Who’s Jacky Talking About? – April 2, 2014


This Chicago kid is gearing up for a North West trip to the chapel with his baby momma. But, not only is his future marriage expected to fizzle — his ratchet, soon-to-be bride is said to have long had another man on her mind!

Our tipster tells us… he has no idea that she’s been creepin’ with her NFL ex!

Dig the shocking drop:

“They secretly text each other on a regular, and are still madly in love.”



        • Kim is no housewife,ask Damon and Chris.American Marriage is a business,and Kim is too Fixated on the Limelight as opposed to be someone partner. She has not a iota of a clue of what it takes to be someone wife.

    • Shit, you better not tell him that. See, this move that he is about to make marrying KK is a move to prove to you all that he is “Yezus”. If he does make her into House wife, I will be the first to admit that KW is a true miracle worker. Shiit, I will become a member and even pay tithes to that muafuggah…..

  1. I repeat. years from now, families will be telling the story of a fool named kayne, and how he took the fall for a skank. it will become the cautionary lesson told to men before they leave home for college, or come of age. later, the story will seem so far fetched and scary as hell that it will be classified as an urban myth. the names may even change. this is the tale mothers will tell to keep their boys out of the clutches of wicked whores. the sad story of kayne will be passed down orally from generation to generation. Oh yeah, and the name Kar-anything will send chills down the spines of children, just as the names boogie monster, chester the molester, freddy cougar, bloody mary, and jason.

      • Khloe is nothing more than a man I don’t care that is not a woman that bitch is built like a tank. I swear if she was lifting weights she could pass as a body builder butch bitch LOL.

  2. Never pegged kanye to be a sucker like he turned out to be, he use to about something lyrically but he fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book “Kim”

      • Sadly she made the same mistake that many women make every day. She failed to do her due diligence before selecting a plastic surgeon. NEVER allow an MD to perform surgery on you unless he/she is board certified in plastic surgery. And it’s best if you have it in a hospital or surgical suite with life saving equipment.

    • Kanye was never lyrical, despite being pegged a ‘conscious’ rapper when he first came out (Don’t believe me? Ask Rhymefest and Consequence). He’s just another contemporary rapper who gets saved by his beats and outside-the-studio antics, nothing more.

  3. It’s kind of eerie/semi-creepy how Reggie Bush got with someone who resembles K.Kardashian so much.

    • When one has no cultural identity and has been trained by the fake Joo Zionist media he then believes that light is right.

      • “Joos” aren’t the only wicked people on this earth. You have as many enemies who look like you than you have who look like them.

        • Agreed.But by nature our people are not evil.That’s learned behavior and the so-called joos are the hidden hand in all of this via they’re wicked Media.Once again,they’re not real Hood,they’re Amelek/ Edomites of the bible.Amalek was one of Esau’s three wicked Sons.

        • BTW @Bella,myself,you along with all of us blackamericans whom are catching hell for breaking the laws of God are the real Joos and these whites already know this.In the days of Jesus 2000 years ago back in the middle east,it was always 125 degree heat or better.There’s no way possible whites could last in that type climate.These people are jokes!We are Gods people.

          • Damn BA, I,picked up on something you said because just a couple,of weeks ago I was with my mom discussing the bible and we figured JT something that was not always clear to us. But for some reason while talking it hit us like a light. It became clear that we as black people are being punished because our people didnt take heed at the beginning of time. I know you catch hell on these posts while giving info. And I got to tell you that what you said,about us being punished. Im here cosigning on you dog
            . You know what talking about.

            • No doubt my Brother.The solution to our problems starts with us returning to the most high and his Laws,Statutes, and Commandments.Peace.

            • @ELTHP:I’m use to the shade my brother but I’m not deterred because when you decide to stand with the most high the world then rejects you.I will continue to deliver the truth by any means necessary.Shalom Brother.

            • To Black, I used to think you were crazy until a college professor I know backed up what you said. And a rabbi. Then I started doing my own reading and the wisdom you teach is well known to more white peoplethan it is to us. I was so shocked it sent me reeling. I’m still processing it all. You cat,h hell cuz certain folks don’t want others enlightened. Too bad for them, the WORD is out

        • Now that’s deep! BA and Bella made some excellent points! The problem is how we show them they are being manipulated in the worst way/

          • People will rarely, if ever, acknowledge the fact that we all answer to someone, are all manipulated at some point in time, don’t know everything and need more help than most will ever admit. My answer to the problems of the world — talk to God. Stop conferring with people who don’t mean you well and wish you harm. That’s all I’ve got.

