Claudia Jordan’s NFL Smash Tale Featuring Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald versus Claudia Jordan

HSK Exclusive – Larry Fitzgerald may have ‘All-American honors’ under his belt — but he gets no smashing credit from Claudia Jordan, who’s got enough experience to judge an ‘American Smash Idol’ contest.

A tipster tells us after Claudia and Larry hooked up she graded the wide receiver “boring in bed”. But Claudia seems to have failed to consider her high mileage may be the reason she couldn’t get dude turnt up. Know why? According to our source.. Claudia determined “Larry is an undercover bisexual” — just because “he didn’t let her give him head.”

Here’s the drop:

“Claudia said her and Larry only did two sexual positions when they smashed. She said that Larry let her ride him and then took over on top.

Claudia was pissed off because he wasn’t trying to get into anything else.”


  1. Claudia needs to work harder to keep her nasty business off the streets. She appears to be nothing more than a low-rent sperm depository.

  2. Someone’s obssessed with Claudia I see.
    What does mileage on her p….u$$y have to do with him not wanting her to give him head?

  3. Damn, girl! All these reports on Claudia sexual sexcapades seems endless. Claudia’s puss-puss probably looks like an old flat, black, beat down, used tire.

  4. Y’all gone make that girl go right to the funny farm. I guess seein her face on them slot machine Let’s Make a Deal Games got her burnin in somebodys mind…

  5. I always thought Larry was gay because he never ever linked or seen with a woman like that.

  6. Claudia must of seriously broke JJ’s heart, you keep her name and business on the site. I had forgot all about her til I came back to HSK.

  7. He seems to get obsessed with certain z-list celeb females and he will ride them literally to death. He’s been on Claudia for a while now. If I was her I’d get a restraining order. Seriously.

  8. I have literally never heard of this person until I got 3 days worth of TMI from this site..

    • If you visit this site every single day for the next two weeks Willie, I promise you that your “ratchet IQ” will rise at least 65%. Keep coming back, y’heard?

  9. Lmao at “American Smash Idols.” Whoever wrote this article just made my night.

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