Jay Electronica Goes Hard Against Turnt Times

Jay Electronica vs Turnt Up SocietyScreen-shot-2014-04-04-at-2.27

You know it’s serious when Jay Electronica — who’s long been known as “one of the most elusive emcees” — goes public with concerns over the state our pop culture-fueled society.

Today, the Roc Nation rapper revealed he’s had it with these ‘turn up’ times — taking to Twitter to rage against “the circus”, as he called it.

But Jay Elec seems to have another beef.. aside from his qualms with Era-Ratchet. That’s because dude led his social media rage shootin’ at an unnamed “so-called thug”. It could only be a matter of time before that person’s identity is confirmed.



Check it:




  1. He’s elusive because he’s from NewOrleans and when you’re bedding old money like Kate Rothschild that can have a positive effect on a man.ha.ha.

  2. Isn’t he signed to Roc Nation? His boss is the biggest poser out there. I’m sorry but I can’t take anything this guy says seriously.

    • I hope you dont have a job my friend. Because your boss probably supports negativity like Jay’s boss

  3. Hopefully this publicity rant means there’s an album about to drop. Seriously, the talent and subsequent buzz that comes along with this dude is starting to remind me of Fresco and Miz if no album is ever released…which would be sad for real hip hop. Maybe Jay don’t want this dude to outshine him or something.

    • You mean Fresco and Miss”We Don’t Play”?lol.Dude just went way back.ha.ha.

    • Al he while he ranting like Kanye, in high head he’s hollering wey di white women at? GTFO..he went in..not..all planned..CIA mi Rass..#HeSoCornyForThat..

      • *spelling errors* all the while he’s ranting …and in his head…I hate this refresh shit!

  4. My advice to Jay Electronica…Punch Back!

    Why are true-blue niggas tolerating bs from the pigeons among us…S**t On You Still!

  5. Its funny how no one is referring to Jay Electronica as a homewrecker and an adulterer when he broke up Kate Rothschild’s marriage. Just high fives and pats on the back for the foul nigga f*cking the white woman whose family is one of the 5 families of the establishment you claim to abhor. STFU.

  6. The Rothschilds:

    Standard Oil Company is co-owned by David Rockefeller. It is the main source of income for the Illuminati.

    Other entities include: Sears, Ford, American Motors, 76, Sunoco, Holiday Inn, Denny’s, Shell Oil, Chrysler, Federal Dept. Stores (owned by Lazarus) and Mobil.

    The Rockefellers own Chase Bank and Bank of America. David Rockefeller has been known to speak re: population control. (Something Bill Gates was doing over in Africa via vaccinations his foundation provides to needy Africans.)

    These Luciferians really pushed a law called the Anti-Hoarding Act that makes it illegal for a person to own more than a one-month food supply. If convicted, a guilty party faces up to one year in the federal penitentiary and a $5,000 fine.

    This is who Jay Electronica is in bed with, literally.

    • @Bella

      Good Lookin’ Sis! I don’t keep up with the goings-on of these cats…My Bad! So, he slept with a rich whitewoman…Rothschild! Everything you stated is actual factual. Again, another militant blackman seeking revenge against whitey by conquering one of their daughters. It’s a lose-lose proposition. So, she wanted to rebel against the men in her family by boning a rapper that claims to love blackwomen. Sistas run the show now, he will be dealt with accordingly.

      • Hey, Ty. Last I saw, he and Kate Rothschild are still together. He reportedly moved to London to be with her. We’ll see how this plays out. IMO, he is full of crap, but stans are going to stan, particularly the other full of crap, fake conscious BM who support this negro’s atrocious conduct.

        • @Bella

          What’s Up Sis? It’s good that he cares, but, his words are hollow. He went to the right city, London is saturated with blackmen like him. Jay may view himself as pro-black, but it means nothing. I don’t understand his mindset. He thinks this white chick loves our people? Bella, WW are in love with the idea of pretending to be a blackwoman dipped in cream. They will never be on our side, because, that means total submission…No Whiteness Period! Then Again, whitemen are not gonna tolerate these negros for long. Putin is a warning for all blackmen, he’s not joking Sis. Brothas have no idea of what’s coming down the pike. Jay better enjoy his white queen for now. Blackwomen are the real prize anyway, negros losing their minds…Real Talk!!! Be Good Mama…Always!

