Game Wanted By LAPD In Connection w/ Domestic Violence Investigation

Game Beats Fiancee

The Game is the suspect of a felony domestic violence investigation, after allegedly beating up his fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge.

According to sources, Game’s fiancee filed a police report last week. Following a March 19th incident during which she claims Game attacked her. Cambridge told police the couple was having an argument and Game turned violent.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Game hit Tiffney repeatedly in the face, injuring her eye socket and breaking her nose. Law enforcement sources say police took photos of her face.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has launched a criminal investigation.¬†Both Game and Tiffney appear on his reality show, “Marrying The Game.”

Sources connected with Game say he acknowledges there was an incident … but insists he never laid a finger on her.”


  1. Ain’t that some mess. He broke her nose and injured her eye socket. What the hell is wrong with him? He needs to put the pipe down.




    • Right, as bad a 50 want to lay hands on his bm he never did. Cause 50 is a real man, straight up! The Game is a bitch! Fuck him!!!!!

      • 50 didn’t hit Shaniqua, he just burned her house down. Because that’s what real men do. They risk the lives of their son and son’s mother who has custody of him. Chhhhhh.

  3. I’m not shocked at this, saw it coming from a mile away. Another punk-ass rapper beating on a woman like it’s normal behavior. Hip-Hop is dead anyway, which is why i don’t support it anymore.

    • All this punk ass behavior is the new normal. Yashua aka Jesus Christ is coming back sooner than not.

  4. Let’s see….. the blogs recently showed him hanging out with Khloe Kardashian for a bit and claiming they have been friends for years yet we have never seen him hanging out with her before, at least I haven’t….Khloe supposedly twerking and rubbing up against him at the club…..Game protecting Khloe from the paparazzi running up on both of them as they tried to leave said club….and the only thing we have heard recently about him and his fiancee is how he broke her nose and injured her eye socket. GTFOH.

  5. On their show, Tiffney is always the aggressor. Brotha can’t get a cinnamon roll and a glass of milk without her bitching and complaining about something. She patronizes him and treats him more like a child than she does her kids.

    Tiffney wants the spotlight SO bad. I honestly believe this is a manufactured story for the sake of publicity. I have no doubt someone dotted her eye. I question whether or not its him.

  6. My mom is a pretty good judge of character and one day said that Game looks like he fights his girlfriends when watching his reality show.

    • Your mama is right. He only beats up mothaf*ckas he know he can whup. Tiffney better not take his bitch ass back! There is no excuse for a man laying hands on a woman. period.

  7. He’s a kid, wants to hang with his boys, have female personal assistants, hang with khloe all day and night. O_o. She needs an actual grown man.


      • Kenny: No lie. As a woman, I am tired of seeing women who I’m certain were the aggressors in DV incidents. You cannot think that beating a man, cursing him out, saying things about his mother/family, etc. won’t warrant cause for him to retaliate against you in some form or fashion. “Don’t shake unless you want to get shook” applies in this and all situations. Ladies, watch your words and keep your hands to yourselves, as you want men to do the same.

        • ** “Don’t shake unless you’re ready to get shook.” I don’t want to misquote diaper booty.

      • If Claudia Jordan gave him a side eye, he would’ve beaten her baby out of her. She wouldn’t have needed an abortion.

        Just read these guys’ comments on this site. There are a few dudes I’m sure have laid hands on women because they have no control over their emotions.

        Your name may read crazy, but you are probably the most sane person here. Kudos.

        • The “but” is the gotcha gotcha, Kunta. I would advise a woman not to lay hands on a man, but if he comes for her, she better damn defend herself. Don’t be a punching bag. But on the flipside, knowing there are some psychotic women who could get the best of a man physically, I would advise a man to defend himself, within reason, because men are typically physically stronger than women.

        • P.S. Don’t come for Chris unless he sends for you. Lol. If he isn’t in the industry, he is so close to the industry, it hurts. I read his comments and I’m usually in awe because he knows the truth. He keeps his opinions out of his posts and states facts. He can’t be insane and do that. He is wide awake and well aware. Best poster on HSK.

  9. Tiffany needs to stop holding on to false hopet that they will get married. He’s a boy not a man like K Michelle said in her song cant raise a man. Tiffany you need to think more of yourself and your children.

  10. game hit khloe and khloe was supposed to be dating his brother why would khloe date a no name manager when she can date game who has some type of clout.

  11. is game DL? I only ask this because if his gang affiliation is (fake) through his brother and there seems to be a pattern of “men” who act tough ie: Dr. dre (no true street credit) but have beaten the shit out of women come to later realize they’re gay or into trans’s?

    • game gsave off a few bisexual hints a toungering.

      being a male stripper.

      when he was kicked off g unit and aftermath he kept calling dre’s name like a scorned lover like dre was his man or something.

      dre treated game like a ho okay I f*cked you now I’m leaving you for 50.

      its like 50 and game was fighting to be dre’s main blackboy since dre alrteady had a white boyfriend.

      • On the first season of the reality show, game came out shirtless and his friend was looking at him like he was spear ribs fresh off the grill.

  12. He protect khloe Kardashian like Kevin Costner in the bodyguard, but beats his black school teacher kids mother to a pulp? Typical nigger.

  13. This is a setup right? No way in hell ya’ll can actually be this stupid. Ignorant website, stupid readers! Who does an article with no facts, and then the ignorant readers make comments, pretending that the article is factual!

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