The Bromance Of Miguel & John Legend

Bromance: John Legend & Miguel

From the sound of it, Miguel just found a sponsor in John Legend!

Just consider recent publicity that places the pair in cahoots together — with mention that the collaboration involves anything but music — over this “currently untitled” so-called project.

It’s interesting how this “news” carrying little-to-no detail … about a project with no name, featuring two of the top closeters in R&B … yet neither singer uses the mainstream pub to drop a single … even better, there’s NO MUSIC involved … yet Variety runs this so-called “story”???

“According to Variety, John’s Get Lifted Film Co. and Furst Films are partnering with IM Global to produce a musical romantic drama starring Miguel.”

Variety reports:

“The film will begin production later this year in Philadelphia, and Miguel will star as a former one-hit wonder who falls in love with music once more after being hired to coach an aspiring singer with an upcoming audition for a singing competition show. Sounds cool to us; run us that new album though, Miguel.”


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        • It is unfortunate that you have come to such a conclusion. However, my understanding in my short time reading HSK is that this website give individuals like yourself a forum. Hate speech is accepted here and this is why I come to this website.

          I respect your hatred of black males based on your experiences. I hate homosexuals and Caucasians among others because the have systematically aligned themselves to be in opposition of
          my personal and family goals. This is America and we have rights to hate our enemies as long as there are no illegal activities involved. Never let someone tell you that it is a necessity to respect your enemies. If the black male has presented himself to you as an enemy this is your right even though I disagree.

          I wish you the best on your journey ma’am.

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          • 12:52….Ok, so why you mad only at the black man? you stay on here promoting the negative stereotypes, just like rappers. And why do you not get mad at the ashkenNAZIs that own the labels that out out the music that calls you a bitch, and the media outlets that distribute it? I mean if you are gonna be mad, be mad…at everybody.Yourself Included.

  1. Puhleez, no black woman its checking for either of these fools. Miguel be karate chopping bitches in mid air n shit and john legend is married to a swole face thai lady boi lookin catfish. Next!

    • omg she is a BEARD!!!! did anyone see her on MTV on that whack kareoke show (i forgot what its called) but she was a judge on that show and john legend was a contestant along with Common and she was blatently flirting with Common in front of everyone and insulted john legend every chance she got it was humiliating to watch, she told john legend ” hes embarassing she needs to look for more husbands” when he performed to “slow motion” she was like “you dont ever work that hard in bed” i mean the entire show she was soooo rude, she thought she was being funny but it was awful and obvious they are a fake hollywood couple

      • most Hollywood couples are in fake marriages so no surprise here.That new show is called Lip sync and it’s boring,uncomfortable and awkward to watch.LL Kool J does not even look comfortable hosting it.They all have fake smiles and laughter.Sometimes I question is the audience real or part of the crew lol.Its a boring childish show for kids and seems like something you would watch on the Disney channel.Whoever came up with the idea to create this show must have another agenda in mind.Most of these men are wearing dresses on that show.Justin Beaver,The Rock and Terrence Howard. They look so embarrassing I wonder if this is some kind of initiation.Dave Chapelle warned us about these men forced to wear dresses.Its getting more and more obvious.I don’t look at Terrence Howard the same anymore after seeing him in a womans hair piece and dress.Wait until Empire comes back on I will laugh my ass off lol

        • yea i instantly told my boyfriend that LL Cool J has to be broke or owe the IRS to stoop to that level of hosting that bs show

        • @anon10:10, the Rock is my fantasy man. If u r saying he is on the DL, i need proof.

          • @Freddy I don’t trip over my words I would be specific if I was saying anyone was on the DL .I said they have them wearing dresses and wigs in a Lip synching show but why for what? Why would you even think about DL?It’s not about the clothing but just wanted to know what’s up with that show.Eventually we will see many of our fantasy men wearing a dress.Any man who is on the DL no one can give you proof except that person themselves.

          • Then why dont you go look up the pictures of him sharing a bannana with another man, hes on one side with his mouth on it and the other guy is on the other side like a double headed dildo, that should be enough proof for you to stop drooling over these hollywood fags



        • Did anyone catch years ago on I think it was 97 or 105.1 where ED LOVER made a joking comment about LL & JOHN LEGEND referring that they where gay, LL took offence to it & maybe 2 yrs later he was fired.. WOW!!!

      • She also commented that John will have to deal with it, with 3 large dogs living inside their home, as if the dogs are more important to her than her husband. Do the dogs take the place of having babies? After he is no longer making hits, she will vanish into oblivion with no interest in being a wife.

        I wish these men would hold out and wait to meet a beautiful black non-attention-seeking woman who will love them sincerely and for the long haul, instead of settling for arm trophies who bash them publicly while smiling for the cameras and raking in the dough.

    • @anon 0858…CRYING LAUGHING! OMG, so true! My husband was saying the other day how John Legend’s wife is funny looking. Spot on!

  2. @Anon 10:00, I agree. Dave definitely warned us about men in dresses. At some point they all have to wear a dress or something some what Gay. But Terrence Howard been suspect. His mannerism is so feminine.

    • Yes Terrence comes of as having a natural soft feminine demeanor.Even when he acts tough and angry I am not convinced.He seems to also have abusive relationships and every woman he’s been with or at least his ex wives say he is very verbally and physically abusive.Probably had to go through some things in that industry .

      • Terrance did not act that way originally. Those feminie traits he now exhibits are synthetic and a case of induced behavior modification. That is all I can safely disclose.

  3. Homosexuality should not be tolerated. This is an excellent article. We must find a legal way to eradicate these verminous society destroyers. The fact that John Legend took home an Oscar for a movie chronicling the Black struggle was deliberate. These people are dedicated to a perpetual assault on the morals of the Black community. They realize our might exceeds theres.

    I am glad to have found a place that exposes our enemies and encourages us to hate and persecute them.

    • I’m with you 100 percent. While some of the deeds of the dastardly are exposed here and I will estimate that about 50% of the posters here will agree with the your position here, there will be some who viemately oppose this stance and sometimes the differences in opinions and the banter may get disrespectful from some, don’t take it personal. You are in pretty good company here for the most part.

      • I find both of you to be reprehensibly backwards and hateful towards a minority group. No need for me to be vehement about it. But it’s embarrassing to me to know that there are black folks who see gay people with the same cruel disregard with which white people viewed blacks in the past.

        20 years from now your stance will look as balanced and fair as the demand for separate drinking fountains in 1965 looks today.

        • Sir or Ma’am

          It is not my place to personally attack you. I will stand on my morals that the homosexual and the proliferation of Black Men on the media are major threats to our superior culture. Without real men who are the heads of families our culture will become extinct and forced back into a slave class.