          • I agree, my friend. I appreciate your sentiments, as usual. Have a great weekend!

            • @Bella

              Google Standard Oil and Rothschild together. A site called news.muckety will be in the search list. It goes into detail about the 2 families. I gotta stop being a lazy reader, i’m slipping Sis. So many sites, so much info, it’s too much at times. This cat fooled me, thought he was a new Talib Kweli, Wrong! As The Swirl Turns…It Never Ends! Later Cali!!!

            • I will definitely check it out. We’ve all been swindled by Talib the infidel, Mos Def: Stripper Rescuer, Erykah the Witch… All of them!!!

              Jay posted a pic of his and Erykah’s daughter on Twitter one day and she BLASTED him. I wonder why?!.

            • It’s funny that you mention that, but, it means nothing today. Russia is not a benevolent country, never has been. Stalin killed millions of his fellow sisters and brothers…Communism! Russia invading Afghanistan helped create Osama Bin Laden. It’s in bed with Iran and China, who are re-colonizing as i type this. The White Girl Olympics is a distraction for blackmen, the intended purpose. When the communist/islamist whitebois come for our necks, Kate can’t save Jay Electronica. He may get brownie points from other brothas for doing this bs…When Hell Sees Daylight! He keeps white supremacy alive and well, so, he shoud be called out. This cat wants to be a duck, can’t fly fast enuf. History is repeating itself, and all we care about is boning white chicks to make whitey mad. Meanwhile, these same men are corrupting blackwomen all over the globe with glee. All these rapper guys are Illuminati devotees anyway—Doin’ The Twist!

    • Yeah, I agree with what he was saying, he was really telling he truth. But that same truth he is telling is like superhead sitting at a compurte trying to go in on all of the new industry groupies in the biz, sittin next to lil Wayne with one hand down his pants and ray j on the other side with his hand down her shirt. This reminds me of the sermon I saw online with ya boy, Eddie Long, giving his sermon on homosexuality. But he could have done one thing on this rant that would have made it legit and there would have been nothing that any of us could say about his business and personal dealings in relation to his rant. No one could have said a thing if he ended with. And before I go I would like everyone to know that I’m extremely disgusted with myself for being the type of person I speak of today, thank you and That’s all of it…..lol

    • Literally. Thanks for the breakdown- I peeped this a while ago…
      Rothschild got him going CRAZY!

  7. If people are interested in knowing more about these corrupt people, buy a copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It is considered the “Illuminati Bible.”

    Per John Todd, the 8th or 9th chapter starts revealing conspiracies that are being or have been planned against the 99%.

    • lmao have you read anything by ayn rand?

      you sound illiterate and delusional with that interpretation. crazy B

      • You can feel free to research what I’m saying before you bring MY sanity into question. You may also want to check Ms. Rand’s sordid background.

        • oh, i have. lol. thats why i AM questioning your sanity, because nothing short of paranoid delusional hoax sites post anything close to the crazy you are spewing.

          i’ve read biographies on Rand and all of her novels. There is no basis for your crazy talk.

          yet, you were unable to answer whether or not you have actually read Rand’s work.

          • Like, you clearly do not understand the context of the time period and history during which Rand wrote her novels.

            or the political atmosphere she was exposed to in her place of origin and then again in america.

            or how her ideas were received at the time.

            or anything.


            • I don’t control who reads her work or how it is interpreted, though I understand her place in history.

              You just referred to me as “illiterate,” so as far as you’re concerned, I haven’t read anything, not even what I’m posting.

              There’s always someone who exists to throw people off from the truth. Tag, you’re it.

            • um….noone said anything about you controlling the interpretation of her work……youre just spouting gibberish now.

              also, illiterate means more than “you don’t know how to read” but thanks for proving me right and further demonstrating that youre pretty dumb.

              i suggest you stay away from talking about political, economic, and social philosophies and stick to talking about things that are more on your intellectual level, like, well….shoes…maybe your hair if youre not baldheaded.

              i will take your avoidance of an answer as you saying that you havent read her work and youre just talking out of your behind.

              if you understand her place in history, then by all means, please, enlighten us.

            • Thank you for your further unsolicited. You may want to check your own literacy while you bring anyone else’s into question, just for future reference.

