Mathew Knowles’ Homeless Baby Momma Calls On Beyonce For Help


The woman who signed on as Mathew Knowles’ home-wrecker is calling on Bey. Know why? Alexsandra Wright says the pop star’s four-year-old half-brother is homeless and heading to a shelter…

“Nixon’s mother says they’re headed to the homeless shelter and Beyonce hasn’t lifted a finger to help…”

You’ll recall.. just weeks ago, Mathew was saved from making child support payments for the next two-years.

That’s after a judge drastically slashed his monthly baby daddy dues from $12,000 to $2,400. Sources, who believe Alexsandra first saw her Knowles-lovechild as a mill-ticket, say Wright was wrong!

Check out what Alexsandra Wright said during a recent interview:

“Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyoncé. I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother. I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.”



    • Good luck getting help from Beyonce. Daddy Knowles is not her biological father so she shares no blood with that child. She better talk to Solange.

      • My thoughts exactly. Mathew left his music empire (what is left) to Solange not Beyoncé = FACT. This tells a lot; if anyone cares.

      • Old whore Tina thought if she got knocked up, had a shotgun wedding, let him f8ck her n backseat of cars, n the alley, on the church steps, and n front of everyone on the beach he wouldnt cheat. ha ha

      • Beyoncw IS Matthew’s child. People in the industry know this as a fact. This lie was purposely created by her PR team, as she transitioned from R &B to pop mainstream. It was created to make her seem more exotic and appeal more to the mass mainstream.

        • Beyonce IS Matthew’s child. People in the industry know this as a fact. This lie was purposely created by her PR team, as she transitioned from R &B to pop mainstream. It was created by her own PR people to make her seem more exotic and appeal more to the mass mainstream.

    • I hope every fool on this sight who says this child doesn’t deserve help because of the sins of his mother,


      • My mother wasn’t hoein’ with someone else’s husband.

        It is stupid as f*ck to think that a children must accept the sins of their father when it comes in the form of a half-brother/sister.

        The hoe came into a marriage and left with nuthin’ but 18 years of responsibility, she got what the f*ck she was lookin’ for and I AM NOT A BEYONCE FAN.

        • Your mammy done screwed half the n8ggahs in her city. Like she gone tell you. that man n your house probably aint even yo daddy

          • Oh shut up. You just sound like a rabid Stan sprung off too much Beyonsaving koolaid .speculating on the sex past of someone u don’t even know mama is just dumb. Ms wright put all her business out there herself. That’s the difference. Why r u so emotional over it anyway? She your peeps or something?

            • Every ghetto n8ggah like beyonce and JZ looks for an excuse to neglect and abandon children. You can take them out of the ghetto but they still no good.

            • Her last name may be Ms. Wright but she wrong for getting pregnant by another woman’s hubby..SMFH..

      • She deserves help from the father of her child not the half sibling of her child. She’s a grown ass woman that decided to start a relationship with a married man. The only people responsible for that kid are the parents. She needs to cut her losses and get by like every other single mother until she can get the courts to make Matt cough up the money.

        • A Christian woman would help a stranger. Beyonce is an evil trollop in a loveless marriage that will end soon. Why else do you think JZ keeps signing her no talent high yellow replacements?

    • Child Services better take this kid and place him with the father, she is mentally unstable

      Child Services needs to step in and take the child from her and give custody to the father. She is tryign all she can to get money. Now she is trying to get it from Beyonce? Really? She needs to give up the child. Now she’s going to a homeless shelter. She is just sad.

    • Tina taught beyonce that if you let your husband treat you with disrespect like a street hooker, he’ll stay forever. WRONG!

    • Hello! In the front ROW! YESSSS
      Besides what does Beyonce have to do with this. She didn’t make that baby. Oh yeah it’s all her fault because if Matthew wasn’t her father HWW wouldn’t have f*cked him.
      Home Wrecking Whore

      She needs to get a job!

    • She betta work that 2,400. the best way she can. What was this dumb ass doing with the 12k per mo. should have saved some money dumb ass.

      • Alexsandra was getting $15k and $20k checks at a time when she was pregnant and when Nixon was a newborn. Please don’t think that Mathew wasn’t financially supporting Nixon, because he was. And Mathew was paying for Nixon’s insurance. Those checks were being delivered to Alexsandra’s attorney in Beverly Hills. My guess is she can no longer afford his services, so she is using the media to gain attention.

