Beyonce & Jay Z Ready to Divorce, Couple Sleeping in Separate Beds

beyonce jay z divorce

Rumors about Beyonce wanting to end her marriage to Jay Z have been increasing in recent months. Remember last summer when HSK dropped this tea about Bey thinking her infertility issues were a sign that she and Jay should split up? Well, it goes even deeper than that!

Bey knows Jay can’t keep his dack to himself, and she’s planning on using his cheating as ammunition during the divorce proceedings. But until she’s reading to pull the trigger, Jay’s in the doghouse…and the couple isn’t even sleeping in the same bed!


A source close to the A-list couple says they’re not even trying to hide the tension anymore. At a recent blowup in their Bel Air rental home, Bey was “screaming at him at the top of her lungs…she told him that she just could not deal with it anymore!”

Jay’s paternity lawsuit with his alleged son, 22-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, is also causing a lot of tension in the Carter household, plus all of Jay’s nonstop cheating is making Bey want to ring the alarm!


    • That boy from the show EMPIRE is his son too he confirmed it his self in an interview. He got 3 boys an one girl.

  1. Bel Air rental home? I've never seen where this couple lives. Their both cheap and lack luster. Jay Z will continue his affairs with Rihanna, Rita Ora, and many others. This marriage was a business deal.

  2. Didn't these two demons pull this shit back when they were on tour together? Jay-Z steals rhymes from Biggie and the baphomet witch steals from whoever she thinks she can steal from. Bey can pretend to rep the Panthers all she wants. I don't believe her and I don't give a f*ck about her!

  3. We dont know these two eople.
    Cant even speculate.
    They looked fine at the Warriors game.

  4. Beyonces team is leaking these rumours because she has a tour and album coming up. She does it every time.

    • Comment:

      That's a true statement. Same rumors popped up during her last tour. Is she not still Mrs. Carter at this point and time? My honest opinion, it was a marriage of convenience more so than not. Beyoncé wanted the aura of power and money, and Jay wanted a dime on his arm to prove he got swagger. Without the dough, do we really think a woman as fine as Beyoncé would f@#k with him? I believe in being honest about things, this is too obvious to overlook.

    • They need to end the charade already, and call it a day. But, millions are in play, that's the issue. Peenups are not set in stone, as we already know by now.

    • because there is not much going on between her ears

      I have been told by someone who worked for them that Beyonce is borderline "special." They handle her like you would a puppy.

  5. They been not sleeping in the same bed. Probably why Jay creeps period! Everytime they go on tour, they have to have this mad ass drama. It seems to what saved the OTR tour after Solo-Elevator Gate scandal. I think Jay really did phuck Rihanna and that's why Solo went off. Notice Beyonce moved her album up right about the time Rihanna's is due too…This is not by mistake. In fact, for years, they never match up on the charts. It was Beyonce 1st and then Rihanna following behind. JayZ in in this ishit deep and he cannot stay relevant or afloat without Beyonce. This marriage sadly seems like a bad business deal. I think at first they loved each other and still do, but money makes motherf*cker do some phucked up isht…even kill your own relatives, friends and spouses. Bey and Jay would be no different.

  6. Here we go again. Every time you need to try and stir excitement, out comes the 'end of JZ and Beyonce marriage' to be replaced with 'Will and Jada divorce in a few months. Give it a rest already.

  7. Live and let live… I say!! No one knows what goes on behind closed doors..
    It must be terrible to live in a glass house, the Price of fame I guess, everyone can take a stab at you and your family.

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