Drake’s ‘Bump an Athlete’ Agenda Xposed!

Drake Loves Althletes

Weeknd Of Wooing Wildcats…

HSK Exclusive – Drake doesn’t care what team he’s ridin’ for… he’s in it for the Jocks!

We’re told that’s exactly why Degrassi boy was busy “giving away VIP tickets to his concert to college jocks,” over the weekend. Just ask Johnny Manziel, who October’s Very Own previously professed his “love” for.

HSK broke the story back in December 2013… uncovering Johnny Football’s 21st-birthday [Dec. 6th] as the real reason why Drizzy pulled a no-show at the Grammys Nominations Live Concert. Now, a tipster tells us Mr. OVO was all up in the Wildcats’ locker room “tryna bump a college jock.”

Here’s the drop:

“Drake’s been getting at college athletes for the past year. Football players, basketball players.. it don’t matter.. Drake’s a sports groupie. He always goes to the games and after the games he heads straight for the locker room with his VIP tickets. What straight man does sh*t like that?”

drake-loves-men-in-tights Drake Bumps Jocks


  1. Especially the top pic on the right where he is cheesin.. waving like a 15 Year old school girl

    • drake looks like LeBron’s bottom half white bitch LeBron saying I got my own Mariah carey.

    • Ha. I personally don’t have this weird restricted view about masculinity. Whereby men, especially BLACK men think it’s bizarre to be tactile with each other. In fact, maybe if some black men were comfortable with each other, they wouldn’t be such ass holes. For me, it’s Drake’s facial expressions as you’ve noted. Lol. He’s got that girlish excitement in his eyes. And dare I say, a bit of lust too.

  2. How do these athletes NOT see Drake coming a mile away? They are bigger than him, big enough to push his thirsty ass away. But instead, they hug and pose right along with him..

    Kobe looks pissed, Lebron likes it, the other 2 .. idk who, not a bball fan.. look less than happy.. but no one is straight up pushing him away.

    Can only assume they like having him around stalking and acting creepy..

  3. THE PIC WITH THE WHITE BOY SAYS HIM AND DRAKE CAn’t wait to go to bed third duded looking like can he join in.

    drake needs to start crossdressing.

    • Jacky posted this same photo w another story and the EXACT same thing, even the part about the third dude. Their body language says everything. They aren’t even trying to hide their attraction.

      • Yep and when I first saw it I said it looks like a screen cap from a gay porno.

  4. Funny ass pics! It shows Drake is flake, a fraud and fake! Not only that, but is is effeminate and gay as hell. Normal men are not hugging on, feeling the chests of or constantly wanting to be held by big, strong men.

  5. This is way this generation of boys r so confused. Girls scream they love this dude, boys start dressing and acting like this fool to attract the girls. Girls need to get off this I love metrosexual men. Nothing in it for anyway

  6. A nigga like drake couldn’t have survived the rap game in the 90’s,niggas would have smacked the shit outta him a long time ago

  7. Drake is just another puppet for the elite. He has to play the game of feminizing the black man and pushing the gay agenda. Just like so many i know he hates himself at the end of the day because he has to play for a pay. America is a country controlled y evil wicked men. These celebs care about money and fame morethan their souls. The wicked is never happy and live in rich misery.

  8. Am I the only one creeped out by Drake? He’s always been creepy to me. I just can’t get into him.

  9. And this is why I am sick to death of those fake ass bearded stories about Drake and Rhianna they are so fake and made up that its laughable…boy you are gay gay gay…okay

  10. Why does Drake look like he is using the “oh my gosh” white girl voice in every pic! Lol

    • I know right almost like he’s saying ‘wow baby can’t wait to take you home tonight’ hahahahahahaha.

  11. This proves nothing. You people will believe anything yall are like dogs. Whatever someone throws you that is what you eat.

    • Yes. We have not your discerning palate. Poor lowbrow us… Wonder why you even came here?

      • Lol. She’s obviously one of his idiot stans. People should know what this site is like, and yall wanna complain? LMAO. Jacky said ages ago Drake is sexing his bestie Chubs on the low. I believe he likes boys. He does that typical bisexual/gay DL thing where they try and cover their tracks by sexing a ferocious amount of women. SEE Trey Songz and Chris Brown for evidence.

  12. This mf was in the UConn dressing room right after their win last night posing with the coach.

  13. drake, lil wayne, baby, young thug its all making sense now.
    throw in mystical and busta and its makes even more sense.

    mona lisa was really a man.

  14. All u gota do is look at drake faggety ass first he look like he smell like hairy funky sweaty nuts. And kobe looks embarrassed to be next to em. All the other mtfs look like full blown fags in the pics

  15. Even lebron james look gay as f*ck in skinny jeans in his commercial. The shit he wearn in that commercial make his look like a zombie gay hobo in skinny jeans. Deformed toe faggot

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