    • Sorry Bitch you came into the game with the wrong intentions….. You fucked a rich married man expecting to hit the jack pot and your plan failed miserably….. Take that 2,400 and make work that’s all your pussy is worth…… Now ask yourself was it really worth it?

  1. Womp, womp, womp. Having that paycheck baby didn’t work out so well for you did it? No access to Bey’s millions. Low level

  2. Why should beyonce be concerned? Her father made that bed, he needs to lay in it. Beyoncé has ABSOLUTLEY no obligation to this woman and her child.

    • Truth. She’s tripping. She needs to go get a job. Where’s her own family?

        • Then that heaux needs to return to Canada where they have that good, free .99 healthcare. That will save her a fortune. If she has family there, that’s who she needs to be allowing around Nixon. Nixon will never be accepted as a Knowles. Let the Wright clan do right by that child. Someone needs to.

    • Only a heartless n8ggah like beyonce, would walk by a starving man and not offer him bread.

      • Ummm this child should not br starving his mom is on welfare, foodstamps, and receives $2400 in child support……she need to now support her own child….get a job

        • She isn’t receiving any support rn and won’t be for another year-and-a-half or so. The court re-evaluated Mathew’s support payments. They determined he overpaid her, which is why she is now claiming she is destitute.

          But the general consensus is its time for her to get off of her ass and get to work.

            • Better yet, What in the heellllllll did he do with his money? He was getting like 3 million a year while he was managing Destiny Child, Beyonce, and Solange.

  3. This old side hoe might as well hang it up. Beyonce ain’t gone reach out. She has not been programmed to respond to the distress calls of small children, which is why Blue Ivy’s hair always looks a shambles. Time for Ms. Wright to get a J-O-B!

    • Lmao at Blue’s hair comment. But seriously, this woman better pack her bags and head on home cos its clear as daylight that Beyonce or anyone from the Knowles clan is not going to lift a finger and help her with her baby. No use sticking around when you are not wanted.

    • Blue’s hair may be in shambles, but her parents have the means to support her. More than I can say for Nixon’s parents.

  4. I think it’s funny how she always mentions Beyoncé but never solo. Bitch get a 9-5 and stop trying to find another meal ticket. I’m sorry I have no sympathy for her.

  5. It’s time Tina beat her ass on the low….My husband is one thing BUT, my child/children is something different!!!Tina should how up at her door like “What you want?” As hard as my daughter works you better gtfoh!!!!! They all sacraficed to get Bey on top and this bitch wants a piece? Please aint gonna happen

  6. Why should Beyonce have to pay for a baby her dad cheated on her mother with made let him take care of him you only wanted a child with him just to have money he can’t even take care of his self and you can get a job your self stop looking for a hand out and to the person who said why she did not ask sologe is because Beyonce take care of sologe and her son.

      • Apparently not. He did try to get the child for her, according to Alexsandra. Maybe she’s resentful because she had to go through that whole fake pregnancy charade. Maybe she figures alexsandra had the chance to have her take care of the baby boy. After all that, being embarrassed in public and all she probably blames Alexandra and won’t step up now to help. Those kbwles are weird vindictive types

        • If Beyoncè and Jay-Z were to claim Nixon as thirty own child, how on God’s green Earth can they explained Matthew’s strong gene pool on Nixon? And let me add that Beyoncè nor Solange Do Not look like Matthew. Even tho we can confirm Solange, Nixon and Kelly as Matthew’s children, but what about Beyoncè? Boy oh boy they will have a lot explaining and a lot lying to do!

      • Solange works.. She has said before that Beyonce does not take care of her. But if she did so what that is her little sister.

  7. What was this sorry excuse of a woman doing before popping out a baby in hopes of a huge payday? The only reason why she gets 5 seconds of airtime is because she laid with Bey daddy! There are real women out here struggling to make ends meet. Turn the baby over to social services if its really that bad. She gets no sympathy from me..

    • She already know Solange is not playing that…..she ready to tell that trifling hoe a piece of her mind.

    • She already know Solange is not playing that…..she ready to tell that trifling hoe a piece of her mind.

      • Really now.. what is the right thing in your opinion. Don’t be scared, spell it out. I can’t stand people that think someone owes them just because. gthoh!

