Who’s Jacky Talking About? – April 7, 2014


She’s a former video vixen, reported to be depending on the producer of her cancelled show to Set It Off.

Sources reveal this Diamond has been using what she’s got to lure her producing-Queen to land her what she wants. And, what she wants is said to be another TV gig — ideally, like the shot-calling ‘on the set’ she landed from her DL lesbian liaison in La Land. Don’t believe me.. Just ask MC Lyte.

Dig the drop:

“She’s a lesbian for her benefit only. When she was doing that show “All of Us”, she was smashing Jada AND Will.

She used to play the back but once she busted it wide open for ______, she took over as leading lady. Since the show’s been cancelled.. she’s banking on _____ to secure her a new lane to play.”

Now, can you guess the female hustler I’m talking about?


    • THANK YOU!! I cant stand this “I’ve seen better actin’ from Tough Acting Tinactin” has-been. She’s so bad that its embarrasses me to even watch her try. The ONLY way she’s on TV is because of the ‘Casting Couch’. Hopefully she’ll be gone now that she’s past her “Sell By…” date.


    • Nicley done. You might find this piece relevent and would perhaps make you reconsider the Kuwaiti “trailblazing.”Micheal Herb. A nation of bureaucrats: political participation and economic diversification in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 2009.

      • She admitted to going to school. She said she’s a platinum digger and that she was a gold digger back in high school. I don’t know if she graduated, but she did spend some time in high school digging for gold.

  1. Lisa Rate

    I always wondered if she got down with Latifah because she terrible at acting.

  2. Lisa Rate

    I always wondered if she got down with Latifah because she terrible at acting

  3. all of us really means all of us in the bed will, jada, duane, lisa, elise, tisha and anybody else who was freaky enough to join the fun.

    latifah strapped on every ACTRESS AND THEN SOME.


    • What’s really up with Will/Duane?Dude flying all over the world with Will comes off as very suspect.

      • Will and Duane have been homosexual lovers since the 90’s. If they are travelling all over the world, it’s because they are looking for some action from young men/boys.

  4. IMO- L. Raye needs a Speech Therapist, not another show. I couldn’t understand a word she said on Single Ladies, her voice gets more garbled as the years roll on…

    • She should’ve taken Marki Costello seriously. L. Raye wanted to do hosting gigs, but with her inability to properly enunciate and her horrible accent, she won’t make it. Marki could’ve helped L. Raye tremendously, but L. Raye had too much attitude and didn’t want to do the work.

      • Agreed. Speech improvement/Acting Class would actually require ‘work’- which seems to be what L.Raye is trying to avoid. Hence the mediocre acting and Get-It girl roles (in real life and on screen). Another example of what happens when you decide to stop growing and learning- you produce dead and stale fruit.

  5. Lisa did go to college. We went to the same college. She was a year ahead of me and left before I got there. Eastern IL University. They say she was stuck up

  6. All the black actresses out here from accredited schools with real talent who could act rings around this trash and this wh*re actually had a show???

    She must be “innovative”, as they say.

  7. It’s definetly Lisaraye. Everything she does flops. For some reason hollywood doesnt want her. Her best and only role that she was good at was Diamond in Players Club. I liked her reality show a few years back.

  8. Lisa Faye belongs back in Chicago,in the projects on the 13th floor,stomping out roaches,drinking millers and inhaling adavair,for asthma from the roach shit,in her cupboard,chain smoking newports,braiding daBrats reminiscing about her role in the players club!

    • Lisa Raye didn’t grow up in the projects! I don’t care much for her actin skills or lack of but I don’t wish that ( life that you just described very stereotypically) even for her .I do wish that these 40 + reality show chicks would get their sh*t together..go to school (its never too late)..get a career side gig other than hoeing and looking for a rich man to latch on to like a leach.. That god digging mentality isn’t cute on very young 20 something chicks, and its definitely not cute on women in the older age categories.. Nothing cute about being desperate..no matter how pretty you might be so yeah quench that THIRST….LMAO

  9. Lol. Lisaraye really needs to figure out how she’s going to help her sister Da Brat pay off millions in that civil case after she hit the waitress over the head with the champagne bottle.

    • The Brat is still walking around looking, dressing, & acting like a 15 year old boy….. She has some rap skills but hasn’t had a hit in yrs, and is anyone checking for her like that? No growth..smdh

    • Mariah spends her money on Mariah. Mariah wouldn’t bail Nick out if he was $6 million or so in debt.

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