Kanye West Goes Cocaine Cowboy: Headed For OD, Like Lamar?

kanye west cocaine
Anti-Depressants + Cocaine = Kardashian Kursed Koncoction?

Either Kanye wasn’t told that Cymbalta and cocaine don’t mix — OR — he just don’t give a fizz-na-ee! Word is … the turnt-up-to-the next level combo of his daily anti-depressant and dat CoCo is what’s to blame for Kanye’s on the reg rants. Don’t believe me… Just ask Kylie Jenner!

“Kanye has fallen all the way into the Hollywood lifestyle. He’s sniff’in coke now and he’s drinking … all while he’s on his meds.”

What’s worse? According to our tipster, Chiraq’s Very Own pop rapper hasn’t only gotten hooked on alcohol and street drugs … he’s said to be hittin’ himself up with roids “to maintain his physical appearance.”

The Drop:

“If he continues to mix his medication with blow and booze, Ye is headed for a major breakdown.”


  1. And this ad was brought to you by the one and only Kardashian's they about to take him out the slow way it's all written on the wall how this will be played out and by the way look at Kim's eyes.

    • They were too fast with Lamar. He has a strong heart and they did not benefit from his death. I can't believe she is still married to him, he's a freaking hostage. This one they will take out slowly. He will be found one day if not OD, hanging; suicide with help.

    • I repeat, I repeat, if u missed the foto with kim eyes, do not go and look cus they totally demonic

  2. Rob disowns them, Bruce wears a dress, Lamar almost died and Scott is a drunk. Now Kanye…
    Tell me, these sluts ain't witches.
    Dad is rolling in his grave.

  3. I wouldn't put it past them to switch drugs in his medication capsules. He will OD and he will die. It's the only way to get rid of him. He won't so quietly into the night. Lamar will be stripped first of all his money before she dumps him. That's why she hasn't divorced him yet. This other fool here will OD. He is not a drinker nor a coke-head and look at him now. He's only good to them dead.

    • " He is not a drinker nor a coke-head"

      Have you forgotten his antics at the Grammys in 2015 and his drunktastic performance at the VMA's onstage with Taylor in 2009?

      Kanye's a mess, pure and simple

    • Kanye totally admitted that he had consumed an entire bottle of cognac before rushing the stage when TSwift won the award.

      Not a drinker or a drugger? I cannot believe how women here make excuses for men and then put all the blame on the Kardashians.
      The infantilization of BM by BW is at the heart of the problems between the sexes now.

      Here's the truth: Black men like and lust over the KKK women. FACT.

      The KK women do not need to have witch's powers to get the men. The men are going gladly and voluntarily.

      Accept the truth. Let the men choose who they want to be with. Is there anyone here who wishes she could take Kim's place?

      I didn't think so. But stop being the overprotective mammies. It's getting you nowhere and it just makes the men resent you more. Concentrate on BM who LIKE BW.

    • Yes she is unstable that bc that queen is just looking 4 attention she not getting from KKK family smdh need 2 sit her tired azz down

  4. If we can talk bad about him then we can pray for him. So let's pray for him if not don't talk down on him.

    • Why pray for him? This is what he wanted; his perfect bitch. He grew up wanting to be in their family didn't he? He shits all over his people doesn't he? Some people are worthy of my prayers but he will reap what he sowed –

      • THANK YOU. and the first fool who comes riding for this punk with that 'the white man made him do it' bullshit is gonna get cussed out old school style. Kanye hates black people period wants to be a little white bitch boy, well, welcome to your dream, coon.

  5. He needs to repent. We can pray for him all we want but until he repents he will suffer. Nobody told him to marry into this demonic family. They will make millions off of him after his demise! That was the plan all along. Black men with money better wise up and leave these non Black whores alone.

    • Eyes wide open. He is better to them dead that alive. He is making trouble for them in terms of embarrassment. How does that happen, people that lack morals are hiding because he embarrasses them. He will be difficult to take down and when they do it, nobody will give it a second thought. People will just assume he is crazy anyway and did whatever harm to himself.

  6. Kanye might be bipolar and he needs to take responsibility for his life choices as an adult. He put himself in this situation not the kardashian. He was not forced to hook up with Kim, he did it because he want to.

  7. My brothers and sistas, Kim K is trying to make Kanye her blood sacrifice. It's so obvious. Jacky thank you for putting up the picture of Kim K looking like the devil on your website. Black men must stop lusting after these satanic white bitches immediately!

    • Have the Kardashians given their sacrifice yet. Rob was looking good for it, even Kylie, but Kanye much better. That should not count. Lamar and Kanye are too easy. It has to be one of them.

