Vince Herbert Exposed Cheating W/ Tamar’s Ex-BFF!

Vince Herbert Cheating w/ Phaedra Alexander

HSK Exclusive – Vince Herbert’s being blasted for cheating on Tamar! AND.. we’ve learned the identity of the woman outed as his once secret SideChick!

You’ll recall.. Tamar’s recent slew of social media bombs left many suspecting someone was out for her husband! Now, not are those suspicious now turning out to be true, the then-married SideChick is revealed to be a female who Tamar once believed to be her BFF! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Bernard.

“Who ever says NOT 2be insecure in yo marriage don’t have a good 1!” ~Tamar, March 31, 2013

Phaedra Alexander vs. Tamar Braxton

According to our insider… she is none other than Phaedra Alexander, formally known as @PhaedraLive. Though we can’t confirm how long she and Vince were secretly smashing — we can tell you Tamar found out late last year (2013)… AND, Phaedra Alexander and Vince Herbert have been part of the same “mindless behavior” circle since December 2009.

“Vince tried to make good with Tamar by buying her a 15-carat diamond ring for Christmas.”

Dig the Drop:

“Tamar likes to talk down on other women but her Vince, cheats on her anytime he gets a chance.

Vince Herbert Exposed Cheating on Tamar


  1. To me, it’s incredibly tack to reveal so much of your business and pictures online. Pretty pathetic.

    • Alexis, who is U talking about? U have to excuse me, my head is pounding and I told my meds. Hopefully they kick in soon.

      • DaRa1… Are you okay hun?? Did you have a seizure? You should lie down with a cool rag on your forehead and a bag of frozen peas behind your neck(in a dim or dark room.) That works well for migraines, and it might just help you too.
        Take care sweetie..

      • I just hopped on here to see that you’re ok, DaR1. Sending prayers your way.

        Hey, Christa!

      • DaRa1,
        Please relax and take care of yourself sweetie.
        I’m sending you lots positive affirmations.

  2. That big headed android is NOT a “female” I don’t know who they think they’re fooling..

  3. I know this is not funny but in my head I’m trying to picture Vince attempting to smash a woman and it makes me laugh. The man can hardly walk. Maybe back in the day he was smaller and his health was better.

  4. I hope this isn’t true, but I believe it is. Tamar is difficult to tolerate. That’s what passive men do when you emasculate them…especially in front of lots of people. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

  5. I’m not married, so I may be out of turn for posting, but I fail to understand where being insecure in your relationship resolves a thing.

    Tamar acts extremely recklessly. Her mouth is out of control. She needs to learn the art of tact. She never acted like she gave a damn about Vincent until he was hospitalized and she thought she may lose her lifestyle. What young man who lost his parents at an early age and is financially stable doesn’t want to be a father? Everything was always about her. It was laughable when she would proclaim how good of a wife she is. She never cooked a meal, washed a t-shirt, dusted a table… Vince was in a car with her eating Burger King one episode. I know we can’t control what a man does, but I would at least be ordering healthy meals for my husband if I couldn’t cook them.

    There’s no need to wonder why he strayed. Folks ignore how real alienation of affection’ is. That’s not withholding sex. Its forgetting to give a damn about your partner. No “how is your day?” No hugs and kisses. No back rubs and baths drawn.

    If you won’t, there’s always someone who will. Folks need to give the consideration, love and respect they want in order to receive it.

    • You were not out of turn. You’re speaking da truth baby!! Lucky man who marries you.

      • Do you love her album? I’ve heard a couple songs I like. I may need to purchase a copy. Somehow, I think her music will be more appealing to my mom than it is to me. My mother loves love songs and sad songs. Lol

        • I’m not absolutely “loving’ it, but it is better than I thought it would be and she has nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not a big ballad or pop fan but i enjoy everything in moderate does.

          Bella you wore me out on the Jay Electronica thread!
          I can’t do more than one diss post myself. lol

          You did spur me into digging out my old copy of Atlas Shrugged and I’m considering a re-read. lol

          I think I preferred The Fountainhead, but it’s been eons since I read either of the books.

          • That Jay Electronica thread was crickets until I commented on his relationship with Kate Rothschild and how contradictory I believed his statements to be, considering her family’s history (since he is in a relationship with her) and the Rothschilds’ role as part of the ruling class.

            I added the Atlas Shrugged post based on notes I had and a comment from John Todd about the Illuminati. As you’ll see, I stated HE referred to it as the “Illuminati Bible” (quotation marks and all). Now, this was my 2nd time mentioning Atlas Shrugged. The first time I asked if anyone read it (maybe a few weeks back) Jiminy nor any of his cousins chirped. Now everyone is an Ayn Rand-ologist. Mmmkay.

            So this die hard stan comes along, disagreeing with the “Illuminati Bible” reference (which she needs to take up with John Todd, if she knows where he is buried) and my entire existence was brought into question.