              And thank you as well for your avoidance of the real issue — why Jay is contradicting himself. Stand by your man.

            • **further unsolicited response.

              *returns to kitchen, then heads to laundry room, then runs vacuum*

            • nah, i commented on that too. what do i need to check about my literacy?

              last i saw i’m not the one spouting off conspiracy theories and incomplete sentences. you realize that unsolicited needs a direct object to be a complete, coherent, and sensical sentence, right?

  8. man……i love jay electronica. i love him even more now. i wish he’d drop an album though.

    • you realize that all that is is a bunch of people taking ayn rand’s ideas out of context. none of that is actually ayn rand.

      also, satanism….a lot different than the illuminati…..

      So, if they were instead quoting the bible or saying it justified their ideals, does that mean the prophets and god also support satanism or the illuminati? Because that is all they are doing.

      • Satanism is different from the Illuminati. Understandable. But the Illuminati are engaging in satanic practices. There are bases for everything, and there are several “popular” publications that people refer to and use as guides in molding their belief systems and agendas.

        The beauty of reading another’s work is that its open to INTERPRETATION. There may or may not be an absolute truth.

        • did you not read when I said Ayn Rand has even explained her work? Where is it open to interpretation then?

          Especially when you are claiming that she’s intentionally wrote this kind of stuff in there, yet also said that its simply open to interpretation and possibly not her intention.

          keep your ish straight.

          • It is open to interpretation because whoever reads it will draw their own conclusions REGARDLESS of what she claims her intent is. I know my purpose for posting on this thread. You took it, went completely left with it, and now the thread is littered. All because you disagree with my mention of Ayn Rand’s work. If that isn’t the epitome of ignorance, I don’t know what is. You have ZERO respect for anyone else’s perspective if it differs from yours. I’m done.

            • um, ignorance is making claims about something you clearly know nothing about, not being able to even back up your claims.

              if you had any ability to back up/prove the validity of your “interpretation” and claims, i’d listen.

              but you havent even read the book, so you cant.

              so you look like a fool.

              sorry, i only listen to intelligent perspectives that are based on reality and evidence. not conspiracy theories that are pulled from thin air.

          • Hey dumb fool. Either way, the foundation of what Bella is saying is real. They do practice satanism and they are evil. Call it a conspiracy theory, but I refer to it as fact. You cannot negate or try to deny truth

          • @ beastly…you were saying there is a big difference between satanismn and the illuminati. Care explain it?

  9. I left enough info on here for people to do their own research and to draw their own conclusions. For those who agree, fine. For those who disagree, also fine. It doesn’t dismiss the point(s) I’ve made and it can’t discredit me since I’m not the author of any of the aforementioned works. Just makes me question how conscious you can be when you’re representing something that goes against the collective. Actions speak louder than words.

  10. yea, all youre demonstrating is your own ignorance. i also dont see that you’ve made any points other than demonstrating that there are other people out there, that like you, like to take quotes out of context and manipulate them for their own meaning.

    i also didnt realize that one heavily and strangly biased link was “enough evidence for people to draw their own conclusions”.

    the only real way for that to happen would be TO READ THE DAMN BOOK.

    but it probably has too many words with more than 6 letters for you.

  11. But you sure are wasting your precious time on someone you deem so ignorant. If you disagree, that’s ok. But calling people illiterate, ignorant, and whatever other adjective that falls off of your keypad doesn’t dismiss the fact that your understanding of something doesn’t make it factual. A person can tell you “this is what I meant when I wrote…” and still be lying to you. The media isn’t today what it was in 1959. But keep believing that you know all and your interpretation of someone else’s work is the sole interpretation. Lol

  12. the only one laughing here is me, but i really should be crying at the thought that someone as stupid as you votes and probably reproduces, cause that ish is f-n scary.

