Who’s Jacky Talking About? – April 4, 2014


The ratchet pair featured in today’s ‘Who’s Jacky Talking About Segment‘ are proven to have no shame! Know why? She didn’t use any Keys to get into his home, she used a wrecking ball! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Mashonda Tifrere, who refused to be down with the DL agenda of her beat-making baby daddy, during her marriage to him.

That’s something his Brand New bride is said to have no problem with. Know why? Insiders say this Girl Is On Fire.. For Females. It’s looking like yet another Hollywood cover-up that goes both way… literally AND figuratively.

Dig The Drop on this mystery pair of music-makers:

“She wears the pants in the relationship. He is not a happy man.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Never will forget seeing Alicia Beaks stroll out on some awards show like a straight dude. I haven’t seen a pimp roll like that since those old Shaft movies.

  2. I don’t even know why these are considered blind items, because its so obvous who the culprits are, AND I LOVE IT!!!!! YES, YES.

    Thanks Jacky for offering up BLINDS, where people can comment and not have to FRIEND you on FACEBOOK.

  3. Alicia is a straight up stud! U can tell just by looking at the first CD cover! Songs of a Minor!

    • Yes,Alicia is way to Ruff around the Edges for my taste.I couldn’t do it.Swizz on the other hand,was almost Destitute before AKeys revived him.Ask Mashonda about the Bentley and the repossessed home.

      • BA Yes! U hit that the head! I am trying to remembered she was one of those reality shows where she and DMX ex wife was on. All I can remembered was the house was located in New Rochelle, NY.

  4. Shes gross.

    And here we go another gay story..

    At least its not a story about Kim & Kanye.

  5. I ran into him in Manhattan Family Court she. This 8 years old girl clearly blew up his spot when he was online.

    I wondered why there was so much drama over his divorce when he clearly may have had other children while married to Mashonda.

  6. I meant ‘when this’ not she then. This site makes it hard to post grammatically correct comments!

  7. Myra Panache has the hot tea, but her BIs are too difficult to try to solve, IMO. They apply to so many people that all you end up doing is speculating. I love Jacky’s BIs because you keep the gossip and innuendo to a minimum.

  8. I know this is off topic but what in the hell happened to Cassidy? I used to love his tunes back in the dizay! Jheez

  9. I always thought Alicia was a bi sexual every sense the video “women’s worth” I don’t feel sorry for this relationship because swiss was married and Alicia knew it and she still went after him what goes up must come down things you do they come back around i know cause I found what goes up must come down love that song lol I could see the lust for females in her eyes long time ago well swiss u know the game stop act’en bran new I bet he’s not happy look at how this rrelationship was started

  10. where the hell did she move to- that word press blog has been dead for months????

  11. They all just went on vacation together, maybe AK is busting both of them, I heard that, making em both share the strap-on.

  12. Mashonda, Swizz Beaks (no typo) and A-lesbo Keys were at Pharrell’s 41st Spongebob themed birthday party. Awkward — both the fact that the ex and the next were at the same party and Pharrell acts like a 14 yo boy.

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