Tamika Fuller Ordered To Pay Ludacris’ Legal Costs

Ludacris Awarded Attorney Fees

Recent reports are offering some insight into the custody battle between Ludacris and his baby momma, Tamika Fuller.

According to Sandra Rose, who says she received a copy of the ruling, not only was Tamika chastised for targeting Luda because of his celebrity, she was also denied a new trial and ordered to pay Luda’s court an attorney fees. OUCH!!!!

Last week, you may remember, Tamika Fuller lost her bid for a new trial. Shortly thereafter, she created a GoFundMe page, in order to try and raise her legal funds via charity. To-date, she as raised approximately $1500.

Here is what’s been reported:

In her 5-page order Judge Downs explained her reasons for denying the petitioner (Tamika) a motion for a new trial.

“The evidence overwhelmingly” show that Luda is the proper parent to have physical custody of the minor child.

The judge awarded attorney’s fees to Ludacris because the mother was “motivated” by her desire to “harass the father who is a celebrity” and “to cast him in a poor light.”

The court found that the father should recover reasonable costs and fees for defending himself against the mother’s frivolous motion for new trial.

May 13 is the next court date for Luda’s lawyers — Tanya Mitchell Grahamand John Mayoue — to present an affidavit listing their attorney’s fees for challenging the motion for a new trial. The judge in her discretion can force Tamika’s lawyer, Lisa West, to pay Tamika’s attorney’s fees since Tamika is indigent and West knew the law better than her client.

Tamika Fuller Bad Loss



    • He’s a loser. Only a bitch made man drags the mother of his child through all this shit just so he doesn’t have to pay child support.

        • How do you think he got custody? And why do you think he wants custody? So he doesn’t have to pay her any money. You’re the idiot. Asshole. Get your ass off that library computer talking shit and pick up a book and learn to read for comprehension.

          • So I guess love for his child has nothing to do with it? Whats sad is its so assumed that the mother gets the child and child support that when a father has the power (and attorney) to be on a level playing field, too many women think its actually unfair.

            • Ignore that idiotic bitch. She’s just one of those powerless slave hoes who will find any reason to hate a black man because her life aint hittin on shit. Let her go wag her tail somewhere..

      • He offered her 7,000 a month child support but she refused that and demanded 15,000. For a person who claimed to make 800 a month to turn down almost 10 times what her income is, would seem to be unreasonable and to most people and unstable to a degree. Looking at those facts along with the fact that her first daughter testified against her saying that she never had a relationship with her mother and that her mother left town for some time and had been back for years and never knew it because the mother never contacted her actually makes this woman the lose literally and figuratively.

        • If this is at all the case…babygirl played herself out like last years weave. Should have taken the seven grand a month and bounced. Stupid girl. Stupid lawyer. Now you gets nothing.

  2. This is the most absurd child custody case ever – but what exactly where her intentions? She lost her child and she has to pay? I get why she lost her case in court but damn what type of root someone put on her?

    • Hilarious!

      I guess she doesn’t need to be cursed, she was born black and that will normally be enough to ensure the most unpleasant of life’s expectations.

      • I’m not going to go there I don’t like to have racially charged discussions but I do think someone put a root on her and not because of her color. Her luck changed so drastically after not doing what Luda originally requested of her. Odd is all I’m saying.

      • Well the judge was black, the attorneys were all black and the petitioners were black. So I don’t think racism was in effect here.

        • She was definitely discriminated against. The judge was wrong and she should be given a chance to take care of her child. Luda’s celebrity status is what go him favor. Its wrong

          • I would like to see a white baby mama being denied the right to look after her own child sired by a black man. Would that ever happen?

          • @knowlege

            PREACH. I know CRACKHEADS and JAILBIRDS that were given an opportunity to straighten themselves up so they could keep their kids!!!

            Luda’s celebrity and money played a HUGE ROLE in Tamika losing custody of her child.