            I am just thankful I don’t go through life with a victim’s/defeatist mentality. Must be a torturous way to live.

          • Everyone doesn’t believe in living a prosperous, abundant life. Not prosperity from a monetary standpoint, but a richness in Spirit. That’s what pains me about celebrities today and even non-celebs. People will sell their souls for fleeting fame, money and material possessions, never stopping to consider the ramifications of their actions. When that fades, what’s left?

            If you have your health, faith, and people who love you, you are both rich and wealthy. Any deposits made into your bank account are icing on the cake!

            • Amen Bella Amen!! I just got my bible out and just read Psalm 73 versus 1- 28. If that don’t fools undiveded attention, then nothing will.

            • Bella, I have always been blessed with abundance. I’m abundant in people and real love. I never really took notice growing up, but I have discovered that a lot of people have had respect for me for many reasons. But I have always been greatful and have never asked for much because I have life. I have had plenty of Money at different times in my life but it has never been about money with me, it never consumed me because I have always been happy in my life. I have only had small disappointments in life and those have always come in the form of a woman. But I Love y’all, I swear I do and no matter home many time I have been f*cked over, I will never stop loving my sisters. But I’m always happy because I am bleesses and highly Favored and if you knew my last name it would tell you tis very thing ya boy is blessed, always have and always will be. Praise the Lord!!!!

            • Respect BA & Respect Bella Preach I am learning just break it down a lot more for is beginners it all sinking in & thank you

  4. Its probably in their relationship clause that they are allowed to sleep with other people

  5. Who gives a f*ck about kanye or kim their both disgraces and both money hungry hoes

    • DJ Quik said when you rap about death, you talkin to spirits.

      Maybe when you pray to Satan thru your music, your biggest fear becomes your life.

  6. He knows the deal this is all another thirsty attempt a kim Kardashian show as planned she has no other skills or talent this is her talent just look at her whore track record I feel for the innocent baby also apart of a thirstyness just ask Kristen Jenner she set it up the ring leader

  7. maybe when they “accidentially” ran into each other at that restaurant it wasn’t really an “accident”. His girl probably wasn’t suppose to be there. That could explain why Reggies woman always look so distant.

  8. Believe it or not,most men would wife up a woman with multiple bed partners under her belt and act as she’s the Queen Of Sheba.

    • Black men will. We know this. We see daily examples of it. I just saw bachelor party photos for Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss’ fiancé. Peter Thomas was there. Kirk Frost was there. Those strippers looked so disgusting, I almost vomited. It is disgraceful that a room full of married men congregated to celebrate an almost married man’s nuptials with a room full of disgusting whores.

      • You make so very authentic points,but I’m a different type of Blackman and I do thing totally different.I find strippers and strip clubs Repulsive.Ever since I’ve been awakened by the spirit of the mist high,my life and responsibilities have changed.I love a real classy intelligent woman like yourself,but I denounce and reject whores!

        • I appreciate your kind words, but you and I both know that a penis doesn’t have a conscience. If it did, the world would be a better place and a much less populated place. I will never understand the mentality, or lack thereof, of someone like Kanye. To go from educated, beautiful Black women to a baldheaded lesbian and now a porn star. But that’s what these void of conscious, BM do in 2014.

          • Kanye is a success in his professional life but a failure in his personal life because when it comes to women he can’t distinguish Chicken Salad From Chicken Shit!

          • A penis not having a conscience depends on the man.I’ve turned quite a few down in the Heat Of The Moment.But,in most cases that statement holds a lot of weight.

            • We know. You have made that point before. I thought this thread was about Kanye. I’m done.

            • @BA
              You talk a good game but tell these black queens about your white wife. Foh trick.

      • Omg Bella. I saw those pics too. Didnt those girls look nasty? Men really like nasty women? If i were a lesbian, them skanks would turn me back!

