Tyga: “God Brought Kylie & I Together”

tyga kylie jenner

Everyone can stop talking about Tyga being a pedo, because the rapper thinks God is the reason why he pursued his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, when she was underage.

“With me being older than her, I have been through a lot more things…so I can kinda like help her more with [the media] even though she’s been more in the tabloid media limelight than I have been,” ~ Tyga

In an interview with KMEL 106, Tyga was asked how he dealt with the negative media attention once he went public with his relationship with Kylie. The rapper said he didn’t understand why everyone was so upset, and the devil told him to stay away from her, but God ultimately brought them together.

“It’s almost like the devil keep tryna¬†like, tell me something, and not like follow God and not like, just let God do what he wanna do,” ~ Tyga

Peep the 21:00 mark to hear Tyga talk about how he resisted the devil…


  1. The Devil is the one who told you to take up with and start sexing an underage girl you were not married to. God did not do that. He cannot be associated with evil. The Devil told you to not pay your bills, leave your family , and start hanging around a family that practices witchcraft. Don't you dare fix your mouth to blame God for that foolery. Back Satan!

  2. Kris Jenner brought them together..God doesn't condone the sick ish Tyga has engaged in…The Truth! Can't even pay his damn bills, his dad must be so proud to have sired such a hot mess.

  3. This dirty half breed mofo sold his soul, just to bang a white woman who jacks black women's style. Tyga is dating a Blac Chyna, but he doesn't know! Kylie is sick copying Blac Chyna!

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