Russell Wilson Begs Ciara to End Friendship With Kardashians?

kim kardashian ciara not friends

Kim Kardashian and Ciara used to be the best of friends, but their friendship is now over according to sources.

Kim and her klan were not invited to CiCi’s wedding to Russell Wilson, and the singer has also unfollowed the entire family from her social media accounts.

It seems like there wasn’t a big fight or some drama that caused the split, insiders says CiCi distanced herself from Kim at the request of her Russell.

Russell told Ciara Kim and her family have a “bad reputation” in the NFL, and everybody knows they have the tendency to “sleep with their friends men.”

In case you forgot, Kim has been ran through by a bunch of NFL players, including Reggie Bush and Miles Austin, and we all know how Kim, Khloe and Kylie love to sleep with their BFF’s boyfriends and exes.

But doesn’t that make Russell wonder what kind of woman he married? If Kim and them are h*es…and Ciara was friends with them…what does that make her?

Things that make you go hmmm….


  1. Well I actually like Ciara I think she pretty cool Russell he's just trying to warn his wife to stay away from those skanks , because Ciara is a living the life of a football player's wife????????? I bet they come out with a show called the football players wifes I said it first LOL but I think that Ciara and Russell Wilson make pretty dope couple

    • No need to say it. Unfortunately, you are not first this show actually happened came and went.

    • We've already had a show called Footballer's Wives. It was a British show from about 15 years ago.

      • E! is also producing a reality TV show called WAGS showing black athletes and their white girl friends…

        • Yessssss lol I've seen it a couple times and am actually kind of hooked. Its some cool sistas on there that are wives- Sasha, Autumn, and Ashley. And some american african model who is beautiful and veryyyyyy successful. Watch it yall… WAGS.

  2. Id recommend my mate distance themselves as well……they thrive on AWFUL PRESS!

  3. Russ is a smart man & this is a smart move. Clara is in a different class & on a different level. She is a wife now. She don't need those users

    • Oh plz…she was using them and still would be if he had not have came in as cap'n-save-a-ho…

  4. I'm glad Russell told her to distance herself from those witches. I'm sure they would try to get with Russell and are probably even jealous of the relationship between those two.

  5. They probably only befriend black women to take ques on who's the next hot black guy aka their bff's current flame.

    • Absolutely! They read black female websites to find out who we all like and that is who they decide to target next. As long as the black man has a black female partner they will make advances towards him. I hate them all.

      • Precisely. Why don't people see that. They targeted Chyna to get to Tyga except they miscalculated because he is broke and worthless. They also target black women to copy their styles and lingo. So funny that it's stupid when they say the n with the a trying to fit in. No white man wants them, even if it is a trashy white person yet some of these black men think they won something with them.

        • I got a couple languages that would f*cked them up if they ever tried talking it. Creole, Ebonics, Southern Ebonics, Country Twang. Not Country Slang but Country Twang. I betcha they won't master it.

          • All they do is Copy anyway..they WILL NEVER MASTER what THEY WILL NEVER BE and that is BLACK women! They are nothing but a sub-human Copy Cats and Half Baked-Plastic Mutants. BUT——they sure do try REAL hard and attempt to pass it ALL as THEIR OWN! NOW, THAT IS SO FUNNY….. they actually have the NERVE to try and pass it off as their own stuff, my lips, my azz, my hips, etc., THEY MASTER NOTHING BUT sleeping around, THEY ARE NASTY SUCUBUS'S!

            • White women don't want to be black. They merely try to emulate them enough, to snag an a wealthy, black athlete. That usually entails butt and thigh enhancement, maybe breast enlargement and liposuction of the waist. Also, they start socializing with black women for greater access to black men. White women don't want to be you, lol! Sold out black men are a joke.

              • I beg to differ! For one thing these succubus's are already RICH! Secondly, they try harder to be Black than a Black woman( now that's a joke) LOL! Giving lessons on soul food cooking, trying to sound Black, using black terminology. I mean, I get it, they date, marry, want to marry Black men so they try to fit in! But regardless, there are other people out there who want to be Black, some think they are, some will admit they want to be, some will not. Yes, a LOT a Black of men have sold out their NATION but they will pay for that, because the women they are with, GOD did not make for them! GOD made the BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN specifically for him! There are a Whole lot of WHITE people/WOMEN period Who claim "to hate us" BUT they sure WANT TO have what we were born with that they say is ugly on us but great on them. They use all of it because they KNOW it's beautiful not just because it will snag a football player. These chicks and many other WHITE/Edomites also love BLACK men for their SWAG and their well endowment! White women are known to fly to other countries to find BLACK men! This I read in National Geographic! So all of this Black/White thing is Bigger then what you think! Now it's a White Nationalist thing! White Washing thing! So be careful, it's not a JOKE! Black men are being brainwashed even more…..through the media….they did this years ago through slave trade…by having the black male slaves sleep with some of the Irish create light skinned children… the raping of black women….and now it's pushing black men harder into marrying white women and now black women to marry white men…can't you see it through the media…commercials…advertisements….
                we really need to wake up people, it's all around us by design! Our people are walking around like zombies being deceived! Get back to the most high!