          Homosexuals spread STD’s at higher rates than the general populous. This is a fact not just a trite harangue. They are also unlikely to provide the ying yang support our black women need on raising children. Finally, homosexuals who are endorsed by Hollywood teach our sons to prance around like women by subliminally injecting them with gender ambiguity.

          I hate and will attack (legally) anyone who seeks to destroy my race and community. I am glad to find other brothers and sisters who want to (legally) disenfranchise those who want the Black race to cease. This site exposed the homosexual agenda and the way the Hollywood (Middle Easterners) use their wealth and scumbags like Mr Legend to promote our own depopulation.

          I hope you see the light my friend. Be blessed 🙂

          • I agree. Homosexuality has become a plague on our society and the way Hollywood and the music industry helps perpetuate this false pretense that it is an acceptable lifestyle is insulting to the intelligence of all decent God fearing people. I do not support the agenda of these people or their sick immoral practices. They all need exorcisms performed on them to eradicate that evil spirit that controls their minds and bodies.

            • I choose to hate and seek to destroy (legally) those who want to end my race and wipe my grandchildren off the face of the earth. Your method may be different. Nevertheless the only thing we can do is expose the homosexual and boycott their agenda. I am not advocating anytjingnviolemt or illegal. But we must act swiftly and decisively.


          • The black community can’t afford to have a large homosexual population.
            The extent that homosexualality is exploding in the black community is ominous. It is a form of soft genocide. The black community was specifically targeted for mass socialization of homosexuality. The plans were put forth in the 1970s. But this had been in the works for at least 95 years.
            Black men withstood the assault on their heterosexuality for at least 2000 years. Finally with chemical engineering, massi incarceration, media propaganda, black men have finally succumbed to Greco – Roman family values. It was hard, but mission accomplished.

          • You and others who think like you have hateful, disturbed and judgmental spirits. You are NOT God. You are just a human being like the rest of us.

            I too find it unpleasant that so many of our Black men in Hollywood, etc. are forced and/or encouraged to wear feminine clothing. Even athletes are sometimes pictured wearing clothing (suits and shoes) that
            appear to be designed like shoes for women (Dwayne Wade for one.)

            Still, that is no reason to harbor hate in one’s heart. These fools know what they are taking part in. Its sad, but, we are powerless to stop these money hungry fools from shining an ugly reflection on our race. God does not accept hate on any level.

            IMHO, it is our job to be the best examples of worth and positive pride to those around us.

            Having hateful feelings can and will destroy you if you are not careful. Its not worth it.

            • I agree even though there is an agenda to make everyone homosexual,but why care unless u are just jealous u aren’t involved yourself. But if everyone is gay? How does the HUEman race go on?

            • 21:2 9

              I may not agree with evrything you said, but you get kudos on keeping the dialogue on a higher level.

              I just wanted to say that.

            • Hate the action of the gay people or the cause but don’t hate the gay people because of their sexuality.The reason I say that is because I love many cousins and family and it seems a few of them are coming out that they are gay .Now I never knew or suspected back in the day that they were even close to liking the same sex.Now that everybody is grown with their own kids and the truth is out what am I suppose to do suddenly hate my cousins because of their sexuality? I can’t turn on a switch to hate them .So understand where am coming from .I will never hate them they have never hurt me or disrespected me in any way shape or form.

            • Me too 21:29. Showing hate towards any group of people will not bring any good to you or to them in the end.
              They are people with rights too. You don’t have to agree with their choices and lives, but they are entitled to live their lives as they choose.

          • hey, ummmm. mr. 145 IQ, if you don’t know what words mean, they perhaps no one should listen to your backward opinions. based on what you write, i’d have to say your IQ is probably closer to 14.5!!

            having a large population; densely populated.
            synonyms: densely populated, heavily populated, congested, crowded, packed, jammed, crammed, teeming, swarming, seething, crawling; informaljam-packed
            “a populous island”

            find another place for hate = try the republikkkan party, they seem to like that sort of thing.

        • 14:22. I for one do not hate gay people. To hate anyone is a disrespect for the gift of life.
          However, the gay struggle in no shape, form, or fashion, compares to the struggles of black people. Gay men were not lynched because of the color of their skin. Gay people were never enslaved enmasse, and subjected to genocide, they never had to deal with for colored only signs. Where were the gays when the dogs were being sickedon people during the civil rights struggle?
          Did gay people ever get soaking wet because water hoses were turned on them during the civil rights struggle? Were gays forbidden from learning to read?
          To be honest when it comes to intolerance, I think a lot of gay people exhibit that trait to the max. Some, not all do not respect heterosexual rights at all, and bully heterosexuals forever and a day.
          Again, no shade to gay people at all.
          They certainly have a right to happiness and respect, but guess what? So do heterosexuals.

          • Where were the gay people when black people were struggling for justice and equality? Doing what do best, hiding in their closets.

          • Don’t get me started on double standards. Call a gay person a fag, and watch what happens. You may get sent to tolerance counseling. Gay people will not allow you call them that.
            But they have no problem what so ever calling women ***fish*****. .To me that is the same level as fag., but no one lectures them , or boycotts them, or tries to get legislation passed to stop gay men from calling women fish. So they feel great about calling fish, all day every day. No one ever calls them on it.

            Then they complain about women using gay lingo. But at the same time they wear women’s shoes, purses, makeup, clothes, and everything else. But women never complain about that.

            If you want respect you need to give it.

        • I’m gonna just have to hope you are kidding. That s what you find embarrassing? Not two grown men kissing or calling each other baby, playing basketball naked, wearing skirts,and dresses. That’s not what embarrasses you..Naw, you are embarrassed that some people hate that gender bending nonsense. smdh. That Is Ass backwards man. Ridiculous.

          • I am embarrassed for people who have failed to evolve and accept those who live in a different way.

            People who stay stuck in backwards dogmatic thinking don’t go very far in life.

            • 13:16

              The black community slept on gangster rap. When myself, and C. Delores Tucker sounded the warning, nobody listened. This is not about homophobia. This is about the deliberate chemical altering of practically all young black males. No one cares what people do in their bedroom.
              But we do care about being bred out of existence, and having our young black males chemically engineered to a species of subservient men, bowing to the headship of men of other races.

              We can’t afford to echo the jingoistic rhetoric trumpeted in the media, which by the way is owned by the same people who deliberately altered our young males. Homosexuals are nothing new in the black community. We never had a bunch, but they have been with us. We never shut them out. They were at family reunions, at big momas house on Sunday’s, at all the weddings, parties, and barbecues their families gave.
              Contrary to media lies …black are a very humane group of people ( or we used to be). I am older so I am telling you what I know and lived. Gay or not we loved our family.
              But as a monolith black people can not afford this experimental behavior modification exercise. We have been subjected to medical warfare (aids) and bio soecific weapons, drugs were deliberately placed in our communities for selling, guns were placed in our communities for selling, organizations that were for the uplifting of black people, were triangulated and turned into blood thirsty gangs.
              We as a whole are exhausted at all of the effort to destroy us, and we have no patience for chemically induced behavior modification to breed us out of existence.