            Mind you, the bitch never disputed the facts I posted about the Rothschilds and their role in the Illuminati, nor their ownership of everything in this world that leaves the rest of us beholding to the Illuminati and them in power. But I’m sleep, tho.

            I tried to disengage, but there comes a point where people need to learn that calling other people “dumb, idiot, stupid,” etc. only diminishes the name caller’s profile. I’m not here to engage her or anyone in a battle of wits, especially when they show up to HSK, or anywhere for that matter, unarmed.

            I’m going to let these folks own their one ass argument/moot points as they pertain to me, the facts I state, my opinion and/or my life. Which reminds me, my allegedly baldheaded ass needs to text my hairdresser to see when she has an appointment for me and my mother because we both need our hair done. All 2½ strands that we have between the two of us (its genetic).

          • Thank you for your Tamar feedback as well as your Ayn Rand feedback. I’m curious to know if that “Illuminati Bible” reference is so far fetched? I see that a lot of people in government are obsessed with Ayn Rand and consider her their idol, of sorts, whether or not she sought to be idolized.

            Your thoughts are appreciated.

    • All truth Bella. I only watched one season of the Braxtons but even in that short amount of time I never felt love between those two. I just hope they both love and take care of that cute little baby.

    • Bella your post is definitely from the perspective of someone who never has been married. Tamar did not just marry Vince. Vince married Tamar as well. He knew about her stank attitude, loud mouth, and other issues before he said I do. There is never any excuse for cheating. Ever. Just leave. It’s really that simple. Vince is no angel. There has been a lot of speculation/rumor that he lays hands on her. And I believe it. That man looks at her with a great deal of disdain. I will never forget the episode of Vince and Tamar when he slammed the door in her face when she was trying to talk to her. If you think marriage is as simple as cooking good meals, and showering your spouse with attention/affection then you are in for a rude awakening. I’ve seen several episodes of the show where Tamar has argued with Vince to eat healthier. He’s got an eating disorder and refuses to address it. Tamar is not responsible for Vince scarfing down Whoppers and refusing to work out and lose weight. He was a fat slob before she married him and he’s still one because he wants to be. That’s on Vince. There are two sides to every story. I have my issues with Tamar but problems in a marriage is never the fault of just one person.

      • I’m aware that every relationship is a two-way street. I don’t recall condoning any potential infidelity. I stated that I can understand why people stray or consider straying when they are treated so poorly. I’m not in their marriage so I can’t confirm Tamar always acted the way she did. Some people change for the worse when they say “I do.”

  6. Vince is NOT a talented lover – he lays there, makes a lot of noise and shoots off way too quick. He’s a nice guy and all about making $$$ so don’t sleep; however, I believe, his marriage and baby w/T may be a way for him to find some sort of structure in his personal life. *shrugs* Could’ve done WAY better than T Vince.

    • Tamar is a big woman. I think I read some where she wears a size 11 shoe. She’s said herself that she’s not a small chick.

      • She has “man hands”. Jill Scott is a big chick but doesnt have moose knuckles. Guess its heredity.

      • I’ve seen her before. Tbh, she looks like a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. There is nothing feminine about her. Think Wendy Williams, the sequel. But Wendy looks more feminine.

  7. Ive watched their reality show and there is no way these two have sex. I dont find Vince attractive and Tamar’s behavior is embarrassing. Tamar looks like a drag queen and I cant see Vince being attracted to that.

    • Um, and who would be seriously attracted to Vincent? Tamar may not be attractive but she’s still about 100 x more attractive by that big lump.

      • GM I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am attracted to him, but the older and less shallow I become, the more I am attracted to men with great brains an/or great talent.

        And money doesn’t enter into the equation.

        If you can make me laugh, or impress me with your abilities(particularly at something I can’t do), I’m generally attracted.

  8. only rfeaszaon vince gets any p*ssy including tamar was because vhes rich.

    they are so mismatched we all know tamar was with vince vbecvause hes paid.

  9. Tamar bitch what goes around comes back around. Now you’re stuck with your ugly ass baby by Grimace.

  10. That’s not even Vince in that picture -_- Lmao at the people just going with the story too.

  11. Vince is responsible for Vince! Tamar is responsible for Tamar! They are adults! If he cheated that was his choice and he should be accountable. Whatever Tamar is or isn’t (and no I’m not a huge fan of her whiny azz)but he did choose to put a ring on it. He knew how she was.I’m sure that she hasn’t changed that much since he met her. If you want to act single and sleep around stay single.

  12. She gets wat she ask 4.vincent got money n connection. Thats all tae sees.she only had a try n keep him.she still going to cheat cause he can.n she will stay.4 tha money n gifts.4real with her loud mouth ass.she is jealous of toni.she will never get were toni is thats y she slept with toni came back to bit her.she talk about everybody eles husband. Now look at hers.

  13. Stop Beliving everything you hear @ read that is not true about Toni & Tamar!!! Who are y’all laying with????

  14. They life is they life don’t judge people we all have problems and sometimes can be anoring.

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