  8. It’s really cute how she pulling the sympathy card, that child is not beyonce responsibility,

  9. Its a new day in homewrecking history. She fuqqed Bey dad, ruined Bey’s family image, and then had the nerve to ask for some money. Yes, Tina needs to check this harlott.

    • So if this lady wrecked the marriage, WHY IS MATTHEWS MARRIED TO A DIFFERENT WOMAN NOW?

      This lady has been wronged just like tina.

      • Wronged??! The same way you got him is the same way you will lose him. What goes around comes around. No she is not just like Tina.. That was her husband!

  10. Having Bey dads seed hasn’t gone as planned for Alexandria,as we can see.Sometimes Relationships don’t always have it Privileges.

  11. Bey will more than likely Lace her lil bro up very handsomely once he becomes of age.But,as of now,this situation is too much of a live wire and a detriment to her career.

    • You are delusional. Nixon, like Matty, will never taste a dime of Beyawnce’s money. Since the hoe mama is not above begging for handouts, why can’t she ask some of her own family to help out? Surely there is someone in her fam who can give her and her son a temporary home until she gets a job. But let’s be real: she does not want a job. Trying to trick off of rich, low-down men is her hustle and it went all wrong for her. LOL. I don’t even care for Beyonce and I don’t blame her for ignoring this bish.

      • Of course you may be right, but as age mellows Beyonce, it wouldn’t surprise me one iota if she were to pull an “Oprah” and break off a little something for her half brother, Not because she has to but because she may want to. She may end up favoring him over her and Nixon’s father.

        • Didn’t Alexandria leak a email awhile back claiming matt threatened her and tried to sue for more child support? Now,she’s still talking?!Wow.

  12. She is crazy. In what world does a whore get the daughter of the man she slept with to pay her bills? I’m sorry but both of that boys parents are messed up in the head.

    • Very succinctly put. I’m still in shock that she thinks any of the Knowles clan is going to give her money. And she seems to feel entitled. Matthew Knowles don’t give a damn about his son so why should the half-sisters whose mother he cheated on give a damn. Amazing.

  13. I’m usually not a poster but I must say this bitch you must be crazy!!!! Please explain to me how she feels Beyoncé is supposed to help her secure housing for her and her son? Why she’s at it why doesn’t she ask Tina to put the lights and Gas in Tina’s name? How in the world does she feel that Beyonce has any ownership in this? I have heard and seen some crazy mess but this one right here takes the take. Like my Granny say’s God don’t like ugly and he aint too fond of pretty!!! Ms. Alexander you chose the action now fully accept the consequences! Looks like its shelter city for you.

  14. I’ve been homeless…Twice! First time, my sister’s dad left my mom for another woman and the second time was due to my seizures. She can take a CNA class. They always needing CNAs in nursing homes, private duty, hospitals. No excuse!

    • Good to see in the face of adversity you overcame,and that’s very inspiring. Kudos to you.Alexandria on the other hand was a actress,so her master plan backfired and her situation is self inflicted.

      • But BA she is a prime example of hustling backwards! I should teach her how to hustle.

        • Alexsandra’s problem is that she has received too many handouts since she was pregnant with Nixon. DaR1, you hit the nail on the head. She needs to learn how to fish so she can feed herself and her son.

        • Yes you need to teach her how to hustle because she is a little girl playing a grown woman game!

  15. Beyonce doesn’t owe her soryy ass daddy, the jump-off, or that bastard shit! This is what happens when f*ck around with married men with no money of his own TRAMP!

  16. Hell, Matthew isn’t Beyonce daughter! That dude name Gisel Manor is Beyonce’s father.

  17. So much hate for this woman, but so little whispering about Mathew, you know, the only married party in this situation. Society is so biased and hateful against women–and it’s women who contribute to their own oppression.

    • She created the hate by opening up her opportunistic mouth….from child support to talking openly about her affair with this man…NOBODY knew of her existence until she began doing interviews..this woman was the reason why Tina and Mathew broke up so why would she think that going to the media would ever benefit her….FUNNY she said BEYONCE should care about her son being homeless but should not the father of the baby be more concerned …well she ran that well dry so now she moving on the next score..GTFOOHWTS..she just got a check for a few thousand dollars so perhaps she should get a JOB like most ordinary people do

    • We don’t like his azz either, but the story is about his hoe gettin’ outta pocket and usin’ her trick baby for a payday. Don’t get it twisted.