            To base her ability to parent today because of a mistake she made in her past is, hell, LUDACRIS.

            To your point, Scorpiess, Britney Spears went ape shit cray cray and didn’t lose complete custody of her sons; and Charlie “winning” Sheen and his cokehead baby mama Brooke? haven’t lost permanent custody of their twin sons…in fact the cokehead has them with her as we speak.

            It seems that only black women (Tamika Fuller, Tamika Raymond, Pilar Sanders, Mary Harvey) are losing custody in court to their richer, lawyered-up men.

            And while I don’t believe the woman always makes the better parent I find it strange that these women didn’t become “crazy” until child support came into the picture.

            It’s a shame that that child is being raised by a father that wanted her to initially be aborted and a woman who no doubt resents being put into the position of helping to raise her now husband’s “break baby.”

    • The judge got paid off. Happens all the time. She did what is all the rage these days: tricked with a rich man whore who she thought was going to provide her with a meal ticket for life. He went and greased the right palms and flipped the script on her. The only victim here is that baby. She is no worse than he is: you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

      • Yep,

        From Bossip:

        “Ludacris had six attorneys in the courtroom versus Fuller’s one. One of Luda’s lawyers, John Mayoue was part of the team that helped score Usher custody of his sons.”

  3. It pays to have money!I’m sure luda paid this judge off,like usher paid his judge for his kids! Now usher seems to enjoy his children but luda did this to spite that woman and not to pay her. These stars are getting smarter these thots better learn!

    • She might have had the baby because Luda is rich. Who knows… I feel bad for her. I do know that when a woman is in her 30’s & 40’s motherhood is a whole lot different than when you’re a teen mom. Maturity level is different. Luda needs to give that baby back to her mom & try to work out a reasonable agreement. I don’t look at him the same. He’s being vindictive.


        • Where is the vindictiveness? They were f*cking, she got pregnant, he was NOT willingly involved and she went to court!! Help me if I missed anything. If so I’m truly sorry.

  4. These women need to be careful who they sleep with. If her intentions were to get rich off of him I don’t feel sorry for her. I think something might be mentally wrong with her. He basically paid the judge off and is embarrassing you. I have no respect for him because two wrongs don’t make a right.

  5. I don’t know the whole story about this woman but I feel sorry for her because the court system is doing her wrong. She has every right to be with her daughter. I pray that she gets her little girl back because Luda is being hateful and doing this to get back at her.

  6. I saw the emails between luda and his daughter’s mother. He gives her only what the court order states and nothing more.

  7. Women are now getting Their own karma!!!

    tricking these men into thinking Their the Father, for what money??

    Women have tricked Men for years is only now Men are getting smart (about time too!!)

    You Women thought You were slick getting dicked down without a rubber!! lying about Baby’s Father
    just to spite Your ex out of jealousy

    got no sympathy for You Women, My only advice is keep Your f*cking legs closed don’t let random Nicca’s in
    unless You want a relationship

    • What trick? Did she trick him into NOT wearing the condom or did she tell him if he pulls out he couldn’t get her pregnant? I mean he needs to be smarter than a fifth grader when he gets involved in these ‘relationships’.

  8. The only win-win situation is that the child is being taken care of. Give him credit stepping up to the plate….alot of men just walk away and do nothing.

  9. these are the kinds of things that the courts are only going to allow happen to black women. I said it time and time again black women need to seriously reconsider having sex or children with black men

    Even if black women marry black men their lives are still so hard and their black husbands don’t help financially that many black married women forgo having kids at all.

    Also black women married to black men have a higher instance of poverty, domestic violence leading to death.

    I hope that y’all wake up before it’s too late.
    Only bad things in store for black women who deal with black men. When they don’t kill you and give you disease if they have money in their pockets they will take your children.

    Black men accuse black women of doing things that WHITE WOMEN did to WHITE MEN in the court system and then say that black women are paying for the sins of these other women.

