D-Wade ‘Respectfully Disagrees’ W/ Kobe’s “Just Because I’m Black” Trayvon Statement

Dwade vs. Kobe Regarding Trayvon Statements

Smoke and Mirrors?

D-Wade has spoken out for his team, responding to Kobe’s blast on The Heat’s hooded-Tribute to Trayvon. You’ll recall, Kobe previously stated “just because he’s Black” doesn’t mean he’d back ‘Justice for Trayvon’ — appearing to slam The Heat for doing just that. Wade’s reply to Kobe’s controversial comment appear to be sketchy, at best.

“There’s a lot of causes that go on, that players get behind, and it’s not all black causes… Like Chris [Bosh] writing on his shoe earlier in the year, because his wife is Venezuelan.”

Wade says because “It [Trayvon’s killing] was our backyard… growing up in the kind of environment that Trayvon was in… [and] having young boys” are the reasons that led The Heat to back a cause [aimed at repealing ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws].

“It was more so that than the color of his skin.”

Here’s what Dwayne Wade told Bleacher Report:

“Knowing that he is a big fan of the Miami Heat. That is something that we got behind. As a team. I can’t even say the organization. It was as a team. We got behind it. And it was more so that than the color of his skin.”

There’s a lot of causes that go on, that players get behind, and it’s not all black causes. You know what I mean? Most of the causes have something to do with something that’s near and dear to you.

Bosh wrote ‘SOS Venezuela.’ It’s the same kind of thing. So it’s just a difference of opinion.”


  1. I never liked Kobe’s fraud ass anyway..the next Michael Jordan, yeah right, only in Kobe’s 10th dream, maybe, or like 15 years ago. Kobe needs to retire, no sports center for his ass, go retire, take care of them kids and that gold digging wife of yours and have several seats..his comments make me dislike his fraud ass even more…am I being too judgemental?

    • Honestly, folks are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Kobe hasn’t been happy, in my opinion, since he married Burrito, but that’s for another post. Anyway though, what I notice is that if a Black person thinks/believes/behaves in a way that isn’t central to or “expected” of Black culture, they’re ridiculed and bullied…by other Black people, and that’s not cool to want to bully your own brotha or sista into thinking/believing/behaving “your way.” I recall when Stacey Dash was on Twitter showing her support for Mitt Romney. The backlash she got from Black people was utterly disgusting and ignorant as hell. So I wonder, why do Black people (many of them) get SO bent out of shape when other Black people have different stances on things?

      • Stacy Dash knew their would be major blowback from the black community for her support of RobMe.Why do you think she did it in the first place?Any publicity beats none at all for her because no one’s checking for her Ashy Ass!

        • That’s your opinion as you’re entitled to it, but the deeper issue that I was/am speaking on is the fact that Black people who think/believe/behave differently than the majority are always labeled “sell outs”, “house n*ggas,” and other demeaning shit like that. I’ve heard everybody from Oprah to Bill Cosby called a “sell out” by other Black people. Why are they a sell out? Because they’re successful? Rich? Left the hood/never lived in the hood? Seems like we embrace what I like to call “World Star Hip Hop Culture.” Just the other day, I read an article on Twitter about a Black teen getting accepted to EVERY Ivy League college in America and guess what? His story got far less attention and retweets than pictures and Vines of a 17 year old Black girl being exposed having s*x with her ex-boyfriend.

          Also, why is it okay to be a Black Democrat but it’s not ok to be a Black Republican? Both parties are full of equal shit anyway.

          • Spot on, Alexis. I’m still shocked that the 17 yo who was accepted to all of the ivy league universities hasn’t been plastered all over the news like Miley Cyrus would be if she sneezed.


            • I am sad to say that the story of Kwasi Enin was discussed and lauded on every “white” site I visit. He was getting the “Lupita” treatment by folks of all ethnicities.

              I wish the story had been published here as well/

            • It has been in my area. Its on every local station, and every radio station is talking about it. At least in Philly they are.

          • Most people who go against their race, do not have knowledge of self!! Period!! As Khalid Muhammad said Be black first!! If an Indian made a comment about their race, the issue would be different because they would put their culture before anything!

            • If you want to mention people who have minimal knowledge of self, look no further than the NOI. I understand what they’re trying to do, but I can’t support the manner in which they do it.

              I don’t need to discredit anyone else’s race or religion to build my race or “promote” my religion. Check Elijah Muhammad’s résumé. Ask yourself how Farrakhan has lived 80+ years without being assassinated.

