Who’s Jacky Talking About? – April 20, 2015

420 Blind Item

Today’s blind item may be an NBA player but, because he’s reported to be hooked on that CoCo rather than in love with her … you’d think this 24-year-old point guard was really signed to the Snowboard Association!

“Man … he stays high! That goes for before the game, during the game and after the game! When you see him on the court, that man is on that drug!”

Word from the streets tells us that, our blind item’s sibling is his brothers enabler, depending on how you view things. Know why? A Chocolate City associate servin’ D-Boy exclusively tells HSK that it’s the brother who cops the dope for our mystery man!

Check it:

“He’s a damn good customer … both brothers are. They always be gettin’ high together. Every once in a while, when he’s all skied up, his high will take him to playing ball.”

He is currently reppin’ his NBA team in the playoffs. Now, Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. throwing up the 666 just like kobe, lebron, shaq, even floyd. they are boule members and mason brothers

  2. stephen what makes you think they are boule members. I am not doubting it but wondering why you feel that way

    • Be cuz Stephanie reads comments and rob the hsk archive when we sleeping to sound like he /she knows what’s going on .. When really it’s the troll spawning a character to discus a subject she hates and this the only way this silly bitch can have replies to her obvious comment !

    • I can tell you that he is not. And neither is Al Sharpton, another person who Stephen thinks is Boule.
      Just because someone is a “sellout” or perceived as a persona non grata does not mean that The Boule wants any part of them. My Boule relative split a gut laughing his ass off at the idea that Rev Al is connected to them.

      • um al sharpton is boule so is MLK, nelson mandela, web dubois. either you guys are ignorant or you’re undercover agents. the boule is a greek society that was founded in 1904 that is a copy cat of the skull n bones the NAACP is boule members. i know what i’m talking about. the boule is nothing more than houses niggas and they have influence in black colleges frats and sororites. most black wealth whether it entertainment, music sports, etc. is boule and they pratice homosexuality.

        • @Stephen The Boule is in fact a small faction of the Skull Bones Yale University designed strictly for Black Sellout Oreo’s.The NAACP was funded by the Fake Joos,but that Dirty Hamite Nelson Mandela is not Boule he’s actually a”Knights Of Malta”.How else do you think he became president of a country after being incarcerated for over 30 years.

          • Black Anastacia, thank you for breaking it down since most of us here wouldn’t admit the fact that WE DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL YOU TOLD US!

        • What Im tired of is every black man that has money and/or influence being called a sellout or part of some conspiracy. So besides being able to find your definition of The Boule on any search site and Wikipedia, how about giving actual proof these men belong? Or would you call that snitching?

      • Most of these fools have no idea whats going on they come on here voice thier theories but thats all they are theories

        • Yo! Jackass! 13:23! Yeah U motherf*cker! I am talking your duck mouth slimy ass motherf*cker! Imma put your ass on hold cause I can and will shame your notorious hotbox duckbill rusty ass tin can no good two faced ass white motherf*cker in your sorry ass place! Now bitch! You need to take your falselfying ass somewhere into somebody asshole and die! Yes bitch! Just die!. As I was saying to the rest of the group who wants to know. Yes, Stephen U, BA, and I are on the same page. But I will shed a did bit with ya. If y’all wanna know. But that jackass up thinking folks are playing, Imma f*ck its, THAT’S RIGHT ITS ASS IS GOING TO GET FUCKED! *Now back to broadcasting . All rights are reserved*

        • The” talented tenth” is à philosophy that WEB Dubois advocated to counter Booker T Washington’s philosophy that the negro should hold subserviant/ non-threatening jobs to curry White man’s favor.
          IT means minimum 1 in 10 Black men or 10% of the Black american population should have leadership positions in the community such as: doctor, lawyer, scientist, anthropologist…etc.
          Dubois is Boule, but Talented Tenth philosophy is ON Point. Hè argued that going into entertainment Industry or domestic work shouldn’t be blacks’ main career goals, because it won’t/doesn’t provide à longterm sustainable, independent and empowering environment for the Black community.
          Immigrant Indians and africans practice this philosophy.
          Unfortunately, Black americans mostly chose Booker T Washington’s stance, now look at our current state…

    • Hell I don’t even know the brother, but answer this, does he play ball real good when he is high?

      • He been an all star since he joined the league. I tell you what, he runs fast like a crack head. Not as fast as Russell Westbrook but you ain’t gon catch him if he gets a half a step on you…..lol. He got that blaze (blazing speed) maybe cause he blazing rocks, Just maybe

      • Forgot his name but there is a documentary about a negro league baseball pitcher who pitched a no hitter high off LSD. He says he played high every time.

    • Really?? @Deordorant1: It wasn’t that damn funny. Who are these goofballs. Must be some newbies. We used to have fun on this board but now there are so many idiots posting nonsense and picking on the regulars and it’s so childish.