      • Evil joowish bloodlines is pushing the black/white agenda thing : they want to create a race half black and half white to eliminate bothe white and black races…
        In the 20's an evil joowish (I forgot his name sorry) who is known as "the grandfather of today's European Union" said that if both WWI and WWII are not sufficient to destroy the caucasians, then a European Union must be created into which millions and millions of african negroes will be injected in order to create a "white negroid race" easy to be manipulated…
        If it weren't for the evil joowish bloodlines black folks and white folks would have stayed in their respective birth lands and things would have been smoother between them…

    • @22:01 and Scorpiess ?????‼️‼️‼️ For Real!!! Hairy azz armenian troglodyte H0es. God gonna put an end to that ish soon enough, tho.

      • The end?? It's been 10 years and not getting any better. Face it, we'll still be having to deal with them when North is plotting to land her first conquest. And we'll be suffering through Saint's failed attempts at becoming a rap star.

        The only part I am looking forward to is seeing what that huge growth of Kim's behind looks like when she's 50. And I bet by then she will have had so much surgery she'll make Joan Rivers look natural.

        PMK will be walking with a cane and Cory will still be walking behind Miss Daisy.

  6. Why the hell was she friends with them in the first place?! These black women don't learn!

  7. boy you got way more prollums in general than to want that trashy ran-through broke r&b singer of a wife of yours to unfriend the Kartrashian…birds of a ho feather will forever flock together whether in the public of secretly via text messages. best of luck Russ – and you definitely my main man still.


    • I agree. He married a ho, and after a while his dick is gonna get boring to her. With hoes, it is biochemical. She will have a kid for the future paycheck and she'll bounce in about 5 years.

      He may also get tired of the whole "beautiful whore" thing. As the playwright Neil LaBute says, "Show me a beautiful wife and I'll show you a man who's tired of f*ckin' her.

      They both hoes, the end is a question of when, not if.

  8. Ciara does not need to hang out with the Kardashians to find an athlete anymore. She is married to a top NFL player. Something that they want. She needs to leave them in the rear view mirror.

    • I agree with what you said except for one thing, no black woman in the business needs to get with one of those witches to find a husband. They can get to a high profile player all on their own. It's the other way around. The witches target low level female black celebs to get to black men in their celeb circle, including players.

  9. Kanye West ended that friendship. He was mad because cici couldn't be at kim's wedding because she had just gave birth to lil future.

    • That's the problem with Kim! She always wants to be in everybody's business! This is one time, and Lord forgive me, but I have to agree with funkytown breath Beyoncé and her shitty ass breath husband Jay-Z! Nobody don't want them around period!!! That family is too damn needy, clingy, desperate, slutty, cum shaming, and attention whores that don't need no more attention that what they do to themselves. An embarrassment to any race!

  10. I think Russett potato will turn out to be a very domineering husband who is very much into control which shows in (body language) photos. He needs to hurry up and make a baby so he can stop acting all super stepdad. Wifey Clara is probably already on the wild trying to escape the lockdown. Wasn't she doing some dances at some golf course with other 'where are they now' celebrities?

  11. Ci-error loves attention! She's an attention whore, that wants to be a Caucasian woman! Lmao! Hanging with a Kardashian keeps her in the loop…Unlike the other Blacks, particularly the Black males that hang with this trashy family, Ciara doesn't seem to be getting used for fame by them. she's using them! Russell is a homosexual, and he doesn't care either easy. Uuuuuugh, their marriage is a farce! It's fasker than a $3 dollar bill! ?????

    • Actually, word around town is that Russell was fuking with some white Instagram ho—Tiger Woods-like–before they were married but after they became engaged. Hope it's not true, but you never know with this trifling whegros.

  12. The KUWithTK crew is on its way out what with all the more important events happening in the world today, especially all the people we have lost in 2016. The lives of 'social media stars' don't rank up there in entertainment anymore. Why add their anxiety and confusion to my life! It's not entertaining. It's stressful. That's why IG is losing followers too. Everyone trying to top everyone with stories that are grade school relevant.

  13. It makes her smart to distance herself from them. BTW she did so before the wedding.

  14. Quote from Dr Boyce Watkins, "The biggest enemy to the black man is the white woman."

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