            • Khalid Muhammad and the NOI embraces a Wood/Stone Pagan God named Allah.But,the bible clearly tells us not to bow down to false images because the God Of Israel is a Jealous God and it angers the hell out of him.Follow Yah and only him.

            • Elijah Mohammad record speaks way more volume than alot of other blacks now. What he did n his personal life wasn right but he wasn GOD mayb had a GOD complex but he was jus a man wit knowledge n wisdom of black history which is all I care about. Some of us sit in church right now where the rev accepts homosexuality havin affairs molesting of boys n girlz everthing but right thing goin on, that doesn mean u cant find truth there. All of us we can say all the positive shit we want but we none of us r walkn a straight line. The message of Elijah Mohammed upliftn blacks of self knowledge was enuff for me. Its no different than the shit thats going on now wit ANY BLACK PERSON who even act like he wants to uplift his black ppl or give them food for thought will b marred. What I do kno is he made alot of blacks more proud to b black n research our real history of bein CREATORS OF HUMAN CIVILIZAION, KINGS n QUEENS, also telling the black woman n man how powerful they r toghether It was islam that thought Me that no im not a muslim n wouldnt b ashamed to admit it if I was what I am is a black woman who appreaciate the movement of the NOI The BLACK PANTHERS KHALID ABDUL MOHAMMED n all other BLACK LEADERS n SPEAKERS OF TRUTH n the past n present who speak truth for blacks even on this site cuz what we r doin is sayn what we belive to b real n gives me faith that every black person isnt fallin for the white mans agenda which is alot more than these SO CALLED BLACK LEADERS today, they could have 3 legs n still wouldnt stand for shit!!!!!!! My comment isnt to beef cuz ive had enuff of black on black beef I jus felt a need to stand for the cause that the NOI once stood for n thats ALL BLACK EVERYTHANG!!! DOCTORS LAWYERS SCIENTIST TEACHERS SCHOOLS CHILDREN U KNO JUS LIKE N THE BEGINNING

            • Also I jus wanna say that I never felt they had to make any religion look bad I jus think the proofs in the puddin white ppl stole us our history n still stealing why trust that they care enuff to tell us any truth now. At least in the pass whites let it b known how n what they felt toward us now they gives us millions jus to c us act like porch monkies. How come whn blacks had nothing we stood for something now they hav monies n stand for nothing thats what ALOT of blacks miss whn listening to the NOI its not hate its cn the white ppl for who they trully r n thats clones of us BEAUTIFUL BLACK PPL we were here since the beginnin but hav say over nothing not even our biracial president can speak his mind n his mma was a white woman but cuz that skin black he beta notsay shit lol whn ppl say why it has to b bout race well cuz it is n always b until us blacks wake the f#@k up n if we never do as a unit we will b walkn round blind n dumb founded jus like our captives was up n those mountains even worse well b slaves again n im talkn lost of culture slaves im talkn bout yessa massa slaves

          • Ever heard of the Black Boule?All of the aforementioned individuals are apart of that Society,and you’ll never hear them speak out again black injustice or inequality because then they’ll piss of they’re Masters and that Sex tape will mysteriously leak.Those black males will get blackmailed by they’re bosses.

          • Secondly,the Media is geared towards Shock Value AKA the negative more compelling story that resonates with viewers.So,yes someone going to a ivy league school deserves recognition,but that’s not compelling enough for the media to cover it in they’re eyes.

          • I will open up by saying that Kobe Bryant is a sellout, he is as much a sell out as he is an athete, world class baby!!! MIn all fairness, I think you expect too much from people going on WSHH, There are a few things that come into play here. The first thing that you did wrong was look for any thing positive being said about school on world star hip hop. Most people on that site can’t even buy alcohol and if they can, WSHH isn’t somewhere you go to read about ivy league schools. I think you might be being a little criticle. But it’s all propaganda, no one looks at social media, television or periodicles to find positive information. The world does not want it, it’s not blacks, this is the world you live in. Take a minute and look at the news, any news broadcast. Notice that anything positive on the news is put on 30 seconds before the credits role. Peopl are being programec to only see negative but you can’t blame some people, this s done to the masses. Dont be fooled, the one percenters know this, that’s what they don’t watch TV or news. They might get on the news and tell you a lie, but they don’t watch it. But they do, do entertainment through ellaborate parties and meetings. Some times people are called sell outs because they don’t understand. It’s a word, just like nigger. White people call black people nigger because you skin is black.
            Its the same thing if not worse because for a black person to be called a sell out, they have to At least display some sellout Characteristics. The last thing that I will say about this is, please learn your people. You went in saying that people are called sell outs because they never lived in the hood, have money, are educated. Man none of that has nothing to do with it. 80 percent of being called a sellout hinges on one major factor, marrying white. Most people that are called sellouts marry outside of the race. You came to the wrong place to rant about some shit you read on WSHH. That shit was misplaced. And did you hear about h 11 year old black kid that was given a scholarship to TCU and is a freshman this year?