            • c delores tucker wanted some money she was greedy herself.

              no matter whites have always put down black musaic even when rappers wasn’t cussing whites hated hip hop they couldn’t understand it why do these black guys act like this what are they doing they spin on their heads, what does funky fresh mean.

              whites put down Motown and they was non threatening.

              whitex hated cab calloway, Louis Armstrong, and bessoie smith.

              they said black music since the 20’s was dirty, nasty, made by disgusting common lowlife ignorant blaCKS.






              MADONNA’S A WHORE.



            • Live a different way. They wouldn’t have life if it wasnt for people living life we are suppose to. Man women. Gay does not promote life.

  4. when you men dress up drag that is a rituals of embarrassment and it means they are “bitches”. they suck dick and take up up the ass the rock, lebron, kevin hart, tyler perry, etc are bisexual. when you athletes naked on the espen mags that is a ritual as well it doesn’t matter nba, nfl, ufc, mbl, etc they are down with the elites for example ronda rousey she’s tough but she get down and dirty too when she want a movie role or endorsement. the masonic brotherhood and sisterhood own everything from televison networks, music, sports. colleges (frats sorority). oh yeah and the black boule. homosexuality is big with sick bastards. “TIN HAT” signing off

    • Rituals of embarrassment rings true re: Black men having to dress in drag and/or wear women’s clothes to advance.

      I believe you are telling us the truth about these things. Are you a show biz insider, Stephen?

      P.S. Was Michael Jackson really guilty of those sick crimes as a child abuser?






        • Hi Crazy Chris

          Do u believe MJ was murdered? If so, why?
          I ask the same thing about Whitney Houston
          and Bobbi K.

          Could Whitney and Bobbi K possibly have drug
          *What kind of person is Pat Garland?
          Did she use Whitney?

      • No. The real one wasnt. But who knows about that white skinned imposter they replaced him with. That thing might have been capable if anything. But that wasnt the real MIchael jackson. And thats why those kids of hIs supposedly are so white lookIng, and why he avoided his family and wouldn’t let them get near him . Most suspicious, he fired hits long time trusted manager and hired and hired the three lawyers he hated, detested and despised most In the world to represent his estate . Whatever that thing was, it was definitely a drug addict.

        • 12:44 Thank you my spirit discerned that was NOT the same Michael from back in the day .

    • AMEN RA anyone that’s on the idiot box,sadly including children just ask corey haim has to get down and get screwed in the butt hole. MEN,WOMEN and ChILDREN the zionist jesuits control hollyweird and the entertainment business.

      • That’s just not true. Only the little boys and young men get screwed in the butt. The men such as Dan Schneider love the tight 14 year old girl p*ssy just fine. And when it comes to older dudes, they expect them to give head.

  5. Stephen please tell me it ain’t so about the Rock…Please.

    Never knew that about Ronda Rousey.

  6. Freddie listen stop being star struck about the Rock and understand that in the business that their in anything can go down.Handsome with muscles does not exempt the most macho man from making it in the industry and not complying.

    • Thanks @Anon15:43. The Rock I remember is from wrestling. But I do understand what u r saying.

  7. John Legend is an incredibly classy and intelligent man. Those of you who are mocking him and his wife are very sad individuals indeed.

    • are you stupid? did you not see this woman disrespect him on tv on more than one occasion? Have you not seen how loud mouthed and rude his wife is? He may be classy but she is not classy at all thats not mocking thats fact

    • John Legend’s rise to prominence is a part of the agenda to give black males gender ambiguous role models. There is a reasons the industry makes black men wear drag. They want to eradicate our population from the Earth. Don’t fet caught up in th fact that he can sing and play instruments. He is the enemy.

      This website is filled with enlightened people who can exercise their rights to promote hatered (legally) versus the homosexuala and those who bankroll them. These people are not about the upliftment of the black race.

      We use terms like beard and fag often but that’s the low road. Mr. Legend’s family and many others on TV are based on a act. It’s not real. Mr Legend along with almost every rotation entertainer is a homosexual. His wife is planted there to promote a facade of family. This disarms you into believing that his agenda isn’t a part of the assault on your community as is AIDS (eugenics) and depopulation through low birth rates.

      This site is #1 at exposing out persecutors in the media.

          • I find no value in trading insults with you on a personal level. My primary focus is on uplifting my community. Societal cohabitation and geopolitical issues are much more black and white than many assume. What I have stated is true. Homosexuals are destroying the black community. The absence of strongslenrole models are destroying the Black Community. The AIDS rates in the black homosexual community are astronomical. Also the “down low” community is responsible for spreading AIDS in straight people. Finally. Our oppressors have an agenda to expose our males to feminine characteristics.

            The game is much deeper than disagreeing with ones lifestyle. You may opt to approach it your way however. Questioning your intellectual prowess anonymously does not solve anything so please be vigilant and be blesseed @Kenny

        • 145
          Sounds like he has read up and looked into this matter thoroughly. I don’t get down with hate, but I can see there is a clear agenda to rid the earth of blacks period. To me you guys sound hypnotized by the media.

    • Sheeple, like u are blinded to what really goes on in Hollyweird,because y’all are into idol and celebrity worshipping.

  8. Nice try but….no cigar. Nothing about two down-lows hugged all up on each other is natural. Neither is it cool or good to see black men in dresses in skirts,…and every show on television featuring a gay black make and a black actress who is inevitably coupled up or sexing a white actor.
    The attack on black men, black masculinity and black families is real. Are we as a community supposed to just remain silent? Or accept it? Not gonna happen. And you play into the hands of your oppressors by accepting it and trying to normalize it . Because the gay agenda is the latest more subtle form of population control. They don’t want us procreating. Only about 10% of a population should be naturally gay. The surge we see now its because of dietary supplements, immunizations (allegedly), soy and sulfates in all our food, and yes media and celebrities making it socially acceptable to the very young which destabilizes taboos. But I’m too old for that mess and, will never accept it.

    • aint body forcing black men to wear their pants below their waste, wear two earings or to wear pink they choose to….black men choose to rape each other in prison….they dont have to….they choose to marry white women, sell drugs to their own kind…..are black men that weak is the question

      • No-one forces black men into wearing their pants below their waist, wear two earrings or to wear pink they choose to….black men chooses to rape each other while in prison they don’t have to, they choose to. They choose to marry white women, sell drugs to their own kind, call their women bitches and hos. Are black men that weak is the question?

      • Anon 21:06

        Come from behind that wall sweetie. It is obstructing your view reality.

        • GTFOOHWTBS, ninja pkease. I will come out from behind a wall, when you hop off your masters shriveled pink peen. Until then just stfu.