        • Joi:

          Cynthia is beautiful. Rasheeda is beautiful. Kandi is a bit of a duck, but she is wildly successful. What in God’s name would make men who are married to such women want to be with the dregs of humanity that were at that bachelor party?!. I’m still appalled, tbh.

          • Hmmmm….maybe judgmental self hating sistahs that frequent raunchy gossip sites ranting and raving about brothers dating white women and then turning on a some and describing their fellow sisters as looking like ‘ducks’

            All of you are pathetic. Even moreso the brother on a blind item celebrity gossip site preaching about the sins of Black people turning against God.

    • Black men will leave good, solid, faithful wives to cheat with and impregnate whores. They will marry whores that they yanked straight off of a street corner or a strip club. They will keep a ring on a human trash bag’s finger (Evelyn Tostada, Kim Kartrashian) and wonder why Black women have no respect for them. Its funny, sad, not ha ha.

  9. Believe it or not,most men would wife up a woman with multiple bed partners under her belt and act as if she’s the Queen Of Sheba.

    • Some men have no morals that’s why, a god fearing man would not indulge in marriage with a women that has been dug out more times than a trench on your local building site.

  10. Is that the reason Kim looks like the walking dead in her pics now? LOL. In some of her pictures her eyes look downright scary. I was beginning to think she was on drugs.

    • Note that she started to look more dead eyes and unhappy once she got entangled with Kanye. He is literally sucking the life out of her. And people say it is SHE who is the vampirstic fame whore. Kanye got with her because he lusts for the limelight just as she does.

    • Yooooooo!!! I was just looking at Kim and Reggie”s pics! They look so damn happy!!! And natural too!! Looked at Kim and Kanye’s pics, Smdh! Reggie and Kim if I are reading this, Celebrities read the blobs, GET BACK TOGETHER PLEASE!!!!

  11. Kanye is a bisexual fool in love, and Kim needed a distraction from her marriage scam.
    He’s more into her, than she’s into him. He was there being thirsty and she wanted an ‘upgrade’.
    So she locked him with a baby and now is enjoying the fruits of HIS A-list status.

    When you look at old pictures of Kim & Reggie, you can see she was in love. Now her eyes are just empty.
    Yep, Kim went for status instead of love. She’s for sale, so I’m not surprised.

  12. A masculine good looking football player versus Ricardo tisci’s boyfriend who wears skirts and women’s chanel jackets. I pick Reggie

  13. She dont look happy she looks robotic mama n kanye telln her what to do

  14. This chances of this marriage working is the same chances of me being Struck By Lightning.3 Strikes you’re out Kim.

  15. I’d be shocked if it were Reggie, he seems to be pretty content, happy with his baby’s mother, but hey, you never know. I’m thinking it could be that fine ass Miles Austin. Neither Kanye or Reggie are in his stratesphere.

  16. I can’t believe this orchestrated marriage is actually going ahead Kanye really? I sincerely hope upon the day of that marriage you look in the mirror and see what a mess you’ve really become. Kim ugly lardashian I despise this fraudster she’s nothing more than a fat, lumpy piece of cottage cheese trying to be a black women with her plastic body. I bet if I set her alight she’d melt like a dolly, (sorry for the rant but I despise the way the media praises this fat, ugly, stinking, wet dog looking mess)

  17. They say eyes are like windows to the soul and Kim definitely looks like she is empty inside despite having all the attention and wealth. She definitely sold her soul and it shows. Kim really loved Reggie but she caused the demise of their relationship. As for Kanye, he looks so confused and demented like he could snap at any moment. His mother’s death is eating him up inside. I see this marriage ending in flames and Kanye will eventually move to Paris permanently.

  18. I remember a time when Kanye used to be the dopest lyricist in the rap game. Those days are long gone. Now he is just a sideshow coon for rich white people to laugh at!

    • White people are laughing the hardest…but we are ALL LAUGHING. Blks, Whites, Asians, Micronesians…

      • I dunno Joi…we’re laughing pretty darn hard ourselves. But yes, I agree with you.