  18. Since no one answered the question that this woman posed here, I will do the honors

    How does Beyonce feel knowing she has a homeless lil brother? Since you asked I will answer.

    Beyonce probably found out you two were homeless the same time the rest of us on HSK did, cause she didn’t give a shit. But when she read it she smiled like a musfuggah. Then she re read it, and everytime she re read it, the smile on her face got bigger. By the eight time she was looking like the joker and giggling hysterically sounding like a hyena. She cancelled all appointments and obligations for the day and began to Contact everyone she knew to simply express how happy she is, some people on the phone though she was Rihanna because she repeatedly chanted incoherent words over the phone but the only words that could be made out was “HER Gods blessings Shiiiiine Bright Like a Diamond”. She even went to the bank withdrew 2 million dollars, walked down canal street, and gave it out in 10, 000 increments to everyone with a baby between the ages of 1 and 2. She even made cancelled two concerts because after hitting the stage she couldn’t stop giggling long enought to get a an actual word out. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Beyonce is happier than she on the day that Belzebub got a receipt for unitard and her Yaki weave.

    • *** christa is out buying a bright shiny new mic and headset for Eddie so he can take over Tommy Sotomayor’s You Tube channel.

      You could do some epic ether rants ELTP!!

    • I’m crying….that shit was tooooooo funny!!!! n the award for smartass hall of fame comment goes to Eddie and his unspeakable hurr, lol

      • I’m bout to go put a deposit on a Tuxedo and write my acceptance speech, thanks for the vote……lol

  19. Alexsandra

    Bitch, You should have been born with your ears inverted so you could hear how stupid you sound before you open your mouth! Beyonce don’t owe you SHIT. NOTHIN!

    How many homeless people do you know are pulling in 2400 a month. How many homeless people blame their their baby daddy’s other kids for them being homeless? I know people on disability, Social Security, and minimum wages that live on less than that.

    Take your child support and combine it with a McDonalds, Nurses Aid, or call center job, and secure a decent home for your son and stop trying to shame Beyonce into supporting your SORRY ASS!

  20. …. I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother…

    I CAN imagine how she feels: That stankin ho who hurt my Mama, helped destroy her marriage, had a baby with my sorry-ass crack head daddy with the intent on being set for life, just got FUCKED by Lady KARMA. Bitch, you got just what the f*ck you deserve!

    Is that about right?

  21. Alexsandra was reportedly engaged to Sgt. Harvey Walden. If they’re supposed to marry, why in the hell can’t she move in with her fiancé so she and her son have shelter? Now, if he dumped her, I can understand where that isn’t feasible.

    • Bells Any inside info on Sgt. Harvey? I have to say that he was my favorite part of celebrity Fat Club. He seems so grounded and sensible, and while not exactly my “type”, I found him quite appealing.


      • Kimberly Locke would have inside info on him. I don’t know him personally. What I have seen is that, apparently, the Sgt. was still married when he began dating Ms. Locke. Separated or not, he was still married. Their engagement ended, now as of 3-4 mos ago, he and Alexsandra were reportedly engaged. Not sure if its still on.

          • I’m not sure. I’m happy for her if they dated because I heard through some grapevine that she liked swimming in the lady pond. Kim Coles used to be a knockout.

            Sgt. Harvey is becoming community peen for the AARP set. Lol

  22. Why would she feel Beyonce is suppose to help her and her kid because they are going to a homeless shelter. Beyonce has nothing to do with this. She should have saved some of that money Matthew was paying her. Get a job or put in a phone call to Matthew…..that’s his flesh and blood not Bey.

  23. Matthew IS Beyonce’s REAL FATHER. People in the industry know this. The idea of putting out the other man’s name as her father was thought of by a PR agent so that Beyonce could appear “less black” and more exotic. Her team wanted her to be more like Mariah Carey or Halle Berry for a more mass general audience appeal. Halle and Mariah are mixed, Beyonce is not.

    Beyonce’s grandmother was mixed, then she married a black man, had Tina, and then Tina married a black man and had Beyonce. The rumors of the different father was purposely put out around the time she got the L’oreal contract and other mainstream endorsements and cross over magazines, such as Glamour and Vogue. As you can blatantly see her skin has been getting lighter and lighter as time goes by. She use to sing about how her father was her perfect idea of her man with the song “Daddy”, when she went more main stream, that was swept under the rug and her PR replaced it with a more exotic lie.