          • 12:02

            I have no master, but you have raggedy cliches.
            Thanks for your input though. Now why don’t you go play soccer in rush hour traffic.

          • Whereas your cliches are all sewn up tight like your discount as-seen-on-tv jegging s. Since you thanked me for your input, know you are welcome. No doubt my imput is more palatable than what you usually take in, if you b catch my meaning. But Ill skip your advice to go play in traffic. Id rather remain pool side so I can toss in a plugged in radio should you and your big head go floating by. It really want serious enough to come to death wishes but you people signify destruction one way or another, so I’m really not surprised.

          • 13:03

            Thanks for the love, now go throw yourself away in the trash.

            Or you could stop repeating media hype and look into,the following

            Did Henry Kissinger issue a directive to push homosexuality in the black community?

            Before 1990. Black,men were terrified of going to prison. But when gangster rap was introduced it was seen as a badge of honor to go,to prison . Why?
            How come little black boys are given drugs for ADD that makes then grow breasts?
            Why were BPAs put in hip hop clothing?
            Why are phyto estrogens placed in food ?

            Grow your mind. Be wary of behavior modification that people as a group resist. View the subject in it’s entirety. Ask yourself why and who benefits.
            The media is not your friend and you are going to have to grow smart enough to carefully examine everything they say.

          • @ 14:11, save it, sheila. Don’t get it twisted , loves got not a damn thing to do with this. You can defend your abominable lifestyle until the, rest of your demons come home to roost, out won’t change a damn thing. No one like, me will ever be intimidated by someone like you. And as far as media hype , chile cheese, you wish. That is my comment at 18:04 so I already explained the reason behind the covert attempt to annihilate black male heterosexuality, and when I said out I was not talking to you. In fact I would never have willingly spoken to one of you but you threw, the first stone so I had a duty to hand you enough rope to hang yourself with. You have done nothing but underscore what’s wrong with you mitches. You will never be smarter or more aware than me because the great I am does not bother filling unclean cups. But you tried it tho, lol.

          • 18:29

            Did you read my comment ? I don’t think so. None of it applies to me.

        • 😛 , my bad. I thought you were the annoyyyyyynnnnnnnn antiblack troll from above. Eye Apologyze!

      • You must have missed the point entirely , which was : force is not necessary. Take fathers out of the home, expose boys to hip hop culture, pump them full of chemicals and expose them to chem trails all while making sure they do not have role models and force is not necessary. Young black boy are so confused force isn’t necessary. Its not about them being weak. Its about a powerful agenda meant to ultimately destroy them. Folks have to be blind not to see it.

        • 12:15

          Yes to everything. Everywhere I go ALL the young black males from
          12-16. appear to be hyper feminine. Their parents let them dye their hair platinum blonde, arch their eyebrows, and exhibit female traits. And thanks to the media’s propaganda, they think they are the business.

          But any observant person knows that a bunch gay youngsters don’t just fall out of the sky. Gays have always been with the black community. Nothing new there. But from my vantage point practically all young males from. 12-16
          want to be girls. No other community is having this issue.
          All the young males from other races feel,great about being male. They revel in it.
          Tie in the directive to socialize blacks with homosexuality, tie in the BPAS placed in hip hop clothng, tie in Phyto estrogen, tie in the drugs they give to young males in school for ADD, tie in high incarceration and you get the results we see. This plan has been in the making for at least 95 years that I know of. But it get’s even better..When these young black girls come of age and want to settle down there will be no black males to settle down with.
          But wait…yes there is…black women are being marketed to non black men via the media. ( now there is NOTHING wrong with interracial dating) So once that last generation of black girls marries out and raises her family, black people will be on their way to becoming a myth. Our numbers will drop until we are no more. When you see these young black males with ultra feminie characteristics, you are looking at the last generation of black people. These boys want nothing to do with women. But they can’t help it. They were chemically altered by TPTB. No need to bash or lecture them. It is not their fault.

          • You know Lee Daniels has stated he is fighting homophobia in the black community. But he does not understand he is being used by TOTB to
            assist in breeding his own people out of existence. I think Malichi Martin said black people can not get to the top of their game unless they agree to
            denigrate their own. And it looks like this formula might be right when I think about Lee Daniels popping up,everywhere saying blacks are homophobic, instead of aknowledeging that this is a plan to,breed black people out of existence and capture the mitochondrial DNA of the black woman, which has the DNA of every race on earth inside of it.
            Let me say this real quick…as young girl homosexuality was not,as prevalent as it is now. But black families who had gay sons still looked out for them. If you tried to beat up a gay male, you knew you had a tail kicking coming from all his brothers, and cousins. We were not in love with the behavior..but we loved the person. And if outsider did not think he was loved by his family, and tried to hurt him, he would get a clearer picture after he got a””” kicked by the guys male relatives.
            So,I wish Lee Daniels would sit his dopey self down somewhere with that non sense.

  9. the UNITED STATES is the leader in homosexuailty but this has been planned for a long time it all started in the romain days they pratice that stuff even the “cvil rights movement” was really all about gay rights. the gay agenda is real your pastors and gospel singers are part of it (td jakes, kirk franklin, joel osteen, mary mary, etc). because T.P.T.B are gay themselves from government, entertainment, sports, music are a part of this agenda. My question gay people why hide it? cause you know it’s wrong you have people going to jail because they don’t share your idealism. look at obama he’s gay michelle is a trans (where is pregnancy pictures?) joan rivers died for the telling the truth and obama had larry sinclair and donald young killed for exposing them “TIN HAT” signing off

    • Pardon me for where I’m about to go with this, but Joan Rivers died for vanity. Allow yourselves to blame everything on Obama but not her death.

      It’s funny how the reality of what’s really going is being covered up or diverted to your to keep people blind to the real. While black men and children are being gunned down in cold blood by the KKK aka POLICE. And you idiots want to focus on the “N” word? Nigga Please !!!

      Until you’ve walked or drove a mile in a black persons shoe your words are FRIVOLOUS.

      • How can you say that Joan Rivers died for vanity? She was a stand up comic and she had a TV show. The nodules on her vocal cords were causing her to speak with a deep rasp and the doctors feared she would lose her voice eventually. That’s not vanity.

        • There is no telling what other procedures she had prior to her serious surgery. Everyone knows that woman had more plastic then a recycler. And her body just could not process anymore anesthesia .

    • You sound to dumb to be real! For once be a man and own up to your weakness! Everything is this world is the fault of BW and WM! Bm you are losing the battle just as most of you have traited in your souls! When things were going good couldnt no one tell you a thing, but now that it is open season and BM you scream “conspiracy” like a scared lil biatch! Own up to you sins or you will continue to perish and suffer like the weak lil clowns that you have become!