  2. Sounds like Duaneja wants to be supportive but is too busy chucking and jiving to make an unambiguous statement of support for poor Trayvon, may he RIP. So….f*ck him. Like we always say you can’t serve twomasters Wade clearly decided to please his yt bosses. He can go back to waeking culottes and designer handbags. He’s not a man in my eyes anyway.


  4. First everyone is entitled to his opinion and second half of the people up here are proving kobe’s point, especially Lonn, it’s not always about race.

    • With a lot of Black people, EVERYTHING is about race. Hell, Black folks are the ones who perpetuate the light skin vs. dark shit within their own hoods and communities. I remember reading a book and it told how Black people were refusing to allow other Black people into social clubs if they were darker than a paper bag and if their veins couldn’t be seen on their forearms.

      • Naw, white people perpetuated that shit. They dud it by favoring and treating better enslaved blacks who were lighter skinned, mainly because more likely than not those with lighter skin were the products of cave folk raping helpless black women. In other words their own children. That shit got handed down, its called Plantation Luggage. It git incorporated into black southern mentality and spread from there. So, like everything else bad in the world, its the fault of white people. Conscience blacks today have to purge it from their collective consciousness

        • So everything wrong is the fault of White people? Cool…even though we all have individual decisions and choices to make? Cool.

          • What I stated was fact not opinion. And yeah I’m cool with it cause I don’t fux with you hairy reds no way. Oh, you want more facts? Here it is in list form: 2 world wars and a third one brewing, check. World wide banking and mortgage crisis, check. Widespread health and cognitive issues including autism allergies and diabetes due to GMOs, check. I could go on but Yall k ow who and what you are…the scrounge of the f*cking earth. Enjoy it now, your time is nearly up. Auf weidusuehn

            • Babe, you’re a sad soul, assuming that I’m White (“hairy reds”) and then attempting (but failing) to insult me. As much as you dislike White people, I bet your last name is that of some White man’s. Peace out though.

            • Babe, at least I have a soul. And I didn’t assume shit, you were asked earlier in the thread and I noticed you disregarded the question. Proud sisters usually claim it loud, but whatever. Don’t assume anything about my name just because your life goal is to tack some europhiles jumbled up syllables behind your shit. Hypocrite.

            • And guess where the white man is going after his Rulership ends?On the Cottonfield of the Israelites along with the African.

          • No where in that post did that person state that’s it all White people’s fault. Are you just reading and responding without absorbing what some one is stating? Sure sounds like it. But I know exactly what you are! Someone who spews junk out of their mouth without thinking! In addition, with a lot of WHITE people it’s about race! What planet are you from and where have you landed? Not on earth with the rest of us. Quit generalizing and stating untrue facts without the entire back ground of them! It’s amazing to me what people type behind a computer and then you want call someone babe and then type “peace out”. How stupid and corny! Who cares what anyone’s last name stands for. Only you. I have read some mess in my time but this mess your typing is pure evil and DEMONIC! Who and whatever you are, you need to do some research and know BLACK history! Kobe Bryant wouldn’t be anything if it were not for the sacrifice and lives of more than 2 million BLACK slaves and the effortless Blacks fighting for civil rights. the Trayvon Martin case is not just about a Black issue it’s about a young child who was killed and targeted because he was BLACK! If you don’t want to stand for injustices then don’t! However, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything and that’s KOBE BRYANT and it sounds like you as well!

        • Pure bullshit! Y’all failure-type niggas LOVE blaming everything on White people. Sorry, but I ain’t buying that shit. I guess it’s the White man’s fault that Black women are out here making single motherhood look like a right of passage to be in the Black community. Fuck outta here!

          • No ones selling except you trick. Ain’t nobody want what you peddling no way. So f*ck you.

            • You first, bitch. Btw, I know you think your comments here are Pulitzer prize material, and I’m sure you have many an ORAL history under your belt, but…carving notches into your bed post doesn’t make you literate either, dumb slut

          • The point I’m making is who taught you to hate yourself?????????? Who brainwash you every day with their television???????? Of course we know Malcolm X screw white women, this was no secret and in his autobiography….

            • My point is, you may want to choose a better example and not the example of someone so hypocritical.