    Historically black women have NEVER in significant numbers used the court system to keep black men from their kids. Also because of the WELFARE laws black women have NOT went after black men for child support in droves because in MOST states it has always been that if you get a child support check, no matter how LITTLE, you CANNOT get WELFARE. So MOST impoverished women WON’T file for child support because the fathers DON’T make a lot of money. Black women have NEVER been gold diggers. Black women are more likely than any other race of women to HAVE TO WORK WHILE MARRIED.

    • Blackwomen have never been gold diggers?Is that a test joke!Ask Luda,Usher and the gold digger of all gold diggers Pillar Sanders.

      • Thank you so much for that , this was surely a case of greed and she got just what she deserved …nothing

      • Who picked the gold diggers?

        Men can’t have it both ways. They flash everything they have to impress…then can’t believe they attracted a gold digger.

        Go for CLASSY instead of ASSY and maybe these problems wouldn’t occur.

    • Tonight on Nancy Grace, the actress Kelly Rutherford who is white was on. Her husband took her kids and fled to France and she can’t get them back. So it happens to ww too.

      • 20:32 From what I read, I’m thinking he meant for his work visa to run out so he can’t come back to the states with the kids. What I can’t understand these charges of him doing drug and firearms smuggling in South America she he is a millionaire? Imma point out something and I hope and pray to God it doesn’t happened to nobody’s kids. But when U enter in these foreign countries is one protect yourself and your kids, know the laws of that country, and make sure U keep a close and I mean this literary saying thisb , keep an close eyes on your children! The reason I specified this because kids are being kidnapped, sold into slavery and kidnapped into sex trafficking. Now if this don’t wake up nobody eyes, I just don’t what to say.

  10. Black women have not ever in signifcant numbers EVER had to use the courts to keep black men from their children because black men CHOOSE on their own not to take care of their kids.

  11. Also black women do NOT move to Georgia. Especially NOT Atlanta. It is corrupt and run/overrun by criminal black men and their mammies.

    It’s a terrible place to be if you are a black women or black child. The mayor takes pictures in the open with black male criminals. The men who have a little money are color racist against black women and a lot of the men are gay or bisexual.

    If you are a black woman in Atlanta save your life by moving away from there fast

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a look at the BEST that Atlanta has to offer black women.
    If you are a black woman in Atlanta you WILL most likely end up carrying a man just like ALL the Real Housewives do. It’s a hellish place.

  12. To say that Atlanta is run by criminals is correct. BUT, I think the evidence in this case goes against Tamika because she was indeed unfit ( when compared to Luda). I love how black women are now the enemy of America suddenly, when black men are still being imprisoned for crimes they DID NOT COMMIT. When you say Black women are never Gold diggers it’s like saying black men are historically monogamous. See how stupid it reads? LOL. Black women lie, black men f*ck. PERIOD. LMAO. This is a scenario where people need to consider what they are bringing to the table and BE HONEST ABOUT THE SHIT. Too many kids been brought into this world on some bullshit and this is another case. Tamika knew WHO she was f*ckin. She didn’t think she was f*cking Jerome up the block. Shit backfired on her and now she’s gonna have to PAY. Plain and simple. Maybe next time she’ll think twice about bedding someone who’s been known to be in a VERY public relationship with someone else. No sympathy here, and no f*cks given about whether you agree or not. 🙂

  13. It’s unfortunate the system doesn’t work for minorities. Women need to better themselves by going to school and getting degrees and starting their own businesses.

  14. Nothing pisses off a woman more than having to pay court expenses to a man. Just ask Halle Berry!

  15. Rachel Roy won full custody of her daughters because Dame Dash is too broke to take care of them.

  16. Imma put some money in her fund to help her. I see a big ole loop hole. Yes a big ole loop hole! I am trying to contact her on Twitter to get her undivided attention! I see so many loop holes in this case til its pitiful! She actually got a case and pretty much can win! Yo! HSK Mod, please someone contact this young lady! PLEASE!!!