      • 14:29 what obvious bitch you are every time you post Ho come up with some brand new shit plz … Every character you come up with Tippie hates Bm… Seems like your blk daddy just used your mother p*ssy for fun and has you and I guess he never wanted a half breed slut whore for a child after f*cking your fat nasty white Cuban whore mom… Don’t worry confused azz bitch we finally getting to know the real Choco/ Tippes but you still sound like a weak bitch under all your brand bew make names in here ! Lol!

  10. if mechelle is a trannie than how did she have two kids? one looks exactly like her. Why cant a women just be tall, or powerfulwith out some racistist talking sshit

      • Stfu Michelle is a Michael too.. She has a penis and vagina which makes her an Hermaphrodite! Get to know a person before you go ridding they dicks !

        • How do you know? Have you looked up,her skirt?
          Why are you responding so child like about this topic?

          HSK for all it’s wants, does have posters that respond in a more mature manner.
          Are you from the AMREN boards? You sound like it. Or you may be a Rush Limbsugh troll.

          • I look up your skirt bitch and ain’t telling what the f*ck I saw… So stfu like said you lame bitch ! Can’t stand troll whores like you who defend ppl who you worship and give praise!

            • 16:16

              Wait a minute, I am a troll whore? I have not antagonized anybody.
              You are the one getting over the top angry about a simple comment.
              Do you realize how ridiculous you look?

              You are doing the absolute most and giving yourself away as well.

              All that anger you are displaying gives evidence of a deeper resentment.
              You don’t get 38 hot with an Anon poster. This anger says you know exactly who I am . Your anger does not match to the situation.
              It is overkill.

            • 16:16

              I wonder do you work here and switch names and alter egos. The hate you are directing at me is out of balance to an unknown poster. You would have to have a way of knowing who is who, if they are under Anon.
              But all of this malice and rage says you are familiar with me.
              You would not be this angry if you were not familiar with me.

            • Of course I know who you we dumbbitch you live in here, sleep in here, why else would I pick you troll ?!!

            • Of course I know who you are dumbbitch , you live in here whore is what I meant !

    • she may or may not be a trans but she definetly said on an interview that shes a single mother, and then tried to backtrack

      • 17:03

        Look a that. I post under Anon. How would you know it’s me? I could be anybody. If a person is an Anon how do you know who they are when they post.
        As to the times I am here… Well how would you know? Your anger had just exposed exactly who you are. You run this site and you comment under multiple names. I always say it is so easy to call a person names via keyboard.
        I hope the Obamas get at your crazy ass and our put you in check.

        • Correction, I hope President Obama and Mrs.Michelle Obama get at your crazy ass and get you all the way together.

          • Suck a dick and stfu f*ck you and the Obama ‘s bitch I know you you corny stupid azz troll … I know if your drunk azz ain’t sucking on Peenis You in here being the usual lame troll bitch you are !

            • 20:43

              You are just as dumb and vulgar as if it is second nature.
              You think you are smart but you are as dumb as a box of rocks. That is why people all ways know it’s you, but with a different name.
              And here is the thing.. You talk so so tuff behind that keyboard. I wonder would you say half of the things to my face. You have no filter, no class and no common sense.
              Just sad…..

            • 20:43 don’t you stay in Los Angeles close to China town or Bell park or something like that?

              Want to meet for tea so can tell me all you need to say face to face?

            • Slut whore stfu for the lSt time tonight … See ppl only a fumbbitch like this troll would still be in here waiting on my response .. Only A drunk tramp cock sucking bitch with no life would worry about my reply! Oh and try to say I’m the troll Cuz everybody knows that’s what blameless lames do !

            • Last time , dumbbitch….typos, this seem to happen to me when I have to dumb down to your level you stupid bitch and I’m not mad I’m happy .. Clap along !

  11. its suspect because niggas always be having love for each other talking bout my nigga, my dawg, my homie, my man, baby, my brother….everything my …lick the secret bitch that he is…..they never be showing the same love to the black women….i dont hardly hear a nigga say….my queen, my love, my sista…all i hear is that bitch this and that….f*ck niggas loving in a a natural way….they need to showsome of that love to the sistas

    • folks like you who use the N word ares disturbing. why can’t/wont you use/say Black instead. that word is horrible, but, many Blacks seem to accept and/or use it. what a shame.

      • black ppl call each niggas all the time as a term of endearment….thats the thing with black folks

        • n a part of me speaks from frustration….i dont use the term like that,,,,just makung a point…black folks need to get together….particularly black men

        • Pardon me for where I’m about to go with this, but Joan Rivers died for vanity. Allow yourselves to blame everything on Obama but not her death.

          It’s funny how the reality of what’s really going is being covered up or diverted to your nothing. While black men and children are being gunned down in cold blood by the KKK aka POLICE. And you idiots want to focus on the “N” word? Nigga Please !!!

          Until you’ve walked or drove a mile in a black persons shoe your words are FRIVOLOUS.

        • I don’t buy it for one moment: using the N word as a term of endearment??? You do realize that that word was used to intimidate and belittle don’t you? Many Blacks are still very uncomfortable with it being used so casually.

          Its disrespectful to Black culture. Its upsetting that Black youth are growing up hearing that horrible word thrown around.

          There’s no excuse….none. Its ignorant. Fact.

          • My grandafather used to say that word only has power if you give it power, and you are giving it power just stop letting it bother you because you cant change what other people do or say

          • The n word, the n word.
            If a black person called me nicca, it means nothing. We know our motives.
            When non blacks use it the motives are not clear. Are they talking slick, or is it just their lingo.

            Motives and intentions drive the protocols on using nicca.

          • That’s probably the same type of grandfather that would look at a feed the children’s commercial and say, “if they’re starving, why are their stomachs so big.” GFOHWTBS

          • No actually he was the type of grandfather that taught us to have self esteem and stop allowing a word to define you, and your little analogy proved how stupid you are im not even going to get into that

  12. @Tell it….don’t waste your time on these brain dead slaves. Most of our race is too far gone. They ceave negative talk and rumors about other Blacks. Other races laugh at us? No other race rips into it’s race like Blacks. Just a brain dead people.

    • It’s so depressing to see how little love there is for black stars. I hardly want to read the comments here any more. We don’t need the MAN to tear us down and apart. We’re doing the job for the MAN.

      You would think that with so many conspiracy theorists here they would be smart enough to realize that the whole “Obama’s gay, he went to Man’s Country in Chicago and was in love with a man in college” stories were all creations designed by Republican think tanks to discredit the first black man to hold true power in the world. But of course, black folk bit right into the Matt Drudge/RNC bullshit like it was free steak and lobster.
      Somewhere somehow we have lost our love and sense of community. It’s tragic.

