Karlie Redd’s Lover Files Restraining Order

karlie redd restraining order pharaoh

Karlie Redd is in the middle of some mess…and it all has to do with yet another one of her relationships going sour.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was just hit with a restraining order by Atlanta rapper Pharaoh.

Pharaoh claims he and Karlie were boo’d up in a hotel room in the ATL when they got into an argument. She threatened to tell people he had raped her, then she locked herself in the bathroom with his cell phones.

Karlie admits locking herself in the restroom, but she claims Pharaoh was trying to “take pictures of her while she was asleep.”

She also says he lied about her taking his cell phones because he was trying to cover up the truth.

But apparently, a judge sided with Pharaoh and ordered Karlie to stay at least 200 yards away from him.

Karlie is too damn old to be caught up in some mess like this!


  1. super silly old bitch still playing 4th grade kid games. she gonna forever be pitiful and a failure at life at the age of 40-something years old.

  2. Unless you were there to see what happened , how can you automatically assume Karli Redd is Lying. Men try to manipulate and abuse women of second of the minute and the music industry and entertainement industry as a whole is filled with predators. It is possible since Karli Redd appears to be a strong black woman in many respects she is challenged more and possibly men attempt to put her in place by any means necessary but she simply fights back and then the other party becomes spiteful and tries to assasinate her character in order to f*ck up her career. So don't be so quick to judge her. Remember, it's been said a lot of the footage in the taping of a reality show has been edited to make people look like the problem or Villain when it is not that way and a lot of reality shows are somewhat scripted for sensationalism. So the bottom line is Karli Redd might be deserving of a lot more REspect than people are giving her for , making it and staying in the entertainment industry ( Reality TV etc.) , having her Wig Line and Looking pretty damn good at any age. Stop bashing black women and start lifting each other up and maybe the rest of the world will take our lead and start treating us like the Queens we were meant to be.

  3. Since when is the judicial system is 100% fair and always correct in the handlling of black people cases? The court decision to issue an order of protection can be challenged, Karli Redd just has to put in the paper work to challenge the decision.

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