Tyga Gifts Kylie $190K Maybach for Her Birthday

tyga kylie maybach birthday

Tyga wants the world to know he is NOT broke. In fact, he has more than enough money to keep buying (leasing) luxury cars for his teenage girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

The struggling rapper surprised his girlfriend with a $190K Mercedes-Maybach for her 19th birthday, and the moment was captured for social media of course.

I guess this is a step up from when he gave Kylie Blac Chyna’s old G-Wagon last year.

How long until this car gets repossessed?


  1. She bought it for herself, just like she threw the party for herself. He's broken dead broke. And he'll never earn another dime. His day is over. His rap career is over. No one is going to sign him or spend money on another disc. He's better off finding a good call center job, or maybe McDonald's, but he didn't buy her this car any more than you or I did

    • Bingo. They are just trying to prop him up and sell some image. Rap career is dead. Chyna will not take him back ever. He used up all his money on rich girl and now he's out. Kanye is using all his money on the wife and trips and everything and he will go broke too.

  2. It's on mtv and called kingin,dude was in Australia doing a concert ,singin rack city bitch, for 90 minutes.then he had an after party at the deputy mayors,and went back to his villa on the beach,and sucked some c#ck then flew back to the states,to give his underage boo,Kylie her daily butt shots!

  3. The last king to suck another mans c#ck,and get away with it……….this is the name of his production company! ?

  4. Simps throwing their money at white women like it's water. They will see their true faces when they're broke.

  5. He "bought" that Maybach with Kylie's money…
    The dumbest are these sambos the more they are promoted by the evil joowish bloodlines via their Kardashians white puppets

  6. dumb negro showing off and playing with white people made technology … any trained circus chimp can do that … Katrashians must be laughing in their closet

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