    • As I read your comments you seem to be a very smart person even educated. you even referred to an used the term intellectual, which you seem to be. I heard lots educated people say that mathematics is the way of the universe. But an old person told me that you shouldnt believe anything you hear and only believe half of what you see. I was told this at the age of 12, but I was smart enough to understand that the my great grandfather was telling me that (get this) mathematics I the way of the universe. See, what he told me without saying it is that you have to put two and two together. See he never went past high school but he was wise, wisdom is much more valuable than being smart. See wise people are in here on this thread, they are the ones that are putting what they see and hear together and coming up with answer. Let me give you a math equation. If what you see represents S and has a value of 2, and what you hear represents # and also has a value of 2, what is the answer of this equation. S+ _ -0 = 4 . Now if you can tell what goes in the bank then that means you can do math, which means you can put 2 and 2 together. So why are in here trying to make people seem crazy for being wise. And you are in here trying to turn people away from the truth. And people who are scared of the truth are the cowards, the ones that will be ripe an easy for the slaughter. but I have to give it to you, you are smart and you know a bunch of big words and they sound good, real good. But that don’t mean shit, I was watching a bunch of old interviews with Michael Jordan and he was use in a bunch of big words but he was using them in the wrong way and what he was saying didn’t mean shit. But if I wasn’t listening to what he was really saying I would have thought he was saying some real groovy shit, kind of like you. Oh, I almost forgot to address the intellectual thing you spoke of. I heard a woman sing these words “intellectuals don’t believe in God, but they fear him just the same” who was that?… Oh yeah that was Erykah Badu, on of Jay Electrics baby mamas, how ironic is that. You might be smart but you are NOT wise. Now if you will excuse me, I would like to go bacteria to watching theses Michael Jordan interviews, GOID EVENING!!!

    • ELTH, I enjoyed your piece ,but I think you are off on one little point. The troll is not smart. It’s not intellectual. It is not wise. What it is, is a poser. I sincerely doubt it has read any of Rands work. Those of us who have can tell that instantly based on what it did NOT say, Ohich is why I paid very close attention to its responses. It’s just on here to attack those who really can discern the truth. I recognize its blustery syntax, it often does this. Bella can handle it but to the more impressionable, I hope they took note of how hard it worked to attack her position when she was merely stating her opinion. That’s a dead troll giveaway, lol

  13. Whatever you need to get yourself through the day. If you think you posted intelligent replies on here when you’re telling a woman to stick to discussing shoes and hair if she isn’t baldheaded…

    Nowhere did I state anything other than the facts pertaining to what your beloved Jay Elec did as a result of his relationship with Kate and what her family represents, which contradicts his rants.

    Now, go change a tire and finish beating off, since we’re going to leave sexist comments here.

  14. sorry dummy. i’m a chick. hard to beat off. lol.

    and since youre too stupid to remember what you post, i’ll remind you:
    “The Rothschilds:

    Standard Oil Company is co-owned by David Rockefeller. It is the main source of income for the Illuminati.

    Other entities include: Sears, Ford, American Motors, 76, Sunoco, Holiday Inn, Denny’s, Shell Oil, Chrysler, Federal Dept. Stores (owned by Lazarus) and Mobil.

    The Rockefellers own Chase Bank and Bank of America. David Rockefeller has been known to speak re: population control. (Something Bill Gates was doing over in Africa via vaccinations his foundation provides to needy Africans.)

    These Luciferians really pushed a law called the Anti-Hoarding Act that makes it illegal for a person to own more than a one-month food supply. If convicted, a guilty party faces up to one year in the federal penitentiary and a $5,000 fine.”

    nothing to do with Jay there!

    oh! and look!

    “If people are interested in knowing more about these corrupt people, buy a copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It is considered the “Illuminati Bible.”

    Per John Todd, the 8th or 9th chapter starts revealing conspiracies that are being or have been planned against the 99%.”

    nothing to do with Jay here either!

    hope that helps you!

    • I can scroll right up and see what I posted. The add’l posts pertained to the Rothschilds. I know what I posted and my intent.

      Sorry for womankind that you have a uterus, and I am even more sorry for your offspring if YOU procreate. You are one bitter bitch who is in dire need of social skills.

  15. oh god. i would never bring kids into a world where people like you exist. lol.

    and apparently you are either 1. stupid 2. a liar 3. both
    since you said you only posted about ayn rand in relation to jay’s action, which was anything but the truth. lmao

    i’d rather need social skills than be you and need an education.

    • I have an education, common sense and social skills. On behalf of the rest of the world, we thank you for not bringing any more hate filled, vile, angry, destructive people into this world. If the Illuminati wants to do something to control the world population, I so hope they start with your kind and work their way down the list.