      • stop the bullshit obama is gay and michelle is trans if you can’t provide me baby pictures of “her” then shut up(no disrespect) those kids are not really theirs they were adopted your nothing but an obama supporter he does nothing black men and women you niggas still sayin “i hope obama turn it around” obama along with the rest of the congress, judical system, local government, school system, entertainment business even the prison system. work for T.P.T.B oh yes the voting system is rigged they control that too. go march with al sharpton and jesse jackass either your a agent or your just not in the know “TIN HAT” signing off. these black “leaders”, preachers, and entertainers don’t give a damn about you tell jordan stop having your black men kill themselves over jordans

      • Anon 2:06
        I know about getting depressed about current developments.
        I was never fooled by the media about Obsma.
        The media does a good job of keeping other presidents dirt out of the spotlight.
        Just like Michelle is no trans. Her oldest daughter looks just like her.
        This rumor was started by men who are jealous because her arms look better than theirs.

        • The media made Bush look like a clown, shot kennedies head off in front of millions of people, impeached clinton for getting his D sucked sooooo WTF are you talking about????

          • 13:46

            The real question is why are you coming at me like a 14 year old thug with no conversational skills?

            The media has never told the real deal. Your arguement proves my point. You are only mentioning things that have been allowed to leak. You mention none of the hidden facts.

            Let me point this don’t know how I think, or what I know, or what I have seen. So if I see racism then that is what I am going to call it.
            Your strawman shaming has no effect on me.

            • the stuff that did leak made white people look just as bad as blacks but when you see everything through the filter of racism you tend to only foucus on the information thats feeds your theory, try thinking outside of the box for once

            • I stay out of the box constantly. That is why I can safely say I know for a fact the truth has not been told about other presidents.

              But here is my question …are you in I ternet surveillance? You seem to be right on top of my answers in real time. As if you were reading what I type.

              Since I am a targeted individual or TI, it would not surprise me one bit to find out you are in Internet surveillance.

              If you are in surveillance let me just say…do your job objectively, and without emotion. The people you spy on are entitled to their own opinions.
              You have no business getting emotional about what I feel, see, or think.
              Is it not bad enough you are part of an apparatus that no one wanted, and everyone hates?

              If you are not in Internet surveillance disregard my comments.

            • 15:31

              How exactly do you know what my. ****TRENDS***** are?
              You know my trends and proclivities by a simple Anon post?
              To know my TRENDS your would have to engage in constant observation.

              So you know my trends Huh Okay, alright.

            • Plus having gay rumors is not half as bad as getting your head shot off or getting impeached in front of the world and being forced to admit you had sex with your secratary, or being blamed for 9/11, even Abraham Lincoln was assasinated, if anything they have PROTECTED Obama by sealing all his records, he barely had a record of birth, they made him look like a hero for catching Osama Bin Lauden he walks around with no security eating and burger joints and dancing on the Ellen show so thats why your theory makes no sense

            • No not paranoia. I wish it was paranoia. I would pay cash money for it to be just paranoia. But here again you answered my post in real time.

              I am going elsewhere now. Go meet me on those boards so you can see what I say and get in your feelings about it.

              See ya around cyber detective.

        • They not only put predidents dirt front and center for previous white presidents they also put pedo politicians on blast stop seeing everything as racism

  13. Man f*ck Black people, they are their own worst enemy. Always tearing each other down.

    • That’s fine, you’re entitle to your own opinion. But like Tupac said “we’ll burn this mutha down if you get us pissed.”

    • David ala Hsk troll whore… Look bitch you too f*cking dumb to try to switch shit up … Ok so now you took down your female names Cuz we called all them shits out …now you David, Steven , and Tony Starks … You think ppl are a bunch of dumb f*cks like you Tippie ..Whore get your life brokeback bitch!

      • 16:26

        I kind of wonder if that is person coming for me today? I am just wondering.

        • It’s a troll you know all so well .. Just that the bitch was getting called out by all her female names switched up and now use men names same troll bitch Ms Baylis and her host of names !

  14. For a bunch of heterosexuals, you all are waaaaaay too focused on homosexuality.





    7 LONG TIME AGO YOU COULD LOOK THROUGH A man’s record or cd collection to see if he was a fag but these days its not so easy.

    8 wears a kilt and knows nothing about Scotland or Ireland ain’t nothing European about you sorry even whiteboys in America who have Scottish ancestry don’t wear kilts.

    9 dudes trying to bring ancient roman, and greek wardrobes back well that was then fashion was supposed to have evolved beyond tunics and short robes.

    10 whats next black dudes like kanye, and puff are gonna wear wigs like George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, and ben franklin well our foreftahers wear wigs.

    11 accepting punk ass whiteboys as hood, or hip cause he says he like rap music.

    12 accepting white girls who swear they’re from the ghetto but don’t know a damn thinbg about street culture.

    13 even if Eminem has street cred even white trash is above so called hood ns.

    14 dudes letting women phukk him in the aSS WITH STRAP ONS

    • I am from Mich and Eminem had no street cred, He lived across eight mile which is a line of demarcation between Detroit and another city, or township. The area he lived in was noted for it’s bold racism. They practiced after 5 pm discrimination.
      Meaning if it was after 5, you should be in your car going home after work.
      Anything after 5. and a person of color would get stopped, and possibly escorted out.
      Yes, all these things took place across 8 mile.


    IF THE ALMIGHTY BLACK EGPTIANS AND EARLY HEBREWS WAS BLACK THEN IT WAS AROUND THEN TOO OR THE SO CALLED CREATOR GOD JEHOVAH, YAHWAH, OR Allah or whatever religion you believe in wouldn’t have said homosexuality and beastiality are abominations so it had to have been around.

    ancient pagan gods was gay and lesbian.

    Ishtar loved creating hermaphrodites.

    Cybele had her male servants castrate themselves and become women they had no choice.

    zeus raped boys, women, and animals.

    Apollo was gay.

    Poseidon, and pan was gay cronus had sex with a horse and a hybrid was born.

    loki had sex with a man when he transformed to a horse.

    zeus changed io into a cow and impregnated her.

    set raped his nephew horus.

    Hercules had sex with nephew and numerous boys.

  18. bobbi k called angela bassett a trans, heshe and look what happened to her.

    joan rivers just didn’t like the obamas.

  19. white cops killing blacks and getting away with it.

    blacks kill blacks and nobody cares another day in the hood.

    black men diss black women in songs and vice versa.

    blacks love whites too much.

    kanye calling cumbucket kim kardashian a trophy.

    kylie and kendall act like dykes.

    who wants to buy kanye’s 1000 pants and outfits damn fool he won’t be getting my money guess hes gonna need it when kim gets through with his ass.

    cocky azz bastard.

    yes essence, and other so called mags aimed at so called urban women do encourage interracial dating now than it did back in 1990.

    cube made horny lil devil dissing whites for lusting and wanting to rape black women, now these black womenm prefer white men mainly because white men are more open to eating p*ssy, licking ass, and plus they spend more money.

    but whites look bad when they age and I’m thinking do black people really want to wake up with these ancient looking fools.