    • His father has an older son John Carroll Wall Jr, but he is in jail,release scheduled for 2018.

  3. The only thing I know about John Wall and cocaine is that he was very supportive of Lamar Odom when he was having his problems and getting cut from his team.

    Just a question: are y’all guessing him based on the uniform or are there rumors about it out there?

  4. I don’t know about the Boules and any of these societies… But The NBA is a modern day minstrel show orchestrated by fake isrealites to inspire black men to aim for professional sports and the concomitant fame and money. This suppresses the academic prowess which is focused elsewhere and adds to the cycle of individuals who throw their lives away entertaining our enemies while never engaging in activities that lead to viable careers.

    This is deliberate and these owners view the black men as modern day slaves. Then mostly Caucasian audiences pay to watch these Black Men compete. These owners hate our people and belive we are inferior. I feel that our brothers and sisters should boycott this optical blight which funds endeavors that are countercyclical to the development of our people.

    • All colleges just like the Pharmaceutical industry was set up by the Rockerfellers with the intent to enslave the masses because in they’re mind the less the American public has the more they can keep for themselves.Blackmen going to college learning whitewashed black history will benefit them nada in the long haul because college is another form of Slavery which is economical slavery.We need to teach blackmen and women to return to our Israelite heritage and start keep laws statutes and Commandments and then come out of this society and not be partakers of America’s Sins.Thats the best we can do for our people.Shalom

      • BA do you think slavery is a natural condition of material existence? Like in nature how the bigger animals dominate the small exept humans are intellectual so they do it with money?

    • ive always thought that when they show thier stats and thier weight and height it looks like they are in a horse show or a dog show like they might as well have leashes on thier necks, and when they “trade players” between teams.. just rubbs me the wrong way

      • Metaphorically the NFL/NBA and all of the Drafts pertaining to sports are Tantamount to the trading of slaves.AAll of the good one go early and the not so good one go late.The same with the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

        • Metphorically you need to also Stfu you Hamite… Why you hate them do there ain’t one f*cking African in Louisiana ! Those are Hatian dumbass and they your ppl!

            • You are one of the best posters here. Continue to spread hatred and anger towards the enemy. Blessings!

            • I wish that you were joking, but I know that you’re not. BA is a great man, but hate can be very detrimental to ones own self.

        • BA, yea thats what it reminds me of a slave trade, i also heard that it is to make men have a tribal mentality when they are a fan of a particular team

  5. This is about Nick Young and he may be getting traded. The in love with her part is referring to ICKY IGGY!

    • No disrespect but you got to make sure the pieces fit to your puzzle.

      Nick young isn’t 24 but John wall is
      Nick young isnt a point guard but john wall is
      Nick young does not currently play for chocolate city (Washington) but John wall does
      Nick young plays for the Lakers and the Lakers are not in the playoffs but Washington is. Sounds like John wall to me.

  6. Not to sound dumb, but aren’t pro athletes (I believe their called league players) drug tested in the three major sports? I’m talking about players in the NFL NBA and Baseball and hockey players.

    • Here’s the thing BaybeK8s Coke leaves the system FAST unlike weed which stays in the subcutaneous fat for 4 weeks. You can do blow and test clean 24 hours later.

    • They test and they know who on that shit. They keep that to wave under their nose. As soon as they tire of using them or the athlete becomes unbearable ‘rumors’ spread. If he don’t pull through this playoff round you’ll probably hear about a suspension or something.

      • Wow! Everything is is political. Thank you for enlightening me. I guess pro sports really is a form of slavery. *scratching my head. [You’ve given me something to think about. I didn’t realize it was that deep.]

        • BaybeK8s Take that with a grain of salt. My ex was a sports agent/atty and believe me, that doesn’t happen.
          As for the slavery thing, only a dumbass would define a human making a very good salary doing what they choose to do as slavery. What an effing disrespectful thing to say. SLAVERY is NOT voluntary.
          And if the athletes are “slaves” then so are all of us who work for other companies and business owners.

          • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you have a regular job working for a company or business owner, you are in fact a slave. The elites already let it slip that the financial system was set up to ensure the slave trade continued the only difference is that instead of housing,clothing and feeding the slaves, you make them do it for themselves. The same families that owned slaves in the past are the same families that own the huge business and corporations that all of the money flows back to. If you pay that unconstitutional tax called FICA you are a slave. And if you don’t think you are one, just think back to 2008, when they took you tax money and gave it to wealthy bankers for rapping the economy so bad that the entire system was about to implode. Not jail time not punishment, but money, rewards, 10s and hundreds of millions of dollars given to each one, personal bonuses….lol and you and I paid for it.
            And in case you didn’t hear what the owner of the clippers said when he didn’t know we would hear he said “I give them clothes, houses and cars, who else does that”. That lets you know that they look at these guys like property to discard at when ever they feel like it or the cant perform at the level of the other ones, just like the Fights they were forcing those slaves to ave on he movie Django. They are slaves and so are you, they get perks like beers, Ponys to lick their poles….sorry but it’s the truth. If you build your own house and grow your own food you might not be a slave…oh but you got propert tact to pay so you still one then too.