  17. Everyone can tell Lynda is gay and he can’t hide it. It’s sad he’s doing this to this poor woman. I hope she gets justice.

  18. This is a sad case, I don’t know the details, but Luda is not raising his baby, a nanny is. How sad she can’t see her mother, what is he going to tell the child as she grows up..
    This is sad, but the system has always been ruled by MONEY, money talks and lnow Luda in my eyes is a big p*ssy…jmo

  19. Question… Luda says she was too poor to take care of the child and took the child away …but now he wants her to pay his court costs? You know I thought the court was wrong for taking the child away from the mother with that as part of the judgement but THIS? LUDA IS GONNA CRASH AND BURN …THIS IS WICKEDNESS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND SO IS THE COURT SYSTEM ..I WOULDNT BE SURPRISED IF THERE IS SOME BRIBARY GOING ON HERE.


  21. In order to beat paying the court fees, all she has to do is file for bankruptcy or maybe a special waiver for the fees due to her financial status, indingent as the Judge menttioned. If you notice the Judge briefly mentioned her economic status as being indingent and making her own lawyer pay. She needs to contact the American Civil Liberties Organization and see if they would represent her free of charge since it seems to be discrimination against her based on gender as well as her economic status. Eitherway , I agree with some of the others who mentioned it seemed she was sentenced pretty harshly by denying her custody of her child and the payment of the fees. How can you say she targeted Luda, when Luda went to bed with her freely and climaxed in her freely and consequently a child was born. Did she put a gun to his head and rape him? Did she bribe him for extrodinary amounts of money in order to see or be with the child? Probably not , other wise he would have tried to have her arrestted for for extortion. Also, it seems a message is being sent to women (us) that don’t try to play our games to get ahead , cause that’s not for you, it just for us.

  22. That child is with a caring parent , justice was served . you all said a man needs to take care of his kids well this is what’s happening . That bitch better start looking for a job

  23. Atlanta is too corrupt. Look what happened to all those teachers in that cheating scandal they went to prison but yet no justice for people of color when it comes to police brutality. Stay out of the south if you black.

  24. the whole feminist movement was started by over zealous White Women, then Black Women got brainwashed into joining
    Their “club” now Black Women think Their can use the feminist movement when it suits Them!!

    sadly They can’t

  25. The fake isrealites highlight the struggle of the African American family over custody and child support. The reality is that in Western Culture divorce and/or birth out of wedlock is common. The Caucasians and quasi Isrealite posers that go through the system are views as business oriented. People have children with individuals and it doesn’t work out half he time. That is humanity none of us are perfect or unblemished.

    In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq the divorce rate and out of wedlock pregnancy rate is lower but there is Sharia law and woman have limited rights and access to education.

    We must continue to use forms like HSK to spread hate agains these inferior Devils that portray us as animals in the media. We are the original and most advance human beings. I detest our enemies and although I would never advocate illegal or
    violent, I have love for those who are willing to call out the lies and verminous filth associated with the barbaric lost tribes.

    The media, fake isrealites and homosexuals are the biggest threat to our community not some Boule Or Illumanti society that only one one hundredth of a percent of the worlds population have any true connection to.

    Stop supporting the media lies. Prepare for the inevitable forthcoming days when your civil rights will be stripped from you once again. Stockpile food and water. Educate yourself learn to survive and grow your own food. Most importantly embrace the natural inclination to hate someone who wants to enslave you or eliminate your race. These people hate you. All of this things will help you in times of crisis.

  26. He should go to hell for stripping that baby away from it’s mother. First he wanted her to get an abortion, now he’s the best parent for the child?? GTFOHWTBS

  27. The girl is a trick. Glad she got nothing. Maybe she could have got a job rather than trying to spread her legs for a payday and then getting greedy. She gives women a bad name.

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