Grow House Investigation Led To Trick Daddy’s Arrest!

Trick Daddy Arrested in Ft. Lauderdale

More details are being dropped about Trick Daddy’s recent Fort Lauderdale arrest. Investigators say the 40-year-old Liberty City lyricist — whose real name is Maurice Young — “was running a drug grow house at 16573 SW 19th Street in Miramar.”

“He denied running a grow house, but admitted to deputies that they might find some cocaine and marijuana roaches in the home.”

That’s reported to be the spot where cops arrested the rapper, Wednesday (April 2, 2014). Records reveal Trick Daddy (a convicted felon, forbidden from having firearms and ammo) was busted “as he pulled out of the driveway”. He was booked on two counts of possession of firearm by a felon, possession of cocaine and driving with a suspended license… and released on a $6,100.00 bond, Thursday morning.

Here’s the latest:

“Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were staking out the place on suspicion Trick Daddy was running a serious drug operation there. Records show they’d obtained a warrant for drug dogs to sniff out his property.

Deputies tossed the house. They reported finding 1 gram of coke in the nightstand, a 9mm Sig Sauer under the bed’s pillows and ammo in another bedroom.

Records show the house, worth about $500,000, is owned by Trick Daddy and a woman.”


  1. If he still has money….He is selling drugs. Po-po was like “take it to da house”…

  2. He may be a little “different” but he’s ours. Shout out to Trick Daddy from your Miami Dade family!
    (even tho he moved to Broward which is next door)

    • Hey Sis,I know you live in Dade County now,but I was just down there in West Palm Beach and that is a very beautiful place.I’d say you made a great choice.

      • Thanks BA. It’s nice and it has some great advantages(like no state income tax~~thank you tourists) but I miss N.O. so much. Now that my folks have both passed, I am considering purchasing a small Uptown getaway(like an old shotgun) for my and my friends’ use. I would love to be able to hop over(since I fly free) for a weekend here and there for great music, food and all the other cultural stuff.

    • @Christa

      He Different…That’s Good! Brothas need to get away from the wolfpack anyway, it breeds trouble. I guess the crooks at city hall call this being tough on crime…In Our Dreams! 5-0 can’t defeat human nature, wasted lives, time, and money.

  3. What is that a Toupee’my dude trick is wearing?I still fux with you though.

  4. he wasn’t that ugly when he was famous.

    hated his music he was a 2pac wannaBE.

  5. I’m still tripping on him being 40! Hey Jacky. I think you may have hit the wrong button cause surely you meant 50.

  6. “The house is owned by Trick Daddy and a woman.” What happened to his wife? Did she grow tired of all of the pork rinds, pickled pig feet and bacon in the house?


  8. He kept his feet to the concrete and didn’t go hollywierd. It’s only weed. Stupid f*cking law.

  9. Now I’m off to the pub to watch every body get f*cked, fight everybody, then get arrested. Nah I’ll just stay home get stoned and have a giggle,a feed, and get some nice sound sleep. Stupid f*cking law.

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