        • and to your claims of having “education, common sense, and social skills” i havent seen you demonstrate any of the above.

          • I wasn’t aware that I needed to prove a thing to you or anyone else here, though you sure are working overtime with no pay and no benefits to allege your intellectual superiority. Kudos! Your direct deposit of $0.00 awaits you.

            • how am i working over time? i’ve done nothing but refute your nonsense. if thats all it takes to assert any intellectual superiority, well, you make it too easy then! thanks 😀

              also, since you have so many well developed social skills and claim to have some semblance of an education, i would assume you knew about the social and educational custom of providing evidence and support when making claims.

              guess they do not follow intellectual or conventional discussion procedure where you are from.

      • You cannot speak on behalf of the rest of the world. Your world consists of dolls and stuff toys.

  16. You took opposition to me referring to Atlas Shrugged as the “Illuminati Bible,” a term which I did not coin. I referenced my source for that term. Feel free to re-read my post. You disagree, which you are entitled to do.

    I provided information, yet again, for people to use who care to do their own research about who the Rothschilds are and what they represent, especially considering the context of the post we are responding to. That point seems to fly over your head. I threw that info out there in Suze Orman fashion. I will post so much, but the rest is up to the reader to figure out if they want to know more. That is because I don’t know everything about the Rothschilds, don’t profess to know everything about them nor do I care to know everything about them.

    But you touted yourself as THE authoritarian on Ayn Rand. Great! You know everything there is to know about her, her life and her publications. And anyone who disagrees with you or what you consider to be factual as it pertains to Rand and/or her work is of diminished intellectual capacity, to put it mildly. Now if that isn’t the embodiment of an intelligent person, I don’t know what is. Lol.

  17. i am truly sorry that your reading comprehension is so poor that that is all you understood from my comments. i apologize that my explanations were beyond your level.

    it is truly depressing that the education system has failed you so badly that someone who claims to be educated is unable to ascertain what is a credible and suitable reference and fact source from hoax garbage.

    i wish you the best of luck in your life, because with the way you manage your thoughts, you will truly need it if you hope to have any amount of success.

    • About that hoax stuff you keep referring to headrot, I didn’t catch it. What was it that she said that was a hoax? It’s a long thread with a confusing interface , so please be specific

  18. as i said before, if you had managed to put together any semblance of an intellectual argument or viewpoint with credible reference sources, i would not doubt your intelligence.

    sadly, you have been unable to, yet your narrow mindedness does not allow you to even recognize it, so there is clearly no chance for you to improve your state of being.

    i feel really sorry for you.

  19. I started a sentence with “I” and the -i happened to land at the end of my name. Argh!!! I am also ‘Bellai’. Totally unintentional.

  20. *lobs to HSK*

    “Y’all can stand on the corner and give out 100 dollar bills, 7 out of ten people who come by will curse you out and say that they are counterfeit. Smart people will take as many as you can give them. Take them and verify if the money is real or not. Like info, take it, check it, if it’s, real you have something valuable, if not throw it away and forget about it, that’s what smart people will do. Stupid people will attack you for just trying to give something, not knowing if it’s good or bad.”

    A wise man taught me.

      • Bitch please.. You r the f*ckin idiot! Bella is on point wit hers an she is rite. jay electronica is all smoke an mirrors. He need to shut the f*ck up an he is a sellout. Period. Prime example of a nigga who will f*ck any lookin type of white woman to get ahead cuz she looks like a dried up ass man. An he shud be set for life if he f*ckin with her an he aint obviously.. Dumb ass foh!

        • What she win? Nada. Opinions are just like arseholes, everybody got em. But this was good. Lot of information people can go look at for themselves.

  21. Jacky, what’s up with these rude ppl visiting your site? All the rants and name calling is ridiculous. I don’t understand why a mf want to protect and get offended about people that give two f*cks about you. Bella I commend you for being classy. I appreciate your wit and perspective. I think that’s why the trolls target you. Do you girl because the real hsk readers enjoy your comments.

  22. Team Bella:

    You know when you went in on Rothschild, a satanic minion was gonna jump out. You are right about Ayn Rand, her book is THEIR BIBLE. Don’t believe me, as Alan Greenspan.

