Shyne Blasts Puff Daddy’s Dealings In Dishonor!


Bad Boy For Life!

Just in case Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs forgot about the ‘Wolf’ man who took a fatal bullet for him — said to save his life — Shyne’s made it a point to make him remember! Know why? Word is that Puff failed to look out for Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones’ surviving family, after his 2003 death.

• November 2003: Meech is arrested by Atlanta Police in connection with the Buckhead shooting deaths of Anthony “Wolf” Jones, who happened to be P. Diddy’s former bodyguard, and Wolf’s friend, Lamont “Riz” Girdy. But Meech is never indicted.

• March 2004: A record label called BMF Entertainment is incorporated, with Meech as CEO.

Ya’ll know Puff ‘I’m Money’ Daddy just dropped his joint track with Rapper Rick ‘I make my b*tches traffic dope’ Ross, “Big Homie”. That’s why Shyne used the time of the release to pay tribute to the late Anthony Wolf Jones, and Lamont RZ Girdy (Wolf’s Homie) — putting Puff on blast for his apparent ‘all for self’ ‘Big Homie’ dishonor.

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  1. Puff can’t say shit to a nigga who did 10 years for saving his life(shyne)That might just be the spirit of wolf living through shyne,letting puff know he got niggas in hell waiting on him.

    • Heaven is Rulership,Hell is Captivity.So,were already in hell.Both are conditions of life and not the Afterlife.

  2. When Shyne and Puff Reunited during Fashion Week,reading Shyne’s body language you can clearly see he wasnt totally comfortable even though he pretended to be.I think it was all for the cameras.

  3. I read Mark Curry’s book last year and I was shocked to read about the things he has gotten away with. Diddy is one dirty business man but he learned the ropes from one of the top industry devils. Cassie and Kim must be in hell right now.

    • I read Mark Curry’s book, too: Dancing with the Devil. I COULD NOT PUT THAT BOOK DOWN! Behind the celebrity status, the glamorous lifestyle, the millions; is a demon, a devil, a disgusting, hateful greedy evil bastard. I hope he rots in hell.

  4. Diddy look hella gay in that photo.

    Y’all think Diddy had them dudes blasted? Can’t put nuthin past his shady azz.

  5. Wish he call himself devil iddy already. Shyne needs to put this fool on full blast or just fade away. Yelling bitch from the side line, then sit next to him at fashion show only makes him look like a fool.

  6. That article was dumb shyne didn’t post anything about diddy that was a Lebron Reachhh shyne got balls if he wanted to directly address puff he would’ve so please stop making up stories with dots you can’t connect

  7. Puff is not the devil. He used to hanging around street people, and avoiding conflict or retaliation. Hes done that since his teen years. Between Bmf Ny, South side crips, and Bmf Detroit he got himself involved with of street he was not prepared to deal with. A lot of his mistakes were a result of the pressure and fear Suge Knight put in him. He does owe a lot of people that have suffered from his bad choices.

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