Jay Electronica Dubbs Drake a Jack-Artist!

Jay Electronica vs Drake

“That’s Big Sean all the way!”

During a recent interview at The Beat, Jay Electronica called out Drake as a Big Sean copycat! “That’s Big Sean all the way,” Jay reasoned. “I always felt he took his style and ran with it.”

That’s how Jay broke Aubrey ‘The Actor’ Graham down … before delivering some shout outs to other more deserving lyricists in the game.

Check it:

“J. Cole is a beautiful brother, he makes beautiful music. That’s family. I spoke with him a few times over the phone and I wouldn’t necessarily say we’re on an everyday communication type basis but I love J. Cole. That’s my brother and I support him in everything he does.

I like Kendrick Lamar’s new album. I like ‘Blacker The Berry.’ I like that. Is that [where he raps], ‘I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015.’ Is that the one? I like that record. I still haven’t heard [it all]. … We love Kendrick Lamar, that’s our brother. He’s on the right path.
May Allah bless him on his journey – I would be a liar to say I don’t like none of these new guys. …

Big Sean be getting busy. He’s one of the best out – he gets busy and to be quite honest, a lot of Drake’s early stuff was based on Big Sean’s style. I always felt he took his style and ran with it. That’s Big Sean all the way.”


  1. Can somebody take the recording of his interview and put some music behind it? Seems like its the only way anyone is going to get an album from the man.

    • Why would a whore like you disagree with him f*cking a white bitch, ain’t that what you promote here ? Bm and Ww and Wm and Bw!! Fake bitch!

  2. I always felt Drake took his style from Houston. He had that Slim Thug/Paul Wall flow with a bigger vocabulary.

  3. Its this what the blackale artist has succomed to. Talking and b*tching about what the next mam is doing. Sounding like catty females. I don’t care for Drake or any other rap artist of today. Just do your own thing and stop crying about who sound like who, and who did what. Shut up already geesh. I miss 80’s and 90’s music period!

    • Not just male artists. Social media has helped usher in a new breed of f*ck boy. The type of male who makes it his ambition to spread gossip, showboat and shame women. You’ll find a number of these so called men are Drake fans. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. He is king of being bitch made after all.

  4. Drake already admitted to using Big Sean’s flow in the past and he even went as far as accusing Ludacris of biting it as well.This is nothing new.

  5. Drake done been a fraud. The only reason he is killing the game is because he knows how to market. Plus aside from Kendrick, there really isn’t anyone to contest Drake’s popularity. Even still Drake’s terrible performance at coachella shows that he is lacking severely when it comes to performing at top level.

  6. Drake…might be a little soft but his music is Fire.
    J. Cole
    Kendrick Lamar
    My favorite lyricist right now

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