    Ahmad Rashad was with a real rich white woman, they divorced this year. She was fugly as f*ck and when they broke up, she locked him out.

    Now this Jay azzhole is f*ckin’ the most evil satanic ugly ass YT women in the world. And he is commenting on the decline of culture. If he can get his dick up for that, when they don’t even find his body, it will serve him right.

    Now when you see these two examples, something is up. And it ain’t just brainwashing.

    Are the brothas conspiring with YT to kill us?

    • Alan Greenspan is a fake joo.And all of those joowish wish to be real joos are imposters also.Don’t believe Me?Ask Authur Koestler.

      • BA: I agree with you and after Arthur Koestler told the truth, they killed him and his wife.

        • Yes,now we’re on the same page.These people are notorious for committing murders and making them appear to be suicides.

  23. The Rothschild’s family are the group that’s masquerading as Joos when they know good and well that black Americans are the real Hood.That’s the very reason Hitler tried to burn them in a oven for trying to steal the Blackmans identity.I don’t support or sympathizer with any group who tries to steal my identity. Period!

  24. Contrary to a certain poser.I was supporting my Berger not the wicked devil worshipping homo Rothschild’s or the Collins families.

  25. His statements are true though..but..the Rothschild are so powerful I won’t state my opinion.

  26. Headrot is a disinformation spewing troll. So is Truth. So is Dropping Knowledge, LB3, and a few others. They are identifiable by their mindless though strenuous attacks against posters who comment real truths, because their job is to monitor and attack. They always, always always insult their “victim” and insist that person is stupid and wrong and that they alone are right. They try to bury the thread with pseudo intellect that doesn’t hold up if you question it with a discerning eye. If all else fails they try to clown the person over typos. They fight hard to always have the last comment because they ate trying to leave the easily impressionable with an authoritative image. They are completely filled with so much shit. They are here to create confusion and obscure facts.Ignore them.

    • They “are” trying to pose as authorities on whatever subject. Let me just correct that before they show up, spellchecker blazing. Assholes. Lol.

        • When you treading on a road of lies.. everyone wants to love you.. But when you spit the flame of truth or close to it, Then everyone or someone wants to ferociously attack you or wants to call you crazy or discredit you… Guess there must be some truth to it, since it stung some enough to verbally attack.

          • Yup. I have noticed a pattern here. My eyes are open wider everyday. I’m seeing it all now.

  27. I been saying this Jay mane. Welcome to the new normal = fakes, flakes, snitches, punks, stunts, infected, zombies, and covert operatives.

  28. I’m not gonna throw stones. I appreciate his comments, becasue I appreciate truth. It’s high time someone in the industry said something and I am gald that he did.

  29. ugly ass white girls can either go black or go dyke.

    that white girl would have to spend money on me to even wake up beside her every morning.

  30. AS a child I was too sensitive to the world around me. If a child cried I cried if there was a war I was in inner turmoil. Not much has changed now that I am 27. I been reading a lot of the comments on this blog and its disheartening… I’m not speaking to a particular race, culture, color just the people. The people who bleed the same blood as I. We have failed! We can’t even speak to each other without hurling insults. Peace is not within us. We lost all understanding. We are spiritual beings with no spirit. We spew hate and label each other and put them in boxes. No one is helping each other or being compassionate. Take everything that you know and let it go. Its just sad….. why cant we uplift one another… if you feel someone had wrong info why call em out, call em stupid and out of name… Too many internet thugs.. Social media gave ppl the freedom to act like damn fools. There is no respect! We all too busy trying to one up each other be better than the other instead of being the best person you can be. Silence is ok. Silence is good. Not everything needs a response. Jay brought up a lot of great points. Whether he follows them or not mean nothing to me. The real question is what are YOU prepared to do today so our kids have a better future tomorrow. Don’t go blasting him if you not even trying to make the changes yourself. Cause 85% on here are probably still “turning up” calling females bitches, brothers niggers, hold stereo types close to heart ready to spew at any giving time. So unless we all have a squeaky clean house please don’t bash this man for saying something our little boys, girls and most adults need to hear! I have yet see a protest against black on black violence or see protests to stop all the violence taking all the kids in Chicago or other inner cities. However staged or insincere his words may be to some of yall the words still needed to be said.

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