    If you look at old Destiny Child’s pictures and videos Beyonce has always been a Carmel brown color, if you look at pictures today she is as light sometimes as Halle and Mariah. Her breast enhancements, nose jobs, and bleaching has been done slowly and methodically over the years. Just like many people did not realize the late, great, iconic Miss Whitney Houston had breast implants done and veneers, because they were done naturally and transitioned in like Beyonce, it was not until her autopsy that many people found out. So as “exotic” as some her fans would like her to believe, that is she is mixed and her real father is not black is built on a purposeful lie, Matthew Knowles is Beyonce’s and Solange’s biological father, and she is not mixed, her grandmother yes, her…no.

    Now I do not believe Beyonce needs to step in and help this woman, she didn’t step in and help this woman sneak around and bed her father and then to top it off get pregnant by the man, so why does Beyonce need to step I now? This woman thought she was about to live the rock star life, counting on Matthew and Beyonce’s cash, but what is their’s obviously isn’t hers, she should have consulted with Evelyn Lozanda it seems, to get directions of Whoring 101 for a come up, who is and is not, a suitable candidate. And to add insult to injury Matthew wifed up a completely different woman. Beyonce is doing what she should do focus on her husband and her child, because no one stays at the top forever and her time is ticking. This was her father’s choice, and sperm, and now child, so he should have to deal with it, and he is the only one legally responsible, not Beyonce, Tina, or Soloange. Maybe the government should add a program for mistresses that tired for a come up and miserably failed. “The Obama said I can, but I just can’t ” bill.

  24. First if all its not Fakeyonce’s place to take care of a child her father created when he cheated on her mom. Secondly she probably wld have a better chance of getting help from Solange! That baby didnt ask to come here. He dnt deserve whats happening. F**k Fakeyonce!!

  25. If she can get up enough money for her and her son, she can go back home or have Matthew take care of his son while she gets on her feet.

  26. $2400 a month and homeless sounds like poor money management and greed! If I was B I would put money on the side for the kids future, but this woman would not hold me up for ransom by using her child as a come up.

  27. Umm she better ask his other 2 sisters Kelly and Solonge cause Bey is gonna leave this hoe out in the cold

  28. First of all, Mathew decided to go raw with this woman while married and successful (she could have poked the condom) but didnt put a gun to his head im sure. I also believed when he found out, he was scared and probably offered her plenty to keep quiet, (he knew the outcome), info was probably leaked, he tried They’re distance himself, she got mad and desperate, then maybe taking bad advice from other vultures, cause Beyonce loved & respected her dad for all he did for her career, he got old and started feeling himself, went out like a sucka, then typically blamed the woman (along with the world) for his mistake, the poor baby is innocent, so are his siblings, they werent there when he made his choice!

  29. Oh boo hoo bitch! Get a job! Better yet… start pawning all that frivolous shit you bought with the halfa mil + you already received from child support.

  30. Bey is probably helping MK hide money from this chick and the courts. 1st I heard about retro active non-child support, no support for two years. That sounds like some bey stuff. MK is worth more if you can follow the money. Its called consequences, for every action we make there is a consequence good or bad. Dealing with a married man never end well.

  31. She keeps screaming Beyoncé name and will feel badly when Beyoncé gets full custody of the child and shut her out completely. Be careful what you ask for. Little man will be on the Disney channel with new guardians Bey and Jay.

  32. Beyonce didn’t f*ck her Mathew did. My dad has kids, that’s his business. She taking beyonce to child support court? Lmao. Fuckery

  33. This woman needs to get a job. If she and her child are in a shelter it shows that she’s an unfit mother. Beyonce is an evil individual and guess where she learned that from both her mother and father. Beyonce has no intention of giving you a helping hand. This is karma you should have left that married man alone. The only person I feel bad for is Nixon.

  34. it’s not this lady’s fault or matt’s new wife that he didn’t want that stale, rank, loose puzzy of tina’s. he’s happily married now.

    • What a tacky and disrespectful thing to say! You must be someone’s mistress. A man can have a good women at home that throws down in the kitchen, board room, bedroom , and guess what? If that man wants to cheat he will do so! Lets not be ignorant and act like it all comes down to what’s under a woman’s dress, because p*ssy is p*ssy , and a man can get that any where.