  19. There are so many of us waiting for this to blow up in his face. And we’re gonna laauugghh.

  20. @Bella:I see the sarcastic notes up top but don’t respond to anymore of my threads because you’re all over the place.I say what the FCK I want on topic or off.Bitterness is one helluve Drug and the truth hurts!Stay off my f*cking threads with ya wicked Ass!FCK You!

    • Stupid ass bitch you don’t have a thread, you have a comment in the comment section with little red letters underneath that spell [reply] so that people can comment on what you’ve said. Don’t come up in here acting like this is your exclusive forum that no one else can chime in on. STFU. And oh yeah, FUCK YOU!

      Take your ass to MTO where you belong.

      FOH with that shit.

      • Oops.

        Thank you, Joi. Trust, if I was here to drag someone, I sure the hell would’ve provided links to do so. I honestly don’t have time for the pettiness of some people.

        • Lol. I usually don’t trip on what ppl say in comments. I just don’t like ppl acting like they own the f*ckin website. This aint your shit, you got a reply button underneath your comment and lo and behold, someone replied. That made me so angry.

          • It made me laugh. The strong women on HSK who state facts are always under attack my the BM who flood this site and the numerous Anons. Its like our femininity and ability to sustain ourselves is a threat to their masculinity.

            I don’t post here to befriend or antagonize a soul. I state my truth and I keep it pushing. Folks can disagree all day but disrespect will never be tolerated. Ever.

        • That “bottom” wants your pinga out of his anus. Have a wonderful day.

          Folks go to sleep angry, wake up angry and think they’re going to ruin other people’s day. Hi, Satan. Bye, Satan. Go find other territory in which to dwell. You are hereby rebuked!

        • Proverbs 15:33 (NIV)

          Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor.

          • 1 Timothy 2 11-14 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. I suffer not a woman to teach or to Usurp authority over the man(So according to scripture women shouldn’t be judges,teachers,preachers or paralegals@Bella.Do as god says and shut your damn mouth!

    • That wasn’t sarcasm. I made factual statements based on Kanye and the situation at hand. I never mentioned what you do in your personal life because I don’t know you. Truthfully, IDC.

      You didn’t need to respond, but you did, so there it is. I will post where I see fit.

      Keep believing that your perception of life is the absolute truth. You are arrogant, ignorant and repetitive.

      • I’m going to keep delivering the repetitive truth and you’ll continue reading it and getting pissed because a wicked spirit resist truth.Stop trolling and trying to enhance your lifestyle here on HSK because I see right through you.I’m not fooled.

        • You can post Anonymously, but your angry tone still resonates. Please know that you are your own worst enemy. You are a self saboteur. Anyone who invests as much time as you do into spreading hatred, creating a divide and disrespecting complete strangers needs prayer. I prayed for you earlier, along with some of the other regulars. I left you where you belong — in God’s mighty hands.

          • First of all,you don’t know your God so how can you pray for me?You didn’t pray to god you prayed to the White man God which is Satan.I’ll give you the God of Israel name and its Yahawah. You’re welcomed.

            • I’ve tried on multiple occasions to befriend you then for whatever reason you to crossing the lines of respect with me.I don’t tolerate bullshit and if you want respect you also,have to give respect.Don’t thread those waters with me because I will come out swinging.IDGAF

            • I will not respond to you anymore so stay out of my lane.Your excessive trolling of every article looking for confrontation from anyone whom engages you speaks of bitterness,anger,and hate.I guess,all of those so-called famous people you’ve dated have polluted that land and left you stranded and now you’re bitter.A foolish woman is clamerous. I have no more to say.I win again.

      • 2 Corinthians 11;16 But though I be ride in speech,yet not in knowledge(So as long as I’m delivering truth I can be rude according to scripture.So,on that note sit you’re Ratchet Ass down!

    • Everyday the same bullshit with your bitter azz! Your thread? Bish please, you don’t owe sh*t

      It doesn’t matter what the topic is, here you are with the same lame posts, day in day out. Can’t even take you serious anymore, just a bitter angry woman and everybody’s tired of hearing about your cr*p.

      • Yes,and your dumb ass responded to it so who’s really the Winner.The Emptiest Wagon Always Makes The Most Noise.ha.ha.Pay attention because you might just miss my next lesson.