              As for self hate, you need to ask someone who hates themselves who taught them that. It is definitely learned behavior. My best guess is, people who are self haters learn such behavior at home. *shrugs*

            • Nobody is perfect, everyone has a past!!! Malcolm X and even you!!! I agree that self hate is learned behavior!!

            • I never professed to be perfect, but I haven’t done the things these men you idolize have done. The moral of the story is, the flock stays lost when they follow a wayward shepherd.

              That’s the problem with the Black nation. Few free thinking people who act with a conscience. The collective would rather be lemmings and follow a seriously flawed, full of sh*t person than follow God himself.

            • What are you talking about!!!! You took a simple comment out of context. You comment under me!!! You don’t even know me and I don’t even know you. I even agreed with you. I don’t worship anyone and just because someone made a comment in reference to someone doesn’t mean they worship them. You miss the whole point. It doesn’t t matter what you did in your past or today, we have all done something wrong because we were taught in this European environment.

      • You are misinformed.Go and read the Willie Lynch Letter and you’ll see where the dark skin/light skin dynamic originated from.You mentioned Bill Cosby earlier but trust and believe,if Bill ever got you alone he’d drug you than have his way with you before you realized you’ve been bamboozled. Ask all of the women that have accused then sued him.

        • I agreed. Before blacks were enslaved we were kings and queens, there was no such thing as light skin vs. dark skin when we ruled the planet.

          • This post has caused me to think about something. I see that here are certain negative comments towards people who say that it’s about race and race really matters, here seem to be people who dont think this is true. I’m a a Miami boy, so I have lived and grown amongst many many cultures an races of people. And I think about the Cubans, Hatians, Jamaicans Dominicans and every othr community of people in that melting pot and the thing that mattered most to them was their race and their heritage. Now we already know the story of the white person, they love their race so much that they tried to say that one percent o black blood made you black. So i woul e a fool to think that its not all about race for hem. I been to Asia, Europe, Africa, south America, Eastern Asia, the south pacific and the Micronesia islands and I can honestly say that the only people who say that it’s not about race is African Americans. I honestly wonder if we are the only ones taught that race and heritage are not that important. This is something to think about. But I always say his, pretty soo there will be two races in he who,e world, the haves and the have nots. And Jay Z and Beyonce won’t be of the “Haves race”

            • That’s right. Rich poor. That’s it. And believe me there are plenty of poor whites.

            • @Eddie

              I agree and disagree with you blackman. Race will always be a factor and money as well. African people are wealthy on both sides…racially and materially. Black folk are the cash cows of the planet. When other groups want to come-up, they target the black community…Never Fails! Other than money and sex, blackness is the third rail for human beings. Travel anywhere on the globe, blackness always in the middle of some s**t. It’s worth fighting and dying for, this we must understand.

          • Yes there was no such thing as “dark skin – light skin, because we all intermarried with tribal members who looked like us.

        • The Willie Lynch letter was fake, historians have said that he used English, names of places, etc. that did not exist when the letter was written, I thought this was common knowledge by now.

          • You think the same people who burned records of slaves in the Caribbean so as not to be compelled to compensate them would admit to the Willie Lynch letter?


      • The white man perpetuated that. It is how we got light vs. dark to begin with. It started with the rape of the black women and the mistreatment of the darker skinned slaves. White folks promote and promulgate that. Anything you see blacks doing, it is because whites started it.

        Damn, the heroin epidemic ain’t gettin’ to enough of you white folks.

  5. Say sumptn bad about a woman in front of a woman. She gon ride with the woman. Don’t need no facts or particulars. That’s his point we gotta stop doin that.

  6. That’s why African Americans will never be really free, because cause when they get money from the slave owner theys turn on their own kind Jim crow plan work (in my Dave Chappelle voice) they shouldve never gave you Nikkas money! To bad black folk u to easy to brain wash them plan is to keep u from uniting together can’t have blacks United are you crazy? Kobe only honored his othe can’t go against that bitch ass punk

    • Uhm,we don’t use the byword African American here honey,its our true identity we use which is Hebrew Israelites.

      • BA, I don’t answer to the term “African American.” To me it’s socially, historically, and culturally inaccurate.

        • Good,you’re on the right track because one person can’t possibly be named after two continents.

      • Only y’all hairbrained “Dr. Yakub and his spaceship” niggas go by this Hebrew-Hamite mumbo jumbo. For me African-American is fine, just as Robert DeNiro is half German-American and half Italian-American for example.

        • Africa and America are the names of two white men.So,how could that even be possible?We were never referred to as African until the 90’s because in the 80’s we were called colored people.Your foremother use to sing Kumbaya while on by he cotton field.Kumbaya is Hebrew. Ask yourself,why would a African woman be speaking Hebrew.GTFOH.

