Birdman Bumps Bieber W/ A Bugatti!

Justin Bieber Signs to Birdman

Justin Bieber may believe he’s waking up in a new Bugatti all because of Birdman’s “generosity” — but that may soon prove to cost the singer. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Young Thug aka The Stoner, whose YMCMB deal has been sealed… in ink.

Justin Bieber YMCMB

Here’s what’s reported:

“The Cash Money CEO added another piece of ink to pay homage to his crew and the hottest Atlanta rapper in the game. Baby, who showed off his latest ink work on Instagram, got a face tattoo that reads ‘RG’ to signify his new management team Rich Gang. He then got a finger tattoo with the letters “C-M-Y-M-Y-S-L” — an acronym for Young Money Cash Money Stoner Life.”

Justin Bieber Rich Gang Agency


  1. I want him to get a life.. He is doin the most. And Justin Biebier needs to get his life before he ends up another statistic…

      • Some of Yall are so sharp. I didn’t even notice that until u pointed it out.

      • That’s also the symbol for ‘blood.’ His fingers are supposed to spell ‘b-l-o-o-d.’ Good observation.

  2. Good god this old queen is getting obvious. We all know why he does this! He loves to keep his boy toys happy.Justin is an assclown, but I feel bad for him getting turned out by all these old closeted dudes. Ugh.

    • They’ll keep his money, keep him high, and stay all up in his ass….literally.

    • Thank you, I felt so bad for young Bieber the moment I saw his standing there looking like a victim him and that other poor white child better run and dont drive off in the Bugatti Justin leave that shit there unless your ok with sucking Baby up and f*cking him every night. Wayne might be mad at you for taking his woman so you might need to learn how to fight or get some back up from a real thug like K Michelle she said you can call her if I were you. Good luck Bieber stock up your lube and knee pads thats thee best advice I can give you right now.

  3. @Nickiebee I agree. 100%…we all no he’s a child molester. Safe to say he’s freaked lil bieber

  4. This ish gets creepier by the day. Justin Bieber is an accessory for Birdman. Buys him a Bugatti for the hell of it…Who Does That?

  5. You can tell something is wrong with Birdman. What grown azz man continually cover their face with tattoos? Could it be Birdbrain is using tattoos to hide his shame? He needs to sit his old tattooed young boy loving azz down somewhere. He’s using cars and drugs to turn out these young boys. IMO Birdman is no better than Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and the other freaks who use power and money to ruin children’s lives.

  6. The b on his cap stands for bitch,soon,he will be on Craigslist buying bugattis for young dudes,so he can poke,m and Chris stroke,m lol

  7. Of COURSE he can buy his own. This is Birdman’s thing. Woo them with cash, drugs, cars, fame. Give them a taste of what they can have if they play ball. And WTF is with this uncle stunna BS? He ain’t your play uncle. Gross

  8. Here is a blind item for ya,which rich hip hop mogul from Louisiana,still wets the bed,and was caught at a lakers game front row with his skinny jeans sagging where you could clearly see,that he wears depends adult diapers!


    • If he’s wearing depends its probably because his sphincter gave up and died. Only so much one poor lil organ can take.

      • Yep. That’s what happens to homosexuals after years of anal and girls in the adult industry who do gonzo porn. Anal prolapse. How disgusting.

  9. There is no way Baby will get to screw Justin over on a contract. It won’t happen he is too rich to not have decent lawyers look over his contract and he has too many people who know what the hell they’re doing, looking out for him.

    • Who, Usher? Don’t think he will step up to protect JB….that whole sick little ring seems to practice do unto others as was done unto me. They all do it to the young ones coming up.

  10. Where the rest of the other rich parents are not giving two figs and spending their kids money.

  11. Justin got him a new Bugatti and Birdman got him some new Booty-gotti too…

  12. I wish he would quite sagging his pants and be Justin Beiber. Why hang around goons?

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