        • the Winner? Bich STFU, this is not a contest! WTF you’re talkin about winners for? To me you’re a fokking LOSER! Acting all high and mighty, like you know all the wisdom & truth in this world. You don’t know shit!! Just because you read some books, you think you’re all that.
          Fok you and your negative energy, you’re a b*tch nigga!.

          • Why so angry? I’d you think what he says is false, why don’t you look into it. You might want to start with the migration of Hebrews, and where their culture and religion started, and whether the people that refer to themselves as Israeli are in fact the remnants of those original people. It’s a good way to start

            • I never said there’s no truth in what BA has to say, it’s the WAY he’s acting about it. All high & mighty. Looking down on Africans (I’m not African btw), trying to divide black people. He has nothing positive to say, might as well be a white man talking down on black people. Same shit to me.

              You know you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, right?

              His message gets lost in his arrogance. Just like Kanye, his personality overshadows any talent he has.

            • I’m all late but im LMAO at BlackFraud being roasted, he/she/it is nothing but a poser. I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she/it was was really a fat white man that sits on the computer all day with a glazed donaut stuffed in his mouth while typing filth in his “threads”

            • Anony:

              He is an angry Black male who quotes scripture and simultaneously spreads hate while calling everyone else evil. Go figure. Misery loves company, but no one is trying to visit him. That’s his problem.

  21. Shit, Reggie and Ye cold be doin’ each other.

    White wen are the gateway to homosexuality – a HSK classic saying

  22. @Bella:Just goes too shoe you how disingenuous you really are.The bible says that Surely Oppression Would MakeTh The Wise Man Mad.So!according to the bible everything good.Stop believing your lying Pastors.

  23. @Anon 05:14 white wife? Now I’ve heard all types of wildness here on HSK but that my friend is the funniest shit I’ve ever heard. Laugh OUT LOUD!

    • Nigga two days ago you said you had a non black wife. Wit cup pro black fraudulent ass. Foh

      • I’m not even married,so you definitely got me Misconstrued and secondly,I don’t do Edomite women.I’m a Israelite,Remember?!*Flushes Toilet*

  24. Reggie Bush and Kanye are 2 bad apples. Wasting time and money on the same chick. Kim is using both of them to boost her own pockets. Without gullible blackmen wrapped around her fingers, she ain’t all that. People obsess over Kim because she sleeps with blackmen…Bottomline!

  25. Snide, self-important bitches on this site kill me coming on here with a shitty attitude and talking shit to others, then trying to cop pleas and enlisting Trolls when they get called out on it. But then again, when the only highlight of your day/life is posting on a gossip blog while thinking you’re anonymous, you can’t expect much in the way of common sense from ‘people’ like that.

  26. Only. Hit. Dogs. Holler.

    Work on that Guilty Conscience while you’re at it, Sparky.

  27. “You used to be the Don Juan. Now your name is just ‘Twan.”

    Reminds me of a certain person on this site who used to be a more prominent of HSK, at least in his own mind. Now that people have seen his true colors and gloss over his posts, he hops on threads days late to express his dismay about whatever it is, because truthfully, no one gives af. Again, stay mad. The rest of us are enjoying our lives.

  28. “You ain’t livin’ ya rhymes out/You live in ya Mom’s house…In the mirror pointing at your reflection, killing yourself/You ‘American Pie,’ stop feelin’ yourself”

    This brings to mind certain supposedly ‘grown’ women who pattern their lives around posts by strangers about other strangers on a gossip blog. Unlike the pathetic, bitter, desperate-for-attention wretch that is yourself, I only post when I care about and actually have something to say about the topics on hand, not to marvel at my font on the screen and the imagined camaraderie I have with said strangers. And considering your several faux pas in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were an alias of another ‘regular’ on here, one who, like yourself, was quite fond of kissing their own ass online at the expense of any integrity their words may have warranted. In other words, you’re the same misbegotten, petulant, bottom-feeding, ‘scuffed up by life (Word to D.L. Hughley)’ wad of gum on the bottom of this site I called you way back when, though we can now add overly sensitive and paranoid of losing ‘gossip blog popularity’ to the mix. To tell you to ‘get a life.’ is the understatement of the year. Oh, and before you go:

    “…And you’re not that hot, don’t believe the ‘yes-men.’

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