        • Don’t call yourself trying to patronize me with my own doctrine because you didn’t know what a Hebrew or a hamite was until The Black Anastasia taught it to you.So,have a seat in the Nose Bleed Section!

          • Please, grab your test tubes and take yo dumb ass back to the spaceship, white people need a tune up.

            • Stfu. Dumbass comment doesn’t even make sense. Also, you wrong. Call the Israeli embassy and ask them about why they changed their racist ass immigration laws to include a particular group of Ethiopians and certain other Africans. Since you claim that ONLY confuses blacks believe in the original tribes bloodlines and who their founding fathers were. You confused f*ck.

  7. Both Wade and Bryan dropped the ball. No amount of money will make me water down the truth or deny the plight of black people. I have no respect for either of them. Dwade has young black sons. I wonder if he’d be singing the same watered down tune if it had happened to one of them.

  8. Alexis:

    Please know there’s an Anonymous troll on here who questions the Blackness of Black female posters on HSK when we don’t possess the stereotypical Black female mindset. Please ignore the attacks being made against you, your race and/or your character. Keyboard cowards are real in the Ville. Don’t believe me? Ask Christa. They came for both of us on the Countess Vaughn lacefront thread.

    • Yes. I second and third that Bella. Just because we don’t “sound” Black enough, whatever the heck that means, anonymous is convinced that we are white folks here to spy on the others. It’s so funny I can’t be too mad.

      Trust me, I can out “Black” anyone with my speech when the situation calls for it, but I just prefer to font my replies in a more structured manner.

      • The accusatory people are always the ones to watch out for. I refer to them as Anonymous cowards. Before anyone brings my character, occupation, race, sexual orientation, etc. into question, I at least need them to post with a name. Lol

        You know the REAL problem, don’t you?

  9. Csn’t stand Kobe or D. Black people need to get just as angry at the black on black killings. Where are their marches and rallies?

  10. When you think different your a sellout. Well Treyvon’s death is tragic how about we address a bigger issue. How about we get these kids to act right and stop this gangs, thugs, stealing garbage? No one wants to talk about the truth why GZ was angry. The black boys in the neighborhood was stealing. No not an excuse to kill but we need to tell these black boys to get somewhere and sit down & act right. We always want to blame Whites but we bring most of our problems on ourselves.

    • GZ was angry because he failed his psych exam for the police department — that is why he was angry.

      He was a child molester as well, you want to defend that you ignorant bitch?

      • Not to mention he’s a weapons obsessed freak with his own arsenal. Who likes to beat up on women and chase them with guns. Oh….and he’s resents that his great grandfather was BLACK. Even his joo ish last name can’t erase that swarthy skin. Hate his evil ass

  11. Dr. Umar Johnson: “In order for black people to become rich in America, you must pledge allegiance to white supremacy!” Think about this, peace!

    • This is because black people with money don’t invest into their communities. This is why it will remain so.

      I agree the majority with money have licked and kissed white butt and pledge allegiance to them and the destruction of themselves.

      But if they quit being the overseers and started helping other black people obtain better educations, it would end.

  12. Fact: If Kobe wasn’t a superstar athlete, he would be in prison right now! You know why!

  13. All I can say about Kobe and Dwade is look at Michael Jordan’s daughter and more out front, Magic’s son.

    Leave these two, their children, esp. their SONS will take care of them

  14. Bosh wife is a white and Mexican bitch. This dumb nigga done married a bitch and don’t even kw her. LMAO. Lame. Get that money hoe.

    • cosign. He gonna stan for her peeps, but not his own.

      And they will be the MOST shocked kneegrows when the chains come back around our neckks.

  15. Fuck I’m supposed to read the comments with this Red Cross banner across the f*cking screen?

  16. SMDH @ allllll the COONERY in this post! If it’s not the article, it’s the comments. No wonder we stay down. *sigh*

  17. And good for D. Wade for responding in the manner he did. House negroes like Kobe can bring the “angry black man” out of any brotha with crap like this.

  18. Why black male athletes should care? Money does not protect any blackman from the “Grim Reaper…Fact of Life! Kobe thinks his neck is golden, well, some of us learn the hard way.

  19. When blacks are owned by whites, they will side with them in every way and form. They don’t want to be seen as pro black because their masters have engrained that is bad and they believe it.

    I have seen it in my own family. I have a sellout female relative that eats crap from her white boss and will not tell him the truth on many subjects. She can easily get another job.

    She feels indebted to this garbage and she takes anything he dishes.

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