PIMP PLAY: Birdman Pulls Drake’s Hoe Card, Names J Soul ‘6 God’

birdman drake j soul

HSK Exclusive — It’s only a matter of time before Drake may have no choice but to step aside. Know why? Sources say Birdman is brewing up another ‘6 God’. That’s right! The HNIC of Cash Money Records officially bumped Toronto emcee, ‘J Soul’, less than a week ago. Here’s the thing … while Drizzy is from an upper-class Toronto area, J Soul is said to really rep the hood. That’s because sources say J Soul is from the city’s infamous ‘Jane & Finch’ projects.

“Last year I was homeless … Life’s about to change.” — J Soul

We’re told Birdman made the move with the quickness, and flew J Soul out to Miami just days ago. It’s a move that’s said to also serve as a message to Drake. Know why? According to our insider, “Birdman wants Drake to know that he won’t be the only rapper in “Da 6″ flossin’ with a crew and major record deal.”

“Drake’s contract is up with Cash Money Records and Birdman is upset because Drake is refusing to renew his deal with YMCMB. So, Birdman signed a rapper from the roughest part of Toronto to teach Drake and his crew a lesson.”

The Drop:

“J Soul is a grimy version of Bryson Tiller and Birdman knows that signing him isn’t just gonna make him money … it’ll also increase the murder rate in Toronto.

Ya see, Drake rolls with a east end crew and J Soul rolls with a grimy west end crew that’s been patiently waiting for their turn to mob.

Right now, J Soul might not have that commercial pop appeal, but once Birdman puts his ghostwriters to work to lay down ghost tracks for J Soul to trace — he’s gonna go platinum … Don’t believe me…Just ask Weezy or Drake.


  1. I knew his contract had to be up because they said he just signed with a British label. Got all the way away from them. I know he's still trembling, lol.

    Bird man probably mad as hell, heee hee.

  2. LOL @ this nonsense.
    Aint none of this shit true.
    Toronto don't set trip like that

  3. Cash money is going to be broke money soon. Ain't nobody phucking with Birdman but some young thirsty ass niggers PERIOD! Good Drake's 6 albums are done….I guess he didn't want to sign with Tidal with Wayne huh?….LMAO!

    • Y'all niggas are really not about it like that. Get that chip off your shoulder. My niggas were up there beating y'all up in caribana. Trying to snatch chains? Nope.

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