breakfast club. He was too intense. But he has rubbed a few people the wrong way. People have not gotten over Aaliyah. People are still hot about that thang. I there is not a whole lot of sympathy for Dame. Question…why do people even get in the entertainment industry anymore? I mean any of it? Why? You don’t get to keep your money, your sexual choice is disregarded and disrespected, you don’t even get to keep “YOU”.
      I just don’t get it. Why do it?

      • That just it 13:39, Some folks get blind side by the wealth and fame til its pitiful. Mind U during the 80’s and 90’s folks rarely did these “The U know what” secretly and in plain sight. Hell I don’t think paid any attention until folks start getting killed, the drugs started getting heavier, and all of this sudden wealth coming out of nowhere. I’m like, “Damn, these folks are blowing up off this song!” And the next thing I know they done hit rock bottom, drugged up, alcoholic, getting on drugs etc. Now, its to the point these fools are doing the most to get the outta nowhere wealth. Hell, the industry is about done dried up. Folks ain’t music no more when U can downloaded for free. So who is buying the music? The executives of the industry. They buy all those albums just to make U think they sold all those albums. Ex. Whitney Houston. Whitney’s last album didn’t do to well. But good ole”U know who” bought every last one so it seems like Whitney made some sells. Damn, Chaka was right all along.

        • most of these celebs and athletes who make top dollar is not really their money it’s digital inflation meaning they have no real value don’t believe the hype floyd mayweather doesn’t see all of the money and he is not allow to get money out the bank that’s why the elites give them a black card which is ran by the american express they don’t care how they spend on the card cause the elites own them. the reason dame gets money is because of rachel but rachel has cut dame off that stuff he promotes that shit don’t sell he’s still under the oath and the BOULE owns him and other black celebs the BOULE is his boss “TIN HAT” signing off

  9. I don’t know why some of you are passionately defending DMX like you know him personally.You don’t know what he has .For all you know he could be broke,busted ,and disgusted! He was hooked on drugs for awhile,and who knows why the 21 yr old had that much money on him.. Maybe he got it out of bank for a purpose such as paying a bill…Income tax, anything.. let’s not assume.

    • Conversely some of us don’t know why you are ragging him. We don’t know him, but we about the industry. We are tired of seeing these people be abused by a system that milks them for all they are worth, misuses them and throws them away. Nothing wrong with human kindness is there? If you were in the industry and they mistreated you, we be concerned for you too.

      HUMANITY. KINDNESS. don’t knock it

  10. if x did this then he needs to be locked up and sent to around the fags he miss so damn much.

    wouldn’t put it past him.

    not gonna say everybody set him up.

    cant blame a conspiracy for everytime an artist do wrong.

    yeah the industry made him smoke crack.

    the elite told him to abuse his wife and growl like a pitbull.

    yeah the elie told him to bite dogs yeah good old illumintati.

  11. Dmx didn’t do this, he soldout but he broke his oath. They gonna chase him until he gets it from them. Keep running X, if anything happens then we’ll (blacks)know you were murdered/setup. Dmx don’t need the, he can make his money underground and still beat out jay-z.

  12. Ok, what’s going on with this site?

    We’re lucky to get any articles lately but even if, my phone goes crazy redirecting to other webpages, iTunes Store and additional pop ups. I don’t even know why I come here any more.

    • I always get redirected as well. But I have grown attached to some of my babies like
      DaRadiant 1
      and a lot of the Anons…and on and on. I miss them so I come to this site.

      • Yeah, leaving comments gets to be a headache because of all the redirection, it takes forever sometimes. Anyway who ever is running the site prolly knows its a pain in th arse. That’s Why they treating the stories like vitamins “one a day” the looking out for us, they Know anything more would be too time consuming. THANKS HSK, Good looking out!!!!!!

  13. Has DMX responded to this allegation? I have not heard anything from him in the media.

  14. DMX’s reputation has been repeatedly tarnished for years, they won’t leave him alone and I don’t believe this story is true. I think he comes across as a ok guy and I wish him the strength to get through all the nastiness that’s thrown at him. Lotsaluv x

  15. Fugg DMX, didn’t like him then and don’t like him now. Just die and get it over with. Straight up has-been!!

  16. He didnt do it…they have been messing with him since forever systematicly trying to distroy him…just after he came out with the anti gay anthem song. He was way top real for them. He didnt do it.

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