    I didn’t support integration but funny how no other race who came over here never had to march or protest about equality.

    only blacks.

    never hear cops killing Mexicans not even the illegal ones, cops never kill Asians, or any other other races of people.

    only blacks and Africans who come over here tryimng to live this so called American dream.

    the American dream was not meant for black people we should quit trying to achieve and starve for whitey’s approval blacks done proved themselves in every academic field anyway what more can we do.

    they hate rap music but rap music is making the industry millions.

    black music has always made the industry millions whites know this so their icons are all up in it now.

    now paul McCartney’s mummy looking ass is making rap songs.

    gene simmons freaky p*ssy licking ass saying hip hop ain’t music if you don’t play a guitar you don’t belong in the rock and roll hall of fame yeah they dissed donna summer who was ironically their labelmate and shes not here to defend herself.

    whites alweays hated black music since the 1920’s until whites came around copied it and made millions off it.

    blacks want to go to college and still cant get a job still make less than qwhites and still get called niggers regardless of how they chose to carry themselves whites don’t care if you got a degree in medicine or engineering or what.

    whites don'[t care all they care about is that myth black men got big dicks, black women got superp*ssy they got big asses, junglebooty.














  22. Stfu…BW pls stop wasting energy on these sad little clowns better known as BM, the only time they scream for unity is when their weak behinds are being destroyed on national media for the worlds viewing pleasure! Shot/beatting/killed by their ww brothers and fathers like worthless dogs! Now they want unity from us nappy heade hoes! I am disgusted by such cowardly behavior! Boasted to be kings but nothing more than cowardly queens! Fight the battle you created on your own, because this BW utilzes her energy on those close and loyal!

    • 14:21

      Black men have been engineered to behave this way. Truth be told black men are very strong. I say that because they have been trying to tear his down centuries.
      If any other men on the planet endured what black men have, they would have buckled long ago. If shooting goes on in the black community, how did the guns get there? Who flew the drugs in the country, and passed inspection and got clearance to bring the drugs in the states? It was not black people. Have black people forged international ties with other countries in the drug trade?

      Yeah black men do trip a little, but guess what? They are not wreaking havoc on the entire planet and making the people cry.

      • I hope you are just using tired old rhetoric in your argument and you don’t actually believe that. I know two black arms dealers who are multi-millionaires and they source their weaponry from all over the globe. They supply rogue militia, drug dealers, gangsters and Joe Sixpack who always wanted his own AK.

        And if you don’t know that we have black men who travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan to deal with the poppy farmers, you are really out of touch. There’s a well known dude in NYC who now speaks rudimentary Arabic to aid him in his dealings with the Golden Triangle growers.

        • Oh lord….

          There you go…you know 2 black men Huh!? Who are they working for?
          As far as black soldiers go they were sent there. They have no choice .
          Black soldiers were sent to areas in the Middle East where Africans are enslaved in chattle slavery. They had no choice.

          Black people have zero authority to do anything illegal. If blacks are involved in anything on a large scale of wrong you better trust and believe they authorized to do it. Don’t believe me? Ask Freeway Rick .

  23. Hey Chris ,

    Don’t forget white people are victims just like us. The powers that be just hate us more. But the regular white person is perplexed and hurting just like we are.
    I am not trying to be your momma, I just want to throw that out there.

  24. This board is creeping me out today. People are commenting on my opinions as if they were reading what I am typing in real time, it almost feels Internet surveillance is on the HSK boards strong today.
    Just thinking about it gives me creeps. Let me go elsewhere…

  25. WOW! look i’m sorry if i offended anyone with my comments but it’s the truth. listen most of these black celebs, leaders, even youtube sensations sotomayor, traiq, “dr” umar johnson. don’t mean you no good black people. the problem with blacks they believe anything these people say because their black when they start talkin that bullshit black leadership and ownership every last of them who talked that mess is either dead or sold out. marcus garvey, MLK, maya angelou, tupac, nelson mandela, spike lee huey p newton (the black panther party). sold out. listen black people we will never own a damn in america all you need to do is just take care of your family and yourself stop falling for this black ownership and leadership it’s cointelpro. they are boule members oh yeah “dr” boyce watkins he sold out too he has too much publicity. again i am sorry for my comments i just love my 12 TRIBE PEOPLE we are the lords chosen people “TIN HAT” signing off

    • Stephen

      Respectfully I ask…why are you discouraging fiscal independence?
      With all due respect that sounds kind of Co Intel to me.

      I usually ride for you. Can you explain why you would discourage blacks from business ownership?

      • Never mind Stephen.

        I think I understand why you said what you did. You are a black Hebrew and you believe that this is not black people’s rest….did I get it right?

        • No Stephen is a troll bitch… And don’t like blk PPl cuz the mixed whore was never excepted by blks … Now she uses men names thinking she can say the same fumb shit she said as a bitch we won’t put 2 and 2 together gtfoh tin hat singing off to see the wizard!

          • i am a man a black man who loves his people i’m just tired of yall falling for these false idols i’m not a troll i maybe aggressive but not a troll what made you think i was a woman LOL

            • Sure you are Stephanie you a man … Today or maybe this week you troll bitch,,,, Choco / Tippie listen Ho you ain’t fooling nobody you a writer and you search the archives Cuz you and I know Hsk repeats the same ppl just its a different story so you know how to sound like you blacker than thou stealing ppl comments that got they’re prospers in here.. You just went from Ms Baylis and her fake blk revolutionary bullshit to a man’s name ,now Ho begone and kill yourself … weak bitch !

          • 17:13

            She slipped under the radar on that one. I did not know STEPHEN was her.
            She has a billion names seriously. Now watch her finish exposing herself by deleting all my comments. Then she will come and hack my IPad.
            Or send someone to do it. I am a gamer as well, and I notice that I always have issues with it, If we get into it here at HSK

            • She is well connected and I can tell she is no ordinary person as well.
              I think she is a Catholic from Loisianna too.

            • Idk why the stupid azz bitch does the same I hate Bm and love Wm bullshit and this Stephanie bitch isn’t new the fraud f*ck just pops out of nowhere ?like all her names she just went a made up
              Man name this time ,but still sounds like a bitch !

            • 21:05

              You read my mind to the very letter. Yes I think it is Christa. What is wrong with her? Why does she act like that?

            • She doesn’t. Someone is either very paranoid or she has an overactive imagination.