            • Eddie U are very much correct! In fact, Imma add this tid bit to your post. Do anybody know what a TIN is? Well TIN is called Tax Identification Number aka your social security number. That TIN helps the big time corporate bosses as Eddie stated to keep track of your money to make sure in due time to collect your hard earn money to supposedly to pay off the trillion dollar debt that the big wigs had made. Now, in a post and this was last year, somebody along with Eddie broke this down so eloquently that they was on the money! Now, all the old posters remembered it and the new posters, well just read along then U see why folks come here because we post @ least 99% accurate facts. Anyway this young gentleman and Eddie both said when the market crash and gold was at and all ta
              le high, the big wigs decided that folks have those raw materials can’t carry in their pockets cause it is too heavy. So they came up with The Federal Reseverd Note. If you pay attention to it, on the it says and quote, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. So basically those prices of paper we call money is nothing more than worthless peice of paper we trade among ourselves to think it have significant value but in reality our hard earn money that we have made over the years is worthless. Yes, worthless. We just need stuff that’s all. But, there is on way we can own our on stuff and have our very own? Its called Redemption. There is a book out here to show us step by step on how we can get our stuff back, claim it and own it without having to answering to somebody nor have your stuff taking away. I read the fourth edition of Redemption and I was impressed!

  7. well whoever he is he better be careful. his may heart may give out with all the coke in his system.remember what happened to Len Bias?

      • Correction, certain star players do not get drug tested! The players who do get drug tested kiow exactly how to beat the drug test. Maybe that’s why the NBA will soon start testing for HGH!

    • LENE SILVA – Joel,Eu estive no casamento da Taiza e Davi e foi realmente tudo isso que vocês conseguiu registrar no video.Meus parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.

    • Darius: I try to combine numbers along with what I see to make opinions. Pau is at 36% but from watching the film with blow by and easy layups he gives up those numbers are a bit deceiving. Opponents get 26% off. rebound rate. 1 out of every 4 shots they take they get an offensive rebound against Lakers. I consistently see Drew’s man beat him. And he isn’t controlling the paint like defensive centers do. Didn’t re watch the game today but there’s no denying Drew’s numbers don’t reflect what Lakers fans see on a game to game basis.

  8. This is a lie. Come on HSK you can do better than this. He does smoke weed though. A lot of them do.

  9. Kevin Durant…which is the real reason why his girl dropped him. Too bad so sad

  10. With all of the information about the dangers of using drugs, with the millions of us who have died from drugs, why do some of us continue to snort and smoke the devil’s poison? I guess the old saying is true about cocaine/crack; once you use it, you’re hooked for life!

    P.S. During the Reconstrucion period, rich white land owners use to give cocaine to black men who worked jobs that required heavy lifting and long hours (Cocaine crazed negro).

    • you have been poisoned w/ irrationalities You are a proper victim of racism You are even discriminative to yourself What a mind f*ck isn’t it? Cocaine crazed negro? Any man who’s smart enough to own land is intelligent enough to know coke is harsh on the heart Heavy lifting Long hours? Overdue for heartattacks Not increased labor Your thesis is just rubbish seeing as it does nothing but bring us further down into the population control abyss I understand your intention to enlighten but you need growth yourself 1st You don’t have yourself figured out Let alone any1 else Bilderberg Group created those fairy tales you believe about magick & pale horses They definitely don’t don’t praise their own myths & novels They use your ignorance to program you to Which forces you to channel & promote your own demise Wasting your life criminalizing & judging every1 else’s & always your own mistakes all in fear of what death will bring afterwards It’s an obvious sham that you should at least cease to push & spread If not awaken Please save that Satan crap for the next millennium of idiots because the Sun & Moon are beyond a fiction book full of phony plotted reverse psychology paganism

    • Who the f*ck cares Sports are distractions & money pits Whine about another zombie’s substance abuse to suppress their thoughts because of their own evil Why pick your own brain entertaining that energy? He clearly isn’t a martyr because he’s throwing up ancient occult symbolism so he obviously means you & all his spectators no good only further destruction & corruption Get over it

      • My point of emphasizing their suppression is because it’d be easier to point out who isn’t on drugs rather than who is in the O. T. O lineup

  11. Jesus. I know for a fact that most black people aren’t stupid, not any of the ones I’ve met anyway, but you sure wouldn’t know it from these comments!

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