      • Disrespectful? What’s disrespectful is an old dried up hoe who got a man with a shotgun wedding then mad because he didn’t give his whole life to her. Those weddings never last.

  35. I’m confused.Above it stated that Matthew was saved from making child support payments for the next two years! Than it says payments were cut from $12,000 to $2400..Is he paying child support or not? No i don’t believe that its Beyonce’s responsibility to assist this woman, because she didn’t make a baby with her. It would be nice if she one day decided to have a relationship with her brother, but that may o may not one day happen! The child didn’t ask to be here! Yes it was wrong for her to get with Matthew Knowles, but Matthew Knowles is a grown azz man who decided to step out on his wife! Men almost never get as much criticism as the woman! If he really respected his wife and marriage would he have carried on an affair with this woman? From what I head he cheated on his ex wife for yrs. Her decision to leave this time I’m sure is based mostly on public humiliation of knowing her fathered a child with the mistress! Does this woman work at all? I’m pretty sure that its possible to raise a child on $2400 a month… because I have seen women do it on a whole lot less. Some didn’t get any child support at all from the father of their child(ren). You can’t use child support to finance your own lifestyle(or rather you shouldn’t)Its for the support of the child! Matthew Knowles isn’t managing his daughter any more, and she was his biggest paycheck, so he probably doesn’t have it like that anymore… Child support is based on the non custodial parent’s income. What’s sad to me is that he isn’t playing a role in his son’s life. No matter what the circumstances are concerning who the mother is ..why isn’t he involved in helping to raise this child?

    • ..why isn’t he involved in helping to raise this child?

      Because he’s mad that he got “caught up” and is taking it out on the mother and child.

      It’s the same shit Eddit Murphy did when he got the Spice Girl preggers.

      Misplaced anger.

  36. I read that Matthew is “A Bruh”. Meaning his an Omega Psi Phi Bruh. Now I know for a fact that if you are in trouble, “Da Bruhs” will help you out! I know, I’ve use to mess with one of “Da Bruhs” Lmao!

      • ohhhh i bet she so scared LOL LOL beyonce is a piece of powerless sh8t. when this lady catches her by herself in the bathroom and kicks her azz, the tabloids will pay her millions for the story.

        • If you consider a net worth of 200 Million powerless,I’d say carry on.

          • a net worth of $200 million can be lost in the blink of an eye and one good lawsuit – ask tyson, johnson, and all the other broke n8ggahs. bish cant wear but one dress at a time like the rest of us

            • 200 million! Christa, Bella, Cheese, let’s find Matthew and get this money! 200 million! Somebody don’t know how to manage their finances straight!

            • Yes, Gayle. Sheryl Sandberg went from a billionaire to a millionaire in a day just last week.

      • I agree she should have kept her mouth shut! How are you going to tear down this mans main source of income running your mouth then expect to get paid!

  37. Alot of women use the child support money on themselves. If thats the case you shouldnt be a mother. It takes two people to raise a child. This is a lesson to all women support yourself and your child as well.

  38. This chick could helped her cause more if she would have remained quite.But,since she continues to run t the media trust and believe,Beyonce will never come within a 10 mile Radius of her ever.

    • EXACTLY….don’t have to beg for their crumbs….they may need them one day

  39. matt is married to a different lady and jilted this lady to, so i guess they like his wife.

    they’re hating this woman because she had matt a mini-me son that cant be denied, while beyonce is suspect and likely the bastard child.

    • As I stated before, Beyonce is not suspect. She IS Matthew’s child. People in the industry know this as a fact. This lie was purposely created by her PR team, as she transitioned from R &B to pop mainstream. This purposeful lie was created to make her have a more mass appeal for endorsement deals like L’Oreal and Pepsi, as well as for more mainstream white covers such as Vogue, Glamour, and Allure. This lie was to make her seem more “exotic” and to distance herself more from her father who at the time was becoming a huge problem with his partying ways, and at the time affair with one of her backup dancers which got leaked, so this lie conveniently fixed two problems in one. Again, after the song Daddy, you can see that when she transitioned and you saw more of Tina, (who is also not mixed, but Tina’s mother was, married a black man and had her)was seen more with her than Matthew, again to play on the more exotic lie.
      Beyonce is not mixed, Mariah Carey is mixed, Halle Berry is mixed, Zoe Zaldana is mixed, Alicia Keys is mixed, Kelis, Jordan Sparks, Leona Lewis, Jasmine Guy, Lisa Bonet, Rasheida Jones, Rosario Dawson, Shemar Moore, The Rock, and Barrack Obama, are all truly “mixed”,Beyonce is not. But as you can see they all have mainstream appeal, so it was very logical for her PR to start the rumors and lie for her to gain the same mass crossover appeal advantage and distance her from Matthew who was a ticking bomb waiting to explode, all in one.