            • People on here are paranoid schitzophrenics they think anyone with an opposing view is an agent and watching them “in real time” lmao….then if thier computer gets slow “it must be someone from HSK hacking my computer!” People are nutz

  26. if your going to a business black people stay under the radar i’m sorry if didn’t analyze myself you can have business just don’t try to be a millionaire you don’t need a million dollars just enough to help people and take care of your family. all these franchise like wal mart, target, sears, etc the people who own these places sold out and they are a part of the fema camps. if your going to be an indy business music or otherwise DON’T FUCK WITH HOLLYWOOD OR MASONIC BROTHERHOOD OR THE BOULE. our people want to be miillionairs damn that. once you become in the millions the elites own you don’t believe me ask professor grief he was a soldier but they burn his house down as a message he eventually gave in and sold out going on alex jones. just like krs one throwing up the 666. sorry if i misinformed you guys and girls STAY INDY and FUCK HOLLYWERID. oh yeah dame dash son boggie be throwin up the baphoment he taught that boy well. don’t follow dame either he is still a apart of the game

    • You just repeating the same shit other more informed folks have already said on Hsk so stfu … Do some real research and stop stealing info we heard all this before slut bitch !

  27. It is energizing to read the intelligent comentary on this website. It is imperative that we rise up and systematically dismantle these plots to completely obliterate our lineage. I am glad there are other brothers and sisters out there who can discern the sinister motives that our enemies have. They use media and subliminal messages to control us and incite anger homosexuality and embitter our people.

    They hate us. It’s our time to galvanize and find ways within the current system to prosper. I salute my open minded brethren who openly spit in the face of evil.

    • 145
      I don’t think there is anything left to do. It has already taken place.
      Allow me to relate a story.

      I was at a social gathering with people of all ages and sexes. I noticed the young black males between 14-17 seemed inclined to follow each other around the gathering. It was almost like they had crushes on each other. The girls that were with them seemed to be getting on their nerves. They did not welcome female attention at all. They were happiest being up under each other and dancing with each other.
      This has never happened before. What happened? Chemical engineering is what happened.
      It seems as if the project was thoroughly successful. A lot of the young black males today want nothing to do with girls. Girls are looked upon as a nuisance , a irritation factor, annoying …you get the picture. We can’t reverse this chemical engineering.
      It is too late.

  28. Remember what I told ya’ll about the movie “The Thing”, now do you believe me?

    (Lowers the volume on baby monitor, shoves it in pocket and slowly backs out of thread)

  29. Dave Chappelle complained about wearing a dress but, but, but….he wore a dress, a wig, and high heels in the movie Robin Hood Men In Tights. That movie came out before the Chappelle show. I smell a foul play!

  30. first of all i am a man here’s question why you people coming after men like that unless you guys are agents cause their alot of agents on this site and others i understand people might not liked what i said but i stand by it i don’t have to prove anything to you you don’t even know me saying i’m a woman lol(silly). i mean attacking me with velocity is it that serious everyone has the right to comment on this site i don’t have don’t different alias also celebs read sites like this and youtube they use an alias name to hide. if you want to believe i’m a woman then fine. even if i did use different name you wouldn’t know it i have respect for everyone and i’m not tryin to hurt someone if i did i’m sorry. have a great day. this internet it’s not that serious but i am a proud “conspiracy theorist” i like this site and the people on it again good day everyone .

  31. And yet we are not the ones responsible for: the coming water crisis, the housing crisis, the mortgage crisis, the goverment bailout of worthless corporations that tax payers must pay for, immigration legislation basically deadlocked, September 11, poisonous, carcinogen laden GMOs, gun control/internet control/ crowd control and other insidious forms of curbing your constitutionally granted civil rights….I could go on but you people never take responsibility got just, what a plauge to the planet you have been since time immortal so why waste time. I will say that while you are blogging about black men, China is about to dismantle the us dollar to mere dust, but…You awake tho

    • i agree china owns america because most things like clothes, shoes, pants, etc. is made by slave children including the dollar stores dollar general, dollar tree, maxway. FRN( federal reserves notes) was here to replace gold and silver it’s monoply money. once china gets rids of the dollar america is done RFID chip is already here along with the f.E.M.A camps the celebrities, coporate, athletes, have already taken the RFID chip. who else the churches and the church is 501 c3 (td jakes, creflo dollar, eddie long,)

      • the US government is trying to crash the economy actually it never recovered from 2009 because truthfully they were supposed to destroy it them but they held it off. when it does crash all the celebrities and coporate america wealth will be frozen the EBT, DEBIT, CREDIT, will be stopped. actually most of america wealth is digitized they will eventually stop printing money why people get ssi on a card? so they can monitor it. even the black boule is going to the crash it their not for you these boule members black men and women are been killing their own people know what that means? it not about being pro black black ownership and leadership we tried that most ended up dead or sold out. if they are another race let them help you we don’t own shit not even the white folks when SHTF were all f*cked

        • Stephen all the Boule men are not bad. My dad employs literally hundreds of black men and women and he pays a good wage and very good benefits. Why are you so convinced that they are all evil?
          Remember, there are good and bad in every group regardless of color.

          • hey how are you i mean no disrespect and you’re right it’s not about color but i have question you know most boule members are free masons right? if he can employ hundred of black men and women then that means he’s under the oath. their is nothing good about being a boule you say their not bad huh? did you know that the boule works for the elites rothschilds, builderbergs, rockefellers these are the people your dad works for and the boule pratice homosexuality it’s part of the rituals most black entertainers, NAACP and black ahtletes, and black cvil rights leaders are boule members the boule is a copy cat of the skull n bones society.skull n bones tell the boule what to do and the boule swore to the oath to keep blacks down and the only to make you have to join their club. and the boule is also in black colleges. if you dad is a boule he has this power to employ nah! i ain’t buyin it he ain’t doin nothin on his own he does the rituals and goes to those private meetings. (i mean no disrespect towards you but you’re wrong)

          • Stephen You are something for real! I am telling you that Michelle is a woman and I know this for a fact. I have seen pictures of her as a little girl with her brother who is a basketball coach now and she was very girly girl too. I have a fiend from Chicago who grew up on the same block as her family and she was always a she.
            I know you are very invested in your conspiracies, and that’s your business, but just like there is someone here who is convinced that YOU yourself are a female you should know that not everything you read online is factual. It’s the same with conspiracies. Some hold water and some don’t. The people who are in the business or promoting these theories keep coming up with new “facts” so that their online traffic stays high. That’s how they make money. I am a natural skeptic, but even I know that some of the stuff is rooted in truth, but some of it is beyond ridiculous(like the idea that the British Royal are shape shifting lizard people.)
            Use a little discernment when vetting the stories on the CT sites or you will end up like Mel Gibson, and nobody wants that.

  32. I laugh at how people allow other PEOPLE to dictate their responses. What’s sad is anyone could could read the comments and see that it is the same person talking back and forth to themselves, and yes I said themselves because they have multiple personalities. Hey, Its your thang,whatever it takes to make ad dollars. Even if it includes brainwashing. All comments are geared towards race. Exactly what you were aiming for. But no matter how much negativity you promote we as black people are always and will be strong. Why? We are a product of our environment no matter what anyone says, “no struggle no progress.”

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