MempHitz Proves K. Michelle Was Lying About Domestic Abuse?

memphitz hit k michelle

Ever since she made her first appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle has insisted that her ex-Boyfriend Mickey “MempHitz” Wright abused her during their relationship.

Her allegations caused various social media battles between MempHitz, his ex-wife Toya Wright and K. Michelle, but now, it looks like MempHitz has cleared his name.

On a new episode of Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars, MempHitz is asked if he has ever hit a woman. His answer was “no,” and the lie detector test showed that he was telling the truth.

Peep the video.


  1. Not this stale ass tea again! Okay! Soooo, he already admitted that he drug K.Michelle's ass in court documents, becasuse he was suing her for slander, am I correct?? I mean, they should have asked if he has ever punched as female in the face, push one to the floor, slapped the shit out one, or choked one unconscious??? Memph has anger issues, and he doesn't respect women too much it seems! Toya didn't deserve the way he treated her! Forget his ass!

  2. After the show Mickey will prolly go home and beat her ass…………….??in the bedroom!

  3. Please! My 10 year old niece could beat a lie detector test. And he's already admitted in open court everything K. Michelle said about their encounter was the truth. We're also seeing his rage play out against Toya. This dude needs to get a real publicist to redeem him and stay off Twitter. It's making him look crazier by the moment.

  4. "I'd never hit a Woman, but ill slap the is outta a B***h, why you bullshittin?!" – Suga Free

    "What woman sir? That there's a hoe!" – APimpNamedSlickback

    They shouldve been more specific! ?

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