      As I stated before earlier in this blog timeline, all of her cosmetic procedures from the skin lightening from Carmel to where she is now, to her breast enhancements, and nose jobs, have all been methodically seamlessly and smoothly done over time, just as the icon Whitney Houston’s flawlessly were, and again went virtually undetected until the autopsy validated them. Beyonce is not a suspect mixed bastard child, she is a black woman who is biologically the daughter of Mathew Knowles, who has an amazing PR team that knows how to spin the media to her advantage, which is why she pays them so much;they do their job extremely well.

        • Beyonce according to governmental standards, is a black woman. Both of her parents are black, Tina is not mixed, her mother was. Beyonce’s grandmother was creole, who married a black man and had a black child, who married a black man who had two black children. Almost every person in America has grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents mixed with something, which is why America is called “The melting Pot” so her PR people took it and ran with it, you are probably just as “creole” as she is. Actually everyone who is one this site probably is, if you want to use the same tricks she is using. The purposeful lie that was started was that Matthew was not her biological father, and another non black man was, which is simply not true, this rumor was generated by her PR team again to make her seam more “exotic” for more widespread crossover appeal. The best lies are ones that have a touch of the truth in them, thus the use of her grandmother, but Beyonce is black, and Matthew is her father.

          • that black ba8stard is black, her daddy and mammy r b8stards, and her newphew is a b8stard. not only that , they’re black ghetto b8stards. everything they do screams of no class ghetto b8stards

        • Chris

          Creole does not= “mixed”

          I have tried unsuccessfully to ‘splain that Creoles are black. Period. We ay have some white DNA from our past history, but so does 85% of all Americans of the diaspora. I just read one one of the more reputable sites(Huffpost think) that Brad Pitt is Spike Lee’s 4th cousin. THAT’S EFFIN’ HILARIOUS. Spike must be gagging.
          Like Bey, my folks are both Black, hence I am not mixed nor are any other true Creoles.

          Okay. I’ll shut up now. 🙂

          • Exactly, that’s why the purposeful lie that Matthew was not her father, and a non black man was, to make her actually “mixed” came into play, her PR team started hitting it even harder than before on the blogs spreading the rumors of it after the unexpected widespread backlash of her L’Oreal ad. Like I said before Beyonce is doing exactly what she should be doing focusing on her husband and kid, nobody stays at the top forever, and her time is ticking. Beyonce is just as black as her half brother. Whom she is not responsible for, but her shared biological father, the same as that little boy’s is, Matthew.

            • the president just started a campaign “we are all our brothers keeper.” if i were him i wouldn’t let this dirty so and so near my white house. he didn’t know his black father either.

          • Please excuse all my missing letters and typos.

            I have 4 sticking keys right now and it’s driving me cray.

  40. Its clear that Mathew didnt want to have a child. This woman should have used protection. Its been said that Mathew is Kelly Rowland’s father and look how he treats her. I feel bad for anybody who crossed paths with the beyince knowles family because they really are some evil people.

    • Well Anon, 15:30 can’t put all the blame on her. She may wanted the baby and he didn’t, he could up and leave right then and there.

  41. My question is, whats holding her up from not getting out and attempting to find a job to take care of here child?

  42. Um, didnt she do an interview with Inside Edition a month or two ago where she said she didn’t expect anything from Beyonce because it was not her responsibility? Bitch bye! Hoe logic confuses me to no end. This man cheated on the woman that he took a vow before God to respect. If he is foul enough to cheat on his wife of several decades, then how do you expect him to stand up an take care of that baby? Sorry lady, but you and that baby were a mistake. You were nothing but a nut rag and he did not intend for that baby to happen, no matter what he told you or what you may believe. Get a job,close your legs, and smarten up. Not everyone can be Evelyn. Stop it

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