Benzino’s Son Flashing Guns & Threatening Jacky Jasper!

How is it possible that Benzino raised two screwed up kids?

HSK already introduced you to his ratchet teenage daughter who’s a weed head and has dreams of eating Rih Rih’s azz; and now his son is acting a damn fool online, waving guns around, selling prescription pills, and sending out threats to Jacky Jasper!

Zino’s son, Taj Collins, isn’t too happy about HSK spilling the tea about his daddy’s alleged drug use and domestic abuse, so he had this to say…

benzino son jacky jasper

Hey, Zino. Do the world a favor and stop having kids!

benzino son threatens jacky

benzino son threatens gun down jacky jasper

benzino son selling pills


  1. Punk ass simp. These young boys are all talk….on twitter. Just sit back and watch their train wreck.

  2. Damn he is dumb ass hell! Do he realize the DEA be on these social sites lurking to find activities like this dumbass is doing?

    • I hope he gets thrown UNDER the jail for his stunt. I'm sure he already has a criminal record, so he should be Benzino's age by the time he is released.

  3. Does he have a registration for that weapon. He better hope he doesn't come across a trigger happy cop because they don't need much a reason these days.

  4. People like him always get some many drugs to sell and he people that need the drugs go thru hell to get them legal. This little stupid kid is as bad as his simple father…

  5. Nobody better be marching and protesting for these fools WHEN the po po gets their ignorant overshaing stoned asses! These new jack "celebrities" raising their kids to think they're little white boys. Justin Beiber can get away with this shit so can Charlie Sheen some punk ass reality show "stars" bastards cannot. Expect this to end badly.

  6. His name is Rayshawn Scott!
    I went to school with this boy, what the hell happened? I remember him as a nice kid. His crazy eye daddy must have ruined him SMH. I hope he gets help.

  7. This simpeltons father is a millionaire , and he is a wannabe drug dealer, instead of trying to be a young mogul .
    Trump was left millions and made billions. This guy wants to be an inmate.

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