      • They have already given a blood sacrifice, their father. He was a member of OJ Simpson's dream team.

      • I know nobody here believes this, but blood sacrifice is a black thing. Most white people have never even heard the term blood sacrifice.

    • @NBA FUCK those black coons cooning for a white witch damn coons don't give a shit for you riding for them, either. they'd sell you out for a blowjob, them on the giving in, to their white masters.

  8. We all have choices. This is the lifestyle that he selected. He still has a chance to turn things around if he wants to. That being said, it seems Kanye is being set up for his demise.

  9. These articles must be written by lame whites or blacks who think that we know what the hell kind of BS slang they are attempting to use.

  10. Restraining order
    Can’t see my daughter
    Her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order
    Public visitation
    We met at Borders
    Told her she take me back
    I’ll be more supportive
    I made mistakes
    I bump my head
    Courts suck me dry
    I spent that bread
    She need a daddy
    Baby please, can’t let her grow up in that Thotiversity

    – When Life imitates Art.

  11. I have no sympathy for Kanye. I'm from the Chi and I'm supposed to love him, but I can't stand this nigga. I remember seeing him in the Airport in '05. He was so desperate for me to acknowledge that he was "Kanye West," but I refused. He kept getting in my face like "please notice me, I know you know who I am, say something." He didn't say those words, but his actions totally did. After that, I knew he would eventually be on a downward spiral. Anyone THAT thirsty for fame will do anything for it, and that's why I don't dig Kanye.

    Now Bobby Brown, I have nothing but love for. Get well soon Bobby!

    • Bobby admits to his mistakes and he's trying hard to get clean again.. I can respect a person who admits their mistakes and seek help… I hoping he get clean again, he has been thru a lot of grief lately…one day at a time is the only way for anyone to change and pray to Jesus for the strength and help, only he can give us all…

  12. We all now how this will play out:
    We all will be busy living our lives…then it be BREAKING NEWS on twitter and all over the news.
    kanye west, found non responsive, some reports will say dead.
    Headlines will read: Troubled Rapper found Dead.
    Their will be about a month of mourning while the autospy results come in.
    tHey will come back with an accidental oversdose – Prescription Medicine and Cocaine & Alcohol.


    RUN KANYE RUN….You are worth more dead than alive.

    • Too late, he can't. He has the kids. He can't take them. He has no cause. The divorce would be just about impossible for that family so he is better off dead to them. And just, that is how it will play out. Braking news: KW found ……. We still don't know what really happened to Lamar. I think he was helped getting into his situation just like KW will be helped. That guy is so blind.

    • FUCK KANYE!!! Chi town burning with black on black crime what does he say or do NOTHING so miss me with this bullshit!!!

      • like kanye can stop violence what can he do really seriously you look for black celebs to say something about gang violence kanyer, brat, chief keef, twistam r Kelly , jen hudfson and the rest cant stop gang violence just because they are the few success stories and didn't end up getting popped so all blacks should look up to them and inspire to be like them.

  13. What does "just ask Kylie Jenner" mean? She's the one leaking the info? She combines anti depressants and blow too?

  14. He will be carried off in a straight jacket and then mysteriously have an accident. all this concern for him is unwanted, cause he's crazy like a fox.

  15. Kanye still think he white sniffing coke. If his big head ass don't smoke some weed and chill somewhere. Lol. Sniffing coke like white bitches. Smarten up. Get some weed.

  16. Kanye is not crazy. He is under heavy mind control. That crazy angle is part of their m.o. So is drugs and alchohol. They're going to kill him.

  17. He sold his soul for the Kardashians to move up into circles they weren't welcomed. Kim/E knew Kanye didn't have them deep pockets. In fact, E paid for Kims proposal Kayne did at that Stadium in San Francisco. I remember heaing this….I am actually thinking this is not going to end well dead or alive for Kanye. I don't wish that on him….Beyonce was right keeping the hoes away from her. She works to damn hard for these hoes that lay on their backs for d-list black dyck for them to suck off of her fame. Kayne lost everything when he wifed this hoe and now 2 kids deep now too. Even if he makes out of this and manages to get the phuck away, this bish will have him by the balls forever….SMH!

  18. He wanted to get in with those white demonic hoes, he got it, so F*ck him! Wasn’t he the one sayin’ that he is “married to a white girl and he is glad she is real and f*ck the haters”?? Kanye tryin’ to be a little special snowflake YT girl and he needs all the drugs he can get his hands on to live in that neva, nevaland.

  19. Men love to blame women when thing are not good for them but when they are up no one help them get there

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